Urumqi Fire Safety Management

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市消防安全管理办法

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(1th meeting consideration of the people's Government, Urumqi, December 29, 2007 through January 7, 2008 the Government of Urumqi announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 90th) first in order to strengthen the management of fire safety, prevention and reduction of fire hazard, protect public property and personal and property security of citizens, in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire control law and the Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, the Fire Services Ordinance and the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to fire safety management work in the administrative area of the city.
    The third article of the municipal fire safety by the public security organs exercising supervision and management, public security fire control institutions specifically responsible for the implementation.
    Development and reform, planning, construction, education, water supplies, urban amenities, administrative law enforcement departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good fire safety related work.
    Fourth, actively promote the public liability insurance of fires, the development, and promote the use of advanced fire-fighting technology to promote building fire service installations and fire safety management and remote monitoring system, to improve people's ability for fire prevention.
    The Fifth fire fire safety work responsibility system.
    Municipal people's Government and the district (s) people's Governments and relevant departments, signed the annual fire safety responsibility.
    Area (s) to Governments, relevant departments and entities shall sign annual fire safety responsibility step by step.
    Fire safety responsibility should be clearly responsible, task, work measures, assessment methods, content and standards of rewards and punishments.
    Sixth of municipal, district (County) Governments shall organize and coordinate the relevant departments to solve the major problems existing in the fire service within the administrative area, supervise the implementation of major modification of the fire hazard.
    Public security organs at all levels should study the deployment of fire on a regular basis, coordinate the resolution of important issues in the fire, urge-level public security fire control institutions implementation of fire control laws and regulations.
    Seventh of municipal, district (County) people's Governments shall be public fire facilities, the construction of fire-fighting equipment into their national economic and social development plan, the requirements included in the budgets and revenue growth, increased fire funds financial input. Eighth public security fire control institutions shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, preparing documentation planning.
    Fire protection planning should be incorporated into the overall urban planning.
    Nineth fire station locations and land that has been identified by the Planning Department, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy.
    The tenth fire communications, water supply, fire channel, fire stations and other public safety equipment should be requested by the urban fire protection planning, and other municipal infrastructure is designed, built and put into operation simultaneously.
    11th production, use, storage, transport, and unloading of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods factories, warehouses and a dedicated station sites shall comply with the fire safety of city layout.
    12th install outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the fire safety requirements, should not affect the evacuation and fire fighting and rescue.
    13th article of stale or insufficient water, water pressure fire water supply pipes, urban water supply enterprises should be combined with technical transformation pipeline expansion, renovation, and meet the needs of fire protection water supply.
    14th approval projects relating to fire safety, the relevant departments should be strict examination and approval in accordance with law, and comply with the following provisions: (a) does not meet the layout requirements of fire safety of construction projects, City Planning Department may issue construction land use planning permits and construction project planning permit; (b) the examination of building fire protection design of public security fire control institutions, building Department may issue construction permits;
    (Three) on according to national standards need for fire design of building engineering completed acceptance information in the no fire acceptance qualified file of, property sector shall not issued housing ownership certificate; (four) on fire security conditions not was police fire institutions review through, intends opened school, and kindergarten, and nursery, and nursing home, and orphanage, and medical institutions and culture, and sports, public of, education, and home, and health, and culture, and sports, sector shall not approved.
    15th major fire hazards or refusing to fire hazards of rectification units may ask the local government supervising public security fire control institutions.
    16th no units and individuals found that fire hazard shall have the right to report to report fire hazards are substantiated, by public security fire control institutions shall be awarded.
    17th article more property buildings, has delivered using of, owners or using people on proprietary, and dedicated part of fire security is responsible for; total part of fire security management, implemented property management of, by owners, and using people, and property service enterprise according to legal, and regulations and this approach of provides, perform fire security duties; not implemented property management of, owners or using people should on buildings total part of fire security responsibility for consultations, established fire security coordination organization, perform fire security duties.
    18th article buildings of owners or using people should perform following fire security duties: (a) comply with about fire legal, and regulations, and regulations of provides; (ii) on proprietary, and dedicated part of fire facilities and equipment for maintenance, ensure fire facilities and equipment intact, and effective; (three) delegate property management of, tie property service enterprise do fire security management work, elimination fire hidden; (four) shall not will not meet fire security conditions of buildings rental others business using. 19th article property service enterprise in property service in the, should perform following fire security duties: (a) specified hand or established specialized is responsible for fire security management work; (ii) established sound fire security system, developed fire and emergency evacuation plans, in police fire institutions of guide Xia, carried out fire publicity, organization fire walkthrough; (three) Organization carried out fire check, timely elimination fire hidden, on occupied, and jam security evacuation channel, and security export, and fire channel, violations be stop,
    And shall promptly report to the public security fire control institutions; (iv) regular inspections of public fire facilities, equipment maintenance, protection of fire-fighting facilities, equipment and fire safety signs in good condition and valid.
    The owners ' Committee shall assist property management service with the fire safety management and configuration, updated fire control facilities and equipment in a timely manner. 20th contracting, leasing, or entrusted operation and management of buildings, business premises shall comply with the fire safety requirements.
    Made by the parties in the contract, you can define the fire safety management of responsibility in accordance with law; parties contract is or is not clear about the fire safety management of responsibility in the contract, Contracting, leasing or entrusted with the operation, fire safety management unit shall bear the responsibilities of management.
    21st no unit or individual is allowed to occupy fire prevention space, block fire control passageway.
    22nd, large billboards of settings, in violation of the State fire safety requirements, the rectification by public security fire control institutions; it fails to be given a warning, and may be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan.
    23rd have a major fire hazard, after notification by the public security fire control institutions fails, the unit fine at less than 2000 Yuan and 20,000 Yuan on individual penalty of between 2000 Yuan and 500 Yuan.
    24th other acts in violation of these measures should be given administrative punishment, the administrative organs shall be punished.
    25th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    26th article Government about sector not perform or not seriously perform fire work duties, has following behavior one of of, law held about responsibility personnel and head of responsibility; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on involved fire security of matters not law approval, and supervision check of; (ii) on major fire hidden rectification poor of; (three) other negligence, and abuse, and engages in of.
                                                              27th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.