Tianjin Maritime Traffic Safety Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 天津市海上交通安全管理规定

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Tianjin maritime traffic safety management regulations

    (August 9, 2009, Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 33rd Executive meeting on August 17, 2009, Tianjin Municipal People's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2009, 20th) first to strengthen the Tianjin maritime traffic safety management to guarantee security of lives and property, according to the People's Republic of China maritime traffic safety law and relevant laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.

    Article in this city in the coastal waters in navigation, berthing, and operations and other maritime traffic safety-related activities, shall comply with this regulation.

    Maritime jurisdiction of the military, military ships and facilities, as well as offshore construction operations management to military purposes, these rules do not apply.

    Traffic safety in fishing port waters managed by the fisheries sector management according to law.

    Third maritime traffic safety management should follow the safety first, the principle of prevention first and comprehensive treatment.

    Comprehensive development and utilization of the sea should be based on the principle of protection of maritime traffic safety, marine navigation, berthing, and operation to ensure the normal order.

    The fourth article of the City encourages and supports the development and application of advanced technologies of maritime traffic safety management, encourages and supports the application of electronic navigation technology and equipment.

    The fifth Tianjin maritime administration (hereinafter referred to as the Marine Agency) is responsible for the maritime traffic safety supervision and management in coastal waters.

    Traffic in the city port, safety production supervision, public security, and other relevant departments according to law of the sea related work.

    Sixth article navigation environment safety needs of maritime agencies shall, in accordance with the distribution and navigation buoys, vessel traffic control zone defined according to law and adjusted, safe work area, temporary roads and other traffic safety related areas, development of navigation safety standards and requirements, and to the public.

    Article seventh according to the needs of the maritime traffic safety management, temporary traffic control maritime agency has the right to take the following measures:

    (A) limited navigation;

    (B) the speed limit;

    (C) route one-way traffic;

    (D) other temporary traffic control measures. Eighth maritime agencies responsible for emergency preparedness organizations to develop navigation safety.

    Event of a threat to the safety of ships at sea, affecting the maritime traffic order, shall immediately start the plan and organize the work according to law.

    Nineth moored outside terminals, port and loading and unloading stations, such as the construction of port facilities and offshore facilities, shall comply with the navigation, berthing and operation requirements.

    Port facilities and their ancillary equipment shall not cause prejudice to the ship safety.

    Tenth port facilities, marine facilities security support guarantee systems and port facilities and offshore facilities designed, constructed and put into use.

    11th port facilities (wharf) the owner or operator shall take effective measures to maintain the waterway the design depth, basins and berths, and to Commission legal qualification of measuring body to channel measuring the actual depth, basins and berths.

    Measured on a regular basis, the port facilities (wharf) the owner or operator shall report to the maritime agency to provide measurement and depth of drawings. 12th section used in the harbor shoreline and underwater construction or operation shall be subject to maritime agency approval.

    Shoreline, shall, approval of the traffic Administrative Department of ports.

    Maritime agency review, navigation environment safety assessment Organization experts as needed.

    13th construction jobs all relevant units shall abide by the State, on the surface and underwater, and the construction of navigation safety requirements shall assume responsibility for security.

    14th construction jobs the ships shall comply with the safety of operations at sea need, for registration and inspection procedures in accordance with law, and are equipped with the appropriate personnel.

    15th due to construction work in the waters of navigation, construction operations the relevant units shall be clear, no effects or damage to the navigation environment.

    16th in the following areas shall be carried out in aquaculture, fishing, fishing and other activities which impede the navigation security:

    (A) channel, Harbour, anchorage, safe operation area and other areas;

    (B) offshore installations and navigation AIDS around 1000 meters in the waters. 17th ship access to port traffic safety in the dynamic plan shall comply with the standards and requirements.

    Dynamic planning shall, prior to the implementation of the maritime agency reported. Maritime body responsible for overseeing implementation of dynamic plans for ships entering and leaving the port.

    Maritime agencies shall, in accordance with the traffic flow and the change of navigation environment in due course inform the unit to adjust the dynamic plan, if necessary, shall take measures to ensure navigational safety.

    18th ship equipped with automatic identification systems (AIS), should ensure that the information entered is correct, and to maintain normal working state.

    Owner, operator or agent to the maritime agency to apply the relevant procedures, shall provide relevant information.

    19th sailing ships shall comply with the rules, maintain safe speeds and depths, not overloaded sail should not endanger the safety of other ships or installations.

    20th ship ship reporting area shall report to the maritime agency and kept up a correspondence.

