Qiqihar City On Water Traffic Safety Supervision And Administration

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市水上交通安全监督管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article, Qiqihar city, in order to strengthen management of water traffic safety, maintain traffic order on water, protect people's lives and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China safety production law of the People's Republic of China inland river transportation security regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

Article II sailing in the waters within the administrative area of the city, parking, water, underwater and other river traffic related activities shall comply with these measures.

Article on water traffic safety supervision and administration, safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment approach; follow the specimen and cure, convenient for people and management according to law, principles that ensure security, protect water traffic safety, orderly and smooth.

Fourth maritime regulatory agencies responsible for implementation of the administrative area of the city on water traffic safety supervision and management and operational guidance.

Safety, transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, public security, water supplies, construction, tourism, sports and other administrative departments in accordance with their respective functions and powers, be responsible for waterborne traffic safety management work in this industry.

Governments above the county level shall strengthen the waterborne traffic safety management in the administrative areas, establish and perfect the waterborne traffic safety management responsibility system.

Reservoir, scenic spots, nature reserves, urban gardening, non-navigable waters authorities and operators responsible for the waters of waterborne traffic safety management and maintenance.

Fifth section engaged in the production and operation of water transport units or individuals should comply with laws and regulations on water traffic safety, according to water traffic safety regulations according to law, establish and perfect the waterborne traffic safety management system, technical support capabilities to improve the safety and security management, ensure the safety of water transportation.

Sixth article County above Government should accept maritime management institutions of business guide, strengthening on Township ship, and ferry, and pontoon traffic security work of led, and perform following duties: (a) established sound and organization implementation this level Government water Shang traffic security management accountability; organization urged this area Township (town) Government, and village Committee established sound and implementation water Shang traffic security management accountability; organization urged Township ship all, and business people established sound and implementation water Shang traffic security management accountability.

(B) the implementation of this Government town ship, ferry, bridge traffic safety traffic safety management and related personnel management responsibility, implementation of the level of Government and is a member of township (town) Government traffic safety management of township ship, ferry, bridge funding.

(C) the organizations implementing the water traffic safety laws, rules and regulations.

(D) within their jurisdiction by law ferries, floating bridge and ferry security supervision and management.

(E) to assist the maritime administrative agency and other water traffic safety administration investigation and handling of maritime accidents, accident rehabilitation work on the water.

The seventh Township (town) Governments shall perform the following duties: (a) establish and implement the level of Government water traffic safety management responsibility system.

(B) the implementation of this level of government safety management of township ship, ferry, bridge, and according to the number of vessels and management needs, set up full-time and part-time shipping in township supervisors.

(C) the organizations under their jurisdiction, to villages and towns ships safety publicity and education.

(D) assisting departments and agencies within their jurisdiction on water traffic safety training of crew.

(E) assisting ship registration in villages and towns within the jurisdiction of maritime administrative agency for the certification and inspection.

(Vi) assist the maritime administrative agency and other water traffic safety administration investigation and handling of maritime accidents.

(G) urged the Township owner and operators and crew comply with laws and regulations regarding traffic safety on inland waterways.

Eighth villagers ' committees shall establish and implement the village water traffic safety responsibility system, Organization establish and supervise the implementation of the village town ship owners, operators of water traffic safety responsibility system to assist townships (towns) full-time and part-time Government townships (towns) shipping supervisors, villages and towns ships daily traffic safety management work in the village.

Nineth for violations of water traffic safety regulations, any units and individuals shall be entitled to the maritime administrative agency and other water traffic safety administration complaints and reports.

Villages and towns ships in chapter II article tenth of shipping in township should be conducted by the maritime administrative agency shall register, obtain the vessel registration certificate.

Villages and towns ships should be approved by the maritime administrative agency inspection of a ship inspection agencies, obtain the ship inspection certificate. 11th villages and towns ships engaged in the management of transport, shall obtain a business license.

Agricultural (for personal use) vessels shall not engage in commercial transport.

