Hebei Province, School Safety Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 河北省学校安全管理规定

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Hebei province, school safety management regulations

    (The people's Government of Hebei province, on November 16, 2010 [2010] 8th release come into force on December 10, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First to enhance school safety management, maintaining the normal teaching order, accident prevention and school safety to protect personal and property safety of the school and its students and faculty members, in accordance with the People's Republic of China stipulated in the Education Act and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of this province, and the province level and type of school, kindergarten and non-academic educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as the school) and the student and faculty personal and property safety and schools surrounding safety management, these provisions shall apply.

    Article in the people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the area of school safety leadership, increase funding to maintain school security, coordinate and solve the security problems in the work of the school to ensure school safety.

    Township people's Government in accordance with its responsibilities, area security work in schools.

    Fourth Administrative Department of education of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for the province, and provincial school safety management work in their respective administrative areas.

    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall be in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of school safety.

    Fifth student and faculty should comply with school security systems, safety education and safety management and shall not engage in activities that endanger themselves and others, and school security.

    The sixth State organs, enterprises, institutions, social groups, as well as other organizations and individuals have the obligation to maintain school security, it shall maintain safe schools, supporting school security.

    Chapter II security management responsibilities

    Seventh people's Governments above the county level shall be in accordance with State provisions ensuring that school location security, safeguard order around schools, to provide security for the school.

    The people's Governments above the county level shall school school buildings and other educational facilities as well as facilities for checking the safety of, insecurity to exist should be ruled out, identified as dangerous or if there are other significant security risks, obliging the responsible Department or private school within a solution.

    Article eighth Administrative Department of education school safety should be the people's Government above the county level shall perform the following duties:

    (A) develop school safety assessment criteria and methods of work, strengthen supervision, inspection, and evaluation of school safety, urging schools to establish and implement safety management systems;

    (B) establishment of safety work responsibility and accountability, and urged schools to troubleshoot and eliminate security risks, implement corrective measures;

    (C) to guide the work of safety education in schools, organize safety education and training;

    (D) coordinate relevant government departments should work together at school safety management, governance of school security environment, assist in the Organization of local people's Governments for school safety accident rescue and investigation process;

    (E) administrative guidance, supervises the education departments and schools to develop school safety emergency; (F) cooperate with local government guidance to schools on the proper treatment of students ' injury accident.

    Educational supervision agencies shall organize special supervision of school safety.

    Nineth school departments shall guide and supervise school safety accountability, incorporating security work in schools in the school management by objectives, examine on a regular basis. Tenth public security organs and relevant departments should be perfect in front of school traffic signals, traffic signs, markings, speed bumps, traffic isolation barriers such as traffic safety facilities, in front of the special education school crossing crosswalk, should be provided with audio prompts devices across the street lights.

    Road in front of the transport complex of schools, public security organs traffic management departments should be at school to school time to properly deploy police or traffic wardens, maintain traffic order around the school. Public security organs should guide internal security work in schools to strengthen school security patrol. Public security organs shall contact the schools to establish law and order management systems to assist schools in dealing with cases.

    In the complex area of law and order, relying on the guard room set school police or security guard posts.

    11th public security fire control institutions shall on the fire are complied with laws and regulations for supervision and inspection, school inspections and eliminate fire hazards, fire drills, fire awareness.

    12th housing and urban-rural construction administrative departments should strengthen the engineering construction supervision and management of the security situation, detect safety risks it shall be ordered to rule out, Discovery Education and living facilities in construction engineering construction compulsory standard shall be ordered to correct violations.

    13th health administrative departments shall guide the schools strengthening health and disease prevention and control, assist schools with the disposal of public health emergencies, with the administrative departments of education health education to students and faculty.

    14th public security, culture, press and publication, administration for industry and Commerce administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to strengthen the school around entertainment, audio-visual products, books and other locations of the supervision and management.

