Huainan City Housing Accumulation Fund Management Approach

Original Language Title: 淮南市住房公积金管理办法

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Huainan city housing accumulation fund management approach

    (December 26, 2008, Huainan municipal people's Government at the 16th Executive meeting on December 29, 2008, 118th Huainan city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of the housing accumulation funds and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the owners of housing accumulation Fund, promoting the consumption of urban housing construction and housing, improving the living standards of urban residents, according to the State Department the housing Provident Fund management regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city housing accumulation Fund of deposit, withdrawal, use, management, and supervision.

    Article within the administrative area of the city government offices, institutions, State-owned and State-holding enterprises in cities and towns collective enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, urban private enterprises and other enterprises, non-profit enterprises, social organizations (hereinafter referred to as units) unit and its employees should be paid into the Housing Fund.

    Urban units employing migrant workers and urban self-employed, freelance staff may apply for paid Housing Fund.

    Fourth municipal housing Provident Fund Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC) is the decision-making body of the city's housing accumulation fund management, municipal housing fund management Center (hereinafter referred to as the management centre) is responsible for the housing Provident Fund management operations, and reporting to the Management Committee.

    Management Center under the Center, branch is a branch of central administration bodies, with unified management center rules and regulations, the consolidated accounts, the consolidated management and operation.

    Fifth financial sector, audit organs and the people's Bank of China Perng Center branch and other sectors on the housing accumulation fund management and supervision according to law on the implementation of laws and regulations, and other relevant government departments and organizations according to their respective functions together good management of housing accumulation Fund.

    Chapter II pay Sixth highest housing Provident Fund deposit base, statistics released by the Department, shall not exceed the previous monthly wage of staff and workers of the year 3 times, minimum standards of not lower than the minimum wage of workers released by the municipal government.

    Month payment of maximum and minimum standards by Management Center announced the beginning of each year.

    Article seventh unit should be to the housing Provident Fund deposit registration Management Center and 5th days of employees ' salaries each month within the housing Provident Fund deposit to accounts of employees; new unit should be established within 30th of registration procedures for payment to Central Administration.

    Article eighth unit hired workers, shall from the date of hire in the 30th to the Management Center for registration of deposit paid housing fund; new employees who work, starting from the second month of work pay housing fund; new employees transferred from the redeployment of units paid date paid Housing Fund.

    Nineth units and their staff should pay housing fund in full and on time, in accordance with law, shall not be deposited late or underpaid.

    Pay housing fund is really difficult, adopted by the representatives of the employees or the Trade Union to discuss the units, approved by its administrative center, reported to the Management Committee for approval, can decrease deposit ratio or payment, valid for one year; economic efficiency has improved, further increase deposit ratio or to pay the payment. Tenth housing accumulation fund accounting year for the year from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

    Housing Provident Fund deposit workers ' Housing Fund account date according to carry interest at a rate established by the State.

    11th Central Administration workers who have paid into the housing accumulation Fund of housing Provident Fund should be paid in vouchers.

    12th units paid housing Provident Fund for employees, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State expenditures.

    Chapter extraction and use

    13th employee, one of the following circumstances may apply for extracting I stored in the housing accumulation Fund account balances:

    (A) the purchase, construction, renovation, major repairs of owner-occupied housing;

    (B) to institute a retirement;

    (C) total or partial loss of working ability, and termination of an employment relationship;

    (D) to settle down;

    (E) reimbursement of mortgage principal and interest;

    (F) the severe diseases and other emergencies occur, causing serious problems in family life;

    (G) the subsistence allowances for urban residents;

    (VIII) staff housing Provident Fund accounts hold less than two years or employees and units of less than two years after the termination of labor relations-employment;

    (I) the redeployment of workers or household's account transfer formalities cannot move out of the city;

    (J) the rent exceeds the proportion of family income requirements;

    (11) other circumstances as stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Meet the dier、San、SI、BA、JIU provisions of the preceding paragraph, shall all lump my housing fund account balances, and cancellation of employee housing Provident Fund deposit account; comply with the diyi、Liu、Qi、Shi conditions for extraction of housing accumulation Fund, the spouse can also apply for extraction, the couple accumulated extraction amount shall not exceed the expenditure actually incurred, the shortfall can be used by family members (parents, children only) for extraction.

    Worker dies or is declared dead, workers ' heirs, legatees can extract the stored balance in staff housing Provident Fund accounts; no heirs nor legatees, stored balance in staff housing Provident Fund accounts into the value-added benefits of the Housing Fund.

    14th extraction of workers housing fund, the unit should be verified, and proof of extraction, management centre shall from the date of acceptance of the extraction decision whether or not to grant in the 3rd, and notify the applicant accordingly. 15th payment of personal housing loan principals and interests of workers, their spouses can be provided once a year or fractional extraction of housing accumulation Fund account balances stored within, but each extract shall not exceed the amount payable or loan principal and interest amounts.

