Administrative Measures On Rail Transit Construction In Fuzhou City

Original Language Title: 福州市轨道交通建设管理办法

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Administrative measures on rail transit construction in Fuzhou City

    (Released September 4, 2013, Fuzhou City people's Government, the 59th since November 1, 2013) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the planning and construction of urban rail traffic and guarantee of urban rail transit construction smoothly, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city track traffic construction and its related management activities.

    Article rail transport in these measures refers to the city's subway, light rail and other urban rail public transport system, including planning, rail transportation, rail under construction and operation of rail traffic.

    This approach by said track traffic facilities, is refers to for guarantees track traffic system normal security operation and set of track, and tunnel, and viaduct and the subgrade, and station (containing out entrance, and channel, subsidiary), and wind well, and vehicles paragraph, and parking, and control center, and substation (by), and vehicles, and electromechanical equipment system and the other subsidiary equipment,, and for guarantees track traffic operation and set of other related facilities.

    The fourth article of the urban rail transit implementation plan, stage construction, the principles of safe operation.

    Rail transit construction combined government investment and raise funds.

    Fifth of municipal people's Government of unified leadership and overall arrangement of urban rail transit planning and construction; subway construction headquarters, Fuzhou responsible for daily rail traffic engineering construction command coordination; Fuzhou Metro limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as rail transit construction) is responsible for implementing rail transit construction.

    Development of urban and rural planning, construction, and reform, land and resources, civil air defense, housing and real estate management and other administrative departments and the relevant counties (cities) district people's Government shall, in accordance with their respective functions do the rail construction related work.

    Electricity, water, drainage, gas, communications and other related units, shall cooperate with the rail construction to ensure the smooth construction.

    Chapter II administration of planning

    The sixth rail rail transit network planning including planning and mass transit construction program.

    Transportation planning a seventh track shall conform to the national economic and social development planning, into the overall urban planning. Rail transit plan formulated by the municipal development and reform the administrative departments in charge, and in accordance with the procedure provided for approval.

    Approved rail transit shall not be changed without permission.

    Eighth of municipal urban planning administrative departments should be under the rail transit planning, in conjunction with the Ministry of land and resources departments to produce mass transit in land use planning and control detailed planning, planning for rail transit construction site management and control.

    Plans for rail transit construction land, adjustments shall not be changed without legal procedures.

    Nineth of municipal urban planning administrative departments should be combined with traffic, transfer needs and site conditions allow transit transfer hub, car parks and other public facilities.

    Special tenth track traffic construction land reserve system.

    , Land and resources administrative departments should track traffic, related public facilities construction into rail transit construction of land expropriation (requisition), and coordinate mass transit construction land, and allocation procedures.

    Chapter III administration building

    11th track traffic capital construction project management of construction shall be conducted in accordance with the national provisions and approval of rail transit planning.

    Rail transit construction should in rail transit construction preliminary design before the track rail transit construction projects around the existing building (structures) and urban infrastructure to carry out investigation and documentation.

    Rail transport units shall in accordance with the relevant requirements of the State of rail transit construction project safety and quality risk assessments. 12th track traffic construction implementation of "underground priority" principle.

    Rail traffic of underground construction, no upper limit of land ownership or the right of ownership.

    Temporary occupation of underground and surface rail traffic construction, floor space, above and adjacent buildings, structures and land owner, the holder shall provide the necessary facilities.

    During the 13th track traffic engineering construction, railway construction should take measures to protection along the top and around the existing buildings and structures, underground pipelines and facilities security. Rail transit construction units in rail transit construction project technical protection and monitoring measures, the relevant units and individuals shall cooperate with protection.

    No units or individuals may damage or unauthorized mobile surveying control point along the rail transportation construction projects.

    Built around the 14th track traffic construction (structure) or communications, electricity, water, heating, drainage, gas, civil air defense projects, such as pipelines, rail transport units shall organize a survey, design, relevant units and individuals shall cooperate with authorities, property rights, provide details.

    Units for rail transit construction along the need to enter the building (structure) inside the building (structure) monitored or identified, advance notice in assistance to owner, owner shall provide cooperation. 15th due to rail transit construction must be dismantled or migration related municipal infrastructures, rail transit construction should consult with the property unit, property unit concerned shall cooperate.

    You can recover, rail transit construction unit should be restored after construction is complete; cannot be undone, should build alternative facilities. 16th due to migration of rail transit construction pipeline is needed, the pipeline property unit shall cooperate, negotiated migration scenarios and to contribute to the implementation of the pipeline.

    According to the original standard migration, pipeline relocation costs borne by railway construction unit; pipeline property to raise standards or increase the pipeline capacity, number of units, improved or increased costs borne by the pipeline property units.

    During the 17th track traffic engineering construction and public security traffic Administrative Department shall develop local and regional traffic relief plan, urban traffic emergency treatment programmes.

    18th commercial development projects need rail transport facilities in Dock Gate shall be subject to Government approval, a project sponsor and rail transit construction access agreement on matters such as ownership of channel, owners should bear the construction cost of the project.

    19th track transport units shall in accordance with environmental protection, heritage conservation, management of city appearance and environmental sanitation laws and regulations provides that rail traffic during the construction of environmental protection, conservation, city appearance and environmental sanitation work.

    The 20th track traffic construction project surveying, design and construction (including equipment), supervision, assumed by the unit with appropriate qualifications and adherence to national and local standards.

    21st track transport units shall clear duties of safety and quality, survey, design, construction, supervision and other units to implement safety and quality management.

    The relevant administrative authorities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the rail traffic engineering construction supervision and management of construction safety and quality.

    22nd after completion of the rail, engineering preliminary inspection should be carried out; the beginning of acceptance, can be run without passengers tried; try the satisfactory operation and basic operating conditions, test run can be carried out.

