Fushun Municipal People's Government On The Repeal And Amendment Of The Fushun City Infrastructure Construction Management Of Heritage Exploration, Eight Pieces Of Government Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 抚顺市人民政府关于废止和修改《抚顺市基建施工文物勘探管理办法》等八件政府规章的决定

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Fushun municipal people's Government on the repeal and amendment of the Fushun city infrastructure construction management of heritage exploration, eight pieces of government regulatory decisions (December 9, 2011 Fushun municipal people's Government at the 33rd Executive Meeting December 14, 2011 162th Fushun city people's Government release come into force on the date of promulgation) in order to better implement the People's Republic of China administrative mandatory law, maintain the uniformity of the legal system, the Municipal Government to special regulations in force in the city clean.

    Considered by the 33rd Executive meeting of the Municipal Government decided to repeal of the Fushun city construction regulations for exploration and management of 5 pieces of cultural relics, modified the Fushun city landscape lighting management approach 3 regulations. Fushun city government decided abolition of regulations 1, and Fushun city infrastructure construction heritage exploration management approach (Fu political sent (1994) 97th,) 2, and Fushun city foreign economic trade statistics work management approach (Fu political sent (1995) 30th,) 3, and Fushun city railway crossing security management approach (Fu political sent (1996) 34th, paper released municipal government 93rd, makes amendment municipal government 153th, makes Amendment) 4, and Fushun city energy-saving monitoring management provisional provides (Fu political sent (1997) 2

    ) 5, the livestock slaughtering and administrative measures in Fushun (municipal order 124th)

    Fushun municipal people's Government decided to revise the content of the regulations (a) of the Fushun city landscape lighting management approach

        1, sixth amendment for "landscape lighting of buildings, structures and sites of the following should be set as follows: (a) urban landmark buildings and structures; 

        (B) both sides of the main street of the city buildings and structures, (iii) large public facilities, bridges, River Terminal, public squares, green belt, parks, large flower beds, on both sides of River City and runs nightly cruise; (d) the urban landscape lighting planning of landscape lighting in the other should be set or buildings or structures. New construction, renovation or expansion of the above-mentioned project, the landscape lighting facilities shall be synchronized with the main part of the project design, construction, synchronization using.


    Section 2, delete the eighth.  

        3, and original 16th article adjustment for 15th article, which subsection (four) items modified for "lighting advertising not set lighting facilities of, sentenced 1000 Yuan following fine; damaged or lost bright not in provides time within repair of, sentenced 500 Yuan following fine, and deadline rectification;" (ii) Fushun city outdoor advertising set management approach 1, and sixth article modified for "has following case one of of, ban set outdoor advertising facilities: (a) using traffic security facilities, and traffic logo and residents residential floor roof, and wall body of; (B) the effects of municipal public utilities, traffic safety facilities, traffic sign used; (c) the use of street trees or broken by green (d), is a city landmark, representative, Memorial building, structure control areas, (v) across the road, and (vi) other outdoor advertising prohibited by laws and regulations or carrier. "2, 17th amendment for" breach of these rules, unauthorized installation of outdoor advertising, the municipal administration of comprehensive urban management enforcement agencies ordered to dismantle, fails to remove, apply to a court for mandatory enforcement according to law. Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions. "3, and 18th article modified for" violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, by city city management integrated administrative law enforcement sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, law application Court forced implementation: "(three) Fushun city city management relative concentrated administrative punishment right approach 1, and increased a article as eighth article" Chengguan law enforcement organ in accordance with People's Republic of China administrative punishment method, and People's Republic of China administrative forced method and Liaoning province administrative law enforcement program provides, provides program, Implementation of an administrative investigation rights, right of administrative punishment and administrative compulsory. "2, and original eighth article adjustment for Nineth article, which subsection (five) items modified for" law on violations involved of places, and facilities, and tool and items be seized, and seized; "3, and original 12th article adjustment for 13th article, modified for" Chengguan law enforcement organ law take seized, and seized, and evidence first registration save, measures Shi, should site making listing, stated items, and evidence of name, and type, and specifications, and number and intact degree,, by hosted people and party signature. Listing by City law enforcement organs and the party holds one copy.  

    "4, delete the original article 14th.  

    Regulations amended articles adjusted accordingly. This decision shall come into force as of the date of.