Shantou Special Economic Zone, Public Mobile Communication Base Station Management Requirements

Original Language Title: 汕头经济特区公众移动通信基站管理规定

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Shantou special economic zone, public mobile communication base station management requirements (March 5, 2012, Shantou City Government 3rd General Meeting March 26, 2012 announced as of May 1, 2012, Shantou City Government made the 137th) first in order to regulate public mobile communication base station management to guarantee the healthy development of public mobile telecommunication, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Telecommunications Ordinance, the People's Republic of China regulations on radio and the basic principles of the administrative regulations of Guangdong Province, radio,

    Combined with the Shantou special economic zone (hereinafter referred to as the SAR) in practice, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the scope of the special zone to set up and use public mobile telecommunication base stations and related management activities, these provisions shall apply.

Article III public mobile telecommunication base stations in these rules (hereinafter referred to as the base station), refers to the use of cellular mobile communication network system, digital trunking communication system, PHS wireless access systems and other technical systems of radio communication system, base station and Repeater.

    Public mobile communication operators in these rules (hereinafter referred to as operators), means access to basic telecommunications business license, within the scope of the special zone in construction of mobile communication network and providing the public with mobile communication business unit. Fourth, Radio Authority is responsible for setting and approval using the base station and so on.

Area (s) the competent departments responsible for the administration of responsibility pursuant to the provisions of the radio base station management.

Radio monitoring authority shall base stations electromagnetic radiation of electromagnetic environment testing and issue test reports, radio authority approval, for base stations set up and use to provide the technical basis.

    Other relevant administrative departments according to their respective functions, base station management related work.

Fifth of municipal radio authorities together with the municipal economic and information technology, rural and urban planning, housing and urban-rural development, land and natural resources, environmental protection, urban management, public security and other administrative departments, prepare base station of the SAR resource planning (including layout and siting requirements, the same below) and set technical specifications approved by the municipal people's Government to the public and organizations.

    Preparation of the base station of the SAR resource planning, shall comply with the town and country planning, land use planning, environmental planning and communication facilities construction planning, and seeking the views of operators.

Sixth operators need to set up your base station, to radio authorities shall, before November 30 of each year declared demand for base station setting next year. Radio, authorities, information industry, in conjunction with the competent authorities in accordance with the base station site resource planning, technical specifications, and operator requirements, prepare annual SAR base station setting a schedule approved by the municipal people's Government to the public and organizations.

    Adjusting the base station sets the annual plan shall, in accordance with its programming.

The seventh radio authorities on setting up and using the base station's approval, to use base station supervision checks and administrative penalties for operators, and so on, should serve as the basis for preparation of the base station of the SAR annual sets planned.

    Operators in violation of the provisions of the tenth article, third paragraph the exclusive site resources, not to set its base station needs within three years included in the base station settings program.

    The eighth set and use the base station base stations should be in line with the SAR resource planning, set annual plans and technical specifications public mobile communications development, adhere to the layout, the intensive setting, resource-sharing principles, promotes joint construction using the base station.

Nineth in city planning area and set up your base station in scenic areas, landscaping design and construction should be carried out, shall not violate city planning, shall not violate related regulations of the scenic area shall be placed on the urban landscape and landmark buildings, scenic landscapes, such as adverse effects.

    New or retrofit an outdoor base station, the base station should be landscaped and the design and construction of concealment.

Tenth Administrative Department of urban public facilities operators share base station resources should be facilitated.

Operators shall be passed with the base station of the property units sign the exclusive agreement or management units, such as exclusive base station resources. Encourage operators through consultations on an equal footing, reasonable share base station resources.

    Operators cannot on shared base station station site resources reached agreement of, any party can to City radio competent sector application coordination, by coordination still cannot reached agreement of, City radio competent sector can invited experts or third party institutions on shared by needed of technology conditions for assessment argument, meet shared conditions of, occupies station site resources of operators should and requirements shared of operators shared station site resources.

11th encourages operators to set up your base station to implement road-building of indoor distribution system, its devices can share distribution by site system to cover the fee.

