Handan Municipal Drainage Management Approach

Original Language Title: 邯郸市城市排水管理办法

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(December 11, 2007, Handan people's Government at the 63rd Executive meeting January 17, 2008 125th Handan people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the urban drainage management, guarantee normal operation of urban drainage facilities, improve urban water environment, prevent water pollution and promote economic and social development, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applied in urban drainage in the area of urban planning and facility construction, use, maintenance, operation and management. Third-line wing authorities are responsible for urban planning of the city district of urban drainage and the use of reclaimed water management.
    Urban drainage management unit responsible for urban drainage in the urban planning area and its facilities and monitoring of urban drainage management.
    Planning, environmental protection, water, land and resources administrative departments concerned, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities to do urban drainage management.
    The fourth urban drainage in these measures refers to the city sewage, the reception, transmission, treatment, and disposal of rainwater and recycled water use.
    Urban drainage facilities in these measures refers to the urban drainage pipe network, centralized urban sewage treatment facilities, water facilities and ancillary facilities.
    Water drainage households in these measures refers to, directly or indirectly, to the city drainage water drainage units and individuals.
    Reclaimed water is mentioned in these measures refers to the central treatment of urban sewage, meet relevant water quality standards for non-potable water.
    Fifth unified planning of urban drainage, construction and coordinated development, convenient for people and planning, construction, maintenance, repair and management principles. City shall encourage diversified investment and construction of urban drainage facility, supporting related scientific and technological research.
    Actively promote the use of advanced technology, improve management level of drainage facilities. Chapter II planning and construction of the sixth people's Governments of cities urban drainage facilities should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan and formulate policies for the development of urban drainage. Urban drainage facility construction investment should be in appropriate proportion of fixed asset investment.
    Sewage treatment facilities and equipment accelerated depreciation.
    Urban drainage facilities operation, maintenance, construction costs, in accordance with the annual plan included in the budget. Seventh municipal people's Governments shall organize competent departments of city planning, urban drainage, urban drainage planning according to the master plan of the city.
    Administrative Department for urban planning, urban drainage pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, sludge disposal sites for urban drainage planning priority arrangements and reservations.
    Urban Drainage Authority should be based on urban drainage planning and development of urban drainage facility construction plans, approved by the municipal people's Government to implement.
    Article eighth urban drainage facilities shall conform to the urban water drainage planning.
    Drainage of water drainage households shall, depending on the nature, according to corresponding standards construction of septic tanks, grease traps or sedimentation basin and other auxiliary pretreatment facilities. Roadside building drainage system should be set up inside the building.
    In the context of way (including the back portion of the red line) direction parallel to the center line of the road, not set user drainage facilities.
    Nineth article drainage households new, and alterations, and expansion engineering needed supporting construction city drainage facilities of, should according to city planning administrative competent sector approved of location, followed city underground engineering avoid principles and city drainage facilities technology standard, and specification, and project while design, and while construction, and while acceptance using, its and city drain network of connection engineering by city drainage management units organization has corresponding qualification of construction units implementation.
    In the construction of all kinds of, such as the case with urban drainage facilities overlap or cross should cease construction immediately and inform urban drainage management unit. Article tenth of urban drainage facility construction project design, construction and supervision shall be borne by the corresponding qualification.
    Prohibit undocumented or not according to the level of qualification requirements to assume construction of urban drainage project design, construction and supervision. 11th urban drainage management unit should be involved in urban drainage facilities and water drainage households build water drainage facility inspection.
    Acceptance or unqualified acceptance of the drainage facilities shall not be connected to the urban drainage pipe network. 12th you want to move or change of urban drainage facilities shall be as approved by the administrative departments of urban planning and urban drainage authorities consent to handle relevant formalities, implemented by the urban drainage management organization.
    The costs borne by the employer.
    13th chapter of urban drainage facilities management urban drainage practice rainwater and sewage shunting emissions system.
    New construction, expansion, renovation and construction of drainage projects should be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements for design and construction of rain sewage diversion.
    The sewage and rainwater drainage, drainage shunt reconstruction shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements.
    14th urban drainage management unit should be in accordance with the relevant technical norms and standards, maintain normal operation of urban drainage facilities, is responsible for maintenance of urban drainage facilities management and maintenance of engineering quality supervision, inspection, and guarantee facilities in good order and public safety.
    Built drainage property units or management units should be in accordance with technical specification for urban drainage maintenance, repair, drainage facilities are regularly safety inspections, maintenance, repair, and ensure normal operation of facilities.
