(October 11, 2012, Consideration By The Wuxi Municipal People's Government At The 6Th Executive Through October 31, 2012, Wuxi Municipal People's Government, The 128Th Published Come Into Force On December 1, 2012)

Original Language Title: (2012年10月11日无锡市人民政府第6次常务会议审议通过  2012年10月31日无锡市人民政府令第128号公布  自2012年12月1日起施行)

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(October 11, 2012, consideration by the Wuxi municipal people's Government at the 6th Executive through October 31, 2012, Wuxi municipal people's Government, the 128th published come into force on December 1, 2012)

    Wuxi municipal people's Government Executive meeting the 6th meeting decisions of the Wuxi city animal aquaculture pollution prevention regulations, the Wuxi city road traffic safety management measures, Wuxi, outdoor advertising regulations amended, Wuxi, lease management methods:

First, the management of Wuxi city animal aquaculture pollution prevention 1. the eighth article is changed to "no existing livestock farms in the region, by city (County) and district people's Government ordered to relocate or close fails to relocate or close, has not moved or shut down notice, and the consequences have been, or will cause pollution, the host cities (counties), district people's Government may, in accordance with the performance.


Wuxi city, second, the management of road traffic safety 2. will 45th article second paragraph modified for "has Qian paragraph subsection (ii) items, and subsection (three) items behavior of, on illegal installation, and hanging of device, and items, and signs, police organ traffic management sector should ordered demolition; late not demolition, by urged told still not demolition, and consequences has or may against traffic security of, police organ traffic management sector can law generation perform, be collection and destroyed.


Three, the Wuxi city outdoor advertising regulations

3. modify the 28th as "any of the following circumstances, by the city administration of penalties in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) does not meet the outdoor advertising outdoor advertising facilities planning and setting technical specifications, a rectification; fails to mend, can be fined a maximum of 2000 more than 5000 Yuan. (B) unauthorized installation of outdoor advertising facilities, or after expiration of the set is not in accordance with the provisions of outdoor advertising facilities dismantled, rectification or removal, can be fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan; late refused to remove the violations, administration administration torn by the city or the people's Court for compulsory removal.


Wuxi city, and the leasing regulations

4. the fourth amendment as "lease management should adhere to the main block, territorial responsibility and management according to law and combining efficiency management, rental management and population management principles. Lease management should be integrated into community management scope.

” 5. the fifth paragraph is changed to "city housing, leasing, and the Housing Authority are the administrative departments responsible for the guidance and supervision of leasing in the city. "And one paragraph is added as the second paragraph of" City (County) and district housing and rental housing authority is the jurisdiction of administrative departments, is responsible for the supervision and management of rental housing within their respective jurisdictions.

” 6. the seventh article is changed to "forbidden to rent housing provided for in the preceding paragraph, the authorities informed, shall promptly notify the rental housing Administrative Department, the Department of housing lease administration established ban on rental housing information database.

” 7. the article is changed to "residential housing must have basic life and safety facilities, shall not be separated after the building of the House for rent.

Residential rental housing should be based on an original design for residential room space for the smallest rental unit, per capita floor area shall not be less than 12 square metres. The original design for the kitchen, bathroom, storage room and a balcony, no rental housing for officers.

” 8. will 11th article second paragraph modified for "party itself established housing rental relationship of, rental people should told tenant people and and tenant people with common handle housing rental registration record procedures; through housing rental intermediary institutions established housing rental relationship of, housing rental intermediary institutions should written told housing rental party common handle housing rental registration record procedures, and in 2nd within will rental information entry city housing rental information collection system.

9. the 19th paragraph (d) is amended as "according to planning for housing purposes, the structure of and the fire safety requirements for the housing, without changing the leased properties shall not be separated in the House after the building to sublet, or carry out other acts of illegal construction;" 10. an article shall be added as article 20th "property service enterprises shall assist the competent administrative departments of leased premises rental lease management related work. Find lease violations by the parties, real property service enterprises shall be discouraged, and reports on related departments.

” 11. amend article 21st "intermediary service institutions engaged in lease, shall handle the registration and business license within 30th of, to leasing, where administrative authorities for the record.

” 12. amend article 23rd "breach of these rules, leasing intermediary service organization without written housing rental registration lease formalities or not timely entry of housing rental information, the Department of housing lease administration rectification with imprisonment for more than 500 Yuan 1000 Yuan fine.

” 13. an article shall be added as article 25th "breach of these rules, residential rental housing does not meet the minimum rental flats, rental area is less than the minimum area per capita, or separated after the building for housing rental, lease responsible for the administrative authorities shall order correction within; it fails, can be fined 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fine. "14. the 24th to 26th, and modified to" breach of these rules, leasing intermediary service institutions not to seat leasing executive departments, the Department of housing lease administration rectification; it fails, can be fined a maximum of 1000 more than 5000 Yuan.

15. the 27th amendment as "non-residential rental housing with staff quarters, their part of the rent, it shall be handled in accordance with the measures of residential rental procedures. Government pricing of public housing, low-rent housing rental management, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

In addition, under this part in the decisions on the above government regulations, paragraphs, the order of items is adjusted accordingly.

This decision shall take effect on December 1, 2012. More government regulations, corresponding amendments shall be made according to this decision, republished.