Outdoor, Signboard, Lhasa City, Identity Management

Original Language Title: 拉萨市户外广告、牌匾标识设置管理办法

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Outdoor, signboard, Lhasa city, identity management

    (February 9, 2012, Lhasa city people's Government 1th Executive meeting announced on February 16, 2012, Lhasa city people's Government, the 37th since April 1, 2012) first in order to strengthen the city's outdoor advertising, plaque identifies the set of planning and management, creating a clean, beautiful environment, in accordance with the People's Republic of China advertisement law, the Lhasa city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration Ordinance and other relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to the urban area of this municipality, County (district) where the people's Governments as well as other regions where town management.

    Third article this approach by said outdoor advertising, is refers to using city public space and public, and built (frame) built real, and road, and municipal facilities, and transport, and water Shang floating real, and launch apparatus, and inflatable real, and Pavilion body, and wall (block),, to show brand, and neon, and glow font, and electronic displayed device, and lightbox, and ads, and publicity bar, and real model, and banner, and banners, and flag, for carrier form set of advertising.

    Identification plaques in these measures includes the unit name plaque logo and name plaque identifies the building.

    Fourth city, County (district) municipal city appearance Administrative Department is responsible for the area of outdoor advertising, plaque identifies the set of management.

    Municipal city appearance administrative departments in charge of the city outdoors advertisement installation administrative licensing work.

    Fifth of municipal administration for industry and commerce shall do outdoor advertising content review processes.

    City planning of land resources, forest green, housing and urban-rural development, quality and technical supervision, safety supervision, law enforcement and public security and traffic departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common to the city's outdoor advertising, the plaque identification management.

    Sixth of municipal land and resources planning department shall, in conjunction with the urban cityscape, law enforcement, housing and urban-rural development, industry and commerce administration departments and the County (district) people's Government, in accordance with the master plan, organize and make the city outdoors advertisement installation plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government promulgated after approval.

    Article seventh municipal city appearance administrative departments shall organize the preparation of technical specification of outdoor advertisements, submitted to the municipal people's Government promulgated after approval.

    The eighth article of the outdoor advertising market, should escape compliance of unified planning, rational distribution, standard security, aesthetic principles of civilization.

    The Nineth under any of the following circumstances, outdoor advertising ban:

    (A) the use of traffic signs, fire, electricity, telecommunications, postal and other public facilities;

    (B) the effect of traffic signs and traffic safety, municipal and public facilities such as fire or road traffic safety;

    (C) endanger the building (structure), building safety, public safety;

    (D) require green space or can affect tree growth;

    (E) other circumstances that impede the production of life, affecting the urban landscape.

    Tenth the following regional location, units, commercial outdoor advertising ban:

    (A) cultural relics protection units, historical buildings, city scene protection area and scenic construction control zones;

    (B) State agencies, schools, museums, libraries, cultural centers, public hospitals;

    (C) urban roads on both sides of the fence, the fence:

    (D) the city outdoors advertisement installation plan of other commercial outdoor advertising prohibited area, unit, location. 11th the city outdoors advertisement installation should be in accordance with planning and setting technical specifications, administrative license according to law.

    Without administrative permission, no unit or individual is allowed to set outdoor advertising.

    Outdoor advertisements set-up fees shall be in accordance with the approval of the price of standard.

    12th outdoor advertising applications, the following documents shall be submitted:

    (A) applications for outdoor advertisements;

    (B) the business license or other valid certificate of qualification;

    (C) outdoor advertisements set-up in the use of space, building (structures), proof of right of use or ownership of the facility;

    (D) outdoor advertising location diagrams, elevations and renderings;

    (E) involve stakeholders, interested parties acceptance of evidence shall be submitted;

    (Vi) for installation of outdoor advertising, should be submitted with the appropriate qualification unit design of outdoor advertising facilities;

    (VII) other material prescribed by laws, rules and regulations. 13th municipal city appearance Administrative Department upon receipt of the application for administrative license, according to the review.

    To qualify, the law made the decision on the administrative license grant set; do not meet the criteria, no administrative license according to law, and explain the reasons. Outdoor advertising shall be in accordance with the administrative licensing sets, locations, specifications and other requirements.