12th town ship shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of article is equipped with crew and ship inspection certificate provides fire, rescue equipment and other necessary safety protection facilities. The 13th ship carriage requirements approved by the maritime administration of villages and towns passenger (cargo). Villages and towns ships may not carry dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, toxic, noxious, traffic must consist of villages and towns ships carrying, according to the relevant State management and transportation of dangerous goods regulations; the carrier prior to the ships in the transport of dangerous goods, shall apply to the management of local maritime dangerous goods certificate of fitness, and to take safety measures, not passenger and freight mixed load.

Township when the ship carrying cattle, horses and other large animals, with the exception of custody shall not be equipped with other personnel and caregivers with the necessary life-saving equipment as required.

The 14th Township of the shipowner or operator shall comply with the relevant water traffic safety laws, rules and regulations, and establish and implement water traffic safety responsibility system, strengthen technical training of crews and water traffic safety education.

15th town ship crew operating the vessel shall comply with the following provisions: (a) shall not operate without inspection or inspection of substandard ships.

(B) shall not operate and I hold a ship crew member does not match the certificate of competency.

(C) does not have the seaworthiness of the ship shall not operate due to breakage.

(D) shall not operate the overcrowding and overloading the ship.

(E) the ship shall not drink operations. Rural waters where the ship's crew shall comply with the relevant navigation, berthing, safety management regulations, regularly participates in relevant departments on water traffic safety training.

Town motor vessel crew member shall be subject to maritime administrative agency training, after obtaining the crew member certificate of competency examination, operation the corresponding villages and towns ships. 16th chapter ferry management settings, transfer or cancellation of ferries, ferry County Government approval across locales, set by the ferry County Government concurrence of the neighboring county government approval, or approval of the higher levels of Government. Meet the requirements, shall be made within 20 working days from the date of acceptance of the application approval decisions. Prior to approval, should seek the views of the maritime administrative agency.

Involving other departments, should also seek the views of other relevant sectors.

17th ferry sets shall meet the following conditions: (a) the flat water, sufficient water depth, slope stability, vision, suitable ships and away from dangerous goods production, dump.

(B) the cargo and passengers up and down the safety facilities.

(C) equipped with the necessary life-saving equipment and specialized administrative personnel. 18th shall in dangerous goods handling, storage areas and other settings ferry mooring area is prohibited.

Not set cable ferry in navigable waters. 19th ferry set Jet airlines, ferry traffic safety in the setting of its upstream and downstream piers should be demonstrated, set to be laid up across the water.

Setting cable ferry in non-navigable waters, and tensile strength of traction cables and ancillary machinery shall comply with the relevant safety regulations of the State.

20th ferry operator shall maintain the ferry order to ensure ferry safety, and set the bulletin boards on both sides of the ferry, indicating the name of ferry, ferries, ferry routes, ferry code, ferry safety and security unit in charge and responsible person, monitor phone calls and other content.

21st ferry passenger ship shall meet the requirements of the national identification mark and indicate the passenger carrying capacity, safety considerations in the obvious location.

22nd ferry staff should be qualified through training, examination, and ferry County certificate of competency issued by government departments.

County Government's relevant departments should urge the guide du volume larger and have a certain condition of township (town) the ferry County (town) Government of township (town) ferry sign single aerial system, records crew and a true, accurate verification of people, vehicles, livestock loading and sailing conditions, and more.

23rd in case of flooding or high winds, fog, snow or other inclement weather, ferry should stop ferrying; sailing crew shall not be adventures.

24th is prohibited at the ferry terminal water and engaging in other behaviors that affect ferry safety, job.

Is strictly prohibited at the ferry embankment and dumping of garbage and other pollutants.

The fourth chapter 25th pontoon pontoon management settings or dismantled shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of law handling approval procedures.

Navigation safety assessment of navigation route pontoon sets are required to undergo accreditation, waterway and shipping management agency, accreditation, demonstrating through the rear can be built.

Before setting up, dismantling, pontoon owners or managers to the maritime administrative agency to conduct the relevant certificate.

26th Boardwalk should be set at small flow rates, water depth for reach and equipped with safe, reliable auxiliary equipment and the necessary signs.

Pontoon bridge according to the transport situation and the carrying capacity of the ship inspection certificate verification, setting speed limits, limit load flags, determines how the traffic on the bridge to ensure transport safety. Boardwalk should be set fire, life-saving, pollution prevention measures and other equipment and to skid. Bridge should set safety rails on both sides, solid and reliable installed on the deck, concrete structure, the technical specification requirements.

