Administrative Measures For The Treatment Of Lakes In Wuhan City

Original Language Title: 武汉市湖泊整治管理办法

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Administrative measures for the treatment of lakes in Wuhan City

    (April 12, 2010, Wuhan municipal people's Government, the 101th General Meeting June 23, 2010, Wuhan municipal people's Government announced as of August 1, 2010, order No. 207) first in order to strengthen the protection of lakes and water environment management, improve the ecological environment, according to the People's Republic of China water law, the protection of lakes in Wuhan City Ordinance and other provisions of laws and regulations, based on actual city, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to Lake improvement activities within the administrative area of the city.

    Lake improvement is through sewage, dredging, shoreline cleanup, landscaping, water ecological restoration and ecological water control within aquaculture, Lake planning structural adjustment measures have been implemented, such as Lake protection and water environmental management activities.

    Third Lake regulation should adhere to both treatment, comprehensive treatment and prevention at source, the whole management.

    Fourth municipal and district people's Government of Lake regulation should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, and include Lake renovation and maintenance work in the annual performance appraisal system, the implementation of management by objectives.

    The fifth Lake Improvement District people's Government is the area of responsibility, is responsible for the renovation work in area lakes.

    Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone, East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee in accordance with this approach on the district people's Government and the Department of water administration and administration of provisions, responsible for its management in the region of the Lake cleanup.

    Across the Lake in accordance with bank lines and surface remediation liability determines the principle of combining Lakes, rivers and Lakes connecting engineering can also be identified directly by the municipal people's Government departments are responsible for, relevant district people's Government may be required.

    Sixth municipal water conservancy administrative departments are Lake regulation authority, responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the city's Lake cleanup, and the Lake cleanup oversight, guidance and assessment, specific responsibilities are as follows:

    (A) prepare Lake management planning and implementation;

    (B) the preparation of the annual plan for the renovation of Lake, in conjunction with relevant departments, and determine the relevant District, Department, and unit Lake remediation tasks and objectives of the year;

    (C) urge Lake control responsibility subject implementation of Lake remediation tasks and objectives, and the completion of tasks and objectives of assessment;

    (Iv) Lakes, such as protection of the laws, regulations and policies of education.

    Development and reform, land planning, urban management, finance, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, gardening and other collaborative Lake cleanup departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities.

    Seventh in the administrative area of the city forbids any units and individuals illegally filling, against Lake.

    Eighth lake water line for Supreme control of water level in Lakes; Lake green ground wire to the lake water line as baseline extends not less than 30 m; Lake perimeter control range to Lake green ground wire as a baseline, extending to the shore of no less than 300 meters.

    Lakes and green lands except in accordance with the planning and construction of public facilities, necessary, prohibit the construction of any buildings or structures. Prohibition of external control in the Lake to Lake contamination could occur within the scope of construction projects and engage in activities endangering the Lake.

    Lake perimeter control and utilization of land, shall be coordinated with public use of the Lake allow public access and view galleries. Nineth homeland planning departments should be in accordance with the urban planning requirements and Lake protection, scientific control of buildings and structures within the Lake perimeter control height, volume, density and condition of space planning and design.

    Approval of the illegal and void.

    Water Conservancy administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments of the tenth article on Lake planning control within existing buildings, structures and facilities were clean, does not meet the Lake protection plan, seriously affecting the Lake protection, measures should be taken, progressive regulation.

    11th district people's Government should be completed within the time provided in the municipal area of Lake shoreline regulation and fixed work, and mainly green land of lakes form a green belt around the Lake.

    12th Lakes surrounding the implementation of new urban district development, redevelopment and new construction, renovation or expansion projects shall be requested by the rainwater and sewage shunting construction of drainage facilities; pending introduction of the rainwater and sewage shunting area, should carry out the interception, and the gradual transition to the rainwater and sewage shunting.

    13th prohibits the discharge of untreated into the lakes or treated but did not achieve national, provincial and municipal standards prescribed industrial waste water and domestic sewage; prohibition of the dumping of garbage into the Lakes, waste and toxic and hazardous substances.

    No unit or individual may in downtown Lake planning control within the new outlet.

    14th article District Government and about sector should science reasonable adjustment Lake around of industry structure and layout, ban has pollution of construction project in Lake planning control range within location, law close, and closed, and merged, and production Lake around small coal mine, and small refinery, and small cement, and small glass, and small thermal power, enterprise; organization relocation Lake planning control range within of scale livestock farms, control surface source pollution.

