Guiyang Vehicle Lease Order Management

Original Language Title: 贵阳市机动车租赁治安管理办法

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Guiyang vehicle lease order management

    (May 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government on May 25, 2012, Guiyang municipal people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 6th) first to strengthen the vehicle leasing industry security management, effective prevention, reduction and punishment of the advantage of a leased motor vehicle violations and ensure healthy development of motor vehicle leasing industry, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests and social order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second nature of the various types of non-operating within the administrative area of the city motor vehicle lease order management activity, these measures shall apply.

    Article III vehicle leasing in these measures refers to motor vehicle lease qualified individual businesses and enterprises according to law (hereinafter "motor vehicle leasing"), as lessor, in accordance with the motor vehicle rental of the contract, all of its use or management of motor vehicle leased to a lessee for use does not provide driving service, charged by the lessor to the lessee the rent Act.

    Fourth city public security organs shall be responsible for the city's motor vehicle leasing public security administration, district and County (City) motor vehicle leasing public security organs shall be responsible for the area public security administration.

    Industrial and commercial, tax, transportation, urban management, price, safety production supervision departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do a motor vehicle lease management of public security work.

    Article fifth lease security registration management system and leasing information management system.

    Article sixth motor vehicle leasing activity in the city, according to relevant business licensing procedures before starting, vehicle leasing business activities had been undertaken since 301 days from the date of implementation of this approach, to the municipal public security authorities to apply car rental security registration procedures, and complete vehicle rental information as required.

    Motor vehicle leasing business establishment shall promptly of any car rental related information information management system for vehicle leasing.

    Article seventh conditional leasing of motor vehicles should be installed the following equipment for vehicle rental information management:

    (A) computer and related equipment;

    (B) the security management software;

    (C) for the rental vehicle in accordance with the prescribed conditions and working of GPS vehicle positioning system.

    Security management services provided for under the preceding paragraph software, free of charge by the public security organs for vehicle leasing application security registration of motor vehicle leasing offer.

    Article eighth vehicle rental households to apply for vehicle rental security registration, the following documents shall be submitted:

    (A) the rental order application form for the registration of motor vehicles;

    (B) the business license, and the Organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and other, copy and copy;

    (C) copy of ID card of the legal representative and;

    (D) rental of vehicles, driving license and vehicle registration certificate copy;

    (E) the place and the parking lot photos of each one;

    (Vi) practitioners a valid proof of identity and a copy of;

    (G) authorize others to handle, shall also be submitted by the client and a copy of proof of identity, the power of Attorney;

    (VIII) is a foreign-invested enterprise, also need to submit the related approval documents and photocopies;

    (IX) other materials need to be submitted.

    Nineth public security organs shall accept a motor vehicle lease order within 3 working days from the date of filing the application, to meet the conditions and material complete lease of motor vehicles police registration certificate will be issued; do not meet the conditions, the material is not complete, inform the applicant in writing and state the reasons. Article tenth of the motor vehicle lease order includes an original and a copy of the registration certificate, printed by the municipal public security authorities.

    Original recording motor vehicle lease order registration number, vehicle leasing business name, registered address, date of issue, for filing documents type and the validity period of the primary information, copies of records motor vehicle leasing, acceptance inspection records and other related information.

    Leasing of motor vehicles shall record registration certificate in motor vehicle lease order prominently publicized their premises. 11th motor vehicle rental households rented vehicles, rental contract with the lessee.

    Vehicles leasing contract shall set forth the following major items:

    (A) the name or names of the parties, identity document type and number, residence;

    (B) the name, type, and license plate number of vehicles;

    (C) the lease purpose, duration, rent and the method of payment;

    (D) vehicle safety responsibilities;

    (V) renew the lease, swap, sublet agreement;

    (F) modify or rescind the terms of the contract;

    (VII) breach of contract and settlement of disputes;

    (H) other matters agreed by the parties.

    The public security organ or competent authorities should develop vehicle leasing contract demonstration text in the Guiyang municipal public security online.

