Ping Shan District Shenzhen Management Interim Provisions

Original Language Title: 深圳市坪山新区管理暂行规定

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Ping Shan district Shenzhen management interim provisions

    (On July 29, 2009 at the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government at its fourth session 142 Executive meeting on August 17, 2009 to No. 205, published since September 20, 2009, the people's Government of Shenzhen City) Ping Shan district Shenzhen City, first in order to promote the industry and the economic, social and environmental development, Ping Shan district innovation system, standardize the operation of Ping Shan district administration, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, Shenzhen practice, these provisions are formulated. Ping Shan district municipality established in article (hereinafter referred to as area).

    New scope for the current administrative area of Pingshan, kengzi Street.

    Third district should stick to the interaction of industrialization and urban industrialization go hand in hand, urbanization driven by industrialization, urbanization, promoting industrialization and accelerate industrial optimization and upgrading, and constantly improve its urban functions, promote regional coordinated development and implement the scientific concept of development demonstration zone and zone of comprehensive coordinated reforms.

    Fourth District should have to develop electronic information, bio-medicine, advanced equipment manufacturing and high-tech industry focused on new energy vehicles, high-end industrial agglomeration effect into full play, to create ecological and innovative modern manufacturing city, focusing on development of recycling economy requirements of high-tech industries and high-end services compatible with it.

    Fifth District should rely on industrial development of urbanization, industrial development and the construction of regional integration management, administrative services, and accelerate the pace of regional coordinated development of industrialization and urban.

    The sixth district administration system innovation should be strengthened and the transformation of government functions, clearly define the Government's responsibility to improve government services, improving administrative efficiency, establishing clear responsibilities, coordinate, streamline and high efficiency in the administrative system.

    Seventh municipalities established District Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as-Tech Zone Management Committee), the zone administrative government agencies that exercise of the duties of the municipal decision exercised by the District Government, in the context of new main exercise the following duties:

    (A) responsible for research, development of economic and social development strategies, plans, approved by the municipal organization;

    (B) is responsible for the development of area development and construction of medium-and long-term planning and annual implementation plans, as well as major investment plans, approved by the municipal organization;

    (C) in accordance with the relevant provisions, is responsible for the related work of the Shenzhen export processing zone;

    (D) responsible for attracting investment, estate planning and in-zone enterprises, services;

    (E) participation in the preparation of city planning and land-use planning, coordinating the implementation levels corresponding to the area of town planning and project planning;

    (F) in accordance with administrative rights, responsible for the area of urban management, urban construction, environmental protection, etc;

    (VII) is responsible for land improvement and development in the area, organizing the implementation of land acquisition and relocation and compensation work;

    (H) according to the municipal government regulations or the relevant administrative authorities entrusted with new administrative and social services, including finance, education, science and technology, agriculture, water supply, culture, health, sports, staff, agencies, labor, civil affairs, public safety, public security, ethnic and religious, judicial administration, supervision, people's armed forces, family planning work;

    (I) is responsible for the new company of State-owned assets supervision;

    (J) responsible for the area of financial revenue and expenditure;

    (11) other duties stipulated by the municipal government.

    Should actively support the district's eighth municipal government building and management.

    Nineth approved by city agencies competent departments, District Management Committee pursuant to economic and social development, as well as the need for new management, established in accordance with the principles of lean, efficient internal bodies and institutions.

    Tenth establishments approved by the city, the municipal government departments according to the practical needs of new construction and development, establish agencies, shall perform their duties throughout the district.

    11th Longgang District people's Government organized relevant departments will laws, regulations, rules and regulations by the County (district) level of Government and its subordinate departments of administrative approval, administrative punishment administration commissioned the zone administrative district within the exercise.

    Not in the new area set up branches according to the need for new management of municipal government, the exercise of administrative examination and approval, administrative punishment administration entrusts zone administrative district within the exercise of the right.

    12th municipal government departments, Longgang District Government and the relevant departments entrusted zone administrative implementation of administrative examination and approval, administrative punishment administration, shall enter into a trust agreement, delegate to a clear basis, delegate permissions and terms as well as the rights and obligations of both parties and announced to the public in accordance with regulations.

    The 13th municipal government zone administrative administrative acts should be operational guidance and supervision, ensure that the zone administrative law.

    14th-Tech Zone Management Committee under this provision of article to formulate specific measures for its implementation. 15th these provisions come into effect on September 20, 2009.