Luoyang Train Station Area Comprehensive Administration (For Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 洛阳市火车站地区综合管理规定(试行)

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(March 7, 2008, Luoyang City people's Government, the 8th Executive meeting on March 21, 2008, 99th Luoyang City people's Government promulgated as of April 10, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the integrated management of railway station area, the maintenance of public order, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article II units and individuals located in the area or into the station, shall comply with this regulation.
    Third railway station area in these rules refers to the Luoyang train station square in the Center, contact road to the East, West to North Mill Road, North to the South of Longhai railway line (Railway Department jurisdiction), to a fine spring road in the South.
    Fourth area management service is responsible for the railway station area of Luoyang station management guidance and coordination, and commissioned by the relevant Administrative Department and related offences, imposition of administrative penalty in the railway station area.
    Article well done according to law within the jurisdiction of the railway sector policing, public health, and Luoyang station area service station management of local affairs.
    Chapter II, article sixth city appearance and environmental sanitation management units and self-employed persons should be in accordance with the management regulations of city appearance and environmental sanitation requirements, cleaning cleaning and other related work in the area of responsibility, and accept the supervision and inspection of Luoyang station area management office.
    Article seventh building (structures), street lights, signs, water, drainage, gas, telecommunications, sanitation, transportation and other public facilities owners or managers should always be maintained, ensuring facility safety, clean and beautiful.
    Eighth and individual operators to its name, size, logo, logo sets, shall comply with city standards and the technical specifications. Nineth are prohibited in the railway station square within the various kiosks and stalls.
    In other locales, it shall be for the administrative license procedures and keep the facility complete and clean environment. Tenth Article ban following violation city management of behavior: (a) shop outside accounted for road business, and street flow sales commodity; (ii) unauthorized set outdoor advertising facilities; (three) unauthorized set various shed Pavilion, and stalls or built built (frame) built real; (four) mess delivery various advertisement, building (frame) built real or other facilities Shang mess graffiti, and mess description, and mess posted; (five) in Street building construction in the not by provides set surrounding block, and stacked material; (six) violation provides in street housing of roof, and balcony, and outside corridor and window, built
    , Stacking, hanging eyesore tent, debris; (VII) drying clothes and other items at the trees and flowers, (VIII) other eyesore management behavior. 11th article ban following violation city sanitation management of behavior: (a) anywhere spit, and blew nose, and spit gum, and soil; (ii) mess threw cigarette, and Peel, and confetti, waste; (three) mess pour sewage, and garbage, and stool; (four) grilled picked up garbage; (five) burning leaves, and Bacillus subtilis, and debris, and garbage; (six) unauthorized in square and road sides flush vehicles; (seven) damaged or unauthorized demolition, and migration, and occupied various environment health facilities and subsidiary facilities; (eight) other hinder city sanitation management of line
    For the.
    12th chapter on road traffic and municipal facilities management units and individuals should abide by traffic, municipal facilities and urban green management laws and regulations, maintain traffic order, care of road traffic, urban greening, urban facilities. 13th units and individuals are not allowed to occupy or dig the City Road and the railway station square; needed a temporary occupation, excavation, shall handle the administrative licensing procedures.
    Administrative licensing sector after approval, shall inform the Luoyang station area will license the content management service. Approved use, mining, should be in accordance with the approved requirements such as place, time and manner of implementation.
    To occupy or dig the end should be restored in time, causing damage, compensation should be awarded.
    14th article ban following violation road traffic order management of behavior: (a) in expressly ban passage of regional or sections, and period passage; (ii) not by provides Park mobile vehicles, and non-motor vehicle car; (three) bus vehicles, and taxi not by provides of site docked, and upper and lower passengers; (four) long-distance passenger vehicles in station outside docked, and upper and lower passengers; (five) disabled travel car, and tricycle, and motorcycle and other vehicles illegal operating; (six) unauthorized established vehicles docked site;
    (VII) damage to or unauthorized mobile road signs, traffic signs, traffic isolation barrier, manhole, street furniture, (VIII) without authorization in the slow lane, sidewalks within the setting of temporary parking (garages); (IX) other acts in violation of traffic management.
    15th article ban following violation City Green and facilities management of behavior: (a) damaged or unauthorized occupied lawn, and flower beds, and spent with, and green; (ii) in trees Shang carved designated, and nail nail or unauthorized wrapped around rope, and erection wire cable, lighting facilities; (three) damaged trees flowers or unauthorized mining, and cut, and transplant seedlings; (four) other violation City Green and facilities management of behavior.
