Yunnan Provincial Transport Engineering Cost Management

Original Language Title: 云南省交通运输工程造价管理办法

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Yunnan Provincial transport engineering cost management

    (November 1, 2010 48th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Yunnan province by December 17, 2010 164th promulgated by the people's Government of Yunnan province as of March 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen transportation engineering cost management, increase public investment, promote the sustainable development of transport, under the People's Republic of China highway law, the construction cost management in Yunnan province Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article in within the administrative area of the province cost activities in the application of this method of transportation projects. Transport cost in these measures refers to transportation construction projects from planning to completion acceptance and delivery of all costs of operation and maintenance after use.

    Includes construction and installation costs, equipment and the purchase of equipment, construction costs, preparation of charges and costs related to the regulations of the State shall be included in the project cost.

    Third provincial transport administration authorities are responsible for the province's transportation engineering cost management state (cities) and counties (cities, districts) Department of transportation administration in accordance with the classification principles of management responsible for traffic and transportation engineering cost management.

    Provincial transport engineering cost management of project cost management in agencies responsible for transportation in the province.

    Article fourth transport project cost quota should be implementing national provisions not provided for in the national, formulated by the provincial Department of transportation administration and amendments in due course.

    Project cost quota of transport including:

    (A) the estimated target;

    (B) the budget fixed, fixed budget and expense quotas;

    (C) the duration of quota and quota;

    (D) the manpower and material (equipment) and construction machine-fixed;

    (E) quantities measurement standards;

    (F) the Government guidance prices or service fee rates;

    (VII) other costs specified in national and provincial quota.

    Transportation construction cost survey costs, design fees, supervision fees, special assessment and consulting agency service fee calculated according to the fixed cost, there is no fixed cost, price cost plus a reasonable profit.

    Article fifth transport project cost supervision qualifications, cost, qualifications assessment, measurement and payment, engineering changes, new unit price, price adjustment, performance evaluation, cost management systems. Sixth transport engineering cost management accountability.

    Corporate management responsible for the cost of the project; design control responsibility for investigation and design units on the construction cost; contract supervision responsibility for supervision unit to project cost; other entities and individuals according to their respective duties on the construction cost responsibility.

    Seventh transportation engineering design and review should be considered project, the project functions and investment conditions, pay attention to the design of technical-economic selection, scientific determination of construction scale and standard for projects with limited funding, limited design can be implemented.

    Investigation and design units should be in accordance with the survey and design specifications, codes, standards and infrastructure program project cost.

    Eighth transportation project investment estimation, budgetary estimate, budgets should be prepared according to the establishment's fixed cost. Preliminary design budgetary estimate should control the estimate allows you to adjust the amount of approved investment range. Approved budget limit on project investment control, unauthorised breakthrough.

    Encouraged by reasonable low price makes engineering design cost less than budget estimates.

    Construction budget should be kept within approved budget.

    The Nineth transport infrastructure operation and maintenance cost, based on design files should be fixed in accordance with the relevant cost of establishment.

    Tenth public bidding of traffic and transportation engineering, valuation based on engineering quantity list mode should be used, inventories should be consistent with national and provincial departments of transportation administration regulations.

    11th prepared by the tenderer the tender control corresponds to the price should not exceed the approved budget or budget, and report to the Department of transportation administration records.

    12th transport tender documents shall clearly cost matters, the employer and the contractor shall not enter into any further contract with the bid files are inconsistent.

    The employer should contract, involving adjustments supplementary cost in the 30th after the contract is signed, copies of the contracts submitted to the transportation cost management agency records.

    13th article engaged in traffic transport engineering cost pricing, economic evaluation, prepared bid control price, and bid quotes, cost supervision, tender agent, handle engineering settlement, and accounts, bear engineering cost Advisory and mediation engineering cost disputes, engineering cost business of units and personal, should has corresponding professional of cost qualification qualification, issued of cost file should meet industry standard and technology specification, and accept traffic transport administrative competent sector of supervision management.

    Unit and pipeline personnel should be at the cost of signature and seal on the documents, document authenticity, integrity, and cost responsibility.

    Cost documents issued by a violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not be taken as approval, bidding, contract or settlement payment basis. 14th transportation after project completion, legal person shall comply with the requirements of the project preparation of the budget of the project.

    The budget of the project organized by the Department of transportation administration review, not through a review of projects, not organizational acceptance.

    Administrative Department of transportation prior to completion and acceptance, shall organize the project cost management performance evaluation, the evaluation results should be open to the public.

    15th construction units and individuals engaged in transportation engineering, measurement of cost engineering activity shall not issue false valuation report shall not be misrepresented the project cost.

    16th transport routes engineering cost of units and individuals shall not be any of the following acts:

    (A) alter, resell, lease or loan qualification certificate or other forms of illegal transfer of certificate of qualification;

    (B) acceptance of tender and bidding or 2 or more bidders in the same project construction cost consulting business;

    (C) to give rebates or malicious down charges of unfair competition;

    (D) sub-contract engineering cost consulting business;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations. 17th in engineering cost of transport shall be encouraged in the development and application of engineering cost software.

    Development and sales of transportation computer software project cost quota, shall be identified by the provincial Department of transportation administration.

    18th transport employees of administrative departments shall establish a sound cost institutions and personnel system of credit management system and file integrity; due to violation by units and individuals shall be credited to their credit file, and to the public.

    19th transport cost management should establish and improve the transportation information collection system of project cost, building construction cost database, documents related to construction cost collect and publicize project cost information.

    Transportation cost when collecting information on the engineering cost management institutions, project developer, contractor, engineering cost consulting units shall support cooperation.

    20th national staff in the transport engineering cost supervision and control of abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    21st in violation of paragraph II of this article seventh, caused investment losses if the circumstances are serious, the transportation administration departments at or above the county level at the construction project 20% of the total design costs more than 5% fine.

    22nd article violates these measures stipulated in the 11th and 12th, the traffic administrative departments above the county level shall order rectification, warnings may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    23rd violates these measures stipulated in the 13th and 16th, the traffic administrative departments above the county level shall order rectification, the unit shall be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 Yuan on individual penalty of between 1000 and 300 yuan.

    24th in violation of the provisions of article 15th, transportation administration departments at or above the county level shall be ordered to return false part of the project, the hoax part 1 time times fined not more than 3 times constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 25th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2011.