Nanning Government Decision On Amending The Regulation On Grain Circulation, Nanning City,

Original Language Title: 南宁市人民政府关于修改《南宁市粮食流通管理办法》的决定

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  In order to advance the reform of administrative examination and approval system and transformation of government functions according to law and promotion and protection in the management by the prior government approval to more ex-post monitoring, further stimulating market vitality, development and social creativity, according to relevant national and State requirements, the City set basis, limits on administrative examination and development of non-public ownership economy regulations and registration pre approval basis to clean up.

After cleaning, it was decided to make the following changes in the grain circulation management method, Nanning city,: first, delete the 13th article.

Second, by deleting the 17th seventh.

Third, by deleting article 33rd.

In addition, the relevant provisions in order to make adjustments.

This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

The management of grain circulation, Nanning city, corresponding amendments shall be made according to this decision, republished. , Nanning city, food circulation management approach (on April 30, 2009 City Government makes 25th, announced, according to February 17, 2015, Nanning city, Government on modified straddling, Nanning city, food circulation management approach of decided for Amendment) first chapter General first article for protection food production who enthusiasm, maintenance food operators and consumers lawful rights and interests of, specification food circulation order, guarantees place food security, according to State food circulation Management Ordinance and the about legal, and regulations provides,

This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city engaged in grain purchase, storage, transportation, processing, marketing, import and export operations (hereinafter referred to as the food business activities), these measures shall apply.

Article establishing and improving grain circulation system of regulation, market regulation, give full play to the basic role of market forces in allocating resources for food.

Government encourages and supports various forms of ownership market players engaged in the food business activities is strictly prohibited illegal means to impede the free flow of food.

Fourth municipal grain Administration Department is the Administrative Department of grain circulation, is responsible for city-wide food circulation supervision and guidance on grain circulation management.

Urban food Administration Department is responsible for the area of social food statistics, and do food grain circulation management tasks assigned by the Administrative Department of the city.

County Administration of food grain circulation departments are responsible for the area of the Administration, industry guidance and supervision.

City, County (district) development and reform, industry and commerce, quality supervision, public health, prices, statistics, finance and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties associated with grain circulation management.

Fifth city, County (district) people's Governments shall incorporate the requirements of supervision and inspection of grain distribution budget.

Chapter Sixth city and county governments to take macro-control of grain handling, delegate acquisition, import and export of food and other necessary administrative means, such as economic instruments and pricing interventions to strengthen regulation of the grain market, maintaining the balance between food supply and demand in this area and prices stable. Article seventh city and county governments, based on national and State regulations, establish and to adapt to the size of the region, city, and county-level grain reserves.

City and County grain reserves management measures for the city and County food authorities and the development and reform of public administration, finance and other sectors to develop and implementation reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval. The eighth city and county governments to establish and improve the grain risk fund system.

Use of grain risk funds range and the principle of expenditure in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the autonomous communities.

Nineth Food Administration in conjunction with agricultural, aquatic farming, business, pricing, business, statistics, quality and technology supervision departments are responsible for food supply and demand situation of the market monitoring and early-warning analysis, and establish a system of grain supply and demand in check, publish information such as food production, prices, quality. The tenth municipal people's Government set up emergency food emergency response system.

Food administrative authorities and the development and reform, the Finance Department of the city's food emergency plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government.

County governments according to the actual situation of the region, food emergency in their respective administrative areas.

Started 11th Nanning food emergency plan by the municipal development and reform, food and financial sector in accordance with the provisions of the food emergency response recommendations submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval, and shall be reported to the municipality.

Start a food emergency plan at the county level, decided by the people's Governments at the corresponding level in accordance with the procedure provided for, and report to the municipal people's Government. 12th-food emergency plan started, all relevant departments at all levels must, in accordance with the requirements of level food emergency, the food emergency-related work within the mandate.

Food business operators must take emergency tasks as required, subject to the unified arrangements and scheduling to ensure emergency needs.

