Promoting The Development Of Stone Industry In Benxi City Approach

Original Language Title: 本溪市促进石产业发展办法

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  First for the development of stone industry in our city, pass on intangible cultural heritage, Liao yan culture and other stone products, according to the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the State, combining city actual, these measures are formulated.

Article working in the administrative area of the city of stone products production and management, transport and management activities shall abide by these measures.

Stone industry in these measures refers to exploration, exploitation, production, processing, production, operation, transport of stone products and services industry.

Stone resources in these measures refers to the regional characteristics and economic value of high culture, the arts, stone.

Article development of stone industry, promoting the development of stone industry, adhere to the operation of the market, Government support, inheritance, giving prominence to features, innovative fusion development.

Fourth article city, and County (district) Government economic and information Committee is this administrative stone industry of administrative competent sector, its established stone industry development management institutions is responsible for daily, specific perform following duties: (a) organization developed this area stone industry development planning and annual plans; (ii) coordination city, and County (district) Government and mining related sector implementation stone industry planning; organization developed stone industry the field development medium-and long-term special planning; (three) organization developed stone industry development policy measures;

(D) statistics stone production enterprises industrial scale, control the rare stone resource utilization, exploitation, protection of rare stone ruins.

Ministry of land and resources, culture, broadcasting, public security, finance, services, tourism, industry and commerce, transport, taxation, science and technology, education, planning and construction of property rights, quality supervision, human economic and Social Council and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to jointly promote the development of stone industry work.

Fifth city, County (district) people have made outstanding contributions to promoting the development of stone industry of units and individuals give notice of recognition.

The sixth city, County (district) stone industry administrative departments should guide, support the stone industry practitioners rely on stone resources in the region, the introduction of extraterritorial stone resources, development, production and the production of a unique regional identity and a high artistic and cultural and economic value of stone products.

Article seventh city, County (district), culture, science and technology, education, construction and other special fund shall determine the percentage used for the stone industry.

(A) held stone products non-material culture show, and exhibition and exchange activities; (ii) stone resources development, and technology innovation and related standard of developed, and test detection and the origin protection registered; (three) promote decorative decoration enterprise on new building stone of update and the results of using; (four) stone industry process, and making skills talent of introduced training; (five) non-material culture heritage and rare stone mining site of protection and heritage; (six) promote stone industry development of other matters.

Eighth municipal people's Governments shall organize departments of land and resources, the stone industry Management Department, and County (district) people's Government, on the ink stone, ornamental stones, blue-and-white jade, dolomite and other scarce resources reserve system surveys, provide the basis for scientific exploration and utilization.

Nineth exploration and mining business ink-stone, ornamental stones, blue-and-white jade, dolomite and other scarce resources, shall obtain a prospecting and mining of mineral resources licensing procedure, and in accordance with the amount and type of license required for exploration and mining.

When land sector in the scarce resources mining permit issued by, should the mining site, boundary, and quantity limits.

Tenth Article city, and County (district) Government and industry association should strengthening and domain both inside and outside stone industry related area of exchange cooperation, established stone industry information platform and stone products chain business network; in station, and main tourism scenic (points), and main street district, and highway along set stone products sculpture and multimedia advertising show, released stone industry related regulations regulations and the stone industry development policy and project, information.

11th city, County (district) people's Governments shall organize the relevant departments to develop local area industrial development planning should be integrated into the regional economy and social development master plan; according to the development of stone industry, guide and support the development of stone industry related policies.

12th city, County (district) stone industry administrative departments should encourage enterprises at home and abroad in the stone resources legally obtained exploration rights, and rights to, and operate.

13th to encourage support for the stone industry operators legally established Association, the implementation of industrial discipline and protect legal rights stone industry producer, Manager, and explore the stone market, and guide the healthy and orderly development of stone industry.

14th of municipal and County (area) inside and outside the stone industry administrative departments should encourage domain has the technology, talent and capital investors investment, cooperation in the development of stone industry.

Encourages area stone product design, processing, manufacturing and business investment units and individual employees to the city, in addition to treatment by preferential policies from the Government and the public, according to mutual agreement of supply and demand, discuss things, the introduction of stone industry excellent enterprise and talent.

