Yunnan Provincial Education Inspection Provisions

Original Language Title: 云南省教育督导规定

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  First in order to protect the education laws, regulations, and national education policy, policy implementation, improve the quality of education, to promote educational equity, promote the development of scientific education, under the supervision Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

Article on the scope of legal regulations in the administrative region of this province all types of education at all levels of educational supervision, these provisions shall apply.

Educational supervision imposed on all types of education at all levels, including the following: (a) above the county level people's Government of the people's Governments at the corresponding level authorities and lower level people's Governments and their departments to carry out the education laws, rules, regulations and supervision at the national education guidelines and policies;

(B) the people's Governments above the county level in the administrative area of schools and other educational institutions (hereinafter schools) teaching supervision.

Third people's Governments above the county level shall education steering requirements included in the present budget, with commensurate with educational supervision work of education supervisors.

The fourth Steering Committee on education of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for planning, coordinate and guide the educational inspection work within their respective administrative areas, consideration of the major issues of educational supervision of work, address the major issues of educational supervision.

Educational supervision is the people's Government above the county level offices of the Steering Committee on education of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, assume the implementation of educational supervision.

Steering Committee on education and the people's Governments above the county level educational supervision Chamber called educational supervision mechanism.

Educational supervision institution under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level independent exercise of the function of educational supervision and receive superior education and operational guidance of the steering body.

The fifth people's Governments above the county level shall encourage scientific research institutions and universities to carry out research on educational supervision, support educational supervision agencies to strengthen education inspection training and educational supervision and exchanges at home and abroad.

Sixth education inspection bodies to carry out the following main functions: (a) establish educational supervision plans, programs and system of work;

(B) the supervision of implementation at all levels of education;

(C) Organization of educational development and assessment, monitoring of the quality of education;

(D) organize research on education issues such as focus, focus, and comments, to the report of the steering body of the people's Governments at the corresponding level and higher level education;

(E) Organization of training of supervisors and other educational supervision staff;

(F) Organization of educational supervision research, summarize and popularize education supervisory experience.

Seventh provincial education inspection body shall, in accordance with national and provincial regulations development of education supervision standards; State (municipal) and County (city, district) education supervisory bodies should be based on educational supervision and standard-setting steering implementation.

Eighth people's Governments above the county level under the jurisdiction of the people's Governments at the corresponding levels the number of schools and educational supervision responsibility requirements, educational supervision agencies staffed with full-time inspectors full-time inspectors appointed by the people's Governments above the county level.

Part-time inspectors appointed by the people's Governments above the county level shall hold office for 3 years, continuous service, but shall serve no more than 3 consecutive terms. Nineth inspectors participate in educational supervision and professional assessment of inspectors work benefits.

Part-time inspectors carry out regular supervision duties shall obtain the corresponding subsidies.

Tenth inspector education steering the seventh article of the Ordinance shall be in accordance with the conditions and following the appropriate degree, professional title and education work experience: (a) provincial government inspectors should have Bachelor or senior professional titles, education management, teaching or research for more than 10 years, outstanding performance;

(B) the State (municipal) Government inspectors should have Bachelor degree or above or intermediate professional titles, education management, teaching or research work for more than 8 years of education, outstanding performance;

(C) the County (city, district) Government inspectors should have a university degree or above or intermediate professional titles, education management, teaching or research for more than 7 years of education, outstanding performance.

Non-inspectors of the education system, education and work experience are not as a pre-requisite.

Educational inspection agency of the people's Governments at the corresponding levels in 11th sector steering and lower level people's governments carry out education-related responsibilities include the following: (a) educational inputs, management and use of funds, in accordance with the national standards for school premises and guarantee conditions of facilities and equipment, such as running a school;

(B) the school faculty availability, backbone of principals, teachers, teacher training, teacher qualifications, positions, appointment management system and implementation of security staffs lawful rights and interests, and teachers in remote areas allowance;

(C) the balanced development of compulsory education, control of student dropouts;

(D) in border areas, ethnic minority areas, speeding up development of education in poor areas support;

(E) school safety, health, food and logistical support;

(F) the guarantee of the school environment;

(G) the school distribution to meet the social development in the urban and rural planning;

(H) social and popular focus of attention, focus and difficult problems to solve.

12th Steering in educational supervision institutions to schools include the following: (a) the situation of law, development and implementation of school regulations;

(B) implementation of teaching management in quality education, education, education level and other circumstances;

(C) the management and use of funds;

(D) the management and use of facilities, equipment and assets;

(E) the Faculty of management and professional development, protect legal rights of faculty members;

(Vi) programme, implementation of curriculum standards, quality of education and teaching;

(VII) safety, health, food management system construction and implementation.

13th education inspection body shall conduct regular supervision of the teaching, regular supervision by the responsible Inspector in accordance with the provisions of implementation.

Educational supervision agencies above the county level according to the layout set up education in schools in their respective administrative areas supervisory responsibilities, assigning inspectors are responsible for the regular supervision of teaching in schools, each Inspector is responsible for the supervision of 3 to 5 schools per semester to each school supervisor not less than 2 times.

After the end of regular supervision, inspectors of education should be assigned to the supervision of its implementation report its work to the steering body.