Chapter III management of the 13th article of Food Administration Department on food operators, as well as feed and industrial uses to provide electronic information services. 14th engaged in grain purchase, sale, storage, processing, operators of food grain, animal feed, industrial enterprises, shall establish the business account, and to the seat of the County (district) regularly submit the Food Administration grain purchase and sales, storage, and processing of basic data and information.

Operators of food keep food business accounts for not less than 3 years.

Food business operators to submit the basic data and information of commercial secret, confidential Food Administration Department.

15th operators engaged in grain purchase, processing and sale of food, required the implementation of minimum food stock highest inventory standards and unusual circumstances.

Market access system of food acquisition activities of the 16th.

Operators engaged in grain purchase by the city, County, Department of food administration grain purchase license obtained and after you register with the industrial and commercial administrative departments for industry and commerce, may engage in food acquisition activities; do not obtain qualifications for grain purchase, or obtain qualifications for grain purchase, but not industrial and commercial registration, are not allowed to engage in food acquisition activities.

Administrative Department for food grain license shall not charge any fee.

Prohibited to alter, resell, rent or lend the grain purchase licence. 17th article engaged in food acquisition activities should comply with following provides: (a) in fixed business places hanging food acquisition license documents and license; (ii) told sale grain who or in acquisition places publicity food acquisition of varieties, and price and quality standard; (three) implementation national food acquisition policy and quality standard, price based on, timely paid sale grain paragraph; (four) using by statutory measurement test institutions test qualified of measurement apparatus, shall not it's; (five) shall not accept organization or personal of delegate, generation buckle, and

Payment of taxes and other payments, and (vi) to grain purchase County (area) Food Administration regularly reports grain variety, quantity, price, quality and other relevant information. 18th article engaged in food wholesale business should comply with following provides: (a) has and business scale phase adapted of owned funds; (ii) has and business scale phase adapted of business facilities; (three) has food test and custody of professionals; (four) has and wholesale business volume phase adapted of food quality test facilities or delegate statutory food test institutions carried out food quality test of proved material; (five) has sound of internal management system and food business Taiwan account; (six) by wholesale of food products should meet national food quality, and

Health standards.

19th article engaged in food retail business should comply with following provides: (a) has fixed, and independent of business places; (ii) has perfect of custody and health measures and the corresponding facilities, ensure by sale food and accommodation places and the may pollution food of items phase separation; (three) has sound of internal management system and food business Taiwan account; (four) by business of food products should meet national food quality, and health standard.

The 20th army procurement and supply, cropland used for grain and food policies in poor areas, reservoir immigrants, victims in rations of food, food quality inspection institutions must be approved by a qualified inspection, do not meet the quality requirements set forth shall not purchase and supply. 21st article food operators store food should comply with following provides: (a) meet national on food store of about standard and technology specification, shall not storage Yu may on food produced pollution of places, shall not and may on food produced pollution of harmful material mixed save, ensure no pest, and no metamorphic, and no rat que, and no accident; (ii) should has after professional training and master food custody, and control technology of professionals; (three) on store of food for disinfection, and insecticidal, and out rat processing of,

Shall be stipulated by the strict implementation of national technical specifications, should not use the State banned drugs or drug overdose. 22nd food sales of quality inspection system. Normal storage life of the food sales, the grain purchasing and storing enterprises inspection and issue an inspection report.

Exceeding the storage life of food (calculated in accordance with crop year) sales, shall entrust a qualified food quality inspection institutions to conduct quality authentication: (a) rice 2; (b) wheat 3; (c) the corn 2; (iv) soybeans 2; (e) vegetable oil (grade) 2. Inspection report shall set forth the food variety, grade, number, country of origin and harvest year and so on. Inspection reports should be with the goods counterparts.

Test reports normally valid for 3 months.

23rd transport food should strictly implement the national food transport specification, must not use polluting means of transport or transport food packaging materials.

