Nanning Municipal Government Information Resources Management

Original Language Title: 南宁市政府信息资源管理办法

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Nanning municipal government information resources management

    (December 8, 2009, Nanning city, the 12th session of the people's Government at the 78th Executive meeting on December 27, 2009, Nanning municipal people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2010, 28th) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the municipal government information resources management, promote the development, sharing and utilization of Government information resources, scientific and standardized management of Government information resources, improve administrative efficiency, according to the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article II the regulation is applicable, the Administrative Department and authorized by laws and regulations to administer public affairs functions of the Organization (hereinafter referred to as administrative organs) the non-classified government information resources management activities.

    Article includes information systems and Government information Government information resources and other factors.

    Information systems in these measures refers to computer and information network and its supporting facilities and equipment, and according to a certain purpose and rules on the operation system of the storage, transmission and processing of information, including various types of database systems and applications.

    Government information in these measures refers to the administrative organs in carrying out their duties in the process of making or gets associated with economic, social management and public services, and the information recorded in electronic form, save.

    Fourth municipal information management is the coordination of Informationization construction of institutions, whose main duty is to:

    (A) plan, coordinate and direct the municipal government information resources management;

    (B) led the development of Government information resources planning and information sharing of government rules and standards;

    (C) regularly organize city government information resources survey, this paper puts forth recommended Government information resources sharing;

    (D) directing the administrative organs of Government information resources management system and the preparation of departmental information resource directory.

    Fifth administrative organ shall designate a specialized agencies and personnel in charge of the management of Government information resources.

    Administrative organs shall regularly inventory the Government information resources registered, information management, and inventory records filings.

    Sixth administrative organs shall establish and improve the review mechanism of the Government information, Government information collection, processing, archiving, maintaining and sharing work and responsibilities.

    Chapter II information system construction and management

    Seventh administrative organ-building information system should facilitate and promote the application of interoperability between systems, information sharing and operational cooperation. The eighth new information systems should avoid duplication with existing information systems.

    Through the existing information systems of resource sharing or commercially available software can meet your information needs, in principle, the development of new information systems.

    Government information sharing infrastructure for multiple administrative and other bodies using similar processes, having the same function or create new public information system, led by the municipal information management system development and construction.

    Nineth Government information resources database including database, platform, database and professional databases.

    Underlying database used to store basic population information, legal person organization basic information, natural resources and geospatial base data information, macro-economic data, and regulatory documents and other government information.

    Database is used to store the platform is closely linked to socio-economic development and urban management of human resources, cultural resources, urban management, social credit, file archives, and Government information.

    Professional database is used to store Executive closely linked to the Executive information systems business information.

    Tenth of municipal information management organization based in this city databases and database construction of the platform, and to instruct relevant departments to build a professional database.

    Database construction should be in accordance with the Municipal Government to share information involving information resource sharing directory and related standards.

    11th the underlying database and platform database maintained by the central management agencies and municipal information management system and relevant administrative organs to assist in data maintenance.

    Professional database managed by the relevant administrative organs, and maintenance.

    12th administrative organ shall make regular checks on the organ responsible for the maintenance of information system assessment and evaluation reports to the municipal information management.

    Two and maintain two or more the Executive information system established by the relevant consultations check cycle.

    13th administrative bodies should be explicitly provided by the organs of Government information systems services and data requirements.

    14th administrative organ affecting other departments and operation of information systems for major socio-economic changes, termination of service or publish new and important information systems requires a prior announcement in an appropriate manner.

    Chapter III management of Government information resource catalog

    15th Government information resource directory includes information resources Directory directory and information resource directory, share information, resources and so on.

    16th base, information management, information resource directory by institutions in conjunction with city statistics, archives and related professional sectors developed.

    17th shared information resource directory managed by the municipal information authority confidentiality, archives and other administrative organs of the Department in accordance with cataloguing of information resources, submitted according to the Executive, information management, and by sharing information on changes in supply and demand update.

    Sharing information resource directory within the Executive publicly, as a basis for information sharing between the administrative bodies.

    18th department information resource directory by the Executive to draw up and update, updates should be requested to inform the municipal information management.

    The fourth chapter, Government information collection

    19th of municipal information management institution shall, together with the municipal statistics, archives and other departments to develop an information-gathering and application of standards and norms, and determine the collection of individual information the competent authority in accordance with law.

    20th Executive acquisition Government information should follow the "one source" principle, that is an information only comes from a competent organ; sharing information collection, shall conform to the requirements of the Government information resource catalog. Administrative organs shall collect the necessary for institutions to perform their functions, and the information has practical utility.

    The Executive authority before information collection, should seek an information-gathering objects and views affected the Executive to assess the necessity, feasibility and usefulness of information collection. 21st administrative organ shall give priority to access to government information in a shared manner.

    Through sharing not available information should be collected by the competent authorities of the other, the administrative organ shall consult with the competent authorities of the relevant business, clear information. After consultation by the competent authority of the non-acquisition should be government information collected by the competent authorities of the non-competent authorities should develop an information-gathering program, and three working days before the information collection plans including collection purposes, content and object and collection, information management, evaluation report filings.

    For emergencies requiring immediate implementation, the administrative organ shall, within three working days after the implementation of the relevant material submitted to the municipal information management record.

    22nd article in the acquisition plan information should have a unified information Government information resource catalog code, administrative bodies should avoid duplication of the same information is collected.

    23rd in line with one of the following conditions, completing the electronic collection, such as the network technology helps to reduce data collection costs, improve government efficiency and service quality, with the conditions for technology acquisition government administrative organs shall use electronic collection of information:

    (A) information collection involves a large amount of data;

    (B) the data collection frequency is very high;

    (C) in the longer term, structure, formatting, definition of information collected by no significant change;

    (D) other forms of electronic collection should be used.

    24th Executive should be the development of Government information systems, registration, storage, archiving the collected information in a timely manner.

    Municipal Archives Department shall, jointly with the municipal information management in the Government of information electronic records standards, promoting the digitalization of Government information.

    25th administrative organ shall on a regular basis to the Government sort out the information, information network management center, Nanning, and summary.

    26th exchange of Government information through the network between administrative authorities should be adopted by the city's e-government network platform (including executive agencies to the internal network).

    Fifth chapter of Government information resources sharing

    27th Government share information resources should be unconditional.

    Information about shared resources, the executive authorities should be provided according to the laws, rules and regulations; conditional share information resources, the administrative organ shall provide relevant according to the laws, rules and regulations and explicitly shared conditions, according to conditions set by sharing information.

    28th the duties of an administrative body may not get other information held by administrative organs necessary resources for non-work purposes, and shall not be transferred to third parties.

    29th the administrative organ shall promptly and accurately publish and update information should open between the executive authorities.

    The sixth chapter the Government information security management

    The 30th city confidential Department should be established involving the security of Government information resources sharing system and measures to coordinate matters relating to security and confidentiality.

    City confidential, archives, information technology, and Government information resources management should guide the executive authorities in determining level of security and confidentiality level.

    31st administrative organs shall guarantee the output information of Government information systems and their reliability and effectiveness, and to develop appropriate contingency plans and ensure the safe and stable operation of the agency information system.

    32nd administrative organs of this body should be important government information resources related security measures with the emergency plan for periodic review and feasibility studies, evaluate the applicability of security measures, measures are not applicable should be improved in a timely manner.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 33rd article this way come into force on February 1, 2010.