    Without administrative permission, may not be changed.

    14th outdoors advertisement installation location, form, size, color and pattern should be attached with the coordinate vectors, the surrounding environment, may destroy the attached carrier, the whole effect of the surrounding environment.

    15th administrative licensing sets business of outdoor advertising facilities, its screen vacancy shall not affect appearance city appearance affects appearance city appearance shall be published pursuant to the provisions of public service advertising.

    Public administrative permission settings of outdoor advertising facilities shall not publish commercial ads. 16th install outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the outdoor advertising-related standards and technical regulations. Outdoors advertisement installation settings, installing outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the relevant safety regulations. Should outdoor advertising outdoor advertising for routine inspection and maintenance of the facility, excluding security risks in a timely manner.

    Risks excluded the former outdoor advertisement set shall be visible warning signs at the scene and, if necessary, should be sent on duty to prevent accidents. 17th shall ensure that outdoor advertising outdoor advertising in good condition clean and tidy. Outdoor advertising facilities are damaged, skewed, damaged or soiled, faded, and setting shall be repaired or updated.

    Neon, illuminated fonts, electronic display boards, light boxes and other forms of outdoor advertising facilities are broken, damaged, repair, replace the front should be discontinued.

    18th outdoors advertisement installation license is revoked or expires is not continuous, outdoor advertisements shall in the municipal city appearance and removal of administrative authority within the prescribed time.

    19th set a plaque identifying in this city, shall meet the following requirements:

    (A) comply with the municipal city appearance standards;

    (B) store brand establishment should "store brand";

    (C) in the same building (structures) set on a wall plaque identifies, its height, size and specifications should be coordinated;

    (D) specification for plaque identifies the words used should be accurate and complete both in Tibetan and Chinese, in line with national and regional language specification;

    (E) plaque logo should be secure, neat appearance, and coordinate with the surrounding environment;

    (F) other relevant set plaque identifies the specification requirements.

    20th plaque identifies the set of people should strengthen the maintenance of plaque identifies, deface, structural damage, screen fonts are found damaged or incomplete display of the light effects, such as safety or appearance city appearance, it should be cleaned, repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

    21st in violation of these regulations section 11th, outdoor advertising without administrative permission, ordered dismantled by the comprehensive urban management enforcement sector; fails to dismantle, consists of comprehensive urban management enforcement departments torn, and a fine of 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fines; plot produced heavy, fined a maximum of 2000 more than 10000 Yuan. The owner or Manager cannot be determined, comprehensive urban management enforcement department in the public media as well as the location of the outdoor advertising announcements urging owners or managers to correct violations. Notice period of not less than 15th.

    Notice expires, uncorrected violations, comprehensive law enforcement law enforcement by the city administration dismantled. 22nd article violation this approach 13th article second paragraph provides, not by administrative license requirements set outdoor advertising of, by city management integrated law enforcement sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, by city management integrated law enforcement sector forced corrected, and can sentenced 200 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine; cannot take corrected measures of, by city management integrated law enforcement sector ordered deadline demolition; late not demolition of, by city management integrated law enforcement sector forced demolition,

    And liable to a fine of less than 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan.

    23rd violates this way to 15th, 17th, 19th, 20th article, consists of comprehensive urban management enforcement authority shall order rectification, and punishable with a penalty of 200 Yuan and 500 serious can be fined 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan fine.

    24th disobey article 18th, outdoors advertisement installation license is revoked or expires without extension fails to dismantle, consists of comprehensive urban management enforcement rectification, removal or remedial measures, and liable to a fine below 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan; situation is serious, and can be fined a maximum of 2000 more than 10000 Yuan.

    The 25th due to improper settings, maintenance of outdoor advertising facilities, resulting in personal injury or property damage, shall bear the liability of the outdoor advertisements.

    26th article of the municipal administrative organs and their staff in violation of the regulations, fails to perform the statutory duties or dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by a higher administrative authority or the relevant Department in charge shall command a correction, to directly charge and related persons shall be responsible for any crime, and handed over to judicial organs for handling. 27th article this way come into force on April 1, 2012. December 16, 1997 in Lhasa, Lhasa city people's Government released the outdoor advertisement, placard set regulations repealed simultaneously.

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