    Temporarily unable to adjust industry, shall, within the prescribed period and ensure the normal operation of water pollution control in construction of facilities in; no building within the time stipulated in water pollution control facilities and run, the industry may not continue to put into production or use.

    15th Central District Lakes is forbidden to dosing, and fertilizers for fish farming. Long Lakes based on Lake conservation planning should be determined using the functionality of, with the function of farming, aquaculture permit from the fisheries sector should be based on results of water quality monitoring to guide operators in ecological farming; not suitable for aquaculture water quality shall be granted by the aquaculture license.

    To the existing breeding Lakes, deterioration of water quality, the district people's Government shall immediately control and implement industrial restructuring; the water quality is good, 5-year industrial restructuring plan should be developed, step by step adjustment of industrial structure.

    16th of municipal and district people's Government shall, in accordance with local conditions, the principle of overall planning and integrated urban-rural, through measures such as the rational allocation of water resources, build rivers and Lakes connecting networks, realize the water system connected, improve water ecosystems.

    17th water conservancy administrative departments should be based on the protection planning of Lake, in accordance with the principles in favour of protecting Lakes and improving ecological environment, preparing Lake renovation plan.

    Downtown Lake renovation plan of the Municipal Department of water administration in conjunction with the relevant departments and the district people's government organizations, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. Far lakes in planning by the water conservancy administrative departments, in conjunction with relevant departments, approved by the regional people's Government, submitted to the municipal water conservancy Administrative Department.

    TRANS-Lake management plan formulated by the remediation liability of the Lakes, municipal water conservancy administrative departments reviewed, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. 18th city and district water conservancy administrative departments shall, in accordance with the planning and protection of lakes, according to actual Lake, in conjunction with relevant departments to formulate annual Lake management plan, reported to the people's Government at the same level.

    Lake Improvement District people's Government plans submitted to the municipal water conservancy administrative departments for the record of the year. List of Lake regulation annual plans include Lake regulation, regulation time, remediation, remediation and treatment requirements.

    Lakes annual plan for the renovation of the city by the municipal water conservancy administrative departments to the public.

    Municipal and district people's Government signed the Lake management responsibility, ensure the Lake cleanup implementation, Lake District people's Government should work with the relevant departments signed management responsibility, implementation of Lakes management responsibility. 19th city and district financial departments shall arrange, establish special funds for Lake regulation Lake renovation work, and establish a mechanism to ensure stable growth of special funds.

    Special funds are mainly used for the municipal Lakes Lake renovation and maintenance grants and awards.

    Lake special funding measures for the administration of the Municipal Finance Department together with the municipal water administration departments, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.

    20th to encourage multi-channel fund-raising investment Lake regulation, establish water resources protection and investment and financing platform for investment and financing mechanism for water environment treatment.

    21st Lake regulation implementation of "one policy, one a view of the Lake of the Lake", follow to Lake natural repair and contribute to establishing sound principles of eco-systems, development of Lake regulation project implementation plan.

    22nd Lake regulation should achieve the following goals:

    (A) the Ribbon lake water to Lake water quality management objectives into the lake water is not below the Ribbon Lakes water quality standards;

    (B) the natural repair capacity of Lakes restoration or enhancement;

    (C) the lake shore line fixed;

    (D) construction of Lake drainage pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities, garden ornaments and other municipal facilities shall be coordinated with Lake view;

    (E) the lakes around effective prevention and control of pollution source. 23rd Lake remediation implementation project legal person system. Project legal person shall be determined by tender. Lake remediation project shall have the appropriate technology and other conditions, and has experience in Lakes regulation and environmental protection projects.

    Units should be involved in the bid preparation of Lake regulation project implementation plans, and its programme should include sewage, dredging, Lake aquatic ecosystem restoration, shoreline cleanup, Lakes supporting municipal infrastructure construction, soil conservation and afforestation, and so on.

    Lake remediation liability should Lake renovation contracts with the law to determine the winning bidder, the contract should include the project name, amount and method of payment, time of performance, and, both rights and obligations, breach of contract, the dispute resolution methods, and so on.

    24th Lake renovation project legal person prior to the construction of Lake regulation project implementation plans should be reported according to law approved by the water conservancy Administrative Department, water conservancy administrative departments may take experts to review the implementation plan.

