Zhengzhou Heating And Heat Management

Original Language Title: 郑州市城市供热与用热管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to regulate the urban heating and thermal behavior and protect legal rights of heat users and heat units, heating units, save energy, promote sustainable development of heat, in accordance with national laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

The second town within the administrative area of the city heat supply management activities associated with the heat as well as the application of this approach.

Article used for urban heating and heat should follow the plan, optimize, standardize services, security principles.

Fourth of municipal heat administrative departments in charge of the city for heating and hot water administration.

Counties (cities), shangjie district heat supply administration for heat, authorities in the city under the guidance of the competent administrative department, responsible for the Administration in the supervision and administration of urban heating and hot water.

The township (town) people's Governments for hot, neighborhood offices shall cooperate with the competent administrative departments in the area of heating and heat management.

Development and reform, urban and rural planning, urban and rural construction, property management, industry and information technology, environmental protection, land and resources, State-owned assets supervision and administration, quality supervision, safety production supervision, financial, pricing, and other relevant departments shall, within their respective mandates, to urban heating and heat management.

Fifth heat source units, heating units shall be encouraged the use of clean energy, less pollution, low energy consumption of heat supply facilities, safe and heating.

Encourages and supports industry associations involved in the heating industry management and technology services, advocacy and training work.

Encourage and guide social capital to invest in heat supply infrastructure.

Chapter II the planning and construction of the sixth city, County (City), shangjie district urban planning administrative departments shall, together with the heat, the development and reform of urban heating special planning, environmental protection and other relevant departments, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval organization. Heating special planning permission approved changes.

Absolutely necessary to change, it should be submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval.

Article seventh heat station should keep a safe distance with residential heating facilities, reduce noise, reduce environmental interference.

The eighth construction needs of new construction, renovation or expansion of urban heating, construction units shall in accordance with the provisions for heating.

Design and construction of residential heating equipment shall conform to the requirements of household control, reserved and in accordance with the technical requirements for metering metering facilities installed location.

Of existing housing does not meet the requirements of household control in heating facilities shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of reform or the heating unit in consultation with users.

Nineth district heating regions within existing buildings with no heating systems need to be integrated into the urban heat-supply network, required for the secondary network heating facilities and indoor heating, thermal power station and other facilities, shall entrust a qualified construction costs borne by the housing property.

Tenth heat after completion of the construction, the construction units heating units should be organized to participate in acceptance.

Heating by acceptance of the construction project, to be delivered.

11th construction units shall bear the construction engineering heating warranty the warranty liability. Heating construction warranty period from the date of acceptance of a heating period shall not be less than 2.

During the warranty period without the normal heating, heating construction warranty period shall be postponed accordingly.

During the warranty period due to heat causes heat loss caused by users of the construction project, the construction unit shall bear the liability.

12th urban heat-supply network needs to traverse units, factory, or at the House, the units and individuals should be provided with the necessary facilities.

Chapter III heating and heat 13th city introduction of franchising system. City, County (City), shangjie district heat supply the competent administrative departments shall determine the heat source units, heating units, and signed a franchise agreement, granted in a certain range and heat franchise within a certain period.

Heat source units, heating units are not allowed to go out of business, out of business.

14th of municipal and County (City), shangjie district heat supply based on urban heat-supply planning should be determined by the Administrative Department heating range. Heat source units, heating units should be operated within a franchising agreement determines the heat range.

The heat source unit, heating the heat load and heating capacity of the unit when it is not suitable, for the scope of administrative authority can adjust the heat supply heat. 15th the city heating period on November 15 of that year at 0 o'clock the following year on March 15.

Advance or extend the heating period decided by the municipal people's Government, and announced to the public.

The 16th city heat-supply heating parameters, operation control, timely adjustment by the heating unit, other units and individuals are not allowed to adjust or change.

17th heat source units should be according to the temperature change in the weather conditions, according to the design size and design parameters to provide the heating unit to heat.

Causes heat source unit to the heating unit or heat loss, heat source units should be liable.

18th heating units should be in accordance with the requirements of the national building energy efficiency improvement technologies and equipment, and implementing measurement and management, and monitoring and maintenance of the heating system, improving the efficiency of heating systems, ensure that run in line with civil construction energy saving in heating system of mandatory standards.