Fixtures should buoy, mooring facilities, set up lights and lighting at night.

27th approved setting and dismantling of Boardwalk shall not have hampered ship safety navigation, berthing and operation of navigational danger.

28th build Boardwalk buoy or vessel shall meet the following conditions: (a) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State apply to the ship inspection bodies floating on the water testing facilities, to obtain a valid ship inspection certificate.

(B) apply to the maritime administrative agency for registration, get a registration certificate. 29th Boardwalk should be equipped with security personnel responsible for traffic safety management on site navigation and deck.

Security managers should regularly pontoon hull connections, mooring devices, rescue, fire safety, lighting and other equipment for inspection, ensuring that bridge technology is in good condition.

Dangerous goods vehicle through bridges, no other vehicle traffic. 30th pontoon equipped with as you want to be able to meet the Boardwalk erection and dismantling of auxiliary ships such as tugs and facilities. Boardwalk operators according to the pontoon and all waters of the actual situation, formulate the corresponding fire-rescue, flood control, ice prevention, prevention, prevention of water pollution bad weather, carriage of dangerous goods by Boardwalk and other emergencies emergency contingency plans.

Flood in, flood, high winds or other inclement weather, endangering traffic safety, you should stop operating.

31st through Boardwalk waters ship Boardwalk operators were safe and effective measures should be taken, timely dismantling of pontoon, width of safe navigation, ship safe passage.

Boardwalk dismantling or demolition, should approach the conspicuous places at the ends set no access sign.

32nd maritime management should strengthen the bridge and erected pontoon floats, marine safety supervision and management that affect safety of navigation are processed in a timely manner.

Fifth chapter 33rd sand sand ship management vessel owners, operators belonging to or operated by sand excavation vessel security management responsibilities.

Article 34th sand excavation vessel shall obtain a valid ship inspection certificate of registration, crew holds a qualified seaman certificate.

Units or individuals in the bidding sand mining, before the bidding of his ship and crew must have the conditions specified in the preceding paragraph.

35th sand excavation vessel owners or operators in the sand before start of work must be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to the maritime administrative agency for the relevant certificate.

Article 36th sand mining ships must be carried out within the designated waters of the job, without the approval of the maritime administrative agency shall not sand mining in navigable waters, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, subject to approval by other departments also shall go through the relevant approval procedures.

Sand mining ship navigation, operations, according to the provisions in showing signals, fixed ship anchors, anchor chains, cables, etc shall be without prejudice to the normal navigation of other vessels, are not free to littering and emissions of pollutants such as oil, never overload trip.

Sixth chapter 37th rubber dam in water management management of rubber dam to water traffic safety management in accordance with the relevant provisions, in upstream and downstream a distance of main and auxiliary dam set the necessary warning signs.

38th article management of rubber dam in the rubber-dam sluice, collapse of dam, which affect water flow, water level occurred in time to report to the maritime administrative agency, the maritime sector inform relevant units to ensure that waters in the upstream and downstream water traffic safety. 39th rubber dam management unit to carry out the opening and seal river ice safety precautions to avoid personnel, equipment and engineering of dam body pose a danger.

Rubber dam management unit to make security emergency plan.

40th in addition to flood control, rescue, relief and other special circumstances, without rubber dam management unit permit, shall enter any ship to sail the waters of rubber dam, jobs. 41st motorized boat through the lock of rubber dam, to be parked outside the rubber dam waters, approval of the maritime administrative agency and contact with lock management departments to get permission, follow the management command and security into the lock.

Lock management sector should open in a timely manner, ensuring safe passage.

Wetland in the seventh chapter, the drift management 42nd owners and operators should be responsible for security of the wetland, river rafting, and should: (a) strict compliance with laws and regulations relating to water traffic safety management and regulation.

(B) strengthening the safety technical management of ships, floating craft, so that it remains in good technical condition. (Iii) prominently indicate the ban on floating water boundaries and the watermark.

In deep water, Rapids, obstacles such as dangerous waters of the reef to set up warning signs and safety protection device, set the security assistance. (D) reasonable salvage ships, as well as to ensure the safety of drifting nurse-float.

