Tibet Autonomous Region, Mineral Resources Exploration And Development Supervision And Administration

Original Language Title: 西藏自治区矿产资源勘查开发监督管理办法

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Tibet Autonomous Region, mineral resources exploration and development supervision and administration (July 21, 2013 Executive session of the 9th Tibet Autonomous Region people's Government through the people's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, on July 25, 2013 released come into force on the date of promulgation, 119th) first to strengthen the supervision and administration of mineral resources exploration and development, ensure the scientific and rational development and utilization of mineral resources, and safeguarding national ecological security barriers and realize ecological civilization construction and economic development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on mineral resources, the Tibet Autonomous Region, regulations on the management of mineral resources

    And other relevant laws and regulations and practical, these measures are formulated.

    Second autonomous region within the administrative area of the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources to apply these measures.

    Article III mineral resources exploration and development to implement strict approval, access, control and management system, crack down on all kinds of illegal exploration and exploitation Act. Fourth red line of mineral resource exploration and development should take a strictly ecological and environmental protection.

    Not by environmental impact assessment projects, will not be approved. The fifth exploration and development of mineral resources should strictly observe safety red line.

    Failed the safety assessment of the project, shall not be approved. Sixth mineral resources exploration and development should take a strictly social harmony and stability of the red line.

    Failed the community risk assessment project, will not be approved.

    Article seventh unless approved by the State outside the major mineral resources exploration and development, mining rights in the administrative areas of the autonomous region set up and transfer, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the approval, by the Department of land and resources audit, autonomous regional people's Government, "a pen" for approval.

    Sand, stone and clay mining rights by regional (City) land and resource administration audit (City) area (Government) approval.

    The eighth people's Governments at various levels are management and the responsibility of maintaining the order of mineral resources exploration and development, and Chief and in charge of the head should strengthen its laws and regulations, planning, coordination, supervision and inspection of the implementation of policies and responsibilities, ensure that the orderly exploration and development of mineral resources in their respective administrative areas.

    Competent authorities responsible for the administration of land and resources at all levels within the mineral development and mine geological environment supervision and management work, investigate and punish acts of illegal exploitation, maintain normal order of mineral resource exploration and development.

    Development and reform, industry and information technology, public security, supervision, human resources and social security, environmental protection, water conservancy, forestry, business, safety, meteorology Department, in accordance with the duties, in accordance with the supervision and management of mineral resource exploration and development. Nineth State land and resources administration based on mineral resource planning, industrial policy and market supply and demand situation, preparation of plan of mining rights, making the annual launch plan, autonomous region people's Government to the public.

    Exploration rights and mining rights according to law by way of bidding selection determining the winning bidder. Tenth article applies strict threshold for access to mineral resource exploration and development and qualification systems, exploitation of mineral resources should be commensurate with the scale of reserves.

    Production equipment and geological, surveying, mining and other professional and technical personnel should meet the need of production.

    11th mining right shall be approved in accordance with the exploitation of mineral resources development and utilization programme activities, while mining and mineral resources should live together comprehensive recovery and associated minerals, avoiding waste and ensure rational utilization of mineral resources.

    12th geologic environment of mining rights should be paid in full restoration margin, taking environmental protection measures, implementation of mining environmental restoration of the responsibility. 13th mining rights should strengthen safety production management, develop safety procedures, and strictly enforced. Should be carried out within the area of operation of geological environment and disaster risk assessment, development of appropriate preventive measures.

    Mine safety facilities should be linked to mine construction and design, constructed and run at the same time. 14th mining rights should undertake social responsibilities.

    Encourage farmers and herdsmen to participate in development or employment in mining areas, establish a reasonable benefit-sharing mechanisms and jointly build a harmonious mining area, and maintain social stability.

    15th levels of people's Governments and relevant departments to establish joint law enforcement oversight and coordination mechanisms, the State and the autonomous communities banned mining of mineral resources and regional regulatory and investigate and punish illegal exploration and exploitation of mineral resources Act against the illegal transfer of mineral exploration right or mining right.

    16th the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources of enterprises, eco-environmental protection and safety measures are not implemented or implemented in place, in accordance with the permission in accordance with law by the local people's Government or the higher level people's Governments shall be ordered to stop production and rectification; fails to rectify, revoked licenses.

    17th undocumented exploration and exploitation of mineral resources exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, mining, beyond the approved range State and autonomous region banned mineral resources, State and autonomous region banned area of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, land resources, environmental protection and other relevant departments shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of business responsibility.

    18th article around (City), and County (city, and district) Government and the land resources, related sector not perform regulatory duties or regulatory poor, ultra vires approval mineral exploration mining project, not perform mineral resources exploration development "three article red" regulatory responsibility of, by superior Government or wing door main head for interviews and informed; caused major effect and loss of, held main head and is in charge of head and the directly responsibility people of responsibility; suspected crime of, law transferred judicial organ processing.

    19th the people's Governments above the county level shall accept social supervision of mineral resources exploration and development, and establish and improve reporting incentives announced telephone hotlines play a monitoring role.

    The 20th article of the approach by the autonomous regional people's Government is responsible for the interpretation. 21st article this way come into force on the date of promulgation.