24th article engaged in edible food processing of production enterprise, must has guarantee food quality and health essential of processing conditions, and shall not has following behavior: (a) using moldy metamorphic or by harmful material pollution of cereal, and by-product for processing; (ii) violation provides using additives; (three) using not meet quality, and health standard of packaging material; (four) other effect food quality, and health of behavior.

The fourth chapter 25th food administration of supervision and inspection departments shall, through regular supervision and inspection, special supervision and inspection, sampling and other methods shall conduct supervision and inspection on food business activities.

Food Administration in the process of supervision and inspection shall exercise the following powers: (a) related the circumstances of access to operators of food premises, (ii) requires food business operators to explain the situation, provide relevant information, documents, (iii) on suspicion of unlawful evidence registered for keeping. Food Administration found violations, shall, in accordance with the prescribed procedures to initiate an investigation. Need to be transferred, shall, in accordance with related departments to handle the transfer of responsibilities.

Competence to deal with the sector should be processed in a timely manner, no excuse.

26th product quality supervision departments in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules provides that in the processing of food products quality supervision and inspection, to adulterate food processing activities, and to imitate the true, shoddy, substandard products as qualified product, no processed food production license sales and other violations in the investigation.

27th, industrial and commercial administrative departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, to unlicensed food business activities, Super scope as well as sales activities of monopoly in the supply of grain, dominate, hard sell and other acts of disturbing the market order in the investigation.

28th pricing departments in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations on food business operators in accordance with the provisions to inform, publicity of grain purchase prices and pressure prices, driving up the price, price fraud, price fixing, or not in accordance with the provisions of minimum purchase prices, price controls and emergency measures such as illegal conduct supervision and inspection.

The 29th article of food, issued by the administrative departments for industry and Commerce revoked their food operators, as well as feed and industrial uses the license of the Enterprise shall promptly inform the other relevant administrative departments. Article 30th-food operators, as well as feed and industrial uses Enterprise shall perform their duties of supervision and inspection personnel, should be fit.

No unit or individual may refuse or obstruct or interfere with inspectors to perform their duties of supervision and inspection. 31st for acts in violation of these rules, any unit and individual have the right to report to the authorities.

Relevant departments shall keep their informants confidential, and shall be processed in a timely manner.

32nd fifth chapter legal liability for breach of these rules, any of the following acts, by the city and County Food Administration Department ordered corrective action and warning, and to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan more than 10000 Yuan constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

(A) food acquisition who altered, and reselling, and rental, and lending food acquisition license documents of; (ii) store food not meet national food storage technology specification of; (three) on food for disinfection, and insecticidal, and out rat processing, by with drug and the dose not meet national provides of; (four) Chen of grain yiwai of other food sales out library Qian not for quality test of; (five) food operators not according to food emergency plans provides, bear corresponding obligations of.

33rd industrial and commercial administrative departments to the grain circulation Management Ordinance 41st, 42nd article of administrative punishment right, can be related to entrusted by law implementation.

34th supervision and inspection departments and their staff illegal food operators ' normal business activities of the intervention shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 35th of the approach is the meaning of the following terms: food refers to rice, corn, wheat, grain, grains and their products.

Food operators are engaged in grain purchase, sale, storage, transportation, processing, import and export business activities of legal persons, other economic organization or individual.

Grain refers to sales, processing or as a feed, industrial materials, such as directly to grain farmers and other food producers bulk food at retail level.

Food processing, refers to grain processing cereal grains into semi-finished products, finished products, semi-finished products or activities of food into finished food.

Grain wholesale, refers to the profit to the sale, storage and processing of food operators, as well as feed and industrial enterprises resale activity in food grain.

Food retail, refers to the profitable sale of food to consumers for the purpose of trading activity.

36th of edible vegetable oil in the administrative area of the city flows and regulatory work, in accordance with the measures implemented. 37th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2009.

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