Dalian City Residence Permits Interim Measures

Original Language Title: 大连市居住证暂行办法

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Dalian City residence permits interim measures

    (November 11, 2009, Dalian City people's Government, the 24th Executive meeting on November 23, 2009, Dalian municipal people's Government, the 106th promulgated as of December 25, 2009) Chapter I General provisions

    First is strengthening the management of floating population, population information, improve service levels, protect the legitimate rights and interests of floating population, according to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to living in this city of non-residence in this city of migrants, and residence in this city the following population:

    (A) cross, wafangdian (including the Changxing Island Harbor industrial zone, the same below), takes, and zhuanghe (huayuankou economic zone, the same below), changhai County between living persons;

    (B) from each district, Dalian Economic and technical development zone, Dalian high-tech industrial park to wafangdian, pulandian, zhuanghe, changhai County resident personnel;

    (C) the terms of wafangdian, pulandian, zhuanghe, changhai County into districts, Dalian Economic and technical development zone, Dalian high-tech industrial park residence staff.

    As in talent introduction of floating population, interim provisions on application of the Dalian personnel work and residence permits.

    Article city and County (City) public security authorities responsible for the administration of floating population in residence registration management work and residence permits.

    All levels of finance, personnel, labor and social security, education, population and family planning, business, real estate, home, health and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for work related to the registration of residence and residence permit management of the floating population.

    Fourth information management system for public security organs shall establish a floating population, to provide relevant information to the Government in a timely manner to achieve registration, management of the floating population and employment of population and family planning, basic education, housing rental information sharing such as record keeping, administration for industry and commerce.

    Chapter II registration of residence and residence permit bid Fifth of migrants to be living in the residence more than 30th, should arrive at their place of residence within 7th day of to the local police station for live registration in China over the age of 16, should bid for the residence permits; others depending on your needs, you can bid for a residence permit.

    Applications to residence permits deemed apply for residence registration.

    Migrants living in the hotel, hotel, hostel, Guest House, bath places of accommodation, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the registration.

    Sixth age of 16 staff for residence registration or bidding for the residence permit, by the guardian or other relatives are responsible for.

    Migrants can entrust others to bid for the residence permit.

    Seventh population lived in the flat, you can centrally by the unit to a local police station for live registration or bidding for the residence permit, and fill in the form of floating population.

    Eighth population live in rental housing, housing lessors should urge their residence registration or bidding for the residence permit.

    Floating population of tenant houses, and rental law to the seat of house property management registration formalities.

    Nineth floating residence registration, bid for the residence permit shall provide a valid identity card or a booklet and other identification, providing floating fertility adult women of childbearing age proof belongs to the bidding for the residence permit, should be provided in accordance with the public security organs also require photo, a labor contract with the employer, provided the labor contract.

    Population's guardian or other relatives, his unit for floating residence registration, bid for the residence permit shall provide documentation of guardians, other family members or units.

    Commissioned by the floating population's bid for a residence permit on their behalf, should provide proof.

    Tenth public security organs should be floating or his guardian or other relatives, where units, review materials provided by the client, provided materials are complete and valid, belongs to the residence registration should be given on the spot registration belonging to bid for the residence permit shall be issued within seven working days from the date of acceptance of the residence permit.

    11th uniform residence permit by the city public security organs, no charge, fee required in accordance with the current financial management system by municipal and county-level fiscal respectively.

    Chapter III administration of residence permit and use

    12th residence permit valid for one year, two years, three years, automatically lapse after expiry.

    Floating population for more than three years with the employer (including the number) or the unfixed-term labor contract, issued residence permit is valid for three years; signed a three-year labor contract, issued residence permit is valid for one year or two years; others issuing the residence permit is valid for one year.

    Floating residence permit expires, needs to continue to live in the place of residence shall again bidding for the residence permit.

    13th floating residence permit has been made of any change of address of residence of the person, shall, within two working days from the date of the change of residence police station to handle registration of changes of residence; living in flats can be centrally by the unit through the integration of change to the police station, for which the public security organ shall immediately change residential information.

    14th lost residence permit, can apply for a replacement; serious damage to residence permit or item information changes affecting the function of, you can apply for a replacement card.

    15th no unit and individual shall forge, alter, selling, obtaining, fraudulent use, lend a residence permit, shall not be detained or seized a residence permit in a disguised form.

    16th a public security organ may inspect a residence permit.

    Relevant government departments for the floating population to provide services or perform legal duties when you need clear information such as the status of the floating population, should be required to produce a residence permit, residence permit holders shall cooperate.

    17th enjoy the following rights or treatment of persons holding a residence permit:

    (A) the employment services;

    (B) in accordance with the relevant provisions of social security;

    (C) in accordance with the regulations of the corresponding training services;

    (D) participation in community organizations pursuant to the provisions relating to the management of Social Affairs;

    (E) to participate in the skills competition, organized labor and advanced appraisal;

    (F) applying for vehicle registration and driver's license;

    (G) child-bearing couples to practise family planning, free access to the national family planning project technical services;

    (H) free access to voluntary counselling and testing services HIV-free virus detection two times a year, patients free of charge four times a year, virus detection, and free access to antiretroviral therapy in need of treatment;

    (I) the compulsory school attendance of their children enjoy equal treatment with children of local residents;

    (J) children of school-age children have free access to the national immunization program vaccines in vaccination;

    (11) other rights or treatment under the municipal government.

    Fourth chapter information collection and protection

    18th public security organs produce a residence permit, should be collected and shall record the holder's name, gender, nationality, culture, photo, ID number, residence address, and current residential address, marital status, employment status, service units, carrying their children and other information, and label issuing authority, date of issue.

    Police collected after the information provided in the preceding paragraph, shall, within two working days, into a police general information application platform.

    Article 19th of floating population and the authorities concerned at the time of registration, bidding for the residence permit of residence, shall be true and accurate provision of relevant information.

    Residence permit holder found that residence permits shall record the information untrue or there is an error, you can hold all supporting application materials to the police station; the public security organs verified, is considered to be inaccurate or erroneous and should be corrected on the spot.

    20th units and individuals to live in document production, management and use of that information, and shall not be used for statutory duties or the holder of a residence permit other than authorized purposes; shall not be sold shall not be disclosed without authorization.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    21st disobey the fifth article, without residence registration and bidding for the residence permit, the public security organ shall order correction within; it fails, fine at 50 Yuan.

    22nd article 15 great violation of these regulations, forged, altered, sold, obtaining, fraudulent use, lent a residence permit by the public security organs seized a residence permit; activities contravening public security management, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalty does not constitute a violation of public security management acts, fines of between 300 Yuan by public security organs.

    23rd violates this article approaches its 15th, seizure or attachment of a residence permit in a disguised form, the public security organ shall order rectification, it refuses, fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    Article 24th of floating population in the implementation of these measures prior to bidding for a temporary residence permit, temporary residence permit within the validity period you can continue to use and enjoy the rights as provided herein.

    Holding a residence permit of Dalian personnel staff, besides the provisions of the provisional regulations on the residence permit of Dalian talent rights and, at the same time enjoy the rights as provided herein. 25th article of the rules take effect on December 25, 2009.