Handan City Night Lights Light Of Facilities Management

Original Language Title: 邯郸市城市夜景灯光亮化设施管理办法

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(On July 31, 2007, Handan people's Government, the 59th Executive meeting on August 16, 2007 116th Handan people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2007) the first to standardize the city night lights light facilities management, beautifying the city appearance and enhance urban quality, build civilized cities, promote economic development, according to the State Council regulations on the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation, the Hebei province city construction supervision Ordinance, the
    Handan municipal city appearance and sanitation regulations relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the scope of these measures apply to the main urban area of the city night lights light facilities and management.
    Night lamp light facilities are mentioned in these measures refers to attached to buildings, structures, roads, bridges, square, Garden, green, station, outdoor advertising, lighting, lighting facilities of river channels and other facilities.
    Article city night lights light Setup and management of the facilities of the Government support, the principle of unified planning, management and community participation. The fourth principle of upholding the paid use of space resources.
    In accordance with the market-oriented mode of operation, fully attract social funds, actively participate in city night lights of light construction.
    Fifth to encourage the use of advanced technologies, processes and energy-saving materials, lighting for night lamp light settings and transformation facilities.
    Municipal people's Government on the bright night lights of high technology, energy-saving effect and beautifying effect is good the night lamp light facilities of investor support and incentives.
    Sixth of municipal administrative departments of the city administration is responsible for the management of municipal urban landscape lamps light inspection work; organize and coordinate with relevant departments, the main city in the district (County) shall implement municipal people's Government provisions relating to bright night lights work.
    Seventh, relevant departments for planning urban management establishment and other relevant administrative departments, night lamp light facilities master planning and detailed planning, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval organization.
    Eighth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the main urban area within the night lamp light construction quality and safety supervision and management.
    Nineth municipal utilities administration is responsible for roads, bridges, the covered square, Garden, green, River, street lighting in public places such as night lights and bright facilities set up, maintenance, and management.
    Tenth of municipal power departments are responsible for night lamp light of electricity supply security, electricity meters.
    11th City Public Security Department is responsible for the bright night lights of fire safety facilities and investigate and punish failure night light light facilities of cases.
    12th directly under other relevant departments within the scope of their respective responsibilities in accordance with municipal facility of the night lamp light set up and management.
    The districts in the city (County) authorities according to their respective Division, responsible for night lights in the light of the provision and management of facilities.
    The 13th, and the main town in the district (County) should set up a special fund from the budget of the financial sector, used in the construction of urban landscape lighting light facilities and management.
    14th municipal people's Government, important geographical setting in the downtown at night, gradually lighting facility of centralized control system of light, by the competent administrative Department of the city administration is responsible for implementation.
    15th article following buildings, and structures and other facilities should set night lamp light of facilities: (a) primary and secondary road sides of buildings, and structures; (ii) main city within of focus buildings, and structures; (three) station, and square, and landscape tourist area and the focus public; (four) primary and secondary road sides of organ, and social groups, and enterprises, and store store of units name, and plaque, and font size, and window,; (five) large outdoor advertising;
    (F) municipal people's Government that it should be set at night lamp light facilities elsewhere.
    Except as provided in this article Nineth night lamp light facilities set up by the municipal administrative departments in charge of public utilities, but other building facilities are managed by the property owner is responsible for the city night lights bright set of facilities. 16th units or individuals to invest in the facilities planning and design programmes to night lamp light shall be approved by the city planning administrative departments, and shall be reported to the competent administrative departments of city management.
    Night lights set the light of the approved facility use, benefit from property investors.
    17th within primary and secondary roads in the downtown building, rebuilding, expansion projects shall be night lamp light construction and body engineering construction synchronize synchronization design, construction, inspection, and approved by the municipal construction administrative departments before they can put to use.
    City planning administrative departments to review the construction project planning in the preceding paragraph, bright night lights should be facilities of design as an important part of the review. 18th night lamp light installations shall conform to the national standard, provisions, and the city looks.
    Construction, expansion and renovation of facilities of the night lamp light styling and exterior decoration shall be coordinated with the surrounding environment.
    19th night bright neon lights, light boxes, galleries containing advertising as well as content, should be reported to the approval by the Administrative Department of urban management, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval procedures.
