Sichuan Province, Dam Safety Management

Original Language Title: 四川省水库大坝安全管理办法

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(February 20, 2008 2nd meeting of the people's Government of Sichuan province considered by Sichuan provincial people's Government on March 13, 2008 released as of May 1, 2008, No. 223) first to enhance dam safety management, protect people's lives and property safety, promoting sustainable economic and social development, according to the People's Republic of China water law, the dam safety management regulations and other laws and regulations, in Sichuan province, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to total sink in within the administrative area of Sichuan province, more than 100,000 cubic meters of reservoir dams.
    Dam safety management in the construction of the relevant provisions of the State.
    Reservoir dams in these measures, including permanent water retaining structures, as well as supporting the use of flood discharge, water, boat building and monitoring, managed services, etc.
    Third dam authorities of people's Governments at various levels and the dam safety covered by its administrative head responsibility system. At all levels of water conservancy, transportation, energy, construction, agriculture and other relevant departments, is the dam authorities of their jurisdiction, and under the jurisdiction of dam safety.
    Dam management should undertake specific administration of the dam.
    Dam authorities shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the covered reservoir dam registration, the establishment of technical archives, the implementation of dam system of periodic safety inspections and evaluation, and copied at the water conservancy Administrative Department. Fourth provincial water conservancy administrative departments, in conjunction with relevant departments to monitor dam safety management in the province.
    Water Administrative Department of the people's Governments above the county level, in conjunction with relevant departments to monitor dam safety management within their respective administrative areas.
    Fifth town, traffic trunk road and dense residential areas such as location or dangerous reservoir dam safety, departments in charge of dam authorities at a higher level can directly implement the safety supervision. Sixth dam safety management carrying out safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment approach.
    Any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the dam safety.
    Seventh dam authorities should be based on dam safety management needs, determine the management unit and the technical manager of the dam.
    Article eighth bear public tasks such as flood control and waterlogged elimination reservoir dam, the management of operation and maintenance costs in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    The Nineth dam management scope security management and the scope of protection should be based on needs and project type, size, according to the Sichuan provincial water management Ordinance and other relevant provisions, drawn by the dam authorities in conjunction with the departments of land and resources, and law for land clearance.
    Tenth dam authority and management unit responsible for dam management and within the scope of protection of soil and water conservation work. 11th dam facilities are protected by the State, no unit or individual may seize, destroy.
    Ban any units and personal engaged in following against reservoir dam security of activities: (a) in reservoir dam management range within, for reclamation, and fill library, and fish; (ii) in reservoir dam management range and protection range within, for blasting, and quarrying, and mining, and drilling, and dug sand, and take soil, and repair graves, and mess cutting forest, and built permanent buildings; (three) in reservoir dam Shang building, and planting, and shovel grass, and grazing, and engaged in Bazaar; (four) in reservoir dam Shang dumping garbage, and waste ballast tailings;
    (E) other activities against dam safety. 12th in dam management and construction of docks, fish ponds within the scope of protection is absolutely necessary, subject to scientific evaluation report approved by the dam authorities having jurisdiction. Dam authorities having jurisdiction shall, within 15 working days from the date of receipt of application materials to make a written decision.
    Does not meet the requirements, make a written decision with reasons that are not approved.
    13th security management needs to prohibit ships into range before the dam waters, should establish security police cordon. Article 14th non-management personnel shall not operate the Dam spillway of the dam gates, water gate dam deformation and seepage flow observation and hydrological facilities.
    Operators should be specialized training after obtaining the appropriate technical certificate and in accordance with the regulations, before they can post.
    15th reservoir management within the legally obtained land and its ancillary buildings and ancillary measurement, observation, power, lighting, transportation, fire protection, housing, private communications networks and other facilities, and dam management units administer and use, no unit or individual is allowed to destroy and seize.
    16th reservoir dam and a road you want, it must be scientifically demonstrated to meet dam safety requirements, and approval of the dam authorities, application of dam and a highway shall take appropriate security measures and pay the maintenance costs.
    Application of dam and a highway unit shall submit the following materials to the dam authorities: (I) evaluation of dam safety review report and the appraisal report, (ii) Dam traffic restrictions contained Crest facilities and the maintenance responsibility of related structures, and (iii) other documents shall be submitted in accordance with law.
    Reservoir dam competent sector should since received declared material of day up 10 a days within, tell about sector respectively proposed views; about sector should since received turned reported material of day up 15 a days within be reply; reservoir dam competent sector since received reply views of day up 25 a days within unified for review, on meet conditions of, made approved of written decided; on not meet conditions of, made not approved of written decided and description reason. 17th reservoir dam and a highway, dam authorities regularly urge the highway property units commissioned units with corresponding qualification can dam and a highway safety; special case, should immediately carry out safety evaluation.