19th article heating units should comply with following provides: (a) implemented standardized service, will service of content, and standard, and time, and service phone to social public, timely processing hot user reflect of problem; (ii) established and properly custody hot user archives; (three) guide hot user right using heating facilities; (four) prepared heating facilities maintenance plans Shi, should avoid heating period; (five) according to provides set temperature points and do temperature records; (six) regularly maintenance, and maintenance heating facilities.

Before the heat source unit shall comply with paragraphs (iv), (vi) provision.

20th heat source unit with heating units, heating units and heat users shall be signed separately, with heat supply contracts.

Contracts entered into by the heat source unit with heating units shall mainly contain the heat load, heat parameters, heating time, costs, liability and other issues.

Heating units and hot contract user shall specify the heating area, heating time, heating quality, fees, payment time, clearing the way, heating facility maintenance liability, breach of contract and other matters.

21st new users should be in the year from April 1 to June 30 and sign a written contract with the heating unit, and go through the relevant formalities.

Users need to stop or resume with a hot hot area, change, change user, you should go through relevant procedures during the year from April 1 to September 30.

22nd users shall, before November 10 pre heating charges paid days for an entire heating period.

Overdue fees, heating units should be reminders; reminders have not yet paid, heating unit in case of do not prejudice the legitimate interests of other users, you can pause the heating.

Series heating system heat users to stop using hot but not stop hot formalities in accordance with the provisions, considered the fact that hot, should pay the heating charges.

23rd heating unit heat heat price should be the price charged approved by the competent authority in accordance with the relevant provisions of the.

Price is clearly insufficient to compensate for normal heating costs, approved, city and County (City), shangjie district people's Government can be temporary subsidies for heating units; the adjustment of heating period increased heating costs, through financial subsidies. 24th heating unit should ensure that user area indoor temperature temperature standards consistent with national provisions.

Agreed by the heating contract, their agreement shall prevail.  

25th hot users believe that the room temperature does not reach the required standard or contractual temperature, can be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the heating unit temperature.

Temperature measurement results are controversial, heat or heating unit may appoint a qualified testing agency for testing.

Article 26th due to heat causes heat interior temperature does not reach the required standard or contractual temperature, heating shall promptly take measures to guarantee the heating temperature of the temperature reach the required standards or conventions.

Appear as provided in the preceding paragraph, heating units shall, within 2 months after the end of the last heating period, in accordance with the agreed provisions did not meet standards or temperature of the actual number of days stipulated for refund procedures.

27th article hot user has following behavior one of, caused indoor temperature not reached provides standard or agreed temperature of, by its itself bear responsibility: (a) change housing structure effect heating effect of; (ii) demolition or block indoor heating facilities of; (three) unauthorized emissions, and take with heating facilities within of heat (water) of; (four) refused to tie heating units households detection, and maintenance of. 28th the heating unit when water pressure test before the heating period, shall be notified in advance 5th users and related units.

Users and the relevant units shall cooperate.

Users refused to cooperate with the losses caused by the heat, heat users shall assume the responsibilities.

29th in the heating period for construction engineering, construction of temporary need to stop heat continuously for more than 24 hours should be at least 2nd notice.

Heating period due to equipment failure, emergencies such as pipeline burst stopped heating, heating units should take timely measures to repair, according to legal provisions for thermal report by the Administrative Department, and announced to the public.

Heating unit to repair heating facilities, customers and relevant units shall cooperate.

30th article hot user should comply with heating and with hot provides, shall not has following behavior: (a) unauthorized demolition, and connection or partition heating facilities; (ii) installation hot cycle device; (three) from heating facilities in the take with heat; (four) changes hot measurement and the temperature control facilities or unauthorized opened lock closed valve; (five) other damaged heating facilities or effect heating and with hot of behavior.

Fourth chapter facilities management article 31st heat source units, heating units on the investment and construction of heat supply facilities management and maintenance responsibilities agreed by the heat source unit with heating units, their agreement shall prevail.

Resident users outdoor heating, indoor use for heating the heating unit is responsible for the management and maintenance; heating unit and agreed by the facility owners, their agreement shall prevail.

Resident users non-sharing of heating facilities managed and maintained by the users responsible needs to renewal, costs borne by the consumer.

Non-resident users management and maintenance of heat supply facilities, heating and heat both sides agreed.

