Fuzhou Exhibitions Management

Original Language Title: 福州市展会管理办法

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Fuzhou exhibitions management

    (August 31, 2011, Fuzhou City people's Government at the 29th Executive meeting on September 23, 2011 51st Fuzhou people's Government promulgated as of November 1, 2011) first in order to support and guide the development of exhibition industry, optimizing the exhibition environment, promoting the rapid development of exhibition industry, protect the unit and individual legal rights of participation in the exhibition, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second show in these measures:

(A) "exhibition" refers to the organizers through the exhibition introducing exhibitors, in a fixed location within a certain period, through the display of goods, technology or services, products, services, trade and information, exchange of commercial activities.

    (B) the "will" is in a fixed location and within a certain time, on conferences and exhibitions held, by all kinds of departments, industry organizations, corporate-sponsored show in forums, seminars, meeting and other activities.

This approach applies to this article, five events are held within the city, except in the following events:

(A) operators to promote their production or management of products and organize marketing activities;

    (B) political, public exhibition and other non-commercial exhibitions.

    Fourth exhibition development should be market-oriented, internationalization and specialization, as priority, insist on industry self-regulation, the principles of orderly competition, protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties.

Fifth exhibition held include Organizer, organizer, organizer.

Sponsor is responsible for the development of exhibition planning and implementation of programmes, for the planning, organization and management of events.

Undertaker was commissioned by the organizers, is responsible for implementation of the exhibition the exhibition, promotion, security, transportation and other exhibition organization, operation and management of the unit.

    Co-organizers refers to the sponsors, the organizers planning, organization, operation and management of exhibitions units of assistance, can bear some of the matters related to the exhibition.

Sixth City Business Services Department is to the city's exhibition industry authority, responsible for events in the city's overall planning, supervision, guidance and coordination.

    Commerce, foreign trade, science and technology, tourism, public security, fire fighting, health and quality supervision, intellectual property rights and other related administrative departments, according to their respective functions, joint events and related management services.

The seventh article of the Municipal Association of the exhibition industry should develop industry standards and industry standards, in line with the Government and relevant departments in events coordination, service work, establish a self-discipline mechanism to guide members and standardizing operational actions, protect the legitimate rights and interests of its members.

    Exhibition industry associations acceptable to the Municipal Government commissioned the show statistics, assessment, information exchange and personnel training, and so on.

Eighth of municipal trade Services Department shall, in conjunction with finance, Commerce, foreign trade, tourism and other sectors of the city's exhibition industry development plan, approved by the municipal organization.

    City business services departments shall, in accordance with the exhibition industry development planning release exhibition catalogue for the guidance of the project. Nineth Exhibition Organizer, business services, shall, before November 1 of each year to the competent authorities to be held next year events planning and organization and implementation plans.

    City business services departments shall, according to the city's exhibition industry development plan review summary prepared the city for the next annual exhibition program, and announced to the public.

Tenth organizers should be held 45 days ago, business services, the following materials to the competent authority for registration:

(A) the application for the exhibition will be held (containing name, start and end dates, venue, exhibition scale, organizer name, and exhibiting goods or services, head of the exhibition, addresses, telephone numbers and other matters);

(B) hosting (hosting) valid legal person status documents;

(C) the exhibition organization and implementation plans (including event security and emergency plans for the programme of work);

(D) signing venues and venues prove;

(E) units involved in the association with the sponsors, contractors, proof, of holding the exhibition, organized by the cooperation of two or more, shall be submitted by Tim Parks, the contractor agreement;

(Vi) fair use "x" and other words, shall provide proof of previous exhibition-related materials;

    (G) trust organizers, exhibition units to apply for, you should submit a power of attorney.

11th city business services departments following application materials received, record review shall, within 5 working days, subject to this regulation, be registered, and to the public.

    Exhibition name, contents, organized unit, place and time for some reason need to change, hold to the original registration organ shall promptly apply for alteration registration procedures.

12th exhibition organized by the section name should conform to the following provisions:

(A) with other distinguished name, consistent with the content and scale of the exhibition;

(B) without the approval of the foreign economic Department, name must not use "international", "global", "Asia", "Asia-Pacific" and other words;

(C) without the approval of relevant State departments, show name must not use "national", "China" or "Chinese", "country", "Strait" and other words;

    (D) without the approval of relevant departments of the province, show name must not be used "Fujian", "eight min", "South-East" and "haixi" words.

    13th held in this city, a name identical or similar professional exhibitions, organizing periodic intervals of not less than one month, in principle.

14th brand within the three months before and after the opening day of the exhibition shall not be held in contents, same name, or similar event.

    Brand exhibition, business services, by the competent authorities and the relevant sectors and industry association evaluated and found that the selection process and results should be open to the public. 15th the organizers commissioned organizer of exhibition, shall sign a written contract, clearly the rights and obligations of the parties.