    12th vehicle leasing business operators shall rental contract with the lessee within 3 working days from the date of entry into force submitted to the municipal public security authorities for the record or vehicle leasing contract related information input motor vehicle rental information management system.

    13th motor vehicle rental households in the Administration for industry and commerce registration is changed, shall, in accordance with the law change within 3 working days from the date of registration, to a city public security organs or into the Guiyang municipal public security network for the people handling rental security registration procedures.

    14th motor vehicle lease business operators shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) ensure the rental vehicle to meet national safety standards;

    (B) the good faith management according to law;

    (C) to carry out regular security and compliance education practitioners;

    (D) the implementation of various security measures and requirements for public security organs;

    (E) rental vehicle, license verification of identity of the lessee and shall not rent vehicles to no valid identity documents and non-qualified personnel;

    (F) keep track of the use of rental vehicles, use of rental vehicles is found to have engaged in illegal activities, report to public security organs or any other relevant administrative departments in a timely manner, is strictly prohibited without permission or undeclared;

    (VII) shall not be altered, forged or altered, lent, swindle or sell the leasing of motor vehicles police registration certificate;

    (H) on taxi safety checks, to detect and eliminate risks;

    (IX) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    15th the lessee shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) the leased vehicles to provide a valid identity document and driver's license, city officials which are not required by the municipal officials to provide security;

    (B) the strict observance of relevant laws and regulations of the road traffic safety management;

    (C) without consent of the owner leased vehicles, leased vehicles leased, mortgaged, must not be pawned or sold;

    (D) other behaviors prohibited by laws, rules and regulations.

    16th motor vehicle lease, the lessee shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) to obey and cooperate with the public security organs of public security management and supervision and inspection;

    (B) the proper use of the rental vehicle security devices shall not be removed without authorization, conversion;

    (C) not use rental vehicles to participate in illegal rallies, processions, demonstrations and other activities, shall be without prejudice to the Security Administration;

    (D) shall not use rental vehicles or disguised illegal passenger transport and illegal shipments of such activities;

    (E) shall not use leased vehicles engaged in other illegal acts shall provide facilities for violations.

    17th the lessee of any of the following circumstances, vehicle leasing business operators may refuse to enter into or terminate the rental contract:

    (A) the use of leased vehicles engaged in illegal acts;

    (B) damage to leased vehicles;

    (C) other circumstances as stipulated in the laws, regulations or contract.

    18th public security organs shall establish a vehicle lease order management archive.

    19th report to the public security organ shall publicize complaints telephone to receive motor vehicle leases related reports and complaints of the public security management.

    Any unit and individual have the right to police complaints, to report violations of these rules and the use of rental vehicles for illegal activities.

    Article 20th rental households in violation of the regulations, any of the following circumstances, be punished by the public security organs in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) is not the rental registration formalities, rectification, it fails, fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan;

    (B) vehicle rental information has not been submitted to the public security authorities, or rental information has not been recorded information management system for vehicle leasing, rectification, it fails, a fine of less than 200 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan;

    (C) knowing that the lessee leased vehicles engaged in illegal activities or found violations by rental vehicles, do not report to the public security organs or any other relevant administrative departments, fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan;

    (D) being altered, forged or altered, lent, fraud or the sale of the motor vehicle rental security registration certificate, penalty of between 1000 and 500 Yuan RMB.

    During the 21st car hire, road traffic offences or illegal passenger transport by rental vehicles, illegal cargo operations by the public security traffic administrative department or the city passenger transport and transport functions and powers, shall be punished according to law for the executive authorities.

    Vehicle leasing period, damages caused by traffic accidents, road traffic management in accordance with laws and regulations of relevant provisions and the People's Republic of China Law on tort liability provisions of 49th.

    22nd article violates these rules, other laws, rules and regulations on administrative penalties, shall be punished according to law.

    23rd vehicle rental households in violation of the provisions of article bad records, credited to their credit file by public security organs and sites open to the public by Guiyang municipal public security for the people.

    24th public security organs and their staff in the leasing of motor vehicles public security and dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in, by its superior departments, or other departments with administrative privileges shall be ordered to correct, in charge and other personnel directly responsible for handling according to law. 25th article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.