    15th article in city drainage facilities following protection range within shall not laid poles, and tree planting and built buildings, and structures, needed laying other pipeline of, should consent of city drainage competent sector agreed, and according to about requirements for construction: (a) drainage route pipeline edge sides the 5 meters within, drainage extension pipeline edge sides the 1.5 meters within; (ii) drains slope sides the 1 meters within, drains slope sides the 3 meters within; (three) regeneration water pipeline edge sides the 2 meters within.
    16th no unit or individual may unlawfully sealing, dredge the city sewer or open rain and sewage manhole, absolutely necessary to implement the above operations shall be implemented by the urban drainage management unit. 17th household septic tanks or other drainage, drainage facilities shall periodically clear cutting and dredging.
    Urban drainage plug, the risk of spills and damage from those responsible for dredging, clearing out and maintenance costs to be borne. May not be toxic, inflammable and explosive substances discharged into urban drainage pipe network.
    Due to accidents, resulting in toxic or flammable substances into the urban drainage pipe network, should take immediate emergency measures to control developments and reports on urban water authorities. 18th urban drainage facilities for maintenance of vehicles and equipment management or operations, without prejudice to the past.
    Vehicles under the route and direction without the limitation of traffic sign, road marking. Urban drainage license management 19th in the fourth chapter, Handan city, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the management of municipal facilities, all directly and indirectly to the urban drainage drainage or drainage of temporary drainage, shall take the relevant materials to the city drainage Department apply for urban drainage permit. City drainage Department shall from the date of acceptance of the application in the 20th to make a decision.
    Urban drainage the drainage permit from the authorities or the temporary drainage permit before they can drain. 20th article application handle city drainage license, should submitted following material: (a) city drainage license application table; (ii) about dedicated detection well, and sewage emissions mouth bit in and caliber of drawings and the description material; (three) by provides construction sewage processing facilities of about material; (four) drainage license application accepted of recently a months within by has measurement certification qualification of drainage monitoring institutions issued of drainage water, and water detection report; (five) focus sewage industrial enterprise, should provides has in emissions mouth installation can on water, and
    Detection of water quality online detecting device-related material.
    21st article drainage households meet following conditions of, city drainage competent sector should issued city drainage license or temporary drainage license: (a) drainage households drainage facilities construction meet about technology standard and specification, by acceptance qualified of; (ii) sewage emissions mouth of set meet city drainage planning of requirements; (three) emissions of sewage meet sewage row into city sewer water standard, about standard and provides; (four) has in emissions mouth set dedicated detection well;
    (V) focus on sewage of industrial enterprises has been installed at discharge on water quantity, water quality online detecting device, with the corresponding detection and detection system (vi) construction of temporary drainage sediment and drainage have preliminary sedimentation facilities built and drainage meet the relevant standards.
    22nd drainage license is valid for 5 years (temporary drainage permit valid for not more than 2 years. The drainage permit, the expiry of temporary drainage permit needed to continue to discharge sewage, water drainage households shall, on the expiry of 30th, to apply to the city drainage Department. City drainage Department according to the application, make a decision on whether to approve the extension before the expiry of the validity period.
    Approve the extension, the drainage permit is valid for 5 years, the temporary drainage license validity extended for not more than 1 year. 23rd before the implementation of these measures has been to urban drainage network and ancillary facilities to discharge waste water drainage households shall apply for urban drainage permit in accordance with article 21st. Eligible, shall be issued by the urban drainage permit does not meet the criteria, and does not pose serious threats to the urban drainage facilities, issuance of the temporary drainage permit and order the rectification.
    Corrective action in accordance with the conditions, can apply for the drainage permit and still does not meet the criteria of, withdrawing the license of temporary drainage to prevent them from discharging sewage into the urban drainage pipe network and its affiliated facilities.
    Need to change the water permit, water drainage households shall re-apply for urban drainage to the urban drainage authority license.
    24th drainage of water drainage households shall be in accordance with the license type, amount, and time limits, outfall location and quantity, type and concentration of pollutants discharged from sewage.
    Key sewage of industrial enterprises and water drainage households shall water quantity, water quality testing system to report to the competent departments of city drainage inspection data.
    25th drainage of sewage water drainage permit requirements are not met, city drainage Department shall be ordered to rectify; late is still not complying with the discharge permit requirements, urban drainage permit recovery to prevent them from discharging sewage into the urban drainage pipe network and its affiliated facilities.
    Article 26th city drainage Department responsible for city drainage monitoring agencies or monitoring bodies with the appropriate qualification for drainage discharge sewerage water quality and quantity monitoring, and build drainage monitoring files.