    21st ships carrying or towing long, high and wide, half-hidden object voyage shall take effective safety and security measures, and in accordance with the provisions in showing signals, hoisting a flag. 22nd ship sailing in the waterway accidents, should leave the channel as soon as possible.

    Unable to leave, should report to the maritime agency.

    Article 23rd while navigating in ice age, appropriate security measures shall be taken to ensure safe navigation. 24th ship mooring should adhere to the mooring order, maintain safe anchoring distance.

    Due to special circumstances in the specified waters other than anchorage in anchoring, shall report to the maritime agency and subject to the maritime agency's unified arrangements.

    The 25th ship anchoring, should be enough to guarantee the safety of ships on the ship crew, and keep the communication flowing.

    Transfer operations of mooring the ship, but legally obtained shipping liquid dangerous goods except for water transfer operations on the license.

    26th pilotage activities shall comply with the State and municipal regulations.

    Pilot pilot shall hold a pilot certificate of competency, in accordance with pilot piloting the ship, and the region is piloting the ship.

    27th refer to parking shall comply with maritime traffic safety requirements for ships, and waterways, Harbour, dock or berth design capacity, use and adapt to real depth.

    28th vessels leading shipyards should dock-led personnel.

    Dock led the staff leads the knowledge and acceptance of maritime institutions shall have the appropriate professional training.

    29th article should be provided for ships operating terminals, berths, or security within the area of operation, except in exceptional circumstances, such as refueling, watering, not loading and unloading cargo.

    Overhaul the ships within the port boiler, host, anchor, rudder and other operations, should adopt effective security measures and 24 hours in advance to the maritime agency in writing for the record.

    30th sea communications provides communications channels should be used.

    Any unit or individual shall interfere with maritime traffic order, except in cases of emergency, shall occupy maritime radio distress communication channel.

    31st vessels or installations of nighttime lighting of the safe navigation of the ship shall not be affected and, if necessary, should be properly covered.

    Article 32nd organized a maritime recreational activities should apply to the maritime issue navigation warnings in advance.

    Organizers of the 33rd marine leisure activities of a ship shall ensure that its activities meet the maritime safety requirements, and accept the supervision of the maritime administration.

    The 34th maritime recreational activities do not affect the safety of maritime traffic and comply with the following provisions:

    (A) delineation of the activities in the area of maritime institutions;

    (B) approved in accordance with ship passenger capacity, and in a prominent position indicates a passenger;

    (C) open the ship's crew and passengers should wear a life jacket;

    (D) sailing on the ship shall be according to the order, may not grab or Chase;

    (E) passengers shall, within the prescribed area in boarding;

    (F) the voyage not and Traveler;

    (VII) shall not engage in other activities of maritime traffic safety violations. 35th article of haihe River, yongding new river when Gates water transfer is needed, relevant management unit shall notify the maritime agency 24 hours in advance.

    Maritime Agency shall take the appropriate measures to ensure ship safety.

    Emergencies require immediate brake to transfer water, shall promptly inform the maritime authority. Article 36th navigable waters overhead bridges and locks the management shall ensure the open equipment is in good used condition.

    When unforeseen circumstances may affect navigation safety, management shall promptly inform the maritime authority.

    37th the following conditions may affect navigation safety of relevant persons shall immediately organize salvage and removal, removal of obstacles, and reports to the maritime agency:

    (A) the stranding, sinking ships or facilities;

    (B) the terminal equipment, facilities, water;

    (C) the ship, cargo overboard.

    Unable to salvage, maritime agencies shall organize salvage and removal, the costs borne by the responsible party.

    38th maritime agency found that when sea traffic safety, shall order the relevant units and personnel to eliminate hidden dangers, if necessary, have the right to order the provisional suspension, uninstall, stop work, mandatory measures, such as prohibition to enter or depart Hong Kong. 39th in violation of the provisions of article 12th, unauthorized use of shoreline and underwater construction or operation, maritime agencies shall be ordered to correct.

    Refused to correct and to have an impact on safety of navigation, maritime agencies shall organize and eliminate hidden dangers, the costs borne by the responsible party.

    16th 40th in violation of these provisions provides that impede the safe navigation of the ship, maritime agencies shall order the correct refuses, and torn down its facilities, the costs borne by the responsible party, and shall be punished according to law.

    41st in violation of the provisions of article 18th, not to the maritime agency to provide true information, materials, maritime agencies, should be a warning, be ordered to correct serious, fines of between 30,000 yuan.

    The 42nd article in violation of the provisions set forth in the 33rd, 34th, endangering lives and property safety and maritime traffic order, maritime agencies shall be ordered to correct, and will be punished according to law. 43rd article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2009.