Administrative Measures For Zhuhai City Farmers ' Market

Original Language Title: 珠海市农贸市场管理办法

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  (January 24, 2013, Zhuhai city people's Government, the 92nd issue, August 14, 2015, 60 Zhuhai city people's Government Executive Council to amend the adoption) Chapter I General provisions article construction and management to strengthen farmers ' markets, regulate market behavior, safeguard market order, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies to planning within the administrative area of the city farmers ' market building, start your own business and regulatory activities.

Third farmers ' market in these measures refers to specific Government plans, a fixed site and corresponding facilities, operators of a number of admission, all types of agricultural and sideline products centralized, publicly traded places and food.

Market in these measures refers to investment management of commercial subjects engaged in farmers ' markets.

Admission of operators in these measures refers to engaging in business activities at a farmers ' market and commercial subjects, other organizations and farmers who sell their own agricultural products.

Fourth market construction management work under unified leadership, territorial management, graded responsibility, Division of labor principle.

Municipal people's Government develop policies and measures to support farmers ' market development, promoting the development of farmers ' markets. District, hengqin economic functional area management bodies (hereinafter referred to as the District Government) in accordance with the principle of territoriality should the management of farmers ' markets in the region.

Town government, the street Office daily inspections to farmers ' markets in the region should be strengthened. Article fifth farmer's market is public interest.

Administration for industry and Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the business sector) should develop market-use criteria, determine are dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and farmers to sell the regional proportion of self-produced agricultural products.

Farmers ' market offering to sell admission charged operators of farm and sideline products site, facility rental or other service charge shall not exceed the price management Department under the guidelines.

Sixth the business sector is the general coordination and management of farmer's market management Department, to undertake the following responsibilities: (a) Organization of farmers ' market planning and developing farmers ' market management norms, market standards, building norms of the market and upgrading basic standards to guide farmers ' market building and upgrading work, coordinating construction management of farmers ' markets in the major events.

(B) the law on operators in the market and commercial registration, monitor management on their trading practices, investigate and punish the farmers ' market of trading violations, maintaining farmers ' markets trade order.

(C) responsible for sanitation, huaxingguishi, hawking farmers market orders, market supervision and management.

(D) acceptance of the relevant administrative departments entrusted to supervise the business activities within the farmers market management. Article seventh farmers ' market and integrated business sectors and law enforcement system. Food and drug supervision and administration of quality and technical supervision departments within the farmers market food safety and product quality management delegates management responsibilities, such as industrial and commercial sectors. Delegate shall sign a written agreement between the parties and to the public.

Principal delegate responsibilities should be supervised and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Article eighth administrative law enforcement departments are responsible for the management of the city farmers ' market outside the red line hawking, post, non-motor vehicle Act shall supervise and management; the red line within the scope of supervision and management of the area by the business sector.

Nineth farmers ' markets trading activities should follow, the principles of voluntariness, fairness, honesty, and adherence to business ethics, the prohibition of acts of unfair competition and harm consumers ' interests.

Article tenth of the sector market credit system and credit system, farmers market management main body illegal information business registration license and credit information publicity platform incorporating social credit management.

11th admission shall be encouraged to support the market and dealers shall establish a Trade Association Convention establishing the industry and promote industry self-regulation, and promote the development of industry standards. Chapter II the planning and construction of the 12th farmer's market planning by the municipal departments of industry and commerce in collaboration with the District Government, the city planning administration organization, approved by the Municipal Government to the public after the implementation.

Planning should include detailed control plan for farmers ' markets.

Governments at all levels in the construction of the new city and the old town while farmers ' market should be as public facilities planning, guarantee the farmers ' market with demand.

The 13th before the implementation of these measures without a specific plan is clear but it actually has a farmer's market the use of markets, farmer's market planning specifically for farmers ' markets, into the farmers ' market management. 14th market must not be allowed to change farmers ' market.

By transferring ownership of property right contract farmers ' markets, should abide by the contract, shall not be intended to change farmers ' markets.

Without altering the use of farmers ' markets, should be resumed within who refuses to restore, in accordance with these measures investigated.

15th construction, reconstruction and expansion of farmers ' markets, shall conform to the farmer's market planning, controlling detailed planning, upgrading farmers ' market building norms and basic standards.

Before the implementation of these measures has been the establishment of farmers ' markets should be identified within the period according to the farmers ' market at City Hall upgrade basic standards for rebuilding and improvement.

16th construction, reconstruction and expansion of farmers ' markets, should have parking lots, public health facilities, and other projects under construction, and synchronize with the main project design, construction, sync acceptance and delivery use. 17th farmers ' markets against segmentation transfers.

