Dalian Construction Project Cost Supervision And Compliance

Original Language Title: 大连市建设工程造价计价监督规定

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Dalian construction project cost supervision and compliance

    (March 6, 2010, Dalian City people's Government at the 29th Executive meeting on April 9, 2010, Dalian, people's Government of the 108th announced as of June 1, 2010) first to strengthen the construction cost supervision and reasonably determining construction cost, maintenance projects building the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, ensure the quality of construction projects, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article II valuation of construction engineering cost in these rules refers to construction engineering project proposal and feasibility study of investment estimation, design estimates, the construction budget, quantities, tender control pricing, bidding, contract signing and adjustment, payment, settlement and other documentation and review of project cost.

    Provisions of this article applicable to construction engineering cost supervision within the administrative area of Dalian City; laws, rules, regulations and State Government investment construction project cost supervision otherwise provides, from its provisions.

    Transportation, water conservancy and other professional engineering cost supervision, refer to this regulation.

    Fourth of municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the city's construction project cost supervision, delegate specific municipal project cost management agencies.

    Financial departments at all levels based on the duties associated with the valuation of construction engineering cost supervision.

    Fifth construction project cost activities shall conform to open, the principles of impartiality, objectivity, and integrity.

    Sixth engaged in construction cost price of units and individuals shall obtain a relevant qualification, eligibility and valuation of construction engineering cost activities within the prescribed limits.

    Article seventh valuation of construction engineering cost unit pricing is needed, can make their own valuation of construction engineering cost; does not have valuation capacity shall entrust a qualified engineering cost consulting enterprises of construction cost.

    Eighth construction engineering valuation shall be based on the following basis:

    (A) construction engineering quantity list valuation standards;

    (B) the price quota, price issued by the national, provincial and other pricing provisions;

    (C) construction cost construction cost information management agencies;

    (D) other pricing provisions issued by the relevant departments of the municipal government.

    Nineth engineering cost consulting enterprises to undertake all types of construction project cost pricing business, engineering cost consulting contracts with clients and within ten working days from the date of signing the contract, project cost management, submitted for the record a copy of the contract. Tenth construction project tender prior to the issue of tender documents, project categories should be carried out to confirm and project cost management report in prescribed form to the city. Municipal engineering cost management body within three working days as of receipt of the report stamped receipt back to the tenderer.

    Construction works confirm that the file should be considered as part of the tender documents.

    11th construction project cost engineering quantity list valuation or fixed pricing method, but two valuation methods shall not be used in the same valuation of construction engineering cost.

    Cost of tendering and bidding of construction engineering according to law valuation based on engineering quantity list valuation method should be used, and clearly in the tender documents; other pricing method of the construction cost by construction project contracts negotiated between two sides.

    12th construction works shall, in accordance with article construction category, quantity and fee charging standard of construction enterprise requirements, combined with the technology, equipment and management and conditions, market price risk and other factors into full consideration, independently determine the bidding, but shall not be less than the construction cost.

    13th construction fee charging standard of construction enterprise by the municipal agency yearly check of project cost management and reported to the relevant departments of the provincial government for approval.

    Without fees charging standards of construction Enterprise bidding, or not in accordance with the approved fee charging standard tenders, business waste labels. 14th after the close of bidding for construction projects, the tenderer and the winning bidder shall conclude a construction contract according to bid documents.

    The tenderer and the winning bidder may not conclude any other agreement contrary to the substantive content of construction contract; signed during construction of supplementary contracts and agreements shall comply with the substance of the main contract.

    Construction contract price in more than 2 million yuan of construction should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State construction engineering contract guarantee.

    15th construction contract parties shall within seven working days from the date of conclusion of the contract, contracts, tender documents, bid notices, security guarantees, warranties, contracts, project cost management, and other relevant documents submitted to the record.

    Construction contract entered into by both sides during the course of construction contracts, agreements should be within seven working days from the date of signing, project cost management, submitted for the record.

    16th construction project contract adjustments related to cost of visas should be signed by the representatives from both sides, supervision and cost engineers. The 17th settlement should be based on the completion of the construction project cost management based on construction contract of record.

    Settlement price need to be adjusted, adjustments should be adjusted according to the price stipulated in the contract; no agreed or explicitly agreed in the contract shall be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the engineering cost management bodies. 18th construction project Contracting Parties shall within the agreed time limit for completion of the contract.

    Employer shall, on the completion date of the completed within 30 working days, settling books, project cost management, sent for the record, as a completion inspection record-keeping, delivery of necessary documents.

    19th of municipal project cost management institutions should collect and publish the construction labor, materials, construction machinery market prices and the construction cost index, price change trend of construction engineering cost information.

    20th unit and individual development, sale of construction engineering cost software should meet the requirements of construction engineering cost valuation basis.

    21st of municipal project cost management should strengthen supervision and inspection of construction project pricing, credit for construction cost units and personnel files, sound and complete construction cost price violation reports, complaints system.

    All units and individuals have the right to the construction cost of pricing violations to competent construction department or municipality for Administration of engineering cost reports, complaints, in charge of construction, project cost management, Department or Office shall receive reports, complaints respond within five working days of the date.

    The 22nd over valuation of construction engineering cost of construction contract dispute can apply for mediation to the municipal engineering cost management, may also be lawfully to go to arbitration or litigation.

    23rd in violation of the provisions of the Act, by the competent construction Department, project cost management, or by its delegate agencies in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) in violation of the provisions of the sixth, according to the Ministry of construction engineering cost consulting enterprises management, administrative measures for certified cost engineers and other related regulations;

    (B) the violation set forth in the seventh, eighth, correction; it refuses, fined a maximum of 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan;

    (C) violate the provisions of article Nineth, 15th, 18th, correction; it refuses to imprisonment of less than 1000 Yuan fine.

    24th construction Administrative Department, project cost management, one of the following acts, the Government of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, or the competent authority shall order correction, criticized, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions:

    (A) to submit for the record construction cost consulting contracts and construction contracts and related documents, completion statement inadmissible or when you accept additional conditions, materials, procedures;

    (B) not complying with the provisions of category validation report, fee charging standard of construction Enterprise reconciliation report;

    (C) construction cost information is not collected according to stipulations, publications;

    (D) not build units and personnel engaged in construction project cost credit files, on building project cost pricing violations are not investigated;

    (E) the valuation of construction engineering cost dispute for mediation is not mediation;

    (Vi) other acts that did not perform their duties in accordance with these provisions. 25th article this with effect from June 1, 2010.