Liaoning Provincial People's Government Decision On The Repeal And Modification Of Provincial Regulations (Amended In 2013)

Original Language Title: 辽宁省人民政府关于废止和修改省政府规章的决定(附2013年修正本)

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Liaoning Provincial people's Government decision on the repeal and modification of provincial regulations (amended in 2013) (December 21, 2013, Liaoning province, the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government, the 15th through December 25, 2013, Liaoning Provincial people's Government announced order No. 286, come into force on the date of promulgation) in order to implement the State Council and the relevant decisions of the provincial government on canceling the decentralization of administrative approval items, change government functions according to law, the provincial government to clean up the regulations.

After cleaning, the provincial government decided to:

And abolition of the management of urban landscape greening in Liaoning province, 5 provincial government regulations.

Second, to modify parts of 12 provincial government regulations.

    This decision shall come into force as of the date of. Annexes: 1.

      Liaoning Provincial people's Government decided to abolish regulations 2.

Liaoning Provincial people's Government decided to amend Annex 1 of the regulations repealed by the Liaoning Provincial people's Government for decision rules 1.

Administrative measures on urban greening in Liaoning province

(July 1, 1989, the provincial government announced that Liao and Chief (1989), 60th) 2.

Implementing rules for the placement of demobilized conscripts in Liaoning province

(December 20, 1989, the provincial government announced that Liao and Chief (1989), 111th) 3.

Administrative measures on family midwives in Liaoning province

(January 7, 1998, the provincial government announced that Liao, Chief Executive's Office (1998), 1th) 4.

Liaoning Provincial people's Government with regard to enlistment river training works built and maintenance of enterprises with foreign investment decisions

(Released February 19, 2002, the provincial government, the provincial government made the 137th) 5.

    Halal food production and operation management in Liaoning province (January 18, 2003, the provincial government announced that provincial governments the 155th)

Liaoning Provincial people's Government decided to amend Annex 2 regulations (amended in 2013) A, and article tenth of the implementation measures for the management of kindergartens, Liaoning province, is revised as follows: "kindergartens implement quality rating, according to the fees. Kindergarten grade standards and measures shall be formulated by the administrative departments of education of the province. Public kindergarten fees approved by the municipal governments; fees private kindergartens kindergarten approval authority and pricing departments at the same level.

Second, the 13th article of the Liaoning Provincial Science and technology incentives is amended as: "Department of the provincial government, no longer setting up science and technology awards. "Social power community-oriented science and technology award, rewarding activities shall not charge any fee.

Delete the 37th. Three, of the Liaoning province public security technique management provisions of the Nineth is amended as: "the design scheme of technical prevention establishment must comply with the relevant national security technology industry standards and regulations.

Design scheme of technical prevention establishment construction should be sent public security authorities as follows:

"(A) secondary risk safety technology with a total investment of 5 million Yuan or above, approved by the province, the public security organs; "(Ii) three levels of risk level or security technology with a total investment of more than 1 million Yuan less than 5 million Yuan, the municipal public security authorities, submitted to the provincial public security authorities for the record.


16th section is revised as follows: "sale of national production license certification and quality management of technical security products and imports of technology products, according to the relevant State regulations. "Technical security products sales unit must establish purchase verification system.


The 21st section is revised as follows: "production technology products to the public security organ for the record and do not go through the relevant formalities, by the public security authorities imposed a fine of 10,000 yuan fine. "The production and sale of fake, shoddy technology products by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, shall be punished.

” Four, the measures for the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes, Liaoning province, the 16th is amended as: "forbidden to close, leaving idle or dismantling industrial facilities and sites for prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes prohibited good I shut down, idle or dismantling facilities and sites for solid waste disposal. Needed to close down, leaving idle or dismantling industrial facilities and sites for prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, must be approved by the county environmental departments; it is necessary to shutdown, idle or dismantling facilities and sites for solid waste disposal, must be approved by the local city or county environmental health administrative departments and approved by the Environmental Protection Department, and take measures to prevent pollution of the environment. Environmental health administrative departments and the Environmental Protection Department shall, upon receiving the approval date of the application to reply within the 20th.

” Five, the Liaoning Provincial engineering investigation and design market article 21st of the regulations is amended as: "reconnaissance and design after the contract is signed, engineering investigation and design units have to project location municipal construction Administrative Department for engineering investigation and design project record.

” Six, Liaoning province, will be the Nineth rural water project management methods is amended as: "the rural water project in rural water conservancy construction projects shall conform to professional planning.

Construction projects are completed, they should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State or province, and acceptance. "No unit or individual without changing the design. Alteration, shall be submitted to the original examination and approval authority before approval.

” Seven, the administrative measures for the prevention and control of vector in Liaoning province article eighth of modified to: "the food safety supervision and management departments in the implementation of food production and operation license and health Administrative Department at the time of implementation of hygiene license, vector prevention and control should be used as one of the conditions of approval. For prevention, disinfection facilities are not complete and vector density exceeds the control standard, shall not be issued a license.

    Delete the 14th article. The 20th article is revised as follows: "(a) prevention and disinfection facilities inadequate, vector density over control of food production and operation units and business premises, relevant licenses issued.

” Eight, of the Liaoning Provincial and township land use tax measures for the implementation of the fifth amendment: "the city and county governments should be based on the facts, will land in this region is divided into several levels within the range established at the provincial people's Government, formulate corresponding tax rate applicable, submitted to the provincial people's Government for approval before implementation.

” Nine, and by deleting to Liaoning province deed provisional implementation approach sixth article first paragraph, and second paragraph, and will third paragraph modified for: "land resources and the property management sector, and real estate business enterprise and trading market, about sector and units, should assist levy organ do deed collection work, to deed levy organ provides land right ownership and the transfer transfer contract, and with to reply, and land right card of using, and has announced of land benchmark premium, and housing ownership, and real estate trading, and real estate development and completed, and House ownership and use of information relating to levy taxes.

” Ten, and will Liaoning province enterprise safety subject responsibility provides 13th article second paragraph modified for: "dangerous items of production, and business, and store and using number constitute major dangerous source of enterprise and mine, and metallurgical, and building construction enterprise of main head and safety management personnel, should by has engaged in security training work by need conditions of institutions for training, and by about competent sector on its safety knowledge and management capacity assessment qualified rear can served. Assessment shall not be charged. Other business principals and administration of production safety, should be engaged in the security conditions required for training of the training institutions and to the appropriate training certificates.

    Third, Liaoning province, in the people's air defense facilities regulations in the 17th "must be approved by the competent administrative Department of the civil air defense work" is amended as: "must be approved by the municipal administrative departments in charge of civil air defense work."

In the 18th ", above, no unit or individual without approval by the competent administrative Department of the civil air defense work" is revised as follows: "any entity or individual without the approval by the competent administrative Department of the civil air defense work."

    12, by deleting the small coal mine in Liaoning province, regulations on the safety management in the 14th and 31st in the first "coal production license".

31st article is revised as follows: "(c) has failed to meet the safety conditions of exploitation of coal resources, and ordered to clean up; if still does not meet the requirements of, the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with the provisions of the State Council permission to be closed down according to law; the relevant Department shall revoke the license;"

    By deleting the 31st in the fifth "coal production license revoked."

The 33rd article of the "coal production license" is amended as "safe production license". In addition, the changes to these regulations in the relevant text, the order of some of the provisions of the regulations have been adjusted.