Unauthorized transfer of farmers ' market segmentation, land and resources administrative departments and real estate registration agency shall not handle registration.

Chapter III market 18th enterprises, other organizations, citizens and foreign investors can apply for the farmer's market.

Market should apply to the industrial and commercial sector for commercial registration, only after obtaining the business license for the farmers ' market stalls, shops leasing lease and opened. The 19th market system should be established.

At the farmers ' market sets the public bar, a prominent position at the entrance announcing market name, management, market management and Division of labor system, edible farm products, food safety management systems the test results, health education and other matters.

Encourage market start-up self test room was set up, to test for the admission to and operation of edible agricultural products.

20th market should be based on convenience and benefit principle, in accordance with the layout design and food safety management regulations of the State of the market for huaxingguishi, set the admission management product areas and market stalls.

Article 21st area cooked food products shall be in accordance with the principle of separation of raw and cooked settings.

Cooked food stalls should be set in advance and sold, processed foods and foodstuffs stored separately directly, and is equipped with dust, flies and rodents such as washing, disinfection and hygiene appliances.

22nd live operating restrictions imposed by the regulation set of live birds and poultry slaughtering, cold chain distribution, fresh market. In other areas, where live poultry were admission to and operation of the farmer's market should be a relatively independent of the live poultry business area as required, closed type and slaughter and processing, set up disinfection and decontamination systems, equipped with the appropriate facilities and equipment.

Live bird sales area, slaughter, consumers should be physical isolation.

Does not have the live poultry business and slaughter conditions farmers ' market, does not allow admission of live poultry sales. 23rd prohibited from slaughtering livestock at the farmer's market.

Livestock slaughter and processing establishments shall comply with the statutory requirements and obtain certificates for animal epidemic prevention.

24th live fish, chilled seafood, venues and facilities should be carried out in accordance with the standards set, prevent the water from leaking.

Does not have the water conditions, water spills occurred, shall not be engaged in live fish and water storage of chilled seafood.

Article 25th of kimchi and other pickled foods, should be independent of installation of water treatment, drainage facilities, prevent sewage spills.

Admission 26th market may not be operators of unlicensed and sales of fake and shoddy goods, offered the site, storage, warehousing, transportation, and so on.

27th market should bear management, food safety, fire safety and building safety management responsibility, responsible for the construction of related facilities, maintenance, and renovation to ensure facilities are in good condition.

28th market should establish food safety, environmental hygiene, management, consumer disputes, such as police and fire services and management systems for the implementation.

29th and admission operators market should enter into a written contract in the field of food safety, environmental hygiene, order, business scope, operating norms, activity, venue schedules, fees, withdraw from the market in terms of conventions.

Market should be produced from agricultural farmer registration.

Article 30th market admission shall examine the operators business licenses, permits and other supporting documents.

31st market shall guide, admission is urging operators to establish and implement food and edible agricultural products raw materials purchase check, cable card ticket, purchase and sale records, delisting unqualified products, product quality guarantee system.

Article 32nd admission shall examine the operation of the market of food and tickets of edible agricultural products, regularly check their operating environment and conditions, found that the problem should be stopped and reported the food and drug administration.

33rd market should be set up to meet the requirements of fair balance, measuring instruments, and admission is urging operators to use State legal measurement units and meet the requirements of the measuring instruments. 34th market should be instruction and supervision to live poultry operators to implement the cleaning, disinfection, decontamination and the rest system.

Business places of live birds one day and one clean, cleaning a week, one month, one rest day and zero stock system.

The 35th environmental health should be made of market regional accountability, according to the operating area is equipped with sufficient professional cleaning staff.

Market offered inspection management system should be established, within the responsibility area of organizations lead the work of the cleaning work, booth (storefront) clean paraphernalia neatly set, hang hang, no jumbled mess-free, free from water spills, garbage-strewn, without stand (branch) operate outside.

Article 36th market offer of admission shall not be operator and consumer law set up fees.

Market needs to adjust the location, facility rental or other service fees, should consult with operators of admission, 30th informed in advance and specified in the Protocol.

Discontinued operation without authorization of the 37th market, farmers market district, where the people's Governments (including Ribbon) may temporarily entrust other commercial subject's management, the resulting management costs borne by the market.

Article 38th farmers market consolidation, migration, separation, dissolved, closed or change important, market operators of admission shall, in accordance with the terms stipulated in the contract notice, was not prescribed, shall notify the admission operators before 60 days, and announced to the public, and the cancellation of registration or registration under the law.

