Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Radio Management

Original Language Title: 宁夏回族自治区无线电管理办法

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Ningxia Hui autonomous region, radio management

    (December 22, 2010 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, the 83rd through December 24, 2010, the people's Government of Ningxia Hui autonomous region announced 30th come into force February 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First for the efficient utilization of the radio frequency spectrum resource, maintaining the radio order, guarantee the normal operation of various radio services, in accordance with the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations of the provisions of the radio regulations, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article this setting within the administrative area, the use of radios (stations), the development, production, sales, import radio transmitting equipment, as well as non-radio equipment using radiation waves, these measures shall apply.

    Article referred to radio (station) is necessary for the complete radio transmitter or a combination of transmitter and receiver, as well as accessory equipment.

    Radiation of radio waves in these measures refers to non-radio equipment generates radio frequency energy in the local scope and use this energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic or similar to provide services in the field of equipment.

    Fourth State radio regulatory body responsible for all radio management.

    State radio regulatory agencies located in the districts of the city agency responsible for accomplishment of the radio management.

    County people's Government shall assist the superior in government offices to designate local radio management of radio management bodies.

    Public security, national security, construction, quality supervision, industry and commerce, customs, entry and exit inspection and quarantine, confidentiality, competent authorities shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, such as good management of radio.

    Chapter two (station) management

    Radio management institution shall, according to the fifth autonomous region information-intensification of infrastructure-building principles and the actual needs, preparation of radio (station) planning, reported to the Government for approval, included in the overall planning of urban construction.

    In urban planning in the sixth set, using a fixed radio stations (stations), its layout and the site should comply with the overall urban construction plan.

    Radio electromagnetic environmental protection monitoring facilities planning department within the approval is likely to influence the effect of radio monitoring buildings and structures construction projects, should listen to the Radio Authority's opinion, and bi-directional satellite earth stations, microwave stations, radio stations and microwave electromagnetic environment channel the necessary protection.

    Seventh set, using the radio (station), should go through the set up approval procedures, obtaining a radio licence.

    Settings, except for micro-power radio devices that use State regulations.

    Eighth, application settings radio (station) the entity or individual (hereinafter applicant) shall submit the following materials:

    (A) radio frequencies to be used;

    (B) technical parameters of radio transmitting equipment to be used;

    (C) a description of the purpose and technical programmes;

    (D) appropriate management systems and measures;

    (E) the operation qualifications operators;

    (F) the laws, regulations and other materials.

    Nineth State radio management institutions and agencies based in the city divided into districts (hereinafter referred to as the Radio Authority) shall accept setting radio stations (stations) from the date of application in the 15th, to license eligible; not to permit that does not meet the criteria, and inform the applicant in writing. Article the applicant approved setting radio stations (stations), shall be completed in accordance with approved content (station), and (standing) built within 3 months from the date of commissioning, commissioning and inspection reports to the original bodies.

    Acceptance, granted a radio licence.

    11th set up radio stations (stations) need to change the approved projects should be 30th in advance to the original agency to apply the change. 12th temporary disable radio (stations), it should be deactivated formalities to the original approval authority. Temporarily deactivate the radio (station) of no more than 6 months.

    When you resume using, should go through the procedure is enabled.

    Disabled enabled formalities not more than 6 months, cancellation of use frequency.

    13th settings, the use of satellite mobile earth stations of the mobile service, shall, in accordance with provisions of radio registration procedures, obtaining a radio licence.

    14th broadcast of radio transmitters, relay stations and Earth station for signal transmission, microwave stations, such as the large radio (station) settings should be in accordance with the national regulations (station) set up approval procedures, obtaining a radio licence.

    15th log off radio (stations), should be terminated in the 30th before use, to the original approval authority for cancellation procedures, and returned to the radio station's licence.

    16th against lent, altered or falsified radio licence approval code of prohibition of setting and the use of radio transmission equipment is forbidden to produce, use radio (station) callsign. 17th for endangering State security, people's life and property safety, emergency, can be set, using a temporary radio stations (stations), and radio regulatory filings in a timely manner.

    Emergency termination shall promptly revoke the temporary radio station (station).

    Chapter III the frequency management

    18th State radio management institution shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of national radio frequency management, make this radio frequencies, call signs use planning within the administrative area.

    19th right to use radio frequencies, call signs, assigned by the radio administration according to law.

    State radio regulatory agencies by the State radio regulatory agency approvals or authorizations, tendering, auctions and other means to determine the right to use radio frequencies in the administrative areas of the autonomous region.