Article 32nd modification, removal, relocation of outdoor heating utilities, should be agreed by the heat source unit or heating unit before the construction, the relevant expenses borne by the employer. 33rd city, County (City), shangjie district heat supply shall be defined in accordance with the relevant regulations by the Administrative Department for heating safety protection.

Heat source units, heating units should be designated for heating safety protection range of setting protection flags, regular inspections, maintenance and updates.

The 34th heating, safe within the scope of protection for the construction, the construction unit shall protection scheme developed with heat source units or heating units, take the necessary protective measures to ensure heating operation safety cause heat damage to the facility, the construction unit shall be liable for repair responsibilities, compensation according to law.

35th article heating facilities security protection range within ban following behavior: (a) unauthorized built built (frame) built real or laying pipeline; (ii) unauthorized dug pit, and dig soil, and piling; (three) blasting job; (four) stacked garbage, and debris or dangerous waste; (five) dumping, and emissions corrosion sex material; (six) other effect heating facilities security of behavior.

Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter 36th article of the municipal heating integrated evaluation system.

City, County (City), shangjie district heat supply administration departments shall organize the relevant departments and users of heat source units, heating units provide services, to evaluate the energy saving and emission reduction, the evaluation results should be announced to the public.

37th city, County (City), shangjie district heat supply administrative departments should develop urban heating and heat emergency plan when an emergency occurs, activate contingency plans in a timely manner.

Significant heating occurs when heating units should take immediate emergency measures needed home repair jobs, local police and township (town) people, neighborhood offices, property management companies and other units and residents shall cooperate with the relevant.

38th city, County (City), shangjie district heat supply the competent administrative departments shall establish urban heating and heat complaints reporting system published complaint calls, handling complaints, reported in a timely manner. Units and individuals found to have breached the act as provided herein, are entitled to submit complaints and reporting.


Thermal investigation according to law by the Administrative Department for processing, heating units or users shall cooperate.

39th sixth chapter legal liability article violates these rules, without heating the franchise without authorization, engaged in the operation of the heating, by the city and County (City), shangjie district heat supply the competent administrative authority shall order to stop the illegal practice, impose a fine of 30,000 yuan.

40th article violation this approach provides, heat units, and heating units has following behavior one of, by city, and County (City), and shangjie district for with hot administrative competent sector ordered deadline corrected, sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine: (a) beyond heating franchise range business of; (ii) not by provides management, and maintenance heating facilities of; (three) not by provides time heating of.

41st article violation this approach 32nd article provides unauthorized modified, and demolition, and migration outdoor public heating facilities, or violation this approach 35th article subsection (ii) items, and subsection (three) items, and subsection (four) items, and subsection (five) items provides of, by city, and County (City), and shangjie district for with hot administrative competent sector ordered corrected, on units sentenced 10,000 yuan above 30,000 yuan following fine, on personal sentenced 500 Yuan above 2000 Yuan following fine.

42nd article violates these rules, without changing the heating parameters, operation mode, by the city and County (City), shangjie district heat supply rectification by the Administrative Department, fined a maximum of up to 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan.

43rd article violates article 30th of this approach (b), (c), (d) the provision, by the city and County (City), shangjie district heat supply the competent administrative authority shall order to stop violations, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

44th article for with hot administrative competent sector or related administration sector and staff violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of, by monitored sector or has management permission of organ on directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions: (a) not according to provides developed city heating special planning of; (ii) not law implemented heating franchise of; (three) not established heating integrated evaluation system or not to social announced evaluation results of; (four) not by provides supervision check or not timely processing complaints, and reported of;

(E) other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty or engages in.

45th of the seventh chapter, schedule the following terms shall have the meanings herein: (a) heat refers to heat generated by steam, hot water through the network to provide customers with hot actions.

(B) heat source unit, refers to heat franchise rights, providing heat for heating units.

(C) the heating unit, refers to heat franchise rights, using heat units to provide or produce their own heat energy in the operation of the heating unit.

(D) the heat consumer refers to the consumption of heating unit of heat units and individuals.

(E) the heat supply facilities, including power plants, boiler rooms, heating stations, pumping stations, heating pipelines, valves (indoor installation), thermal measuring instruments (heat), lock valve, temperature control equipment, indoor plumbing, radiator and accessories. 46th these measures shall come into force from October 1, 2015.