14th educational supervision institution shall, within the term of Office in the lower level people's Governments for the fulfilment of their duties of education at least one special supervision or consolidated supervision.

Educational supervision every 3-5 years institutions should conduct a comprehensive supervision of schools within their respective administrative areas.

15th education inspection bodies for an area or a school of education to implement a comprehensive consolidated supervision.

Educational supervision institution to have an area or a Department, a school of one or more of the educational matters implement special supervision.

Integrated supervision and special supervision activities, Steering Group made up of no less than 3 inspectors in accordance with the planning and plan implementation.

16th educational supervision can take the following approach: (a) hear the report;

(B) on-site inspection;

(C) access to documents, files, information, data;

(D) solicit public opinions, questionnaires, interviews, held a forum;

(E) participation in educational activities.

Educational visits and should not affect the normal teaching order.

17th comprehensive supervision and special supervision in accordance with the following steps: (a) determine supervisory matters, development of work plans and programmes, set up a Steering Committee, to be notice in writing steering steering unit;

(B) the Steering unit self assessment in accordance with the requirements, and report to self-examination and self-evaluation reports;

(C) the Steering Group reviews of self-examination and self-evaluation reports;

(Iv) 1 to 2 supervision and guidance;

(E) the Steering Group site visits and held seminars or other forms of consultation with students, parents, teachers and other public comments on the Steering unit;

(Vi) to steering a summary review of the Steering Committee, formed the initial steering, to the initial steering feedback steering units, is steering by steering unit on a preliminary objection, you can receive within 10 working days from the date of the initial steering Steering Group provided a written defence;

(G) initial steering of the Steering Group on educational supervision in accordance with advice and defence conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Steering unit, the initial steering within 20 working days from the date of service, steering the Steering unit makes submissions;

(VIII) Special Steering or integrated supervision over educational supervision institutions to the people's government supervisory reports and higher level educational supervision bodies;

(I) the inspection report released to the community.

Steering submissions on the 18th was steering unit should be in accordance with the requirements of the rectification, and receiving supervision within 20 working days from the date of submission, written report on the rectification of educational supervision agencies.

Steering units for steering opinion disagrees, steering submissions can be received within 10 business days of the date, oversee submission of educational supervision organizations issued a written review applications for educational supervision bodies should review upon receipt of a written application for review in writing within 20 working days from the date of conclusion.

Educational supervision agencies and inspectors should keep track of rectification of the Steering, for rectification of the Steering unit for verification.

19th Education Inspection Agency inspection report should be at the same level people's Government website and the Administrative Department of education Web site, news media, school bulletin announcement.

20th educational inspection organizations shall provide to the local government and higher level education inspection reports annual educational supervision work.

21st education inspection bodies can be combined as required relevant departments or implement supervision of hired personnel.

Educational supervision agency may appoint a social organization, assessment institutions to carry out education quality assessment and monitoring.

22nd inspectors found in the steering process of the following emergencies, should urge the schools and departments in dealing with: (a) endanger the safety of teachers and students;

(B) is infringing and legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students of educational institutions;

(C) likely to disturb or disrupt the normal teaching order;

(D) other serious violations of laws and regulations on education in emergencies.

The steering during natural disasters or other emergencies, inspectors should assist, supervise the Steering unit to take emergency measures to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

23rd people's Governments above the county level should according to the educational inspection results for the development of education grant awards to outstanding units and individuals.

Higher level people's Government under the people's Governments shall discharge the responsibilities of education supervision results, integrated assessment, and as head of its Chief and in charge of performance appraisal, rewards and punishment, appointment and dismissal of important evidence. Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level and highest rated educational supervision as to the schools should be advanced, arranging funding and enrollment planning, adjusting the head of the school and its principal performance appraisal, rewards and punishment, appointment and dismissal of important evidence.

Comprehensive education that year failed to pass the inspection results, head of the main assessment cannot be assessed as excellent grades.

24th article was steering units and about personnel violation this provides, has following case one of of, by education steering institutions informed criticism, and ordered deadline corrected; plot serious of, by steering institutions on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other responsibility personnel proposed processing recommends, by about sector processing; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) refused to to education steering institutions and inspectors provides about situation and file, and archives, and information of;

(B) interfere with educational supervision agencies and inspectors powers according to the law;

(C) the prejudice to relevant personnel of educational supervision agencies and inspectors reflect the situation;

(D) fraud, deception of educational supervision agencies and inspectors;

(V) retaliation for inspectors;

(Vi) in retaliation to the education staff at supervisory agencies, the inspectors reflect the situation;

(G) the refusal to implement the steering bodies for the improvement of education, does not take corrective action;

(H) illegal school or teacher-student life-threatening safety problems, urging refused to deal with;

(IX) other violations of educational supervision activities, or education.

25th educational supervision agencies in violation of the provisions of article fails to perform the supervision duties, resulting in serious consequences, directly by the people's Governments at the corresponding level of responsible managers and other responsible persons shall be subject to punishment.

26th Inspector in the supervision of education, favoritism or other malfeasance, dereliction, by the steering bodies for the attention of the Department of education shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. The 27th article of the provisions come into force on November 1, 2015. August 29, 2002, issued by the provincial people's Government, the Yunnan provincial education inspection provisions repealed at the same time.