Fire Safety At Jiangxi Province, Combined With Management Rules

Original Language Title: 江西省合用场所消防安全治理规定

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Fire safety at Jiangxi province, combined with management rules

    (October 14, 2013 13th General meeting October 20, 2013, Jiangxi provincial people's Government of Jiangxi provincial government announced order No. 207, come into force on December 1, 2013) share places first in order to prevent and reduce fire hazards, the protection of personal and property safety, maintaining public security, in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire control law and the provisions of the Fire Services Ordinance and other laws and regulations in Jiangxi province, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

Article combined with fire safety in places of governance within the administrative area of the province, these provisions shall apply. Sharing places in these rules refers to accommodation and the production, storage and management of one or several uses hybrid set in indoor places in the same connected space.

    Included in the small workshop, processing, Internet cafes, shops set inside and pedicures, bath places such as personnel or civilian residential buildings not only accommodation but also engaged in production, storage and marketing.

Third people's Governments at various levels shall perform fire-fighting duties, implementation of the responsibility system of fire safety, within the administrative area of the production, Stockpiling, dense region of undertakings to carry out fire safety at share special activities, the sharing place for not complying with the safety requirements set by regional organizations to implement reform, reasonable Ribbon separate accommodation with the production, storage, management functional areas.

    Competent departments of people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with the industry, the characteristics of the system, develop fire safety checks and set sharing sites or share places on illegal fire hazard exists, supervising in a timely manner.

Fourth public security organs and fire authorities should strengthen the fire laws, regulations and rules of the promotion, supervision, and mentoring, assisting the Unit well combined fire awareness in educational work. Public security fire control institutions to share places of fire supervision and inspection.

    Police station of superior public security organ to determine shared premises according to law within the scope of supervision and inspection routine fire inspection.

    The fifth village (neighborhood) Committee should assist the Government and Police Department to carry out fire safety publicity and education, conduct fire safety inspections found illegal build shared sites or shared sites fire hazards, and promptly report to the local government or a public security organ.

Sixth article combined with site owners or occupiers must comply with fire laws, rules and regulations and the relevant fire safety requirements, carry out fire safety duties to protect with fire safety measures in place.

    In a contract, lease or delegate management, set within the architecture of the management of shared space, the owner shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, provides compliance with fire safety requirements for buildings; people should be responsible for fire safety measures in place.

Combination of settings is prohibited in places seventh in the following buildings:

(A), operate inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are produced and stored building;

(B) in accordance with national fire protection technical standard of engineering construction, building fire resistance rating for the following three-level and three-level architecture;

(C) the factories and warehouses;

(D) the building area of more than 2500 square metres of shopping malls, markets and other public buildings;

(E) underground construction;

    (Vi) public places of entertainment.

The eighth article seventh outside following share sites that have been set in the building, accommodation part thereof should be separated from the non-residential parts, and set up an independent evacuation facilities:

(A) building height greater than 15 metres;

(B) the building area of more than 2000 square meters;

    (C) the accommodation of more than 10 people.

Nineth in seventh, eighth building share has been set up in places other than the article, and does not have the accommodation and non-accommodation part completely separated, shall take the following fire safety requirements:

(A) sharing a place setting of automatic fire alarms or detached smoke detection alarm;

(B) between accommodation and non-residential parts of fire-resistant partition, it cannot be separated, set sprinkler facilities or local application of automatic sprinkling facilities;

(C) part residential and non-residential part set separate evacuation facilities, it is really difficult, independent assisted evacuation facilities.

    Not more than 2 layers, the gross floor area of not more than 300 square meters and stays of no more than 2 people, there is difficulty in implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, personnel should be set on the first floor, and through an outdoor exit.

    Combined tenth place of evacuation routes and safety exits must be kept clear, evacuation routes and exits the width should meet the needs of people, and to ensure easy evacuation in fire opened from the inside.

    Sharing sites should be in accordance with the provisions of article 11th configuration fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and fire-fighting equipment and facilities, and to ensure that fire-fighting equipment and facilities in good working condition.

Combined 12th place electrical products and gas appliance installation, use and the wiring and piping design, installation, maintenance, testing, shall conform to the technical standards and regulations.

    Share the site personnel should be safe with fire, electricity, oil, gas, and not allowed to connect a temporary line, pipe; may not be used outside the kitchen or place a liquefied petroleum gas tank, flammable liquid, place a liquefied petroleum gas tank of fireproofing measures should be taken in the kitchen, and set the natural ventilation window.

    Combined 13th place users should foster knowledge learning, participate in fire safety knowledge and training, corresponding fire protection, alarm and fire-fighting personnel evacuation methods and organizations. 14th article sharing site inspection staff on duty must implement the inspection system on duty, carrying out inspections on duty responsibilities, duty inspections found in fire hazard, should take immediate measures to eliminate hidden dangers.

    Inspection staff on duty did need temporary accommodation in place, stays on duty shall not exceed the number 2, and accommodation should be through an exit.

    15th with site owners, users should regularly carry out fire prevention inspection and does not meet the requirements of this provision, timely corrective action, corrective action is still unable to meet the requirements of, prohibited personnel.

16th public security fire control institutions, police stations should rely on the socialization of fire prevention network, share places for fire fighting supervision and inspection within the scope of diagnostic troubleshooting, documentation and found fire hazards, and put forward rectification opinions in a timely manner, and establish a system of regular visits, supervising law implementation.

Public security fire control institutions, police stations should set up telephone hotlines, encouraged citizens to report violations of these provisions and fire hazards, report content and organization investigated and processed in a timely manner.

    Share sites public security organs found in the region there are major fire hazards that affect public safety, shall make a written report of the people's Governments at the corresponding level; people's Governments shall promptly verify receipt of the report, organization or to instruct the departments and units concerned to take measures to remedy. The 17th public security fire control institutions, police stations and its staff shall carry out inspection duties in accordance with statutory terms of reference and procedures.

Public security fire control institutions, police stations, fire fighting supervision and inspection to the staff shall be approved by the head of the unit; inspection, shall produce certificates.

    Public security fire control institutions and their staff members shall not use their posts for a user, the construction units or disguised form of specifying brand of fire protection products, sales or technical services, fire equipment and construction units.

18th the seventh article in violation of this requirement to the fifth, eighth and Nineth provides, apply to premises not complying with the technical standards in accordance with the People's Republic of China article 61st of the fire control law shall be punished.

    Violation of the provisions of the seventh the sixth provision, combined set in public entertainment places by public security fire control institutions of rectification, and fines of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    12th 19th in violation of these provisions provides that the sharing place for electrical products, gas appliances installed, use its lines, pipeline design, laying down, maintaining, testing not complying with the technical standards and regulations, in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire 66th of the law shall be punished.

20th public security fire control institutions, public security police personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage in any one of the following acts, does not constitute a crime, he shall be subject to punishment:

(A) found suitable sites fire hazards do not inform relevant units or individuals, corrective action, or has not established a system of regular visits to supervising implementation;

(B) use their posts to the specified or disguised specified fire-fighting products, brands, sales or technical services, fire equipment construction unit;

(C) against fire safety complaints are not processed in a timely manner, resulting in serious consequences;

    (D) other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty or engages in. 21st completely separated in these rules refers to do not open doors and Windows opening firewall and fire resistance of not less than 1.

5 hours of floor are separated. The fire compartmentation in these rules refers to fire resistance of not less than 2-hour fire walls and fire resistance of not less than 1.

    5 hours of floor are separated when when really necessary to open the door in the wall, should be normally closed class b fire doors. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on December 1, 2013.