    15th cultural, industrial and commercial administration and public security administration according to their respective functions, banned Internet cafes to take place in elementary and 200 meters, and the admission of minors to enter Internet cafes. 16th city management and administration according to their respective functions, in the stalls set up around the school, piled up debris, alongside schools to build buildings and structures in time for cleanup.

    Food and drug supervision departments should strengthen supervision of specifically designed for primary and secondary school students to provide foodservice operators.

    17th environmental protection, quality and technical supervision and administrative departments should strengthen the school and harmful pollution around governance, using special equipment and related facilities for school safety checks on a regular basis.

    Chapter safety education

    18th in primary and middle schools should be under the provisions of national guidelines for the primary and secondary public safety education, fire protection, transportation, public health, public security, natural disasters, accidents and earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation, security, information security education into teaching programs, teaching plans, safety materials, instructors, teaching hours.

    19th schools shall use the Web site, the school newspaper, Billboard, promotional window, talks and other forms, and according to the season, geography, climate, safety education.

    20th schools shall, at the beginning, before the holidays, as well as to carry out mass activities, focused safety education for students.

    21st public security fire control institutions and the earthquake, health administrative departments should guide and help carry out safety education in schools, develop emergency plans, organizing emergency evacuation, escape and mutual rescue drills.

    22nd departments of education administration under the people's Governments above the county level shall schools school safety management training for managers on a regular basis, their knowledge of security management, improve the level of safety management.

    23rd school guardian shall fulfil his statutory obligations of guardianship, with schools strengthen students ' safety education and management.

    Advocate taking out personal accident insurance for students.

    The fourth chapter safety management

    24th people's Governments above the county level administrative departments of education and school security work in schools should be included in the annual plan of objectives, set school security, evaluation criteria and methods of job evaluation, school safety assessment of working conditions on a regular basis, and as a basis for evaluation, recognition awards. 25th school authority school emergency plan should be developed.

    Under the guidance of school should be Department develop and improve school security emergency plan, emergency drills are regularly organized. 26th school should sound safety management responsibility system, the President is the responsibility of school safety.

    School building corresponding institutions or with the necessary (and) staff responsible for safety management work. 27th school should be equipped with security personnel, the necessary safety equipment and monitoring and alarm facilities.

    Requirements, Government-run colleges and universities, senior high schools from similar financial arrangements in school funding and manpower to solve, compulsory education schools from compulsory education financial aid funds and manpower to solve private school by the sponsors are responsible for solving.

    28th schools shall employ full-time personnel in charge of students ' dormitory management, establishment of dormitory management system, implementation of the night watch, inspection responsibility, strengthen safety checks to Hall electrical and fire alarm installations.

    Schools may not rent ordinary residential buildings as a student dormitory.

    29th schools shall have risk education teaching service sites, facilities and equipment and construction in the school area safety warning flag is set, set the security staff in key positions, key positions, regular inspection of buildings, facilities and equipment of the security situation, prompt service. 30th schools shall, on registration of foreign personnel in and out of school for questioning, without permission, and foreign personnel and vehicles are not allowed in school.

    Of vehicles allowed to enter the school, shall, according to prescribed lines and driving and parking at specified locations.

    Non-flammable, explosive, toxic, hazardous materials, controlled knives and other dangerous goods into the school.

    31st schools shall, according to prescribed standards is equipped with fire-fighting facilities and equipment, regular maintenance, ensuring sound and effective.

    School buildings, dormitories, a cafeteria, a library, sports (field) and other student gathering places, shall be equipped with emergency lighting equipment, set fire safety signs and safety channel, and to ensure that evacuation channels and safety exits.

    32nd schools shall ensure the canteen and practitioners meet the relevant requirements of the food safety laws and regulations, provide students with food, drink and drugs, shall conform to the standards prescribed by the State.

    Article 33rd school vehicles to transport students should be qualified by the relevant departments, the driver should have at least 3 years driving experience, hired transport faculty and students should choose a legitimate vehicle transportation business unit, and instead of signing safety responsibility.

