Urumqi Pre-Hospital Medical Emergency Management

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市院前医疗急救管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to enhance pre-hospital medical emergency management, regulating the activities of prehospital medical emergencies, raise the level of prehospital medical capacity and to guarantee citizens ' rights to life and health, promoting the development of pre-hospital medical emergency, according to the People's Republic of China medical practitioners Act, the management of medical institution under the State Council Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article these measures apply to prehospital emergency medical services within the administrative area of the city and its management.

Article pre-hospital medical emergency should follow the "accepted, unified dispatching, unity of command," and in an emergency, the nearest, rapid treatment principles.

Fourth pre-hospital medical emergency is part of the Government's public welfare undertakings, and is an important part of the public health system.

Municipal people's Governments shall be pre hospital emergency medical career development planning incorporate the health sector development plan, establishment of funds and personnel, material support mechanism, safeguard pre-hospital medical and first aid services and the social economy coordinated development.

Fifth, the municipal public health Administrative Department is responsible for the administrative area of the city within the unified supervision and management of pre-hospital medical emergency.

The district (County) of health Administrative Department is responsible for pre-hospital emergency medical treatment within their respective jurisdictions, shall conduct supervision of pre-hospital emergency medical services activity management.

Finance, public security, civil affairs, urban and rural planning, development and reform, human resource and Social Security Department, shall perform their respective duties related to prehospital medical aid.

Sixth public health administrative departments, first-aid centers for communities, schools, enterprises and other organizations, organizations of various forms of first-aid knowledge and skills education and public training.

Newspapers, television, radio, the Internet and other media should conduct public awareness, popularizing first-aid knowledge and skills, promote heal the spirit.

Seventh to encourage and support social forces to participate in pre hospital emergency medical career.

Encourage citizens, legal persons and other organizations, pre-hospital emergency medical services for donors and donations, and to enjoy the preferential policy.

The eighth article of the chapter system construction set up first-aid center as the main and immediate first aid by the city Emergency Center Hospital first-aid station and first-aid network composed of pre-hospital emergency medical network.

Immediate first-aid station and first-aid network of the city Emergency Center Hospital first-aid station, in accordance with the regulations on the administration of medical institution set up, approval and registration.

Nineth article City Emergency Center should perform following duties: (a) is responsible for city hospital Qian medical emergency of organization, and command, and scheduling and implementation work; (ii) through "120" call dedicated phone 24 hours accept call, collection, and processing and storage hospital Qian medical emergency information; (three) established sound hospital Qian medical emergency network of management, and statistics report, system, guarantees hospital Qian medical emergency network of normal operation; (four) Organization carried out emergency knowledge, and skills publicity training and emergency medical research, and academic exchange;

(E) participation in significant activities, emergency pre-hospital medical emergency protection; (vi) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

Tenth Article City Emergency Center directly under the emergency station and emergency network hospital emergency station should perform following duties: (a) obey City Emergency Center of command, and scheduling, completed hospital Qian medical emergency task; (ii) implemented 24 hours duty system, timely received, and treatment urgent, and dangerous, and heavy wounded; (three) do hospital Qian medical emergency information of registration, and custody and reported work; (four) comply with hospital Qian medical emergency of treatment, and transferred, related provides; (five) legal, and regulations provides of other duties.

11th first-aid network hospitals should guarantee normal operation belongs to the first aid station, on prehospital emergency medical services regulatory acts, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

12th airports, railway stations, bus stations, stadiums, exhibition venues, tourist attractions, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, schools, and other crowded places and enterprises and institutions as well as of other disaster-prone communities shall establish rescue organizations of a mass character, equipped with the necessary emergency equipment, equipment and medicines, organize training for relevant personnel in administering first aid.

Chapter III service management, per 50,000 inhabitants in the administrative area, the 13th article of the population having at least one first-aid vehicle.

Emergency vehicles should be equipped with the appropriate according to actual situation in remote mountainous areas, first-aid centers should be configured for special emergency vehicles.

14th first-aid center, directly under the city Emergency Center emergency hospital first-aid station and first-aid network should be equipped with emergency vehicles in accordance with regulations, emergency vehicles are regularly maintained, maintained, cleaned, disinfected and inspected to ensure emergency vehicles in good condition.

15th the city Emergency Center emergency vehicles should be the implementation of registration management system.

Emergency vehicles should be special, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to use.

16th first-aid centre should be set commensurate with the pre-hospital medical emergency calls in the city of "120" call line, equipped with emergency dispatch personnel, without good reason shall not refuse or delay in accepting help service.

17th, emergency dispatch personnel should be familiar with the pre-hospital first aid knowledge and basic first aid posts, commanding ability and level of the professional.

First-aid centre should be regularly dispatching personnel training, assessment, improve the ability of emergency and first-aid knowledge and skills.

18th pre-hospital emergency medical professionals including physicians, nurses and health care workers.

Doctors and nurses should obtain the appropriate certificate of qualification.

Medical ambulance national vocational qualification certificates should be made, first aid training, and examination of the rear posts.

Pre hospital emergency medical professional pre-hospital emergency medical treatment shall comply with health care management laws, rules, regulations and technical specifications, guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. 19th City Emergency Center shall, immediately after receiving the call information dispatch instructions.

Directly under the city Emergency Center emergency hospital first-aid station and first-aid network should be sent after receiving the dispatch order emergency vehicles.