Encouraging enterprise, organization or individual investment construction and management associated with the development of stone industry of museums, exhibition hall and exhibition facilities, for use on the city of stone products and stone products at home and abroad.

15th city, County (district) people's Government should be creating an excellent environment for development of stone industry, improve adaptation stone import, transport, storage, processing, transportation and logistics facilities, creating conditions for the introduction of large-scale building stone processing; for the breeding of building decoration enterprises to contract large construction in stone engineering services outsourcing capabilities.

16th service industry administrative departments should be based on urban and rural development planning, set the stone industry business services exhibition places, forming large-scale product sales markets.

Stone industry operators are encouraged to establish e-commerce network, explore the stone market, TV shopping, Internet sales, the post Express, innovation marketing.

17th stone industry Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with social sector, strengthen the training of highly skilled personnel of the stone industry, building stone industry skills training, assessment, evaluation and incentive mechanisms; actively promote the national vocational qualifications certificate system, regular employees participate in vocational skill appraisal.

18th article city, and County (district) Government should strengthening stone industry processing making talent of training, and education and carried out following activities: (a) in elementary and middle schools in the promotion Liao yan making process, odd stone appreciation knowledge; (ii) established big secondary Liao yan, and odd stone, stone processing professional courses; (three) established stone products making internship base, for stone professional of students internship, and employment provides service.

19th article city, and County (district) Government should in-depth mining Liao yan, and odd stone, has rich culture connotation, and history heritage, and non-material culture heritage of value, carried out following stone culture activities: (a) regularly held Liao yan culture, odd stone views mirror culture academic seminar; (ii) Organization Liao yan making master, and odd stone Enterprise out participate in stone culture exchange and products show activities; (three) encourages book painter, and calligrapher and stone industry enterprise, and master cooperation, creation, and development Liao yan, and odd stone culture art boutique;

(D) to encourage writers and artists, playwrights, poets, photographers and other creators of literature and art, creation to Liao yan, stone theme of literary and artistic works or works.

Encourage master, businesses create demonstration bases of intangible cultural heritage, the master Studio. Article 20th Liao yan-historical survey and protection system. Land and natural resources, the cultural sector should be bridgehead, SI mountains rare stones, such as resources for censuses, specific resources, setting protection, ban stone identification.

Encouraging Liao yan-stone mining, producing stone within the historic cultural and educational activities.

21st city, County (district) people's Governments shall establish Liao yan-inspection and test center and product development organizations.

Liao yan-inspection bodies should be developed according to industry association Liao yan-local standards for the areas of Liao yan-inspection reports issued, and Liao yan-products of geographical indication protection. 22nd city, County (district) people's Government shall, in accordance with the market demand, Liao yan, strange stone exhibition logistics, communication and appreciation of the conditions of service.

Encouraged in mobile or central station, travel center set up Liao yan, tourist attractions, strange stone exhibition places, Liao yan-making master presentations stone product manufacturing process conditions. Article 23rd in mining stone resources, not of historical and cultural value of geological relics and important ornamental damaging geological landforms.

Yan Shi, stone, banned the sale of illegal transportation of rare resources.

Land and natural resources, tax authorities shall cooperate with the public security organs to strengthen the stone resource protection and supervision of law enforcement, the law against digging, mining, illegal mining, selling, transporting and rare stone resources of illegal and criminal activities.

24th, taxation of land and resources departments should be on the sale, transport units and individuals shall be collected taxes of stone materials, and issue a clearance certificate.

The County (district) people's Government should be based on the clearance certificate, must not duplicate checking.

Stone industry Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the County (district) people's Government and the Ministry of land and resources, taxation, public security and other departments of outstanding mineral resources tax and fee from related departments to be dealt with according to law.

25th article violates these rules, without a license or beyond the limits of exploration and mining of stone raw, by the land and resources department be ordered to desist from the illegal act, stone products and confiscated illegal gains and fines of between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

Article 26th damage and waste stone resources, ecology, resource damage, if the circumstances are serious, the original registration Department revoked its exploration and mining licenses, and stone resources caused serious damage to persons directly responsible shall be investigated for criminal liability.

27th administrative organs and their staff of dereliction of duty, fraud, abuses or malpractices for personal gain, stone destruction and extraction of resources, caused transport chaos, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 28th article of the rules take effect on November 1, 2015.