    Can't do roads, diversion of limited duration. 18th in the flood season, the flood safety and operation of the reservoir must be subject to the flood control headquarters of the unified command of the people's Governments above the county level.
    Dam management units to strictly enforce the use authorized by the flood control headquarters of flood plan.
    TRANS reservoir should be on a common level of flood control headquarters, under the auspices of the people's Government, in accordance with the approved scheme of flood prevention dispatch.
    19th dam authorities shall organize relevant units, on dangerous dam possible dam breaks, flooding forecast range, and to develop contingency plans, flood control headquarters approval.
    Dam when there is a danger sign, dam management entity shall report to the dam authorities report, flood control headquarters and the local people's Governments, and dam safety under the leadership of the local people's Government emergency measures.
    20th reservoir dam safety appraisal work, organized by the dam authority and entrusted with dam safety assessment qualification unit. 21st dam safety into a dam, two kinds of dam, three such dams, specific classification standards as promulgated by the Ministry of water resources to the dam safety identification measures for implementation.
    A dam, and II class dam, and three class dam of validation and informed, implemented grading, and points sector is responsible for system: total capacity 10 million cubic metres above of a dam, and II class dam, and three class dam, by provincial reservoir dam competent sector validation and informed; total capacity 1 million cubic metres to 10 million cubic metres of a dam, and II class dam, and three class dam, by city (State) reservoir dam competent sector validation and informed; other a dam, and II class dam, and three class dam, by County reservoir dam competent sector validation and informed.
    Audited report for a dam, the second dam, three such dams shall be made to the provincial water conservancy administrative departments for the record.
    22nd people's Governments at various levels and flood control agencies should be type II dams, three categories of the dam as a flood control key, and entrusted the dam authority and organizing the implementation of dam safety emergency measures management units. 23rd article included in the capital master plan of the three dams, two types of dam reinforcement project, should implement national infrastructure programs.
    Departments of people's Governments at all levels and reservoir dam should be the deadline for three types of dam, the second dam to prioritize funding for reinforcement, reinforcement of dam safety contingency measures should be developed before.
    Changes in three types of dam, the second dam was originally designed to run, should be in accordance with the regulations approved by the dam authorities having jurisdiction.
    Article 24th of danger-removing and reinforcement of the dam must be acceptance, delivery management, operational use.
    Decline of the 25th size reservoirs is reduced or, should be required to downgrade operations management; reinforcement of reservoir disease risks serious and technically not feasible or is not reasonable, as well as loss of function, according to regulations should be scrapped. 26th dam management unit must be in accordance with national and provincial technical standards, safety monitoring and inspection of the dam.
    The dam has been put into operation, does not set security monitoring facilities, or failure of the safety monitoring facilities damaged and should be filling or undertaken to repair.
    Management unit must run dam and reservoir dam monitoring data integration: the total capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters (1 million cubic meters) of the dam, should be required to undertake an annual compilation, filing, and reported to the dam authorities; dam of hydrographic data, should be carried out according to the provisions of the restructuring.
    27th dam reservoir management unit of the jurisdiction of the authorities respond to the flood of material reserve, meteorological and hydrological forecasting, water transmission, alarm and other flood-control preparations, inspection before flood season each year and report results to the people's Government at the flood control headquarters.
    28th have made remarkable achievements in the dam safety management work units and individuals, departments of people's Governments above the county level and reservoir dam should be commended and rewarded.
    29th article violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, ordered corrected, compensation caused of loss, and can sentenced fine; violation security management of, by police organ in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method of provides punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) in dam management and protection range within blasting, and quarrying, and mining, and drilling, and dug sand, and engaged in Bazaar, and dumping garbage, and waste ballast tailings of, can sentenced 1000 Yuan above 30000 Yuan following fine; (Ii) in dam management and protection range civil strife cutting forest, and library district reclamation, and wasteland, and take soil, and repair graves, and fish, ordered stop its violations, recovery undisturbed, can sentenced 100 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine; (three) unauthorized operation dam gate and the other facilities of, depending on its plot can sentenced 100 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; (four) unauthorized in dam management and protection range within built Terminal, and ponds, and built permanent buildings, of, should deadline demolition, and recovery undisturbed; late not demolition, and
    No restitution, forced removal, restoration, funded by the illegal units and individuals, and can be fined a maximum of 30000 Yuan.
    Article 30th water Department dam appears the jurisdiction offences, punishment by the water conservancy administrative departments; other dam range of Department violations that occur, and punished by the relevant authorities or relevant departments for water authorities punished.
    31st dam authorities, water conservancy administrative departments and their staff, in violation of these rules, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, and managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                    32nd article this way come into force on May 1, 2008.

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