Amendment Implementing Rules For The Management Of Security In The Hotel Industry In Hebei Province

Original Language Title: 河北省旅馆业治安管理实施细则修正案

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Amendment implementing rules for the management of security in the hotel industry in Hebei province

    (October 9, 2011 Executive meeting of the Hebei provincial people's Government, the 95th considered by people's Government of Hebei province, October 20, 2011 [2011] the 10th release come into force on the date of promulgation), the first section of "the management of security in the hotel industry" is amended as "People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security." Two, the second is revised as follows: "where in the province provide residential services to the public within the administrative area of the hotel, hotel, hotels, bed and breakfast, Inn, Guest House, family-style hotels and other establishments, as well as provide the public with timed to take bath or accommodation services, recreation and holiday locations (hereinafter Hotel), these rules shall apply.


    Third, fifth paragraph (b) "in conformity with the People's Republic of China Fire Services Ordinance and other relevant provisions" is amended as "complying with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations."

    Four, eighth revised as follows: "Hotel Administration of public security shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) registration.

    1. designate a person responsible for registration;

    2. registrars are responsible for accommodation personnel identification documents, check people's identity information, and check in, check out, and promptly report to the public security organs.

    (B) the property holder.

    1. good accommodation officer custody of property registration, receive, transfer and other procedures;

    2. the property holder, devotion, allowed in the property holder meeting;

    3. accommodation personnel lost with respect to registration, managed to return to its owner;

    4. the suspicious and dangerous goods report to public security organs in a timely manner.

    (C) the guard on duty, room.

    1. guards on duty day and night, strict inspection personnel documents;

    2. someone on duty day and night, officer on duty is responsible for the room key management, with accommodation cards open the door; 3. find accommodation officers are suspects, wanted by the police officers or when cases, accidents occur in a hotel, to take measures to control, protect the scene and immediately report hotel security organizations and local public security organs.


    Of five, Nineth "passenger" is amended as "accommodation".

    (A) be amended as: "voucher register;

    1. Chinese accommodation based on identity cards, passports, seaman, and People's Republic of China permit for travelling to Hong Kong and Macao, who between Hong Kong Macau S.A.R. passport officers made by the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the Chinese people's armed police forces permits, police ID card, student card, certificates of civilian cadres, soldiers; the Hong Kong and Macao residents traveling to the Mainland pass; Taiwan resident mainland travel permit, People's Republic of China travel accommodation registration;

    2. foreigners ' passports, alien permanent residence permit, foreigners immigration card, seaman, an alien passport lost proof checked in; 3. without these documents, and issue relevant certificates to the local police station after check in.


    Six, 11th is amended as: "the following, respectively, as follows:

    (A) without police organ license engaged in hotel business activities of, by County (city, and district) above police organ law be banned, on responsibility people in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method at 10th above 15th following detention, and at 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; plot more light of, in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method at 5th following detention or 500 Yuan following fine; (Ii) hotel staff on accommodation personnel not by provides registration name, and identity documents type and number of, or knows accommodation personnel will dangerous material with into hotel not stop of, by County (city, and district) above police organ at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; hotel staff knows accommodation personnel is crime suspects or was police organ wanted of personnel not to police organ report of, at 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine, plot serious of, in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method

    5th following detention, may be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan;

    (C) hotel management personnel security violations, Hotel at risk of accidents, the County (city, district) above the public security organ shall order rectification refuses in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security detention of between 5th;

    (D) hindering public security staff perform their duties according to law, the County (city, district) over public security organs of the responsible person warned or fined a maximum of 200 yuan in serious cases, in accordance with the People's Republic of China above 5th, 10th of the law on administrative penalties for Public Security Department detained, may be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan;

    (E) use Hotel drug abuse, drug trafficking, gambling, dissemination of reactionary, pornographic material or engage in other illegal and criminal activities, in addition to outside parties dealt with according to law, counties (cities and districts) public security organ above the Visual circumstances, order a hotel within a reorganization, and responsible persons shall be investigated for criminal responsibility;

    (Vi) condition of hotel staff in the use of the unit, inducing, taking in and introducing prostitution or responsible persons for prostitution activities in this hotel left in accordance with the decision of the national people's Congress on the prohibition of prostitution be dealt with; (VII) theft claims for accommodation in staff cases handled by local public security organs.

    Caused by the security measures are not implemented which hotel, hotel or the responsibility for compensation for the economic losses, resulting from an accommodation Officer fails to comply with the hotel security, accommodation persons shall assume the responsibilities. Seven, 12th is amended as: "public security staff to duties at the hotel must produce documents, and civilized law enforcement, personnel shall not intentionally or hotel staff accommodation. The offender, by the public security organ depending on the seriousness of the offender.

    ” Eight, 14th amendment: "the party does not accept the decision on administrative penalty, complaint, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.


    Nine, by deleting article 15th.

    Ten, 16th to 15th and "publish" changed to "released". Third, the individual words have been modified.