    The 23rd track traffic construction units shall collect, organize rail transit engineering construction file, upon acceptance of the works, in accordance with the regulations in a timely manner to the relevant administrative authorities and urban construction archives management transfer of rail transit engineering construction file.

    Fourth chapter of protected area management

    The 24th rail setting controls the protected areas and ensure smooth rail transit planning, construction and after the completion of the operation.

    Control the range of protected areas planning lines for: Central line rail planning to the baseline, and a width of 60 meters on each side.

    Under construction and completed the line to control reserves for:

    (A) underground station and lateral within 50 metres of the tunnel structure around the outer edge;

    (B) ground station and elevated station and track lateral within 30 metres of the outer edge;

    (C) the entrances, the wind Pavilion, cooling towers, substations, control centres and other buildings (structures) line and Depot buildings structure (parking) lateral within 10 metres of the land;

    (D) the tunnel, across the minjiang bridge lateral within 100 metres of the outer edge.

    25th in rail traffic control establishment of rail transit within the special protected areas, specially protected areas are as follows:

    (A) underground station and lateral outer edge within 5 metres of tunnel structure;

    (B) the elevated station and elevated horizontal lateral projection within 3 meters of engineering structures;

    (C) ground stations and the ground line of lateral edges within 3 meters of embankment or cutting;

    (D) entrances, the wind Pavilion, cooling towers, substations, control centres and other buildings (structures) line and Depot buildings structure (parking) lateral within 5 metres of the land;

    (E) the rivers, lakes and other waters of the tunnels, bridges and structures outside the sideline outside within 50 meters;

    (F) high-voltage cable trenches horizontal lateral projection within 3 meters.

    Due to geological conditions, or other special circumstances, the city urban planning administrative departments to track traffic control protected areas and reserves adjusted.

    26th the following activities in the rail traffic control within the protected areas, owners or construction unit should develop rail transportation infrastructure protection programme, with the consent of rail transit construction approval, according to the relevant procedures of approval procedures:

    (A) the new construction, alteration, extension or demolition of buildings (structures);

    (B) the drilling and excavation (Groove) excavation, blasting, pile foundation construction, soil, Earth, jacking, grouting, anchor jobs;

    (C) excavation of new ponds, River canals, quarrying digging sand, drill water, underground water;

    (D) laying pipeline, crossing or crossing rail transport operations;

    (E) in rivers, lakes and other waters of the tunnel section of dredging the river channel and anchor or drag anchor jobs;

    (Vi) other acts that may affect rail transportation facilities.

    The 27th article in the context of rail transport special reserve, apart from the necessary municipal, landscape, environmental, and civil air defense projects, not for other construction activities.

    28th in rail traffic control and special protected areas within the building, design and construction programme should be organized by the owner not less than 3 demonstrate the participation of experts in the field of urban rail transit and strictly in accordance with the programme of construction, municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the supervision and management of construction activities. 29th track traffic construction of rail traffic control should be protected areas and reserves within the regular inspection of construction projects and found construction work endangers or may endanger the safety of rail transportation facilities, you can require that construction work units to stop work and take appropriate security measures.

    Construction work unit refused to stop working, rail transit construction units shall promptly report to the municipal construction Administrative Department.

    To endanger the security of mass transit facilities, municipal construction administrative departments shall instruct the construction units to stop work immediately and dealt with according to law. 30th laying in the rail traffic control protected areas and reserves within the underground pipeline, the owner or holder of pipeline inspection, maintenance, and management should be strengthened to ensure pipeline safety, without affecting the security of mass transit facilities.

    Rail transport units shall provide necessary facilities.

    The fifth chapter safety and emergency management

    31st track traffic construction project feasibility study, to demonstrate its safe production conditions and safety assessment; at the time of the preliminary design, rail transport units shall entrust a qualified design unit to project risk assessments of safety and quality design.

    32nd track traffic construction project safety facilities should be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into production and use; completion of security facilities or test run completed, should acceptance evaluation of safety facilities.

    33rd track traffic construction should set production management, establishing accident prevention, reporting and management system, implementation of dynamic security monitoring system, work safety.

    34th track transport units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions on the administration of production safety, equipped with the necessary safety warning flag is set and rescue equipment, and to maintain its good performance.

    Rail transit construction unit should develop rail transportation emergency solution, regularly organize emergency rescue team walkthroughs, rail rescue ready at any time.

    35th rail transit construction accidents, rail transport units shall in accordance with railway emergency disposal programme, take prompt and effective measures to prevent accidents expanded to avoid or reduce casualties, and promptly report to the municipal people's Government and the relevant administrative departments.

    Article 36th track traffic construction accidents, city Administrative Department, the accident area and County as well as power supply, water supply, gas supply, telecommunications, and other units, shall, in accordance with rail transportation provisions of the emergency preparedness, emergency and rescue.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    37th approval in accordance with this regulation, without authorization in the rail traffic control and special protected areas within the building, the municipal administrative departments for urban and rural planning, building law; losses caused, shall bear the liability for damages.

    The 38th in the rail traffic control protected areas and reserves within the construction job was not to implement effective protection plan, or reject rail transit construction unit safety monitoring by the municipal administrative authorities shall order the suspension of construction improvement; losses caused, shall bear the liability for damages.

    39th against rail traffic engineering construction of units and individuals, by the relevant competent administrative department in charge shall command a correction; losses caused, shall bear compensation responsibility; the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

    40th relevant administrative authorities, rail transportation unit and its staff to perform the duties as provided herein, or other Act of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority, who, by their departments and units shall be ordered to correct; the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 41st these measures come into force November 1, 2013.