    The fourth section 16th chapter of public order management units and individuals should abide by regulations in public places, the maintenance of public order.
    17th units and individuals shall take measures to prevent noise pollution may not use loudspeakers or other way of generating high noise production and management.
    18th District Department of vagrants and beggars in the railway station area to help out.
    Luoyang station area management offices and their staff in the course of official duties, vagrants and beggars found, shall promptly inform the rescue station for help; the disabled, minors, the elderly and other people with reduced mobility, shall guide and escort to relief stations.
    19th unclaimed corpses found in the train station, the public security organs shall confirm, informed the civil affairs departments in accordance with the relevant provisions. 20th article ban following prejudice social management and disrupt public order of behavior: (a) without license engaged in juggling, and performers, profit sex performances activities; (ii) repeatedly entanglement, and forced begging for or to other nuisance way begging money real; (three) to face reading, and fortune, superstition activities disrupt social order, and cheat property, and damage others body health; (four) in access station mouth or trunk road along, sentenced shouted, and push pulled, and lift brand, and intercept, way for operating vehicles and the other operators attract customer; (five) no card provides labor
    , And tourism, and intermediary, business sex service; (six) prostitution whoring or lure, and host, and introduced others prostitution; (seven) producing, and rental, and spread various illegal publications; (eight) forged, and variable made, and reselling tickets and he has price ticket; (nine) disrupt organ, and groups, and enterprise, and institutions order; (ten) other prejudice social management and disrupt public order of behavior.
    The fifth chapter 21st Luoyang station area management office management and supervision by the municipal people's Government and construction Administrative Department of entrusted xigong district people's Government, in violation of city appearance and environment sanitation management violations of rights to impose administrative penalties.
    Other administrative departments can also delegate administrative penalty according to law to Luoyang station area management service implementation. 22nd the punishment any of the Parties shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China sign a written power of Attorney provisions of the law on administrative punishment.
    Power of Attorney and shall set forth the principal organs entrusted with the Organization's name, commissioned basis, matters, such as permissions, as well as legal responsibility.
    Luoyang station area management office shall, in accordance with the instructions of the contract and impose administrative penalties on behalf of the principal organs, shall not delegate to any other organization or individual.
    23rd station area in Luoyang when Administration impose administrative penalties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative penalty procedure under the law.
    Delegate authority shall impose administrative penalties on Luoyang station area management office for supervision and guidance, and the legal responsibility for the consequences of the Act.
    24th public security, transportation and other relevant administrative departments for industry and commerce, he shall carry out his managerial responsibilities and accept the guidance and coordination of Luoyang station area management office.
    25th, public security, industry and commerce, the transport sector area management offices should be established in the railway station square and Luoyang station shifts point published telephone service and install monitoring facilities in accordance with the relevant technical specifications.
    Article 26th complaint, the reporting of the Administration Department shall, in accordance with statutory authority and procedures for processing, and result in within 5 business days after the written feedback to the complainant, the reporting persons.
    27th units and individual administrative departments and their staff in the railway station area management of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in acts, shall have the right to report or accusation.
    Sixth chapter legal responsibility 28th article perform railway station area management functions of administration sector and staff negligence, and abuse, and engages in or refused to obey Luoyang station area management service of guide and coordination, caused railway station area management chaos of, by city monitored, and legal sector according to People's Republic of China administrative monitored method, and administrative organ civil servants disposition Ordinance, and Henan province administrative organ law enforcement Ordinance, legal, and regulations and regulations investigation; constitute crime of, law held criminal.
    Relevant administrative departments in violation of the provisions of article 29th article 21st, 25th, 26th, by the Municipal Department of supervision in accordance with the People's Republic of China on administrative supervision law and other relevant provisions shall be investigated and dealt with. 30th article violates this article 20th paragraph (iv), by Luoyang station area office will be punished.
    For a first violation, warning and record for again violating, according to circumstances, impose less than 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.
    Other acts in violation of these provisions by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on public security administration punishments and the People's Republic of China consumer protection laws and the People's Republic of China Road transport regulations, the Luoyang City appearance and environmental sanitation administration procedures, laws, rules and regulations.
    The seventh chapter by-laws of the 31st article of the municipal railway station area management, reference to these provisions.
                                                                                                              32nd these provisions come into force on April 10, 2008.