Designer drifting through local appointed departmental safety training and safety education.

(E) according to meteorological and hydrological conditions, development of security measures.

(F) strong winds, heavy rain, fog and other bad weather conditions should stop water activities.

Article 43rd owners and managers should establish a safety management system, contingency plans, regular organization plan drilling, strengthen the construction of emergency rescue mechanism.

The rescue measures and personnel, setting up specialized security management body or professional security personnel.

44th drifting tools must have certificate of a drifting lifeboat, and equipped with life-saving, protection and other safety equipment, no overcrowding.

45th all relevant administrative departments should strengthen the wetlands, rafting water safety supervision and inspection work.

Eighth chapter 46th tourist routes in other administrative matters of the small craft operators should establish a safety management system, drivers and passengers must wear a life jacket, not navigation.

47th yacht shall obtain the appropriate certificate and ship inspection certificate for registration of ships, sailing yachts shall not without a statutory certificates.

Yacht should be avoided in the waters of ships ' routing system, main, anchorage, zones, ferry nearby waters, dense traffic and other traffic control waters is absolutely necessary to enter the waters, should listen to the command of the maritime administrative agency, and to comply with the speed limit; yachts shall not sail in prohibited areas, the security fields.

Yachtsmen should receive special training and examinations, and drivers of yachts, sailing the waters suitable for professional knowledge and skills, master the basic water rescue and emergency response requirements, understanding of water traffic safety and pollution prevention management requirements, and obtain the appropriate certificate. Nineth 48th article of the accident in case of maritime accidents, crew, staff or other persons of floating facilities should be actively tackle and quickly to the nearest township (town) Government and the maritime administrative agency reports.

Other ships at the scene of the accident, to ensure its own security situation should be to the rescue. 49th the Governments at various levels, water transportation security administration water search and rescue contingency plan should be developed.

On the water after the accident, should be based on management responsibility, immediate launch plans, aid.

50th ship water traffic accidents and related facilities, handled by the maritime administrative agency shall investigate and actively cooperate with Governments at all levels should mobilize forces.

51st Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with relevant State regulations accident rehabilitation work on the water.

Tenth chapter legal responsibility 52nd in violation of this Act, by the relevant authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations for processing.  

53rd town ship, Boardwalk, rubber dam safety management staff and rafting industry should seriously perform their duties shall not be dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism.

Violations of the provisions of the preceding paragraph of this article, by their work units, higher authorities or supervision within the competence of supervisory organs in the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

54th of the 11th chapter, schedule the following terms shall have the meanings herein: (a) ships mentioned in these measures refers to various types of drainage or drainage of ships, boats, rafts, water craft, submersibles, moving platforms, and other mobile devices on the water.

(B) villages and towns ships in these measures, including the township (town) or village (Tun) all belong to enterprises, individuals, or contracting, engaged in passenger and freight transport business of leasing of ships, as well as private ships engaged in agricultural production and services.

(C) referred to in this way, however, refers to the approved territory, located in the city's rivers, lakes and reservoirs designed for ferrying people and goods between the two sides, the range of venues and facilities, including ferrying the necessary sites, docks and other facilities for ferry service.

(D) the waters of ferry terminals in these measures refers to the ferry pier, 500 meters, 200 meter water and raw materials.

(E) du volume in this way a large ferry, includes day du volume more than 300 passengers ferries and ferries for ferry passenger carrying capacity of more than 12 people.

(Vi) boardwalk in these measures refers to connecting river traffic used by pedestrians, vehicles and goods, a number of floats carrying equipment connecting floating facilities combined.

(VII) rubber dam waters in these measures refers to main and auxiliary dam upstream of rubber dam 300 meters, 200 meter water and raw materials.

(H) the small excursion ship mentioned in these measures refers to engaging in tourism human ships, small motor boats, motor boats, electric boats.

(I) the yacht in these measures, is the only yacht owner's own for sightseeing, entertainment and other activities with mechanical propulsion of ships. 55th article of the rules as of April 14, 2016. Announced on May 12, 2011, Qiqihar city on water traffic safety supervision and management regulations repealed simultaneously.