Hubei Province's Individual Credit Information Collection And Management Procedures (Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 湖北省个人信用信息采集与应用管理办法(试行)

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(May 19, 2008, Hubei provincial people's Government Executive meeting considered by Hubei provincial government order No. 319, published on June 4, 2008 as of August 1, 2008) for establishing and perfecting the management system of personal credit information in article, normative acts such as personal credit information collection, use, and protection of personal credit information security, maintain social and economic order, create a harmonious, good credit in the market, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the province of personal credit information gathering, application management, application of this approach. Thirdly, PBC Wuhan branch in various departments, together with the rely on provincial government e-Government platform, related government agencies, financial institutions and public services and other sources of information, establish a personal credit information gathering, application platform.
    For personal credit information source units should be in accordance with the regulations, submit personal credit information to personal credit information platform, and access to personal credit information platform of the personal credit information provided.
    Financial institutions in accordance with the laws, regulations and other relevant regulations of the State, the collection and disclosure of personal information about the credit.
    Fourth personal credit information gathering and management should follow the principles of objectivity, truth, justice, prudence, protecting public interests, respects and protects the privacy and business secrets. Fifth article personal credit information including following content: (a) personal basic information: personal identity recognition information, and career, information; (ii) personal credit credit information: the commercial banks provides of personal in loan, and loan remember card, and associate loan remember card, and guarantees, credit activities in the formed and by competent organ and industry association disclosure of performance information; (three) personal commercial credit information: except personal credit credit information zhiwai of personal and commercial institutions, and utilities service institutions occurred commodity trading and service relationship and formed of personal credit, and
    Payment information; (d) public information: personal tax, social insurance and credit information, (v) other personal information: personal credit in civil, criminal and administrative information such as judgments, decisions and the decision on administrative penalty.
    Sixth article except legal, and regulations another has provides outside, personal credit information platform not collection following information: (a) race, and family, and religious belief, and political belonging; (ii) body form, and gene, and fingerprint, and blood, and disease and history; (three) savings deposits, and securities and the other personal property status; (four) has tax, and paid social security, costs of specific amounts; (five) legal, and regulations provides ban collection of other personal information; (six) and personal credit has nothing to do of other information.
    The preceding paragraph (c), (d), relates to savings deposits, securities, tax amount, relating to the payment of social insurance premiums and individual assets, except for in the case of individuals on a voluntary basis or in public.
    Seventh personal credit information should be collected to ensure information sources of legitimacy, legitimacy and objectivity of information. Information collection should be standardized formats and standards.
    After review, the information entry platform. Eighth administration of personal credit information platform in inputting personal information, after the positive and negative information, allowing information from people with valid ID free access to his information to be input.
    Information of subjects after the query has no objection within 10 working days, agrees.
    Nineth article has following case one of of, can law query personal credit information: (a) financial institutions to information subject people provides credit, and insurance, service of; (ii) units and personal on information subject people provides credit, and rental, and guarantees, service of; (three) utilities units on information subject people provides service of; (four) judicial organ and administrative organ law for survey of; (five) information subject people or its authorized of other units or personal for query of.
    In addition to the preceding paragraph (d) and the special cases stipulated by laws and regulations, and information about subjects other than the unit or individual queries on the subject of information credit information recruitment information owner's written consent, and query in code certificate, query ID card valid certificates in order to query.
    Tenth person in employment, business, student, study, promotion and other matters need to provide proof of personal credit, commissioned by the subject of information or written queries of personal credit information of others, personal credit information platform management should be made available.
    11th message subject or its clients twice a year free access to their personal credit information.
    12th information source platform management and personal credit information institutions should designate or establish objection handling agencies, arrange assigned objection handling.
    13th subject of information people think my credit information recorded inaccurate, incomplete or wrong, right to information sources or personal credit information system in the management bodies for the objection.
    14th information subject people to challenge their personal credit information and submit the corresponding documentation, information source units and individual credit institutions should verify information platform management, and verification period in objection to the objection raised by the applicant information about object identity.
    15th article information source units and personal credit information platform management institutions verification objections application Hou, by following provides processing: (a) by verified objections information has errors or exists not accurate, defects of, should timely be delete or corrections; (ii) by verified objections information correct or cannot verified, and information subject people still dissented of, on objections information can not for modified, but should in related information Hou indicate information subject people of objections and corresponding reason.
    Information source platform management and personal credit information institutions should received one objection of objections within 20 working days from the date of processing of the information, and shall inform the information subject people.
    16th source unit found to have collected personal credit information is inaccurate, incomplete or wrong, should take the initiative to inform the administration of personal credit information platform to be corrected or deleted.
    Platform administration of personal credit information institutions found entry platform of personal credit information is inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect, administration of personal credit information platform to verify the unit shall notify the information source, confirmed by the information source is inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect information, shall promptly be corrected or deleted.
    17th personal credit information platform management information sources submitted or updated information should be within 5 working days from the date of receipt of input credit information platform.
    18th personal credit information platform management agencies should be under the supervision of the provincial e-Government platform management, establish and improve personal credit information platform of strict and effective internal operations and external access control system, closely monitor your personal credit information platform for user actions against the illegal invasion of personal credit information platform.
    19th information source units should be based on the relevant provisions of the personal credit information system management, clear the units of information management, data reporting and information aspects of responsibility and authority, set up individual credit information collection, submission, objection handling and safety management of internal management systems and procedures, establishment of information non-part-time administrator, data reporting, and information.
    20th info source fails to submit or update your personal credit information, platform management, and personal credit information institutions receive information sources submitted personal credit information or update time after entry, leading to personal credit information is missing or incorrect, resulting in personal injury, shall bear civil liability. 21st information sources or personal credit information platform management agency any of the following circumstances, cause damage to the information subject interests, he shall bear civil liability. On has related duties of staff, by where information source units or personal credit information platform management institutions law give administrative sanctions; suspected crime of, law held criminal: (a) submitted or collection personal credit information appeared major errors of; (ii) will query results for this approach provides zhiwai of other purpose of; (three) violation objections processing provides of; (four) violation this approach security management requirements, caused personal credit information was leaked of; (five) tampered with, and damage credit information of; (six) and natural
    , Legal persons or other organizations collude to give false credit information; (VII) other circumstances that violate these rules.
    22nd credit measures for Administration of personal credit information services organization, as well as credit and personal credit rating system separately.
    Related terms are defined in the 23rd article this way: personal credit information: the civil capacity of a natural person, in the financial, business or other trading activities in basic personal information, performance of credit information, credit information, public information and reflect the personal credit for additional information. Information subject: refers to the enjoyment of their right to information and individual is liable to provide personal credit information.
    The credit information to reflect information on one's credit status.
    Source of information: refers to functions or management needs, and save functions or personal credit information related to the business unit or organization, these general personal and credit information to the departments or units leave original when it comes to credit and credit records.
    Personal credit information system: refers to the lawful use of personal credit information of our province and individuals to provide personal credit information and has a public service function of information platform.
    Administration of personal credit information platform: is responsible for construction, operation and management of the personal credit information unit.
                                                                                24th article this way come into force on August 1, 2008.