Luoyang City Barrier-Free Facilities Construction And Management

Original Language Title: 洛阳市城市无障碍设施建设和管理办法

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Luoyang City barrier-free facilities construction and management (January 8, 2010 1th Luoyang City people's Government Executive meeting considered by people's Government of Luoyang City, on January 12, 2010 the 107th release as of March 1, 2010) first to strengthen the construction of urban barrier-free facilities, use and management of, persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other members of the particular community's quality of life, and promote social civilization and progress, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of disabled persons, the People's Republic of China Law on protection of rights and interests of the elderly and the

    Construction engineering quality management regulation and other provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second, within the urban area, this new, renovation or expansion of urban roads, public buildings, residential buildings and residential roads, public green spaces, public facilities and other construction works (hereinafter referred to as project), supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities, and related management activities, these measures should be applied.

    Urban roads, the scope of public buildings, residential buildings, residential areas, according to the National Ministry of construction, Ministry of Civil Affairs, published by the China disabled persons ' Federation of urban roads and building of barrier-free design standard and the code for design of older persons (hereinafter referred to as the design standard of the two) of the relevant provisions.

    Article of barrier-free facilities mentioned in these measures refers to protect persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other inconveniences safe passage and use of facilities, supporting the construction of service facilities in a construction project.

    Barrier-free facilities include:

    (A) ramps, Curb Ramp, and blind;

    (B) barrier-free vertical elevators, lifts and other lifts;

    (C) the warning signs, tips, sound, indicating devices;

    (D) low, parking, private audience, safety handrails;

    (E) accessible toilet, toilet seat;

    (F) barrier-free logo;

    (VII) other persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other people with reduced mobility facilities.

    Fourth municipal construction of barrier-free facilities should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, construction of security barrier-free facilities commensurate with the economic and social development of the city.

    Fifth city planning administrative departments shall, jointly with the municipal construction, development and reform, civil affairs, disabled persons ' Federation and other departments, according to socio-economic development situation, prepare development of barrier-free facilities in urban area of Luoyang City planning, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Sixth of municipal construction administrative departments responsible for supervision and management of construction of barrier-free facilities in their respective administrative areas.

    City planning, civil affairs, finance, housing, transportation, tourism, culture, public utilities, education, sports, health and public security administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for the construction of barrier-free facilities, management and supervision and other related work.

    In the approval by the Administrative Department of planning, construction and acceptance of public construction projects, listen to the views of representatives of people with disabilities and disability organizations.

    The seventh municipal people's Government on the barrier-free facilities construction and management work units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes in recognition and rewards.

    Article eighth building barrier-free facilities should comply with the safety, convenience, accessibility, availability of basic requirements, and comply with the following requirements:

    (A) pedestrian walkways, public buildings, ground flat slip;

    (Ii) paving blind road is continuous, blind tracks shall not have on poles, underground manholes, cable, trees and other obstructions, and with nearby public transport stops, overpasses, underpasses, public buildings, connected to the barrier-free facilities;

    (C) sidewalks, public building entrances and set the Curb ramp or ramp;

    (D) bus stop set Braille stops, Braille stop position, color, form and content should be easy to Visual accessibility for people with disabilities;

    (E) regional priority setting should be disabled parking public parking, providing service to the public areas or places set up desks, telephones, and low set low at front desk telephone units;

    (Vi) public buildings with glass doors, glass walls, stairs, Elevator, channels, set the color clear, significantly different from the surroundings of warnings or informational signs;

    (VII) have barrier-free facilities, in a prominent position meet the norms and standards for barrier-free flag is set.

    Nineth of owner of construction project is the construction of barrier-free facilities construction projects responsible shall, in accordance with the approved design documents and the code construction design of barrier-free facilities, the requirements included in the project budget.

    Construction unit in the preparation of project feasibility studies and design phases, the link design of barrier-free facilities construction related content should be included in the article, in commissioning the construction project at the planning, design, construction, project supervision, construction of barrier-free facilities are not allowed to reduce and modify the criteria.

    Barrier-free facilities and construction projects as well as planning, design, construction and acceptance of using simultaneously.

    Tenth construction project planning, design, design of units shall, in accordance with the planning, design, and should be fully in the planning, design considerations and construction projects around the barrier-free facilities and connection.

    11th construction drawing review mechanism in construction project working drawings design files for review, should be carried out according to the design specifications and related management control, does not meet the design specification of the construction projects shall not issue examination book.

    12th construction unit should be adopted in accordance with the review of construction drawing design documents for barrier-free facilities, and project-related construction, without the approval of relevant departments according to law shall not be allowed to adjust or change the design.