    20th night lamp light facilities with raw materials quality and installation must comply with the relevant national technical rules and norms, and at the same time equipped with water, fire, wind, prevent leakage, explosion, lightning protection, ensuring set firm and safety during use.
    21st bar night lamp light facilities of light, color, styling may not be similar to traffic lights and other special-purpose lighting, close. 22nd night lamp light installation by setting unit (individual) is responsible for the maintained, should maintain good function and looks neat.
    Patterns, text, lighting display incomplete or dirty, old and damaged, should be timely maintenance, repair or replacement. 23rd no units and individuals are not allowed to remove, alter, move, night lamp light facilities.
    Due to special circumstances such as urban planning, construction, and need to be removed, changed, moved, city night lights and bright facilities, should be submitted to the original examination and approval authority, agreed to implement.
    24th night lamp light facility owners and managers at the time of holidays and major events, according to the unified arrangements of the competent administrative Department of the city administration to ensure light time and quality.
    City night lights light facilities opening and closing time.
    (A) the annual opening and closing time.
    1, from April 1 to September 30:20 o'clock daily open 22:30 closed; 2, October 1 to March 31:18 o'clock daily open and close at 22 o'clock.
    (B) holidays and major events the opening and closing time.
    1, new year's day, section 51 of the opening and closing time, on the day of completion of statutory holiday the previous day to the Festival, every night as required by the first time open and close one hour; 2, opening and closing time of the Spring Festival, national day, on the day of completion of statutory holiday the previous day to the Festival, as provided for in the first time every night and extend the two-hour closed.
    (C) commercial, entertainment venues according to the operating time may be appropriate to extend the closing time.
    (D) street lighting opening and closing time, according to the relevant provisions of the State. 25th night lamp light of supply Department of the facility's electricity charge in the context of national policies allow, giving concessions.
    Specific benefit determined by the relevant government departments.
    Article 26th city of bright night lights of public infrastructure construction, reconstruction spending and electricity, in addition to construction of independent from the financial arrangement of urban construction funds from the annual budget would be covered by.
    27th night lamp light of full financial support of facility construction, rehabilitation and electricity costs, prepared by the responsible unit project budgets, Finance Department audited disbursement under the budget procedure.
    28th in order to speed up the urban landscape lighting bright work, municipal finance should be set separately in the budget at the beginning of urban construction funds special funds for construction of urban landscape lamps light, night lamp light for important geographical setting in the downtown of the centralized control system of construction. 29th annual expenditures from the Special Fund for the construction of the city budget a certain amount of funds to reward high quality engineering and advanced units.
    Specific incentives by the city administration in conjunction with the municipal finance department shall be separately formulated by the Administrative Department.
    30th night lamp light facility planning and design in violation of town planning laws, rules and regulations, by the urban planning administrative departments will be punished according to law.
    31st night lamp light installation, installation of relevant laws, regulations and rules in violation of city-building, construction administrative departments will be punished according to law. 32nd of the following acts in violation of these rules, by the competent administrative Department of the city administration ordered to correct them.
    It fails to mend, Hebei province, according to the approach of urban management of city appearance and environmental sanitation facilities, the Handan city appearance and environmental sanitation regulations, Handan city appearance and environmental sanitation administrative punishment procedures and other relevant laws and regulations will be punished. (A) night lamp light of facilities set responsibility who unauthorized set, and change, and migration, and demolition night lamp light of facilities effect city looks of, at equivalent to project investment total 5 per thousand to 25 per thousand of fine; (ii) night lamp light of facilities defaced, and old, and text incomplete, and lights displayed not full or loose, and off, and has security hidden and not timely repair of, at 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; (three) not by this approach provides guarantee bright lamp time and quality effect city looks of,
    Penalty of between 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan.
    33rd due to the night lamp light installation unit (individual), investor responsibility, led night lamp light installations to others persons or property losses, set by the night lights of light facilities units (individual), investors bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
    34th city planning, construction and urban management Administrative Department for dereliction of duty, abuse of power, according to the circumstances, be administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.
    35th refuses, prevents, planning, construction and urban management officers perform their duties according to law by the Administrative Department, or theft, wilful damage to city nightscape lighting facilities of light, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.
    Article 36th fengfeng mining area, other counties (cities) where conditions can be performed in accordance with the measures.
                            The 37th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2007.