Suzhou Civil Building Energy Saving Management

Original Language Title: 苏州市民用建筑节能管理办法

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(February 26, 2008 the Suzhou municipal government, 2nd general meeting on March 3, 2008 Suzhou municipal people's Government, the 103th announced as of May 1, 2008) first in order to strengthen the management of civil construction energy saving, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, promote economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China energy conservation law and the People's Republic of China construction law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the city building, rebuilding, expansion and use of civil building energy saving, as well as the supervision of civil construction energy saving management, these measures shall apply.
    Article civil construction mentioned in these measures refers to residential buildings, public buildings and industrial construction project of independent sets in with the function of civil construction (hereinafter referred to as buildings).
    This approach by said civil energy-saving, is refers to in buildings of planning, and design, and built (new, and alterations, and expansion and both building transformation) and using process in the, implementation national, and industry and place civil energy-saving standard, guarantee buildings indoor hot environment quality, improved building insulation insulation performance, reasonable using various energy, improve buildings with can system of run efficiency, reduced energy consumption of behavior. Fourth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of civil construction energy saving in the administrative area of the city.
    City construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of civil construction energy saving in their administrative areas.
    And reform, trade and economic development, planning, environmental protection, housing, financial, tax, technology, quality and other administrative authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a civil building energy-saving management work.
    The fifth civil architecture of scientific research and technological development shall be encouraged and enhanced application of new wall materials, promotion of energy-efficient technologies, processes, equipment, materials and products, and to promote renewable energy development and utilization.
    Article sixth of energy conservation in civil buildings have made outstanding contributions to the units and individuals, at all levels of people's Governments shall give commendations and rewards.
    Article seventh construction Administrative Department shall, together with the development and reform, trade, planning and other relevant departments, according to the local economic development of medium-and long-term planning and regional energy planning organization the civil construction energy saving special program, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval organization.
    Civil construction energy conservation planning of building energy-saving targets, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, renewable energies in construction development, building systems operation and management and other work objectives, work content, specific requirements and safeguards.
    Eighth of municipal construction Administrative Department shall, according to the civil construction energy saving in scientific research and development, in accordance with the principles of advanced technology, reliable quality, reasonable, publish on a regular basis to encourage the application of building energy-saving products and technology directory.
    Nineth single construction area of 20,000 square meters of public buildings, the construction unit shall conduct special demonstration of building energy conservation, demonstrate results shall be included in the project reports, project feasibility studies and preliminary design documents.
    Tenth planning administrative departments in the preparation of detailed plans, should plan layout and building layout, shape, orientation, body weight and other aspects of civil building energy efficiency and energy requirements of buildings.
    11th construction units should be in accordance with the requirement of building energy saving and building energy efficiency standard, entrust qualified unit for design and construction.
    Owner shall not, whether express, implied or tacit design, construction, supervision, testing and other units to reduce building energy conservation standards, shall not, whether express, implied or implicit units do not meet the requirement of building energy-saving in construction materials, products and equipment, shall not be required to design, construction units modified by qualified civil architecture design document. 12th civil construction energy saving design units shall be governed by mandatory standards and technical specifications for energy-efficient designs that ensure the quality of building energy-saving design.
    Conceptual design, preliminary design of civil building energy-saving design of special instructions, construction drawing design document should include building energy-saving design.
    Declare construction drawing review, design units shall coordinate with the units will be used by the civil construction energy conservation design software to submit construction plans review body review. 13th construction plan review body shall, in accordance with the relevant standards, civil construction energy saving in the construction drawing design documents (including thermodynamic calculation software and energy-saving design) special review for large public buildings should also control the civil construction energy saving special demonstration results review.
    Examination and issued examination reports do not meet the criteria of civil architecture, may not provide the design document of construction drawing examination report; found not in accordance with this regulation design of solar energy and other renewable energy and other energy-saving technologies, products, and shall promptly report to the competent construction department.
    Examination of construction drawing design documents needed design change should be according to prescribed procedures construction drawing review bodies reviewed.
    14th construction unit shall, in accordance with the examination of construction drawing design documents and construction specification for civil building energy-saving construction, construction materials, water-saving, energy-saving measures should be taken, and can reduce the project construction.
    Construction units should be checked into the construction site for all types of building materials, products, equipment, quality certificates and other supporting documents and witness sampling review by Convention. 15th supervising units shall in accordance with the civil construction energy saving standard, approved after examination of construction drawing design documents and construction specifications implementation supervision.
    After the project is completed, and supervising units shall issue a quality assessment of building energy-saving projects.
    Included in the national list of banned technology, process, equipment, material, products, and alter the behavior of building energy-saving design, supervising units shall take measures to stop suppression of invalid, shall promptly report to the project owner, and construction Administrative Department. 16th the civil construction energy saving product production and supply units shall establish a quality assurance system to ensure product quality in line with national and industry standards.