    25th article according to the specific conditions of different lakes, Lake remediation can take the following measures:

    (A) of clean water into the Lake, sewage collection treatment;

    (B) ecological dredging;

    (C) ecological slope protection, fixed shorelines, build waterfront green belt;

    (D) the construction of artificial wetland;

    (E) the construction of floating bed plants;

    (Vi) ecological farming control algae growth;

    (VII) other improvement measures. Lake improvement of eco-water transfer in the process, the water conservancy administrative departments or flood control and drought relief command lake water should be developed scheduling plans.

    Departments, units and individuals should be subject to regulation and control, strict implementation of the control order.

    26th Lake Lake improvement project legal person shall be strictly in accordance with the approved regulation implementation plan for the construction of the project, kept clean, sanitary and orderly environment within the project area, and take effective measures to prevent soil erosion, control of waste water and solid waste pollution of the water environment and hazards.

    27th water conservancy administrative departments should strengthen the construction of Lake regulation project quality, production safety supervision and administration, guidance and supervision of project legal person in accordance with the approved Lake renovation programme Lake renovation project delivery.

    28th Lake rehabilitation project after the completion of water conservancy administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments in accordance with the approved Lake renovation project implementation plans in accordance with acceptance; acceptance, can transfer ownership units or maintenance of Lakes management unit.

    29th article Lake ownership units or maintenance management units should due reasonable using Lake, is responsible for Lake planning control range within of green and lake water of cleaning work, shall not damage green with and bank line; Lake regulation process in the, should active tie carried out Lake regulation work, involved industry structure adjustment of, also should tie carried out industry structure adjustment; on fill accounted for, and against Lake of behavior should timely stop, and to water administrative competent sector or about sector report.

    30th district people's Government shall establish a long-term mechanism of maintenance of lakes, strengthening and deepening the Lake treatment results, determine the area of maintenance management for each Lake unit, implementing maintenance funds, strengthening the day-to-day maintenance and management of the Lakes. Across Lakes by the municipal water conservancy administrative departments coordinate Lake management responsibilities and other units designated maintenance area.

    Spanned the rivers and Lakes connecting project should carry out unified management. 31st Lake maintenance areas should be established, Jie (village, town, farm) Executive Heads of accountability and communities along the Lake (village), enterprises and institutions of accountability. Municipal district people's Government and the principal administrator a year signed Lake maintenance responsibility, district principal administrator each year and the area along Lake Street (village, town, farm) the principal administrator and the communities along the Lake (village), the enterprises signed Lake maintenance responsibility.

    Liability and responsibility lists every year from the municipal water conservancy administrative departments to the public.

    32nd city and district water conservancy administrative departments shall take measures to open Lake renovation information, safeguard the public's right of the community encourages the public to volunteer or treatment of other forms of participation in the lakes and Lake protection activities.

    Units or individuals have the right to fill out, against Lake report; the water conservancy administrative departments should telephone hotlines, accepted reports in a timely manner, and to be dealt with within.

    33rd city and district environmental protection departments should organize lake water quality monitoring, analysis and monitoring on a regular basis to assess treatment results, and publicize monthly water quality monitoring found contaminants exceeding should find the cause in a timely manner, and report the people's Governments at the same level, and informed at the water conservancy Administrative Department.

    District Lakes emergency protection programmes should be developed, when there is a sudden water pollution accident, Lake maintenance unit shall be promptly reported to the District Government, the district people's Government should take emergency measures.

    Article 34th in the Lakes have made outstanding achievements in the renovation work units and individuals, recognition and reward by the city or district people's Government. 35th city water conservancy administrative departments shall, together with the monitoring, supervision, management and other departments to supervise and inspect the work area lakes, identify problems and supervising.

    City water conservancy administrative departments shall supervise and inspect the quarterly report to the municipal people's Government and to the public. The Lake protection accountability, formulation of Lake remediation planning, Lake management plans which do not fulfill regulation responsibilities is not enforced or fulfill regulation responsibilities, city water conservancy administrative departments should be urged to correct, not within the responsible units within the prescribed period rectification or correction does not meet the requirements of, by the supervision departments directly in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Specific accountability measures formulated by the municipal authorities and the municipal water administration of supervision Department and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval. Article 36th Lake property or maintenance units don't cooperate or obstruct regulation of lakes, by the water conservancy administrative departments shall order rectification refuses, be punished according to law.

    Block, resistance to water and perform their duties according to law by the Administrative Department, activities contravening public security management, shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    To fill the 37th article, against the Lake acts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on protection of lakes in Wuhan City will be punished.

    Violation of these measures related to the planning, land and environmental protection, urban management, agriculture, forestry, gardening and other regulations and punishment according to law by the relevant authorities. 38th article of the way from commenced on August 1, 2010.