Weather Modification Of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Management Practices (As Amended In 2008)

Original Language Title: 新疆维吾尔自治区人工影响天气工作管理办法(2008年修正本)

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(Released July 13, 1998, the municipality, the 82nd execution on April 10, 2008 the municipality 153th amended) first in order to regulate the weather, weather work better for the promotion and protection of economic construction and social development services, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with State practice, these measures are formulated.
    Article this way, the term "weather" (hereinafter referred to as shadows), refers to the use of advanced science and technology, impact on local atmospheric physical processes of artificial, to precipitation (snow), hail (Frost), fog weather for a specific purpose, such as appropriate technology.
    Third figure active in administrative areas of the autonomous region shall abide by these measures.
    Municipality to encourage citizens, legal persons and other organizations engaged in figure in scientific research activities, their legal rights are protected by law.
    Foreign organizations or individuals figure activities in the territory of the autonomous region, approved by the competent Meteorological Department under the State Council together with the relevant departments in accordance with law.
    Fourth shadow work adhered to the "unified, scientific and normative, efficiency and service" principle.
    Figure work should rely on scientific and technological progress, adhere to the disaster prevention and mitigation for the purpose of service focused on agriculture, strengthening the construction of basic business and scientific experiments, enhanced design and evaluation, and combined with working to advance figure in scientific experiments.
    Figure established by the fifth autonomous region people's Government agencies (hereinafter referred to as competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure) is responsible for organizing, managing, and directing the region's figure, according to the relevant regulations of the State, in accordance with the exercise of the autonomous regional people's Government figures the work management functions, accept the autonomous region rural authorities, meteorological administrative departments and the management, supervision of the financial sector.
    State (land), city and County figures in Hong local government (Administrative Office), under the leadership of figure work in responsible for the Administration, under the guidance the figure at a higher level and at the rural authorities, meteorological authorities and management, supervision of the financial sector.
    Article sixth of Xinjiang production and construction Corps in accordance with the measures for Regiment system of figure work.
    Seventh people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the figure, figure work and actively solve the problems involved.
    Silhouette bodies and other relevant authorities at all levels should cooperate closely and enhance service, improve efficiency, security figure work smoothly.
    Eighth article weather modification of the infrastructure investments and business requirements, and local subsidies, special funds, integrated into the national economic and social development plans and budgets.
    According to the specific requirements for the implementation of the relevant departments and units of the weather modification and its funding requirements, borne by the benefiting departments and units.
    Nineth figure working point requested shall be made to the operation (point) State (land), municipal (Administrative Office) figure written reports submitted by institutions, specifying the operation to be carried out by regional content, appropriate technologies and equipment, reported to the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure together with the flight controls and other departments concerned to determine. The tenth figure should be done according to local weather, climate, natural Division implementation separate or joint operations across boundaries.
    Separate from operational areas (points) figure bodies to organize its implementation; joint operations by their district (dot) joint command panel of figure body, unified distribution, unified command.
    11th for aircraft to carry out artificial precipitation (snow) operations shall be according to figures require the presentation of plans, by the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure, after according to relevant regulations, the consolidated bid procedures for leased aircraft. 12th implementation precipitation (snow) job of aircraft taking off and landing airport should be based on the work plan submitted by the unit, in the distribution of airspace, aircraft taking off and landing and ground handling services for their support and cooperation, protection of artificial precipitation (snow) jobs lost no time.
    Operations should be authorized airspace flight operations, and to comply with air traffic control. 13th article weather modification should have guns, ammunition depot and the necessary working and living facilities.
    Guns, ammunition and neighbourhood level distance shall be not less than 200 m.
    The 14th section of surface weather modification, work shall submit a written report to the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure, specifying the job location, job duration as well as the use of tools such as content, according to provisions of the State and the autonomous communities management competence and the procedure for approval before implementation. Approved implementation of the job position of the job shall be arbitrarily moved.
    Really necessary to move, required procedure for approval. Article 15th air operations, operations should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of application space.
    Airspace control authority shall reply within the time for the operation is; time, scope, implementation of operations shall be approved for air operations.
    Implementation of air operations, should have comprehensive communications facilities. 16th required to implement the weather modification of antiaircraft artillery, artificial precipitation shells, rocket launchers, rockets and other dangerous materials, specified by the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure or its unified purchase and planned supply.
    Any of the other departments, units or individuals are not allowed to purchase or transfer.
    17th figure required for storage, use and transport of dangerous goods, shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and the autonomous communities bidding and approval procedures.
    Figures required tools and equipment such as radar, radio equipment and frequencies, as used by the presented plan, reported to the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure harmonization of application procedures, and by the figure of the autonomous region authorities or their delegate units to use for regular inspection, testing or calibration. 18th weather modification at a time after the end of working time, job site, job should be dose, operation and weather conditions before and after the effect of registration.
    Jobs after the season ends, job summary and evaluation units should be carried out promptly and report figure authorities at a higher level.
    Article 19th unit of weather modification, it should be for the workers safety insurance.
    20th figure authorities are responsible for the development of the autonomous region autonomous figure in scientific testing, basic business development planning, planning and implementation.
    People's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the figure science and business leadership in the construction of the basis, Figure study on key technology of attention, provide special funds for projects approved for implementation.
    Article 21st region of weather modification and scientific experiments, should strengthen the construction of figures based business established figure in business technology and test fit with the job network and operational command.
    Silhouette bodies and relevant departments at all levels should strengthen cooperation, make joint regional scientific experiments, homework and figure business networking-building technology systems.
    Figure construction business technology network and operational chain of command, and the construction of meteorological operation technology network relying on each other, coordinate development, give full play to the existing technical equipment's overall efficiency.
    22nd levels of people's Governments and relevant departments and agencies, shall, in accordance with relevant national and State protected environs for meteorological and facility requirements, enhancing the protection of silhouette detection and the facilities.
    No unit or individual may figure in the environs of silhouette detection activities that adversely affect, may seize, damage and unauthorized moving shadow detection facilities.
    23rd by the radio authority approved weather modification of radio frequencies and channels are protected by law, and no unit or individual is allowed to occupy and interference.
    24th article autonomous regions figure competent institutions should integrated using regulations, and regulation, and supervision, and planning and technical guidance, means, strengthening figure work of industry management, according to unified technology standard, and unified technology facilities, and unified operation specification of requirements, guide around, and the sector for figure based business construction and regional figure business technology network and job command system construction, and on around, and the sector implementation figure regulations, and regulations situation for supervision. 25th antiaircraft artillery, rockets and radar operators work under the qualification certification system.
    Operator shall post technology training, by the competent bodies of the autonomous regions figure assessment, induction certificate made before they can post.
    Article 26th through technical information and results of the weather modification, shall be approved by the State (land), city-level figure authorities agree.
    27th acts in violation of these rules, the upper-level figures agency ordered corrective action, depending on the seriousness of the unit or by the relevant authority, impose administrative sanctions caused economic losses, the violator shall bear liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                          28th article this way as of the date of promulgation.