Administrative Measures For The Social Service Institutions In Guiyang City

Original Language Title: 贵阳市养老服务机构管理办法

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Administrative measures for the social service institutions in Guiyang City

    (May 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on May 21, 2012 Guiyang municipal people's Government made the 8th release come into force on July 1, 2012) first in order to strengthen the management of social service institutions, and promote the healthy development of pension services, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second social service institutions in these measures refers to national, social organizations, enterprises and individuals for the elderly run by the conservation, recovery and managed services for old-age care institutions.

    Third social service institutions should comply with national laws, regulations and policies, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of service object.

    Fourth area (city, County) people's Government shall, in accordance with economic and social development needs, develop social service institutions for development planning, and integrate them into local economic and social development plan. Fifth is responsible for directing the city's social service institutions for public service management.

    Area (city, County) the Home Department are departments of social service institutions for their respective jurisdictions, to operational guidance and supervision and management.

    Sixth set of social service institutions should comply with promulgated by the Ministry of social service institutions for planning and benchmarking.

    Seventh registration of enterprises according to law, legally established organizations or individuals with full civil capacity (hereinafter the applicant), where conditions may, in accordance with the regulations of the corresponding bid for social service institutions.

    Eighth bid one bid at the social service institutions, shall submit the following documents to the Department:

    (A) the application, feasibility study report;

    (B) the qualification certificates of the applicant;

    (C) the proposed sources of financing for social service institutions for supporting documents;

    (D) the proposed social service institutions for permanent documentation.

    Pension institutions for non-profit social welfare institution, the applicant shall comply with the requirements and the above materials, with social service institutions for local civil affairs departments to apply for social welfare agencies setting procedures.

    Foreign organizations and individuals, overseas Chinese joint venture, cooperation, held in the form of social service institutions, according to the relevant State regulations.

    Bid for profit social service institutions, it shall be to the industrial and commercial administrative organs for industry and commerce registration, license to local civil affairs departments at the county level in the 30th after the record.

    Nineth pension services Division, merger or change of name, articles of incorporation, domicile, legal representative (Chief), the scope of services, it shall be registered with the local Civil Affairs Department and related departments for change.

    Tenth social service institutions for business or for some other reason to terminate the pension service, 3 months in advance of termination of services report to the local Civil Affairs Department, appropriate arrangements for the service object, liquidation and cancellation of registration formalities to register with the relevant departments in accordance with law.

    11th pension service departments when the lease or transfer of fixed assets shall be registered by the civil affairs departments and after the agreement of the authorities, the relevant procedures. 12th construction of social service institutions, planning and construction departments should give priority to the planning site in the convenient, good location ...

    Belong to the non-profit welfare service agencies, enjoy the following preferential policies:

    (A) waive or lower limit collection of municipal construction charges;

    (B) the land sector allocation for, on behalf of the social service institutions may not change the use of land acquired shall be subject to any mortgage, transfer;

    (C) water, electricity, gas, according to local residents with water, electricity, gas implementation;

    (D) the exemption for personal use property, land, property tax, land tax, to provide pension services exempt from sales tax, to enjoy income tax preferential policies for the Western development;

    (E) the Civil Affairs Department under the social service institutions for the number of beds, occupancy of proper construction, operation subsidies.

    13th social service institutions should be with their clients or their families (guardian) signed a service agreement specify the responsibilities, rights and duties of both parties, its main contents include:

    (A) the name (name), address, identity, contact information;

    (B) the content and the mode of service;

    (C) fees and fee payment;

    (D) the duration of service and locations;

    (E) the rights and obligations of the parties;

    (Vi) modification, rescission and termination of the contract conditions;

    (G) liability for breach;

    (VIII) dispute;

    (IX) other matters agreed.

    Service contracts in General, the term not exceeding 5 years and may be renewed after the expiration of the contract. 14th Endowment service institution shall establish and perfect rules and regulations and service standards.

    The rules and regulations and service standards should be posted, and reported to the Home Department.

    15th social service institutions for old-age service shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) according to the client's level of ability of daily life and care standards, the implementation of grading nursing service, where the ratio of nurses to take care of the elderly is not less than 1:10, and semi-nursing older people no less than 1:6, and nursing the elderly proportion of not less than 1:4;

    (B) preparation of the nutritious diet of the elderly on a regular basis, reasonable disposition suitable for older people eat meals; dietary requirements to establish special accounts and send to older persons and their dependants the public accounts on a regular basis;

    (C) the requirements are equipped with qualified medical practitioners, nursing staff;

    (Iv) characteristics suitable for the elderly, rehabilitation activities and cultural and sports activities;

    (E) regular physical check for admission to elderly people, and setting up health records, infectious diseases of old age, and social service agency shall promptly take the necessary isolation and treatment measures and inform the placing out;

    (F) establishing 24-hour duty system, well aged care work;

    (G) regular equipment maintenance and inspection of the facility, ensuring the safety of facilities and equipment;

    (VIII) establishment sanitation and disinfection system, periodic disinfection of tableware and home for elderly, regular cleaning bedding and clothing for the elderly to maintain clean indoor and outdoor.

    16th social service institutions should care for the elderly people admitted, without discrimination, maltreatment and abandonment Services object.

    Except with the consent of the civil affairs departments, social service institutions shall not be admitted to non-elderly.

    17th social service institutions should be service fees, standard home, price authorities and to the public, the implementation of price, subject to public supervision.

    18th financial management of social service institutions should be strengthened, their earnings shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the distribution, and consciously accept the departments such as the financial, auditing, monitoring and supervision of the service object. 19th Endowment service institution shall conduct donation activities.

    Shall not accept any political conditions attached, such as donation.

    20th Endowment service institution in its foreign relations should comply with the relevant national laws, regulations, and strict approval procedures.

    21st welfare agencies should strengthen staff training and vocational education.

    The 22nd civil affairs departments at the county level should be carried out on a regular basis the work of social service institutions for annual inspection, municipal civil affairs departments should be on the work of social service institutions for regular or periodic checks.

    23rd social service institutions for violations of these rules, any of the following acts, a rectification by the home sector, to engage in non-business activities, punishable by fines of less than 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan; engaging in business activities, illegal gains shall be punishable by 3 times the following fines not exceeding 30000 Yuan, no illegal income, 2000 more than 5000 Yuan the following fines:

    (A) failing to the Home Department for organizing, business, change and termination procedures;

    (B) without changing the nature of the use of social service institutions for land and uses;

    (C) exceed the approved registration scope of service Endowment service activities;

    (Iv) does not comply with the relevant provision of pension services. 24th article this way come into force on July 1, 2012.