Set Open Government In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省政务公开工作规定

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Set open Government in Liaoning province

    (November 30, 2011, Liaoning Provincial people's Government, the 52nd Executive meeting on December 29, 2011 order No. 270, promulgated by the people's Government of Liaoning province as of February 1, 2012) first in order to promote and standardize the public work in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Article open in these rules refers to provincial, city and County (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) people's Governments and their subordinate departments and township (town) people's Government and authorized by laws and regulations to exercise the executive powers of Organization (hereinafter administrative authorities) open fulfil functions of the Government's activities to the public.

    Provisions of this article apply to the province within the administrative area of the public work.

    Fourth public affairs work should follow the law, the principle of full, truthful, timely, convenient.

The fifth province, city and County Government public affairs work within their respective administrative areas.

Provincial, municipal, County Government Public Works Department is responsible for the implementation of public works, on the level of government sectors, lower levels of Government and their openness to guide and supervise the work of the Department.

Supervisory organs shall conduct supervision on the public work.

    The township (town) people's Government is responsible for organizing the public work within their mandates.

Sixth provincial Center for open government information through the network of people to receive policy advice and public complaints and public feedback the result.

Authorities to open government information through their own media to receive policy advice and public complaints, public feedback the result.

    Hearts and minds network should be established with the administrative organs of public affairs media accepts Advisory complaints and feedback the result of coordination mechanisms.

    Article seventh May 15 of each year for the province's open day, the provincial chief public works departments in the Chief publicity activities in the province.

    The eighth administrative organs shall establish and improve open Government at work, determine the organizations and personnel responsible for public affairs daily, and to the public to name, address, telephone, fax, email and other contact information.

Nineth executive agencies released open government issues involving other administrative agencies, should communicate with the relevant administrative authorities, confirmed to ensure relevant administrative matters issued by the executive authorities the accuracy and consistency.

    Exposed by the Chief of the Executive in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State require approval, shall, before the open fulfil ratification procedures.

The tenth administrative organs shall take the initiative to open the following:

(A) the regulations and other normative documents of the administrative organs of the Government, as well as economic, social management and public services and other related documents;

(B) economic and social development plan, and the progress and completion of the project;

(C) other types of urban and rural overall planning, town and country planning and land use planning and its implementation;

(D) public financial budget report;

(V) major urban infrastructure construction projects of decision, public bidding, bid and project progress;

(Vi) effect of personal and property safety of the public outbreaks, disasters and other unexpected public incidents of forecasting, prevention, and emergency situations;

(G) housing, education, medical and health, poverty alleviation, social security, employment, household registration of the population and family planning policies, measures and implementation;

(H) environmental protection, public health, safety, food and drug regulation, product quality;

(IX) State-owned housing on land expropriation and compensation policies, measures, standards and implementation;

(J) the list of centralized government procurement projects, government procurement quotas, bidding, procurement of results and monitoring;

(11) relief and tax policy;

(12) special funds related to the public interest, the use of funds and monitoring;

(13) the examination of civil servants and elected officials in public terms, procedures and results;

(14) administrative organs are content, basis, procedures, time limits, service commitments, supervisory, administrative and other matters;

(15) the list of terms of reference, powers, basis, operating procedures and surveillance measures;

(16) the establishment of an administrative license, change and continuity, revocation, administrative licensing procedures and results;

(17) the basis for administrative punishment, standards of refinement and discretion, quantitative baseline, scope, type and scope of discretion;

(18) the administrative examination and approval, management service fees and administrative fees, fees and basis;

    (19) the public, involve vital interests of the public or general interest laws, regulations, rules and regulations should be disclosure of other matters by the executive authorities.

11th the following matters will not be made public:

(A) State secrets;

(B) the trade secrets protected by law;

(C) legally protected personal privacy;

(D) the executive organ in their daily work or access to internal management issues and uncertainty in discussion, research or review;

    (E) laws and regulations, other matters will not be made public.

12th expose chief administrative organ shall adopt the following matters:

(A) on radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other media from publishing; (b) in the Official Gazette, Government portals, hearts and minds network, open literature and publicity offices set bar, display, such as running the media from publishing;

(C) at press conferences, hearings, Advisory Council, the Council meeting;

(D) other open forms that are accessible to the public knows.

    Administrative organs shall set a query point, holding open days, service hotline answer and set up measures for social public through a public query Government information with ease. 13th the administrative organ shall prepare a list of open Government, open daily Government Affairs on a regular basis.

Is a stage, paragraph-by-paragraph open on a temporary basis shall be open at any time.

    The public concerned, involving matters of public interest, executive decisions should be made public before, dynamic open implementation process and results made public. 14th initiative open to administrative matters of modification, cancellation or termination, the administrative organ shall promptly publish and make notes.

    Citizens, legal persons and other organizing the active open-government objections and ask the Executive interpretation, correction, the administrative organ shall promptly interpretation, correction. 15th active belongs to the open range of public affairs matters, shall be from the open form or within 20 working days from the date of the change be made public.

    Provided that the term of the laws and regulations on public affairs matters otherwise provided, from its provisions.

16th relevant administrative authorities through the network of public policy consultation, policy documents should be provided accurate, timely feedback of the results of the consultation.

    Specific reasons for extension of reply, will the executive authorities shall inform the applicant, extend the deadline for reply shall not exceed 15 working days. Article 17th of citizens, legal persons and other organizations believe that the Executive does not perform the obligation of Government Affairs according to law, can contribute to the monitoring bodies, the public work Department or Executive complaints at a higher level.

    Accept the organ shall investigate and deal with complaints, and inform the complainant in writing within 15 working days.

18th administrative organs and their staff in violation of the provisions of article, any of the following circumstances, the levels on the supervisory organ or the administrative organ shall order rectification, may give notice of criticism are serious, adverse social repercussions, directly responsible in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given disciplinary actions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) failing to comply with open government obligations;

(B) delays in updates of open content;

(C) does not accept, respond in a timely manner of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, to complaints about public affairs work;

(Iv) attitude arrogant, style and rough;

(V) retaliation on the complainants;

(Vi) concealment or fabrication, tampering or destruction of open content;

    (VII) any other violation of the provisions of the Act. 19th the provisions come into force on February 1, 2012.