Beijing Rural Fire Safety Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 北京市农村消防安全管理规定

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(October 26, 2007, the Beijing Municipal People's Government at the 73rd Executive meeting announced on November 9, 2007, the Beijing Municipal People's Government, the 196th since as of January 1, 2008) first in order to prevent fires and fire hazards, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Beijing Municipal Fire Services Ordinance and other laws, regulations, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated. Provisions of this article apply to fire safety management in rural areas of the city.
    Urban-rural parts of the scope of the present provisions shall apply, by districts and counties shall be determined and published.
    Article III the city rural fire service carry out putting prevention first and combining prevention guidelines, adhere to the principle of overall planning, comprehensive control of local conditions, and gradually improve the ability of rural residents ' self help themselves. Fourth District and county people's Government responsible for the administration of rural fire service, rural fire protection into national economic and social development planning, and rural fire protection planning and implementation of their respective administrative areas, to include funding for rural fire service budget.
    Rural fire safety management system, implementation of the responsibility system for rural fire service, establishing work standards and assessment system, on Township and town people's Governments and relevant rural fire departments to perform their duties of supervision and inspection.
    The fifth public security organs are responsible for the supervision and administration of rural fire protection implemented within their respective jurisdictions.
    Public security fire control institutions responsible for rural fire services administration licensing, key units for fire investigations and fire safety supervision and management work, guiding Township fire protection institutions under fire and police station.
    Police stations shall, in accordance with the provisions of the public security organs, responsible for supervision and administration of rural fire protection and fire safety conditions of supervision and inspection of the village Committee.
    Reform of article development, safety, planning, finance, agriculture, forestry, water supply, civil affairs, education, labour and social security administrative departments, shall, within their respective mandates to do rural fire service.
    Article press, publication, radio, television and other units columns should be through rural subjects, adopt various forms to rural residents for fire codes, fire prevention knowledge, knowledge about fire fighting and escape methods of publicity and education.
    Article eighth Township people's Government is responsible for the administration of rural fire plan, according to the actual need establishment and security guard, a combination of forest fire (and) professional fire brigade, guide the villagers ' Committee to carry out fire safety works to encourage village Committee organization volunteer fire department.
    Public security fire control institutions (and) Professional Fire Department, volunteer fire department and other fire teams for operational guidance.
    Nineth villagers ' committees should be set up in the security team, providing fire safety officers, a sound system, fire safety and fire safety inspections, inspections, to eliminate fire hazards, organize fire fighting, establish archives of fire prevention. A villagers ' Committee shall organize rural residents develop specification for fire safety of rural residents.
    Fire prevention safety Convention shall include the following information: (a) the use of fire, electricity, oil, gas and stack covers flammable liquids safety requirements, (ii) to ensure that fire engine passages, public fire-fighting equipment in good condition and effective measures; (c) the custody of sick persons and assistance measures and (d) according to the actual village, to ensure the fire safety of other content.
    The tenth fire infrastructure construction in rural areas village village appearance improvement, rural roads, drinking water projects, such as planning, construction and management of rural public infrastructure.
    Construction, reconstruction of rural roads, the village main road and pipe rack, height of pier facilities such as roads, shall conform to the requirements on fire vehicles. 11th construction, reconstruction of rural tap water pipe network, shall be according to the rules configured fire hydrant. Fire hydrant is the pipes but not configured, the network should be to transform, and according to the rules configured fire hydrant.
    No water pipe network of village, you can take advantage of natural water settings water intake facilities; lack of natural water sources, you can set the water tank as an alternative water source. 12th when the new construction, renovation of public buildings, shall, in accordance with fire safety standards, use of construction materials comply with the fire resistance rating requirements.
    Encourage rural residential use of refractory materials, improving rural water, electricity, gas.
    13th article in the agricultural harvest, forest fire during fire season and during major holidays, Township and town people's Governments shall organize a targeted fire education; fire warning flag is set in the key fire places and parts, enhancing fire safety checks, to find fire risks, requires persons who timely rectification, and track review.
    14th Strip rural carnivals, temple festivals, theatrical performances, sports organizers of mass activities should be developed, such as fire-fighting and evacuation plans, the implementation of fire safety measures.
    Organizers of fairs in rural areas should develop fire safety management system, equipped with fire control and fire-fighting equipment, ensure that evacuation channels and passages of the engine without sponsors, seat of the fire safety work by the villagers ' Committee is responsible for the fair.
    15th article rural area of school, and kindergarten, and homes for, and medical institutions, and library, and engaged in tourism, and catering, and entertainment, and accommodation, business activities of units and personal, should comply with following provides: (a) established fire security management system, implementation fire security responsibility; (ii) developed fire security and emergency plans; (three) equipped with intact, and effective of fire equipment; (four) set meet requirements of emergency lighting facilities, and fire security evacuation logo and security export, ensure evacuation channel and security export smooth;
    (E) to conduct fire safety inspections and self test self, eliminate fire hazards in a timely manner; (vi) practitioners for fire codes, fire prevention, fire-fighting knowledge and escape methods of education; (g) collaboration with relevant departments in fire protection and special treatment. 16th article in rural area engaged in fuel, and gas, and paper, and wood processing, and furniture production, and clothing processing, and waste acquisition, and warehouse, production business activities of units and personal, should comply with following provides: (a) developed and implementation fire security operation; (ii) configuration fire facilities and fire equipment, and do maintenance maintenance work; (three) in business places around set obviously of fire warning logo; (four) strictly with fire, and electricity system; (five) production business regional and life regional take fire separated measures,
    Set emergency exits and evacuation routes.
    17th when setting off fireworks in rural areas shall comply with the State and the municipality on firecrackers safety management regulations. 18th article village Committee should developed fire publicity education plans, guide in rural area live of personnel do following fire work: (a) love fire hydrant, and fire pool, public fire equipment and facilities; (ii) is not village within road Shang heap real, and heap material or erection hut; (three) is not woodland near, and overhead high pressure transmission line and communications line below stacked can burning real or Liao shortage; (four) adjacent woodland live of personnel using fire Shi, take fire measures; (five) comply with electrical security using provides,
    Not overload electricity, is strictly prohibited installation not qualified of fuse, and insurance tablets; (six) security using fire, regularly cleanup Kang (wall), and smoke road, maintenance residential within of gas pipeline, and apparatus; (seven) learning and master family fire saves and escape self-help, fire common sense, do on was guardian of education and care; (eight) rental housing or contracting business places Shi, clear party of fire security responsibility.
    19th has responsibility for rural fire service administration and its staff does not perform its responsibilities for rural fire service, resulting in serious consequences, by the superior administrative authority or the supervision agency ordered corrective action and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.
    Article 20th acts of violation of the provisions of the 15th article, by public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    One of the acts of violation of the provisions of article 16th, by public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct, you can warn, fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan.
    Violations of the provisions of this Act, other laws, regulations and rules have provided administrative punishment, according to law by the administrations concerned.
                              21st article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2008.