    Extraction of prepayment amount shall not exceed the amount payable or loan principal and interest.

    Employees ' monthly pay back housing common reserve fund loan, signed an agreement with management, Management Center according to the agreed monthly housing provident fund transfer to the specified individual repayment account.

    16th worker meets the extraction criteria, but not for the employees issued by extracting evidence or dissolution of the units had been withdrawn, unable to certify workers with valid proof material, directly to the Central Administration for the extraction procedures.

    17th the employee because of job relocation, former unit is not required for the account transfer procedures for employees, employees with valid supporting documentation directly to the Management Center to apply for account transfer.

    Chapter fourth loan

    Workers who have paid into the Housing Fund of the 18th article, in the purchase, construction, renovation, maintenance, decoration in owner-occupied housing, may apply to the administrative center of housing accumulation Fund loan, gap can be combined to apply for housing loans.

    Application of combination of housing accumulation Fund loan, housing loan, shall comply with the following conditions:

    (A) to apply for a loan that month pay Housing Fund reached before the established deadline, and paid in full and continuous;

    (B) the own funds to pay for purchases (built) House is not less than the prescribed proportion;

    (C) the implementation of the loan guarantee;

    (D) good credit, have stable income and ability to repay;

    (V) does not occur or has fully repaid the last application of housing accumulation Fund loan

    (Vi) Central Administration under other conditions.

    19th housing common reserve fund loan maximum amount and maximum age Management Center under the city's home prices, the purchasing power of employees and Housing Fund's financial situation, such as the development, announced approval of the implementation of the Management Committee.

    The 20th employee applying for a housing loan, guarantees should be provided, and submit the relevant supporting material, in accordance with the contract for loan to repay the loan principal and interest.

    21st the employee applying for a housing loan, submitted in accordance with provisions of relevant material, management centre shall from the date of acceptance of the application in the 15th through loan formalities. 22nd article for a combination loan borrowers must qualify for housing accumulation Fund loan and commercial housing loan conditions.

    Combo loans of housing accumulation Fund loan and commercial loan term.

    23rd housing Provident Fund should be entrusted Bank loan funds to transfer directly into housing units (sales person) or the construction, renovation, housing overhaul to take in a bank account, not directly into the account of borrowers, intermediaries, or paid in cash to the borrower.

    24th Management Centre should provide a guarantee for housing accumulation Fund loan guarantee agencies on a regular basis to investigate the credit status assessment yearly signed a cooperation agreement, specifying the percentage of retained security deposit, take on the liability and risk; without the guarantee, it shall discharge the guarantee agreement.

    25th management centre shall strengthen the mortgage and surety review of the capacity and strengthen the recovery and management of housing accumulation Fund loan, ensure the safety of housing accumulation Fund.

    26th entrusted banks and guarantee agencies should be strictly in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a housing accumulation Fund loan issuance, recovery, collecting overdue loans.

    27th real estate development companies, security agencies, entrusted with the Bank and its staff shall provide workers to apply for housing accumulation Fund loan facilitation services, enterprises without discrimination and denial of housing accumulation Fund loan.

    The fifth chapter monitor

    28th unit shall annually to the Congress of workers or workers ' reporting units and the workers paid into the Housing Fund, and accept supervision by the trade unions and workers.

    29th Management Center should be announced to the public at the beginning of each year the adoption last year of the Management Committee of housing accumulation Fund financial reporting and management, subject to public supervision.

    30th Management Center housing Provident Fund should be law enforcement checks issued by the units under inspection shall truthfully and deposit information relating to the Housing Fund.

    Centre, entrusted with the Bank shall be the 31st management employees, the query service provides a variety of ways, raising housing accumulation fund management, transparency in the use of.

    The 32nd Central Administration shall establish an internal auditing system, a OIA separation, staff rotation system.

    33rd Management Centre should be entrusted with banks and guarantee agencies to accept the supervision and inspection of the business.

    34th Management Center should strengthen the business guidance, supervision and inspection, found the problem corrected, shall report the CMC on major issues.

    35th management centre shall set up a complaint box, telephone hotlines, units and individuals have the right to complain to the Management Center, reporting, Management Center should be accepted in a timely manner.

    Chapter Sixth penalty

    36th article in violation of the regulations, do not handle housing Provident Fund deposit to register or not for staff housing accumulation Fund account set up procedures, handled by the Central Administration ordered; fails to go through, the fines of between 50,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    37th in violation of provisions of this approach, units not unpaid or underpaid Housing Fund, ordered to pay by the management centre; still not paid overdue, may request the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    Article 38th issued false certificates of obtaining housing fund, be ordered by the Central Administration Unit recovered to defraud the housing accumulation Fund and interest group; falsely claimed the housing accumulation Fund of others, collaboration with relevant departments to recover under false pretenses by the management center of housing accumulation fund interest constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    39th State and Central Administration staff in the supervision of housing accumulation Fund abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 40th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2009.