Shantou City Patent Incentives

Original Language Title: 汕头市专利奖励办法

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Shantou city patent incentives (May 4, 2012 Shantou 13th session Government 9th times Conference considered through May 24, 2012 Shantou Government makes 138th, announced since July 1, 2012 up purposes) first article for encourages and mobilization this city units and personal inventions of enthusiasm, improve technology innovation and patent protection level, promoted independent intellectual property technology of application, promote technology progress and economic development, according to People's Republic of China patent law, and Guangdong Province patent Ordinance, about legal regulations,

    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    Second City Government set up in Shantou city patent award (hereinafter referred to as patent award), reward for the city's economy, and units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of society.

    Patent award was set up the following awards:

    (A) in Shantou city patent award, Shantou city patent award of excellence;

    (Ii) designs, Shantou Shantou design award, award of excellence;

    (C) the outstanding inventor, Shantou City (design) award.

    Shantou city patent award, Shantou city patent award of excellence from the invention patent and utility model patent award. Review patent award once a year.

    Award quotas, Shantou city patent Gold Award project shall not exceed 4, Shantou city has excellent patent award projects shall not exceed 8; industrial design Gold Award project, Shantou city should not exceed 2, industrial design excellence award, Shantou city projects shall not exceed 4; excellent, Shantou city patent inventor (Designer) does not exceed 10.

    Recommend, review, and award of the third patent award, shall follow the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality, without unlawful interference with any organizations and individuals.

    Fourth, patent administrative authorities are responsible for organization of the patent award. The Fifth Municipal Government set up a patent Award Committee (hereinafter Committee), responsible for patent awards judging process.

    Assessment Committee by the relevant experts, scholars, to be elected by the patent Administration Department in charge of the city, after the Government approved the appointment.

    Review Committee Office in the city, the patent Administration Department, responsible for reviewing the Committee's work.

    Sixth Committee consists of a number of professional review group is responsible for all professional patent award for an initial assessment in the context of the work.

    Review Committee shall organize the professional review group, according to the professional characteristics of patent award of specific evaluation criteria.

    Article seventh patent award of the patent must be in the city and owned by individuals or in the city, no patent ownership disputes, inventor (Designer) eligibility disputes, patent invalidation disputes, and has not previously been granted patents at national, provincial, city patent award.

    Declared best of Shantou city patent inventor (design) award-winning inventor (design), must also have the city residence or work in the city.

    Eighth patent award criteria:

    (A) in Shantou city patent award, Shantou city patent award of Excellence Awards standard: the high level of patent technology, innovative or significant breakthroughs in technology to promote technological progress in this field has a prominent role to meet the industrial development direction; after the implementation has made significant economic or social benefits or potential; declare its use and protection in place, with remarkable results.

    (Ii) designs, Shantou Shantou design award, award of Excellence Awards standard: that patent in the shape, pattern, color or the combination of unique design and practical; after the implementation has achieved outstanding economic returns or social benefits; declare its use and protection in place, with remarkable results.

    (Three) Shantou excellent patent invention people (design people) award of awards standard: the invention people (design people) in patent technology programme in the made has important contribution, in key technology and technology problem of solution in the made has major technology innovation, or is more items patent of invention people (design people) or main invention people (design people); its patent in this city implementation Hou produced has significantly or potential of economic or social benefits. Nineth patentee or patent, patents, inventions, as well as organs, enterprises and institutions, city-wide industry association can be declared or recommended patent award projects and candidates stood for election.

    Declared or recommended patent award to run projects and programs of the candidates according to the following regulations:

    (A) the declarant or recommended units as required to fill in a single format returns, this approach and the tenth, 11th section provides effective and authentic materials, submitted to the respective District patent administrative authorities, municipal authorities or city-wide industry association.

    (B) the district administrative authorities, municipal authorities and city-wide industry association reporting criteria and award criteria eligible projects or candidate recommendation after the signing, reported to the Review Committee.

    Tenth Article Declaration, Shantou city patent award, Shantou city patent award of excellence and designs, Shantou Shantou design award, award of excellence, the following documents shall be submitted:

    (A) the Declaration of the Shantou city patent award;

    (B) the patent files and Patent Bulletin;

    (C) the validity of patents prove;

    (D) special market access for products related certificates;

    (E) economic, social proof patent;

    (Vi) design patent products in kind or models or photographs;

    (VII) the declarant is not the patentee, provided the legitimate right of patent documents;

    (VIII) other required materials.

    11th declared best of Shantou city patent inventor (Designer), shall submit the following materials:

    (A) the Declaration of the Shantou city patent award;

    (B) valid identity papers and served to prove, (c) and my patents related to the certificate;

    (D) economic, social proof patent;

    (E) other required materials.

    12th Review Committee Office of the participating projects and review candidates, respectively submitted to the Review Committee the professional review of the qualifying Group, after the initial assessment by a professional review group presented awards, incentive and award-winning candidate's comments, reported to the Review Committee.

    13th professional review group review, the Review Committee reviewed comprehensively the views, award-winning projects, awards, and judges of the award-winning candidate, reported to the municipality for approval.

    The 14th article of the city obtained a Chinese patent or patent award of Guangdong Province and individuals can report within three months from the date of award-winning matching rewards. Winners shall be submitted to the jury Office returns and related supporting documents.

    After the Office Review Committee and approval of the bonus awarded to winners of the municipal government. 15th patent certificates of award issued by the municipal government, bonuses.

    Award-winning projects, award-winning and award-winning candidates published in the Bulletin of the Shantou City Government.

    16th patent prize money as well as review funding included in the budget for the financial year.

    17th patent award projects unit, municipal Government awarded bonuses should be not less than 30% inventor's award-winning project (design), by not less than 20% of the incentives of the patent made substantive contributions to the project implementation units and individuals.

    18th patents inventor Award project (design), Unit Awards and related performance should be credited to my file, and can be used as assessment, promotion, assessment title, employment and technical positions based on one of the. 19th patent awards judging subject to public supervision and publicity system. Review Committee review before the Government approved resolution shall be made to the public, disagrees with the entity or individual, you can publish the objection period submitted to the Review Committee.

    Review Office after receipt of the objection, the Committee should review to verify in a timely manner, and will review the results reported to the Review Committee, review decision by the Accreditation Committee.

    20th units or individuals with improper means of obtaining patent award by the municipal administrative authorities for patent approval of the Municipal Government can revoke the reward recovery certificates and prizes, and cancel the units or individuals in the past two annual patent awards eligibility.

    21st recommended units providing false data, materials, assisting others in obtaining patent awards, by the patent Administration Department informed criticism; the circumstances are serious, cancel its recommended qualification; persons who are directly in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities.

    22nd associated personnel involved in the patent award in accreditation activities in the fraud, or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities.

    23rd of municipal Administrative Department for patent under this approach to implementation details. 24th article this way come into force on July 1, 2012. April 1, 2005, issued by the Municipal Government of the Shantou city patent incentives to be abrogated.