    The 34th schools schools shall be provided to and from school and students not to go to school or leave the school, such as information regarding student safety, told the guardian in a timely manner.

    For students without capacity for civil conduct, and guardians of the students of the school for shuttle transfer.

    35th schools shall strengthen the flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances and other dangerous goods management, build storage, using and safekeeping system.

    School House, the venue may not be rented to others engaged in flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances and other dangerous goods in production and business activities.

    36th schools organize large-scale mass activities shall determine the person responsible for safety, venues, facilities, security check, the contingency plan, and to take the necessary preventive measures.

    Shall not be in any form and, on behalf of the students of the school engaged in contact with inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful substances and other dangerous goods, labour, and its capacity or ability to protect themselves in all kinds of dangerous activities, not to jeopardize students ' personal safety and environmental activities.

    37th on a physical disability, specific diseases or other physical anomalies students, parents should report to the school, the school shall not be arranged not suited to their education or other activities, and prevent the occurrence of accidents.

    Article 38th school shall cause suffering from infectious diseases, mental illness, criminal record and poor conduct of personnel to work in schools.

    39th school purchases or purchase bedding and clothing of students students should require the supplier to provide quality assurance and product quality and safety certificates. 40th staff found to have endangered the students ' personal safety and property security acts should stop and report in a timely manner. Students assault, affray, and should be prevented in time.

    Students carry inflammable, explosive, poisonous or harmful items, knives and other dangerous goods shall be confiscated and turned over to the school, turned over to the police by the school.

    Fifth chapter of accidents

    The 41st school security incidents shall take timely measures to rescue injured students, and immediately reports to the school authorities and competent authorities, while injury to notify the student's guardian.

    Is a major safety accident, school authorities shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions to the level people's Governments and authorities at a higher level reports and administration of production safety supervision and management departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    School security incidents shall not disguise, report deceitfully or delay the report. The 42nd school safety, school authorities and competent authorities after receiving the report, shall immediately dispose of guidance to schools, is a major safety accident, rushed to the scene of the accident should be disposed of.

    Schools shall cooperate and resume normal teaching order. Article 43rd school security incidents, the handling of student personal injury compensation, the parties may negotiate settlement. Voluntary, mediation may request in writing that the school authorities.

    Also may initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law.

    Mediation by school authorities and school authorities shall, from the date of receipt of the written applications for 30th within.

    44th school security incidents of personal injury compensation and conciliation by the school authorities in the period of the conciliation agreement, the Parties shall sign a mediation agreement and performance of the relevant obligations; after mediation failed to reach consensus, mediation shall be terminated, and inform the applicant in writing.

    Article 45th school security incidents, hurt students or their guardians, the parties concerned shall cooperate with the school to deal with the accident, not insults, beatings of Faculty shall not be juzhongzishi, must not interfere with the normal teaching and working order.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    46th school authorities, the relevant administrative departments and their personnel in violation of the provisions of any of the following acts, by their work units or by the competent authorities shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) failing to discharge the responsibilities of school safety management;

    (B) to school buildings, teaching facilities and equipment and fire safety facilities in major safety measures are not taken to solve;

    (C) to disrupt the campus order or against staff and students ' personal and property security cases investigated according to law;

    (D) the receiving school safety incidents reported, no guidance to schools to be disposed of in a timely manner;

    (E) to the school around law and order, traffic law, the investigation led to major security accidents;

    (Vi) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    47th schools in violation of the provisions of article, failure to comply with safety and security management functions, rectification by school authorities, resulting in casualties among staff and students, and disciplined by the school authorities; for private school will be punished according to law.

    48th school faculty of the violation of the provisions of article 40th, criticized by the school of education, the circumstances are serious, shall be subject to punishment.

    49th student or guardian in violation of the provisions of article 45th, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 50th these provisions come into force on December 10, 2010.

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