Without consent of the organiser, sponsor shall not be subcontracted, subcontracting and other forms of entrust other unit to host the show.

    Organizers or by an authorized sponsor Pavilion sign lease contracts, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

16th exhibition after the business services authority registered by the city, can be carried out exhibition information (advertising) publishing and exhibition activities.

Exhibition information (advertising) should be published on behalf of the sponsors, without organizer's authorization, organizers are not allowed to publish exhibition information (ads). Exhibition information (advertising) should be objective and realistic.

Prohibit the publication of the following information:

(A) the exhibition content, names are not consistent with the registration information;

(B) the different exhibitors exhibitors published conflicting information;

(C) false and misleading advertising;

    (D) other violations of laws, rules and regulations of advertising and other information.

17th exhibitors shall have legal operating qualification and corresponding scope of exhibits shall be in conformity with the relevant quality standards and the provisions of laws and regulations.

Exhibitors shall have the following behavior:

(A) display, sale product quality or the laws and regulations prohibiting the circulation of goods or services;

(B) infringement of intellectual property rights;

(C) false or misleading information;

    (D) unauthorized unauthorized outside sales exhibits.

18th organizer shall sign written contracts with exhibitors, specify the rights and obligations of both parties, agreed the liability for violations of the rights and interests of consumers. Before you sign a participation contract, organizers should require the Exhibitor to provide their documents match the 17th article conditions, establishment of Exhibitor's merchandise credit files.

    During the period of the exhibition will be held, the organizers should exercise supervision of the exhibitors.

19th the show should be in commercial use, the appropriate functional size, meet the health, fire and safety requirements and are authorized by the venues.

    Facility unit is responsible for the management and maintenance of facilities, there should be regular maintenance of complex equipment, facilities, and ensure that the venues, facilities and related equipment in good condition and running established venue security system, equipped with security, safety and fire protection work during the exhibition.

20th operation unit on-site inspection system should be established, following inspections for the period of the exhibition:

(A) the exhibition content is consistent with the declared material;

(B) the Organizer if there exist false propaganda;

(C) the exhibitors and exhibiting behavior is consistent with the relevant provisions of the measures;

    (D) other relevant information.

Article 21st of the relevant administrative departments should on-site supervision and inspection of exhibition events, organizers, exhibitors and complex units should conscientiously accept supervision and inspection.

    City business services departments shall establish a complaint handling system, public reporting and complaint calls and deal with various complaints during the exhibition.

    22nd organized unit according to the exhibition situation to develop intellectual property rights during exhibitions complaints handling rules, set up intellectual property complaints bodies, published complaints and deal with intellectual property complaints during the exhibition.

    The 23rd exhibition will be held during the purchase of goods or services, consumers, whose legitimate rights and interests are harmed, according to the consumer protection laws and regulations.

    24th City Business Services Department shall, in conjunction with city Commerce, foreign trade, and other relevant departments to develop event-related contract demonstration text, guides show the parties concerned signed a contract according to law.

25th organized unit statistics and assessments of the information on exhibitions and activities, and within ten working days after the end of the exhibition, information, business services, data and summary of assessment report authorities.

    Hall units per month should be reported to the city business services departments at the end of last month, has run the show.

Article 26th city business services departments shall, jointly with the municipal industry and commerce, foreign trade, tourism and other relevant departments to establish fair information service platform and credit file information systems such as databases, dynamic information events are published, as organizers, exhibitors and other advisory services.

    City business services departments shall, jointly with relevant departments according to the fair market of the integrated management, organizer, organizers, venues of the exhibition, exhibitors and other show business units assessed regularly publish illegal exhibition information and broken promises, and open to the public.

27th article violates these rules, any of the following acts by the municipal Commerce Services Department ordered corrective action, and liable to a fine of less than 10,000 yuan and 20,000 Yuan:

(A) events are held in city business services departments has not been registered;

(B) exhibitions, organizer, business services, to competent authorities when applying for registration concealing facts or deception;

(C) without changing the show's name, content and engage in matters such as exhibitors, exhibition activity;

(D) without assigning any other unit as host, Union organizers, contractors or organizer;

(E) the organizers, exhibitors engaged in activity that is inconsistent with title, content;

    (Vi) unauthorized release exhibition information;

    (G) host, sponsor or Pavilion units do not meet the qualification of units and individuals, and does not meet national quality standards provide places of goods regulations.

    28th article violates other provisions of this approach, involving all relevant departments in accordance with the People's Republic of China product quality law, and of the People's Republic of China consumer protection laws and the People's Republic of China advertisement law and other laws and regulations.

    29th trade, industry and commerce, technical supervision and other related administrative departments and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities; suspected of a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 30th article this way come into force November 1, 2011.