Benxi City Housing Lease Management

Original Language Title: 本溪市城市房屋租赁管理办法

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Benxi City Housing lease management

    (April 14, 2009, Benxi City people's Government at the 25th Executive meeting on April 14, 2009 141th, Benxi City people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2009) first to strengthen urban rental housing management, maintaining the order of real estate market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of leasing parties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on urban real estate administration law and other relevant laws and regulations, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.

    Second, urban planning, this approach applies to this rental management on State-owned land in the area.

    Article departments of municipal real estate administration is the Administrative Department of the city lease, its rental housing, rental management agency responsible for the city's city management routine.

    Tax, civil affairs, public security, industry and commerce, price and other relevant departments shall, within the scope of their respective duties of city leasing management.

    Subdistrict offices in various districts should be assisted in housing, public security, taxation, industrial and commercial departments management of the leased premises.

    Fourth city rental housing in these measures refers to house owners or lessees (hereinafter the lessor) to non-national pricing standard of rental housing the right to rent or sublet to others and collecting rent.

    As an act of urban housing leasing the following circumstances:

    (A) in the name of joint venture, cooperation, partnership provides housing for others to use, profit;

    (B) enterprises, institutions or social groups use of the property other than rent housing and commitments;

    (C) the housing site segmentation provided for others to use and get in return;

    (D) otherwise sublet, lent the housing right of proceeds;

    (E) the laws and regulations of the other house rentals.

    Fifth rental management agency should provide standardized to leasing contracts, for reference by the parties.

    Sixth may not rent for housing in one of the following circumstances:

    (A) is not in accordance with law, registration of property rights;

    (B) there are houses without the written consent of the owner;

    (C) security accreditation bodies identified as dangerous buildings;

    (D) has a mortgage without the mortgagee's consent;

    (E) judicial and administrative organs in accordance with the determination, seized or otherwise restrict the rights of real estate;

    (F) the laws, regulations and other circumstances that may not rent.

    Seventh city rental housing registration system.

    (A) the establishment, change, termination of the leasing contract, the Parties shall register to the municipal housing management bodies;

    (B) agreed by the original lessor and lessee to sublet the Housing Authority, the Parties shall conclude a sublease contract in written form, registration, lease management, and to institutions.

    Eighth parties shall from the date of lease contracts signed in the 30th, materials original to the municipal housing management agencies of the following registration procedures:

    (A) the lease contract;

    (B) the building ownership certificate or the certificate of public rental housing;

    (C) legal documents of the parties;

    (D) written confirmation of the original lessor agrees to sublet the housing;

    (E) total total of written confirmation of the agreed rental housing;

    (F) the Party on whose behalf the rental registration formalities, you need to submit a power of Attorney;

    (G) delegate escrow rental housing, need to be submitted to the client authorized to rent the legally valid proof.

    Parties should be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials.

    Nineth of municipal rental housing management agencies should be received within 3 working days from the date of registration materials, to meet the conditions for registration be registered and issued by the Department of municipal real estate administration printed of the lease permit.

    The housing lease rental certificate is valid credentials.

    The tenth property, public security and taxation departments should establish an information sharing system, Exchange rental management information in a timely manner. Rented housing to engage in production and business activities, as locations in the rental certificate valid credentials.

    Of the lease permit-free, public security and taxation departments not to go through the relevant formalities.

    Of the lease permit shall forge, alter or lend, transfer.

    11th homes lease housing rental fee shall be paid in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    The 12th article of the lease permit is lost, the Parties shall make a statement in the newspaper after the void in the 15th, lease management, to apply for a replacement.

    13th under any of the following circumstances the municipal real estate administrative departments of the lease permit shall be revoked, and shall inform the parties in writing:

    (A) the declarations of inaccuracy;

    (B) loss of housing;

    (C) municipal housing and rental management agency staff error, cause a registration error;

    (D) the lease termination of the legal relationship, lease termination of contract;

    (E) other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

    14th rental shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) urban housing must not be leased to the lessee without valid documents;

    (B) found that lessees are suspected of criminal activities or criminal, shall promptly report to the public security organs;

    (C) the provisions of other laws and regulations.

    15th the lessee shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) provide proof of identity or other valid certificates;

    (B) rental housing must not be used to engage in illegal and criminal activities;

    (C) without the consent of the lessor, rental housing may not be lent or leased to others;

    (D) security problems found in the housing process, should be reported to the lessor and the relevant departments in a timely manner;

    (V) compliance with national, provincial and municipal regulations and housing rental contracts, guarantee housing housing common facilities in good condition, without affecting the adjacent to the user's use;

    (F) the expiry of the tenancy, rent on time should be returned to the lessor;

    (VII) without changing the design, with the lessor's permission needed change, shall go through the relevant procedures;

    (H) contribution changing the structure or interior layout, removal or filling increases, mobile houses ancillary facilities, shall be agreed by the owners of housing, real estate administrative departments, upon approval;

    (IX) when the tenancy, funded renovations rent house and additional facilities, without the consent of the lessor shall not be removed, free to people at the home ownership.

    Housing caused by the lessee and other personal property damage, the lessee shall be liable.

    16th section lease brokerage business shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the identification documents of the party or the Attorney, power of Attorney and housing ownership certificates;

    (B) for parties to provide rental information;

    (C) inform the Parties apply for rental housing registration matters;

    (D) establishment of housing rental business records;

    (E) to arrange for rental housing registration, should have the written authorization of the parties;

    (F) the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations.

    17th lease for breach of these rules, any of the following acts by the municipal real estate administrative departments administrative penalties:

    (A) in accordance with the required deadline, lease administration, to go through the registration formalities, ordered, and paying rental fees, and from the date of late 0.5% late fees plus fees payable by the day;

    (B) permission to sublet, lend or lease of housing combined with other units and individuals engaged in business activities conceal rentals, ordering its disarmament signed contract (contract), and impose other than reporting rental income from 1 to 3 times the amount of fines;

    (C) forging, altering, buying and selling of the lease permit, cancel its documents, to fine individuals up to 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan, fined a maximum of 2000 more than 30000 Yuan for units.

    18th parties to a lease violation of these rules, any of the following acts, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security management punishment law provides for punishment:

    (A) certificate of forging, altering the lease;

    (B) the lessor rental housing to undocumented people live;

    (C) the lessor knows the tenant using the leased premises for illegal criminal activities not reported to the police.

    19th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    20th House tenancy administration functionary, abuse their powers, neglect their duties, sanctions by their work units or by the competent Department; if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, and drivers investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

    21st Huanren Manchu autonomous county Benxi, a reference to the measures. 22nd article this way come into force on June 1, 2009, June 23, 1997, Benxi City, issued by the people's Government of the Benxi urban housing lease management (49th of the municipal government) abrogated.