Wuhan Construction Engineering Requirements For Seismic Management Methods

Original Language Title: 武汉市建设工程抗震设防要求管理办法

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  First article for strengthening on construction engineering seismic fortification requirements of supervision management, defense and reduce earthquake disaster, protection people life and property security, according to earthquake security evaluation Management Ordinance (State makes No. 323,), and Hubei Province earthquake mitigation Ordinance, and construction engineering seismic fortification requirements management provides (China earthquake Council makes 7th,), and Hubei Province earthquake security evaluation management approach (Province Government makes No. 327,), provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

Second approach applies to the administrative area of the city in the supervision and management of all types of construction requirements for seismic work.

Article requirements for seismic resistance in these measures refers to the construction projects shall be determined to resist earthquake damage criteria and seismic intensity and ground motion parameters of seismic design.

Evaluation of seismic safety in these measures refers to earthquake engineering construction site review, earthquake risk analysis, design ground motion parameters of, seismic micro-zoning, site and surrounding geological stability, earthquake disaster prediction of field work.

Fourth of municipal and district people's Government is responsible for the Administrative Department for seismic work (hereinafter referred to as the earthquake authority) in accordance with the functions and powers, responsible for the supervision and management of construction engineering requirements for seismic work.

Development and reform, urban and rural construction, housing protection housing Administrative Department in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for earthquake resistance protection of construction project management.

Fifth city authorities should be based on urban master planning focused on monitoring the city administration and earthquake-related provisions, seismic ground motion parameter microzoning work carried out, the requirements included in the budget.

Sixth, renovation or expansion projects shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the engineering construction compulsory standard for anti-seismic fortification, no unit or individual may reduce the requirement for earthquake.

Site of the construction project should avoid active faults, landslides, avalanches, ground cracks, goaf and subsidence area geological disasters, such as the danger zone.

Seventh, in accordance with the evaluation of seismic safety regulations and the management of seismic safety evaluation of Hubei Province required for seismic safety evaluation of construction engineering, seismic safety evaluation report shall be audited in accordance with law to determine their requirements for seismic resistance.

Eighth subject to earthquake safety evaluation of construction works, other construction projects in accordance with the following provisions determine requirement for earthquake:

(A) has completed seismic micro-zoning areas, according to the seismic microzonation map to determine requirement for earthquake; unfinished seismic micro-zoning areas, according to China's seismic ground motion parameter zonation map determine requirement for earthquake;

(B) is located in the seismic ground motion parameter zonation map of China 4 km on either side of the line construction projects in the region, according to the higher side of the parameter value to determine requirement for earthquake;

(C) schools, kindergartens, cultural centers, museums, libraries, exhibition halls, sports (field) halls, theaters, hospitals, shopping malls, waiting rooms and other crowded places, construction engineering, earthquake disaster prevention planning, and this determines the construction projects in the region should be based on the seismic micro-zoning map or seismic ground motion parameter zonation map of China to improve a determine requirement for earthquake. Nineth seismic requirements should be integrated into the city's infrastructure construction project management procedures.

Project examination and approval Department and design review body should be seismic earthquake resistance protection of construction engineering requirements as determined by the competent project review, design review and required content, and open to the public.

Seismic requirements should be included in the project budget.

Tenth unit in the Organization of construction project when it is completed, whether construction should be in accordance with earthquake resistance design document and the implementation of the mandatory standard for seismic design into acceptance.

11th when selling homes, offices, shops and other buildings, development and construction unit should be specified in the contract of sale of commercial housing building seismic fortification level.

12th of municipal and district people's Government shall formulate supporting policies, improve the seismic fortification level of rural houses and public facilities.

Seismic work Department in conjunction with the urban construction departments through the construction of demonstration sites, provide instructional design books, technical training and other means, self-built housing for villagers to provide technical guidance and technical services for earthquake.

13th article in violation of these regulations, by the Department of seismic work, and other relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations shall be punished. 14th the measures take effect on May 1, 2016.

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