    Building energy-saving products to the construction site, its production and supply unit shall issue a quality certificate.
    17th construction project quality supervision organization shall strengthen supervision and inspection of construction process of building energy efficiency standards implementation, not an examination of construction drawing design documents for construction, not up to the standards of the project, shall be ordered to correct. 18th the construction unit shall, before completion, organize special acceptance of civil building energy saving, and energy conservation implementation and acceptance documents in the project sites and places of sale publicity and relevant acceptance documents of construction administrative departments.
    Special unqualified acceptance of building energy-saving, the construction unit shall rectify and reorganize the building energy-saving special acceptance.
    Construction special acceptance of civil building energy saving in the process of building energy-saving management regulations have been contravened or did not pass special acceptance, not for project completion acceptance.
    19th when the commercial real estate development enterprises in the sale, ought to Vendee express home energy saving measures and quality warranty protection requirements, energy-saving projects and other basic information, contract, residential and housing instructions, houses be set forth in the warranty.
    20th to encourage construction of energy-saving building energy efficiency assessment, and building energy consumption in the buildings prominently identified.
    21st civil building owners or users in the civil construction energy saving measures have been taken to use, renovation, upgrading and maintenance, without changing the system for energy saving of the building maintenance, reducing building energy efficiency standards.
    22nd lighting the building works shall reasonably select illuminance standard, lighting, control and make use of natural light, choose energy-efficient products, reduce lighting energy consumption and improve the quality of lighting.
    Building public areas such as corridors, staircases, toilets, energy-saving lamps should be installed using the automatic control.
    23rd to encourage building envelopes used wall insulation system of exterior wall, building walls, public buildings of wall heat preservation and energy conservation measures.
    24th construction units, design units to ensure the building quality and function of context, applications should mature solar, geothermal and other renewable energy and other energy-saving technologies and products. New 12 and 12-storey residential building and construction, reconstruction, expansion of guesthouses, hotels, hospitals and other public buildings with hot water needs, should design and install solar hot water systems. Do not use a solar hot water system, the construction units, design units should be written reasons to the building departments, organized expert assessment by the Building Authority.
    Assessment assessment without argument or argument has not been passed, shall not violate standards and building energy conservation design and construction without authorization as provided herein.
    Encourage new high-rise residential buildings to use solar heating system.
    25th Government related departments should formulate and implement relevant preferential policies and arrange special funds for building energy efficiency, support for building energy-saving activities, encourage the construction of energy-efficient buildings, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and building energy-saving industries. 26th energy saving renovation of existing buildings should be focusing on the renovation of public buildings, the implementation of administrative compulsory implement and market-led combine.
    Others did not meet the existing mandatory building energy efficiency standards and technical specifications of the buildings, should be carried out step by step energy saving.
    Secondary renovation of existing public buildings, should be the implementation of building energy-saving standards and specifications.
    The 27th before implementation of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, and the construction of energy-saving technical transformation plan shall be submitted to the administrative departments.
    28th to encourage a diversified, multi-channel investment building energy-saving, investors can share the proceeds obtained by the civil construction energy-saving.
    Encourage the use of building energy management and building energy-saving investment guarantee mechanisms for energy saving renovation of existing buildings. 29th public building parts should be carried out for each energy measurement and monitoring.
    On building energy standard, shall order the prescribed period for all the building; if no management or governance does not meet requirements, mandatory energy saving. 30th air conditioning heating and cooling systems of public buildings indoor temperature controls.
    Except for special uses, the indoor air temperature setting may not be lower than 26 degrees Celsius in summer, indoor air temperature shall not be higher than 20 degrees Celsius in winter.
    31st article violates these rules, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions. 32nd article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered corrected, and sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following of fine: (a) units not will engineering building energy-saving implementation situation and about acceptance file in engineering site or sales places publicity, or publicity content not meet buildings reality of; (ii) real estate development enterprise in sales housing Shi, not will by sale housing of energy-saving measures and the protection requirements, and
    Essential information such as energy-saving engineering quality warranty in sale contracts, residential manual, residential quality guarantee enshrined in.
    The 33rd article violates these rules, building, design and construction of units in buildings, the use of prohibited materials, energy systems, construction technology and techniques by building rectification by the Administrative Department, and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    The 34th article violates these rules, before implementing the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, not energy-saving technical reconstruction scheme of construction administrative department record, the construction Administrative Department shall order rectification.
    35th article violates these rules of behavior and in civil building energy saving fraud or making false, once verified shall be recorded into the enterprise credit file, and to the public.
    Article 36th industrial building energy-saving management of centralized air conditioning system can be performed in accordance with the measures.
                                                                                                                          37th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2008.