Shall cooperate with the departments for the administration of the 39th market farmer's market supervision and management, and assist in dealing with trade disputes, as required to implement measures of administrative guidance to identify market offences timely reports to the relevant administrative departments. Fourth chapter of admission management 40th among farmers sell their own agricultural products, open operator shall apply to the industrial and commercial Department of commercial registration, after obtaining the business license, and may engage in business activities.

Working on licensing projects, must be licensed.

Admission managers should clearly publicity venue operators license, licensing business, must be public license.

41st admission operator written contract shall be signed with the market entrance management, compliance with the farmer's market and management and provisions of the Convention.

42nd entrance operators shall operate in accordance with an agreed place or region may not be at the farmers ' market stalls outside the unified set of undertakings set up, road management.

Admission to the 43rd operator should implement a sanitation system, goods in place, garbage into the basket, drainage ditches, no heap throw, hanging, dumping random splash, ensure that stalls (storefront) tidy and clean.

44th live poultry operators should be after the closing bell on a day of live poultry premises and appliances for cleaning, and started to implement clean and the rest of the market system.

45th entry operators shall comply with the national price regulations, engaged in commodities prices.

Article 46th admission the business operator shall establish and implement a food and edible agricultural products stock identification and cable card ticket, sales accounting, substandard goods withdrawal, quality guarantee system.

47th admission business operators shall comply with the food safety system and implementing farmers ' markets, comply with the following obligations: (a) when dealing with suppliers, check its qualification of legal documents, including business license, license, etc.

(B) when purchasing food, by instalment ask the supplier for food quality certificates, sales receipts.

(C) engaged in meat, meat stalls visible publicity quarantine certificates.

(D) engaged in direct import of food and cooked food products, in the region to operate, regulate the use of dust, flies, mice and other facilities and washing, disinfection, sanitary ware, employees shall hold a health certificate in accordance with specifications.

Food wholesale operator will set up a sales record, and provide the buyer with sales receipts.

48th entry operators shall not be any of the following acts: (a) sale method, quality and safety of food safety law, trademark law and other laws and regulations prohibit the sale of products.

(B) the use of untested or fail to pass the certified measuring instruments and sabotage the accuracy of measuring instruments or falsified data.

(C) sold by false advertising and fraudulent products.

(D) forced to buy or forced to sell, dominate.

(E) the monopoly of supply, price or collusion in bidding up the prices of farm and sideline products.

(Vi) doping, adulterate, taking impurities, shoddy.

(VII) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.

Fifth chapter legal responsibility 49th in violation of the 14th, 20th, 21st, 24th, stipulates, without altering the use of farmers ' markets, according to the provisions huaxingguishi and setting regional and rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, and to a fine of less than 3,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

50th article violates these measures set forth in the 22nd, 23rd, market or admission not required to carry out business and slaughter of live birds, rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, and to a fine of less than 3,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

51st market of any of the following acts, rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, and to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan: (a) violation of these measures set forth in the 19th, 28th, not implementation of the system of keeping the public informed and ongoing management.

(B) violation of these measures article 26th, admission of illegal operators offered places or conditions of transportation, storage, warehousing and other.

(C) in violation of these regulations article 27th, not farmers ' markets for construction, maintenance, renovation of facilities.

(D) violation of these measures set forth in the 29th, 30th, and admission operators do not sign a contract and check the relevant supporting documents.

(E) violation of these measures set forth in the 31st, 32nd, and admission is not guidance or inspection enforcement-related purchase, ticket system.

(F) disobey the 33rd article of standard measuring instruments is not set.

(VII) violates the measures set forth in the 34th, 35th, and does not establish a sanitation system.

52nd in violation of article 37th, 39th, provided these measures, market admission operators are not notified or announced to the public, by the Commerce Department fined 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.

53rd disobey 40th article, operators of admission not required business licenses of public signs, rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, it fails, and fined 1000 Yuan fine.

54th in violation of the measures set forth in the 42nd, 43rd, 44th, admission Manager does not perform cleaning system, rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, it fails, fined not more than 3,000 yuan for admission management, to impose fines on market of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.

55th in violation of the measures set forth in the 46th, 47th, admission to the operator not to implement incoming inspection, cable card ticket system and does not comply with food safety and security obligations and rectification by the industrial and commercial sector, and to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

Admission breach of 56th article 48th under these measures, the departments of industry and commerce shall order rectification, confiscate the illegal income, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

57th farmers markets within the same admission operators within a year three times in a row was punishment for similar offences, shall be ordered by the Commerce Department to return the market and markets can be fined a maximum of 5,000 yuan and 20,000 Yuan on start-up. Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 58th this way since October 28, 2015.