    Drainage and sewage drainage monitoring body of the Enterprise shall be subject to a qualified inspection monitoring, should receive appropriate treatment of irregularities.
    Fifth chapter 27th of urban sewage disposal shall be progressively implemented in a planned urban area sewage treatment.
    Sewage charges levied in accordance with the water consumption; in city planning area where to use tap water, water units and individuals shall be subject to the city sewage treatment fees without authorization, no unit or Department may reduce or exempt treatment fee.
    28th urban sewage charge should be used for urban sewage and construction, maintenance and operation of the central processing facilities and shall not be appropriated for other purposes.
    29th urban centralized sewage treatment units for drainage and sewage treatment facilities should ensure normal operation of sewage treatment facilities, treated water quality should meet the national emission standards.
    Sewage treatment facilities for technological transformation, maintenance, updating or adjustment of the sewage treatment process, you need to stop running, you should promptly report to the competent departments of city drainage and resume normal operation within the prescribed period.
    Sixth chapter of urban reclaimed water management within the planning region shall, in accordance with article 30th city reclaimed water use planning and criteria, construction of reclaimed water facility.
    Article 31st of reclaimed water management enterprises shall guarantee that the reclaimed water water quality, water pressure in accordance with the relevant standards and contracts to ensure water safety.
    Recycled water pipeline and water pipeline connection is prohibited.
    32nd article in regeneration water water regional within, following water should priority using regeneration water: (a) City Green, and rushed toilet, and road cleaning, and vehicles flush, and building construction, city miscellaneous water; (ii) cooling, and washing, and boiler, and process, and products, industrial production water; (three) ornamental landscape, and wetland, environment water; (four) other can using regeneration water of. 33rd recycled water price approved by the price departments after implementation.
    Water users should pay charges for recycled water.
    Article 34th reclaimed water facility maintenance management, commissioned by the property unit or units. Seventh chapter legal funding any 35th article has following behavior one of of, by city drainage competent sector ordered stop design, and construction or supervision, deadline corrected, and can at 30,000 yuan following fine; has made design, and construction qualification certificate, plot serious of, drew attention to the original sent card organ revoked its design, and construction or supervision qualification certificate: (a) not made design, and construction qualification or not according to qualification grade bear drainage facilities construction project of design, and construction or supervision of; (ii) not according to national, and
    Local technical standards and norms for urban drainage design, supervision and construction; (c) the urban drainage facilities that are not in accordance with the approved design drawings or modify drawings without permission.
    36th any acceptance or unqualified acceptance of drainage connected to the city sewer, drainage authorities shall order the employer to correct within the city, and shall also be fined not more than the construction cost 2%.
    37th article has following behavior one of of, by city drainage competent sector ordered its stop violations, and can sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine; on city drainage facilities caused loss of, while bear compensation responsibility: (a) not made city drainage license or not by city drainage license provides of term, and content, to city drain network and subsidiary facilities emissions sewage or any to outdoor emissions sewage of; (ii) unauthorized tied up, and demolition, and mobile or uneconomical city drain network and subsidiary facilities of;
    (Three) unauthorized to city drain network and subsidiary facilities pressure emissions sewage of; (four) various construction site, and wash yards, and hotel, drainage households to city drainage facilities emissions sewage, not set of manure pool, and across oil pool or sank basin, supporting pretreatment facilities of; (five) unauthorized in city drainage facilities protection range within built buildings, and structures, stacked material, and tree planting, and buried rod or for other construction job of; (six) in check well, and drains, and drainage out by set obstacles real of;
    (VII) does not accept the city drainage Department monitoring and detection, conceal excessive discharge or discharge of sewage. 38th article has following behavior one of of, by city drainage competent sector ordered its deadline corrected, can and at 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; caused loss of, while bear compensation responsibility: (a) to city drain network and subsidiary facilities within dumping garbage, and muck, and construction mud, and stool, throwing into fire, emissions toxic material, and flammable easy burst material or harmful gas of; (ii) unauthorized fill buried, and jam or dredge city drainage pipeline of; (three) not by specification requirements construction, and cleanup of manure pool, and
    Grease trap or settling basin, and (iv) other damages, encroachment of urban drainage pipe network and its affiliated facilities. 39th DUN waste water treatment fees not according to regulations, ordered to pay, and subject to 5 per thousand from day to late fees.
    Not 30th, overdue payments, suspended its use of urban drainage facility or apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution.
    40th city drainage Department and management personnel illegal exercise of powers violation of citizens, legal persons or other organizations that cause losses, compensation shall be serious disciplined by the higher authorities constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.
                                                                                            Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 41st these measures shall take effect on February 1, 2008.