First-aid center call recording, electronic records and other information should be retained for at least two years.

20th emergency vehicles and personnel should be under the premise of ensuring traffic safety, rushed to the scene to rescue the wounded.

Need to be sent to hospitals for medical treatment, emergency personnel shall promptly take the wounded to hospitals, and reported the city emergency medical Rescue Center advance notice to prepare.

Emergency vehicles arrive, the reception should be immediately admitted to reception of medical institutions shall not be refused on any grounds and prevarication.

21st prehospital medical aid car, House call, rescue and treatment fees, projects approved by the authority shall, in accordance with price and standard charges, fees to the public.

Fourth 22nd safeguarding measures should be formulated and published by the Administrative Department of health of prehospital emergency medical services specification, City Emergency Center, directly under the city Emergency Center aid station hospital first-aid station and first-aid network for monitoring, inspection, regular assessment, failed to pass the examination shall order rectification.

The municipal public health Administrative Department shall publicize the pre-hospital emergency medical service supervision hotline, receive reports and complaints, investigate violations in a timely manner.

23rd the municipal public health Administrative Department shall be pre hospital emergency medical network, the establishment of medical institutions, building into the planning.

Pre-hospital medical emergency service facilities of construction land in urban and rural planning should be integrated into medical and health care is guaranteed, no unit or individual may seize or without changing the properties.

24th article emergency vehicles implementation hospital Qian medical emergency task Shi, enjoys following right: (a) using alarm, and logo lamps; (ii) in ensure security of premise Xia, not by driving route, and driving direction, and driving speed and lights of limit, other vehicles and pedestrian should active let line; (three) in ban stopped sections temporary Park; (four) Highway Shang using emergency channel; (five) with BRT Lane, and fire engine channel driving; (six) legal, and regulations provides of other right.

25th the municipal public health Administrative Department shall develop emergency response plan for emergency medical care, regular, emergency and first-aid centers, organizations directly under the first-aid station, first-aid network hospitals and first-aid station walkthrough and improve pre-hospital medical emergency first aid and emergency medical rescue capabilities. Article 26th city health administrative departments, city traffic management departments of public security organs emergency vehicles an information sharing mechanism should be established to inform the information on emergency vehicles.

City traffic management departments of public security organs emergency vehicles should be engaged in pre-hospital emergency medical service activities give them protection. 27th public security organs traffic management to let emergency vehicles to perform first aid tasks resulting from acts in violation of traffic rules, after it has been verified, exemption from punishment.

Of first aid task in accordance with the provisions for the implementation of emergency vehicles to vehicles, pedestrians, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on road traffic safety management for processing.

28th civil found nasty, and danger, patients should dial "120" call a special phone call for help.

Encourage training to acquire a certificate of competency, a first-aid expertise citizen nasty, and danger, according to specifications for emergency patients in emergency, its emergency ambulance on site are protected by law.

The emergency field ambulance units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the city awards. The 29th when the incident occurred, a medical institution shall comply with the municipality's unified command and control, implementation of pre-hospital medical emergency.

Units and individuals should give assistance to emergency medical service activities. 30th article ban following disrupt hospital Qian medical emergency order of behavior: (a) unauthorized established emergency station or take with emergency station name, and logo engaged in hospital Qian medical emergency activities; (ii) unauthorized set other form of emergency service phone, unauthorized engaged in and hospital Qian medical emergency related of treatment transferred service; (three) fake emergency vehicles name engaged in hospital Qian medical emergency activities; (four) deliberately call "120" call dedicated phone provides false information or malicious call; (five) hinder implementation emergency task of emergency vehicles passage

(Vi) insult, assault, obstruction of emergency personnel, or otherwise hamper the rescue work; (VII) disrupt the pre-hospital medical emergency order, acts violating public security regulations.

31st fifth chapter legal liability for breach of the rules stipulated by relevant laws and regulations on punishment, from its provisions; losses caused shall bear liability.

32nd article City Emergency Center, and City Emergency Center directly under the emergency station and emergency network hospital emergency station and staff has following behavior one of of, by city health administrative competent sector ordered corrected; caused serious consequences of, on has responsibility of competent personnel and directly responsibility personnel law be processing: (a) not implementation 24 hours duty system of; (ii) not timely accepted call information, and issued scheduling instruction of; (three) not obey command scheduling or refused to, and shuffle treatment urgent, and dangerous, and heavy wounded of;

(D) not in accordance with the regulations on registration, storage and reporting of prehospital emergency medical information (v) unauthorized use of emergency vehicles (vi) violation of these measures under other circumstances.

33rd article violates article 30th of this approach (a), (b), (c) the provision, by the municipal public health Administrative Department shall be ordered to correct, and a fine of 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

34th health administrative departments and their staff in the management of pre-hospital emergency medical abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

The sixth chapter supplementary articles article 35th pre-hospital medical emergency in these measures refers to immediate first aid by the city Emergency Center Hospital first-aid station and first-aid network in accordance with the unified command, served in patients before treatment in medical institutions, medical institutions to the scene, a transit emergency treatment and care-oriented health activities.

Emergency vehicles mentioned in these measures refers to meet ambulances and health industry standards, special vehicle used for pre-hospital medical emergency.

Emergency network in the hospital mentioned in these measures refers to receive first-aid center instructions, assume control of pre-hospital medical emergency medical institutions. 36th these measures come into force on October 26, 2015.