    20th for the use of radio frequencies, and radio management institution shall submit the following documents:

    (A) the written application;

    (B) the technical design of frequency usage;

    (C) the management, security, and system files.

    21st radio management institution shall 5th after acceptance of the application to complete the examination; for eligible, under statutory authority to assign radio frequencies, and radio frequencies issued document; not eligible, inform the applicant in writing.

    National microwave stations such as radio (station) radio frequency applications for another assignment deadlines, from its provisions.

    22nd article unit or individual right to use radio frequencies, radio management body shall, in accordance with the approved scope and frequency of use and frequency of radio management institution required to pay an occupation fee. The 23rd radio frequency for the longest period of not more than 6 years.

    Need to continue to use the expiration of, 30th in advance to the original agency to apply for renewal procedures.

    24th have been assigned frequencies, except for reasons of force majeure, not used for 2 years, original assigned radio regulatory agency should be withdrawn.

    25th the temporary use of radio frequencies, shall make written application to the Radio Authority, approved use.

    Temporary use of radio frequencies may not exceed a period of 6 months.

    26th national adjust radio frequency planning, distribution programme as well as the national interest or the public interest, radio management agencies have assigned radio frequencies can be adjusted or withdrawn.

    Radio regulatory agencies adjust or withdraw radio frequency when frequency users shall be notified in writing in advance.

    The fourth chapter launches device management

    27th article development, production of radio transmitting equipment shall comply with State radio regulatory agencies approved by the frequency, spectrum and transmit power and other technical indicators.

    Factory radio transmitting equipment shall be marked with the approval code.

    28th in selling radio transmitting equipment shall examine the approval code, and purchase and sales ledger.

    Purchase and sales ledgers shall be retained for at least 1 year.

    29th article import radio transmitting equipment, operating frequency, band radio management and relevant specifications shall comply with the relevant national provisions, and reported to the State radio regulatory agencies for approval.

    Article 30th radio wave radiation of radio transmitting equipment shall comply with relevant regulations of the State management of environmental protection of electromagnetic radiation shall not cause harmful interference to legitimate radio use.

    The fifth chapter monitoring, supervision and inspection

    31st State institutions and its local radio station Radio management responsibilities should be in accordance with State regulations, responsible for accomplishment of radio monitoring.

    In radio monitoring station in the monitoring of the 32nd article found harmful interference or when he received reports, complaints shall be promptly find the interference source, take effective measures to eliminate it. Non radio device to the radio (station) harmful interference, device owners and users should take steps to eliminate them; to aircraft safety or cause harm to other emergency distress and safety communications, you must immediately stop using.

    Is not to eliminate or not stop, Radio Authority shall order or take appropriate steps to eliminate interference.

    Article 33rd radio regulatory agencies when conducting supervision and inspection, you can take the following measures:

    (A) conduct on-site inspection and certification;

    (B) require inspected organizations and individuals to provide information and documents;

    (C) asking the parties and witnesses, making inquiry record;

    (D) to take the necessary technical means of cessation of the wrongful act;

    (E) to hold or detain the illegal use of radio transmission equipment. Article 34th radio management supervisory and inspective personnel shall make supervision and inspection.

    Are checked for units and individuals shall assist and shall not be any excuse to hinder or refuse the inspection.

    Chapter Sixth penalty

    35th for acts in violation of these rules, provisions of relevant laws, regulations, and rules of punishment, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.

    36th article violates these rules, unpaid radio frequency occupation fee, by the Radio Authority ordered to pay unpaid 6 months overdue, authorities can recover the assigned radio frequencies.

    37th article violates these rules, not according to the scope and purpose of the radio administration frequency of use, unauthorized preparation, use of radio (station) callsign and radio regulatory agency ordered corrective action and to a fine of 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

    The 38th article violates these rules, lend, altered, or forged station license, by radio regulatory agency ordered corrective action and to a fine of 2000 Yuan to 5,000 yuan.

    39th in violation of this regulation, approval code of set and the use of radio transmission equipment, sales of radio transmitting equipment purchase and sales ledger has not been established, by radio regulatory agency ordered corrective action and to a fine of 1000 Yuan to 3,000 yuan.

    40th parties on specific administrative acts of the Radio Authority, may apply for administrative reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law.

    41st article violates these rules, causing losses to State, collective or individual, shall bear the compensation liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The 42nd radio management institution for dereliction of duty, abuse, by his disciplined units, the monitoring authority or the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    43rd army, armed police and public security organ, the State radio management of the Security Agency, and other provisions from the regulations of the State. The 44th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2011.

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