    13th the construction supervising units shall in accordance with the design specifications and construction supervision for the whole process of examination and approval of design documents, do not meet the prescribed behavior should be blocked, and reports on construction engineering quality supervision institution; major issues should be reported to the engineering building, where the administrative authorities.

    14th construction projects are completed, the construction unit acceptance in organizations, which should include inspection of construction of barrier-free facilities and barrier-free facilities construction project completion report of construction administrative departments.

    Accept construction administrative departments according to law submitted by the commissioning of construction project quality supervision in construction engineering quality supervision report should include construction of barrier-free facilities.

    Construction Administrative Department according to the accepted construction Administrative Department entrusted the construction engineering quality supervision institutions found that units in the process of completion and acceptance of a violation of these rules shall be ordered to rectify.

    15th new construction, expansion and renovation of barrier-free facilities shall be subject to acceptance before they can deliver. 16th municipal infrastructure supporting the maintenance of barrier-free facilities, by administrative departments in charge of municipal facilities.

    Other construction projects construction of barrier-free facilities maintenance by building owners or managers are responsible for the project. Barrier-free facilities maintenance responsibilities shall, in accordance with the provisions for barrier-free facilities for maintenance and repairs to ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities.

    Security breaches, maintenance responsible should be rebuilt or dressing in a timely manner.

    The 17th section of barrier-free facilities have been built, its conservation responsibilities shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, Setup instructions and prompts people to use the graphic symbol of barrier-free facilities.

    18th no units or individuals may damage, unauthorized occupation of barrier-free facilities, may destroy the use of barrier-free facilities or altering the use of barrier-free facilities. For urban construction or major public events, such as special case is a temporary occupation of urban roads ', should not require barrier-free facilities needed a temporary occupation of barrier-free facilities, must be barrier-free facilities maintenance responsibility prior consent, shall perform the relevant approval procedures and setting up warning signs or signals.

    Expiration of temporary occupation, occupation units or individuals should be restored in time.

    The 19th before the implementation of these measures has been completed the construction project does not have barrier-free facilities or construction of barrier-free facilities do not meet the design specification of construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the change, civil affairs, planning, finance and other relevant departments according to their respective duties, construction project owners or managers to develop construction, conversion plans.

    Barrier-free facilities in municipal infrastructure reconstruction funds according to the annual budget, in accordance with municipal and district municipal infrastructure management by municipal and district finances to be addressed other projects supporting accessibility infrastructure reconstruction fund borne by the owner.

    20th disabled persons ' Federation, women's federations, ageing and other social organizations and individuals the right to violate the barrier-free facilities construction, maintenance, and management requirements of the report to the relevant authorities and reflected, and report to the relevant administrative departments should promptly accept and reflect and organize investigation in accordance with law. 21st article construction units violation this approach Nineth article provides, requirements units reduced or unauthorized modified no obstacles facilities construction standard of, by city construction administrative competent sector in accordance with construction engineering quality management Ordinance 56th article of provides ordered corrected, and can sentenced 200,000 yuan above 500,000 yuan following fine; violation this approach 15th article of provides, not by provides on no obstacles facilities for acceptance or acceptance not qualified delivered using of, by city construction administrative competent sector in accordance with construction engineering quality management Ordinance

    58th article correction, and engineering contracts 4% over 2% the price of a fine.

    Design violates the provisions of this article tenth designed by the municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations on the management of construction engineering quality 63rd of the rules shall be ordered to correct, punishable by less than 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan fine.

    Construction unit to disobey the 12th section of barrier-free facilities construction, municipal construction Administrative Department in accordance with the provisions of the 64th article of construction engineering quality management regulation shall be ordered to correct, and engineering contracts 4% over 2% the price of a fine serious, permission pursuant to the provisions by the relevant authorities shall order rectification, lower level of qualification or revocation of certificate.

    22nd construction plan review of breaches of the 11th article review review of content that are not required by the municipal construction administrative departments shall be ordered to correct, and to a fine below 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Engineering supervision units in violation of these regulations the 13th article of failing to perform their supervision duties by the municipal construction administrative departments shall be ordered to correct and can be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    23rd violates these measures article 18th, damage, unauthorized occupation of barrier-free facilities, destroy the function of barrier-free facilities, or altering the use of barrier-free facilities, the municipal construction administrative departments shall be ordered to correct, and liable to a fine of less than 200 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan in serious cases, can be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    24th relevant administrative departments and their staff in violation of the regulations, fails to perform the statutory duties or abuse of power, by a higher administrative authority or the relevant Department in charge shall command a correction, in charge and other personnel directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    25th the County (City) of barrier-free facilities construction and management can be performed in accordance with the measures. 26th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2010.

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