Set the base station in the following place, should implementation of road-building of indoor distribution system:

(A) office buildings, high-rise residential, restaurant, hotel, hotel;

(B) sports and entertainment;

(C) major shopping malls;

(D) the underground car park;

(V) the party Office (secret place);

    (Vi) other indoor distribution system should be implemented in accordance with law of road construction sites. The 12th operator to set the base station shall be subject to approval of the Radio Department.

Competent departments shall receive base stations of the radio, set the date of the application in the 20th, in accordance with national and provincial regulations as well as base stations of the SAR annual sets planned, setting technical specifications, make the decision on whether to approve and advise the applicant in writing, approve, should be clearly set; not approved, shall state the reason and basis.

    Operators, radio settings for the approval of the competent authorities, shall, in accordance with requirements set up your base station.

13th operators should be since the date of the base station is set up in the 30th, the following apply to departments of radio, after a radio station licence, and inputs from the base station can be used:

(A) the base station settings the application form;

(B) technical data base station equipment;

(C) the base station settings the undertaking;

(D) base stations electromagnetic radiation test report, or with testing measuring electromagnetic radiation test of qualification issued in accordance with specifications and indicators requested the report;

    (V) other documents shall be submitted in accordance with law.

14th radio, competent authorities shall accept a radio station licence application date of 7th in the Organization to check the base station, through examination that meets the following conditions, issuing radio licences:

(A) the base station settings in line with national and provincial regulations as well as base stations of the SAR annual sets planned, setting technical specifications;

(B) the base station equipment in accordance with national technical standards;

    (C) the base station environment electromagnetic radiation intensity index level standards consistent with national health standard for environmental electromagnetic waves.

15th operators change radio stations licensed in the approved project shall be subject to approval of the Radio Department and re-issuance of radio licences.

    Operators deactivate or cancel the base station, to radio, authorities should go through the relevant formalities.

16th radio, the competent departments shall submit annual base station settings requirements, the application sets the base station and radio station licenses all the material required for the directory, in its offices and the public information Web site publicity.

    Radio, approval by the competent departments on a regular basis it sets and the use of base stations, in writing, information industry, told authorities.

    17th Radio Department every year to legally use the base station is in accordance with the provisions of the sampling, sampling ratio of not less than 20%; sampling qualified, issuance of inspection procedures.

    18th base station operators in setting up process, effective measures should be taken to minimize the impact on residents, nor permitted to alter the building appearance and endanger the safety of the building.

    19th no unit or individual may unlawfully demolished law used in base station, needed demolition, should ask the relevant operators agree, assumed by the entity or individual request demolition demolition costs, compensation for the resulting economic losses.

20th no unit or individual may obstruct operator stations are set up and maintained in accordance with law.

    When you engage in activities such as construction, production, cultivation, and shall not endanger the facilities and prevent the base station the base station work when exceptional circumstances likely to endanger the base station security, shall notify in advance the relevant operators, and to take the necessary safety precautions.

    21st in violation of the provisions of article 12th, unapproved set up your base station or set up base station does not follow the approved set of requirements, location of the base station Radio authorities shall order the stop settings, correct within a given a warning.

    22nd article in violation of the provisions set forth in the 13th, 15th, and is not a radio station licence put the base station into use, or modification of radio stations licensed in the approved projects, by the base station Radio Department, where a rectification; fails, fines of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan, and for the seizure or confiscation of base station equipment.

    23rd radio authorities discovered through sampling stations set up, use, does not have the conditions specified in these provisions, shall order rectification operators; if no rectification or correction does not meet the requirements, by the Radio Authority off the base station.

24th Radio Department and staff of one of the following acts, the directly responsible person in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) in violation of regulations, conditions and procedures for the preparation of base station sites resource planning annual sets planned, approved and base station settings and use the base station as well as the issuance of radio licences;

(B) their authorities by accepting, to obtain property;

(C) for violations of do not promptly investigated;

    (D) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in. 25th article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2012. Released on May 8, 2003 Government of Shantou, the 70th of the Shantou city public mobile communication base station management provisions of the repealed simultaneously.