Administrative Measures For The Farmers ' Market In Nanning City

Original Language Title: 南宁市农贸市场管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the construction and management of farmer's market, standardize farmers ' market operations, convenient for people to live, according to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, commodity exchange market regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city farmers ' market construction and management as well as related management activities, these measures shall apply.

Article city, County (district) Department of business administration is responsible for the direction and supervision of the farmer's market construction and upgrading works.

City, County (district) Administration for industry and commerce are responsible for the farmer's market daily supervision and management of business entities registered and farmers ' markets.

City, County (district) development and reform, land, planning, construction, real estate, environment, health, food and drug, agriculture, urban management, fire control, price and other administrative departments within their mandates, in the context of market supervision and management. Fourth market to implement territorial management. The County (district) people's Government is responsible for the overall coordination, supervision of area farmers ' market building and daily supervision and control.

Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices to assist business, industry and Commerce administrative departments of the farmers ' market building monitor management and day-to-day business practices.

The fifth farmer's market is a public welfare nature of public service facilities, County (district) people's Governments shall formulate preferential policies to support and promote the construction and development of farmers ' markets.

Farmers ' markets can be used for allocation.

Farmers ' market of the planning and construction of the sixth article in chapter II shall, in accordance with unified planning, rational distribution, convenient to the masses, enabling trading principles, combined with the radius of the resident population, services, consumer demand and other factors is set.

Seventh business Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the municipal and County Planning, industrial and commercial administrative departments to compile market network construction planning (referred to as farmer's market planning), upon approval by the people's Government at the organization.

Plans should be consistent with the overall land use plan for farmers ' markets, and incorporated into the city (town) master planning, town planning, and regulatory detailed planning.

Article eighth County (district) people's Government shall, in accordance with the farmer's market planning organization-building farmers ' market; on the layout of existing farmers ' market in the area did not meet the requirements of market planning should be adopted by the Organization for a new farmers ' market in the following ways: (a) combined with the transformation of the old city, a new residential area or other designated supplementary construction of city construction projects planning.

(B) at the farmer's market nearby offsite planning new SSFU planning within the building.

Construction in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph still does not meet the requirements of market planning, County (district) people's Government shall be set through the Organization fresh food supermarket, community food market (stores) were added. Nineth farmers market construction shall conform to the farmer's market planning and farmers ' market building-technical specification requirements.

Farmers ' market building technical specifications formulated by the city and County separately.

Tenth farmers ' market building national capital construction procedures should be in accordance with the relevant approval procedures.

Planning administrative departments approving the farmers ' market (including construction of infrastructure projects supporting farmers ' market) when the master plan should be explicitly farmers ' market building size, location of buildings and related facilities belonging to real estate development projects or old city reconstruction project of building farmers ' market, real estate or construction administrative departments should farmers ' market requirements into real-estate development project or the conditions of old city reconstruction project submissions.

Planning, construction, real estate administrative departments in implementation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, shall seek the views of business, industrial and commercial administrative departments. 11th before the implementation of these measures has been built in a farmers market met special planning requirements for farmers ' markets, but do not meet the technical specifications for farmers ' market building, farmers market owner shall rebuild or reform.

After the reconstruction or renovation of farmers markets, fresh produce areas for their operation must not be less than reconstruction, before reconstruction of the area.

City, County (district) people's Government according to the farmer's market construction technical specification of reconstruction or renovation of the farmers ' market should be given incentives or funding support. Upon completion of the 12th farmer's market construction or renovation, Administrative Department of planning conditions verification of construction project planning, should be invited to business, industrial and commercial administrative departments jointly check whether farmers market according to the farmers ' market building technology specifications and construction planning conditions.

Farmers ' markets are not in accordance with the market conditions of construction specifications and plans for the construction, not by verifying the condition of construction project planning planning administrative departments shall instruct the farmers market owners to carry out correct, correct after you complete and verify the condition of construction project planning, before acceptance, delivery organization.

Farmers ' market of the 13th before the implementation of these measures has been completed do not meet farmers ' market planning or planning in line with farmers ' markets, but to transform farmers ' market building specifications cannot be achieved, by the County (district) people's Governments shall organize exit run by illegal, it shall be closed. The 14th article of the city are not entitled to set up the temporary farmer's market in the Center.

Due to lack of market outlets, it is really necessary to set up the temporary farmer's market, proposed by the city people's Government, the municipal commercial administration departments for industry and Commerce and Ministry of administrative departments for urban management, planning, verification, shall be established.

Set up a temporary farmer's market may not exceed two years, expired revoked by the city people's government organizations.

15th set up farmers ' market within 500 meters, on the approval of the competent departments shall not set the temporary stalls sell their agricultural products, agricultural products.

16th market use without changing the land use, buildings, land, planning construction projects and other administrative departments in handling farmers ' markets permit, you should indicate the private land or a building for farmers ' markets.

Farmer's market not standardizes the transfer of land and buildings.

Chapter III management of the 17th farmers ' market management enterprises shall apply for registration to obtain business licenses. 18th farmers market management enterprise marketing services management institutions should be set up, staffed with full-time management staff, and perform their duties according to the following provisions: (a) to fulfil its responsibility for food safety. Establishment of food safety inspection, trace withdrew with substandard food, destruction of food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of the food and drug administration, equipped with operating within the field of food varieties adapted to the rapid detection of food quality facilities, equipment, food self-discipline detection of on-field operations.

Review admission food business licenses, regular inspections of their operating environment and conditions, found that food safety violations should be stopped, and immediately reported to the food and drug administration. (B) the quarantine of animals and animal products.

Certificate of inspection and quarantine of animals and animal products into the market, without quarantine certificates and shall not be put into the market; on live poultry sales in the market area the regular clear field, closed for disinfection or rested disinfection. (C) establishing a publicity system.

Setting the public bar, service projects announced, booth rental fees, marketing management systems, field operator licenses, consumer complaint hotline, food safety and other relevant information. (D) to fulfil its responsibility of sanitation.

Maintain access to the market, stop management, beyond the stalls (store) range management, vehicle parking behavior; according to market waste sealed refuse collection containers, maintain sanitation clean and market features artistic, graffiti-free, portrayal, posts, suspension and erect.

(E) the distinct position in the market to meet the requirements of measuring instruments for re-examination received consumer complaints, mediation, combined with consumer associations and relevant administrative departments for investigation and handling of consumer dispute.

(Vi) implementation of vector control and prevention obligations, specifies (and) full-time staff responsible for killing vectors activities and take effective measures to control the market vector density, and bring it into line with the State standards.

(VII) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.

19th farmer's market management in addition to operators at market stalls rental fee, shall not charge any fee collection costs such as utilities, waste treatment fees shall be in strict accordance with the price administrative departments approved the fees charged, it may not increase.

Set produced from the farmers ' market, farmers produced from the region sell their own agricultural products, farmers ' market stalls rental service fees waived.

20th farmers market facilities and equipment maintenance management enterprises shall strengthen farmers ' markets, extracted from the booth rental fees per year not less than 2% of the money, the implementation of management accounts, for maintenance of facilities and equipment in the market, market stalls, road, ventilation and lighting, fire protection, security, water supply, electricity, sanitation, parking facilities and equipment in good condition.

Article 21st allocation for construction, reconstruction of the farmers ' market or using Government funds, should be specified in the for or where the financial support agreement farmers market owner, farmer's market management companies are not allowed to terminate the business market. Farmers market owner, farmer's market management companies due to their own reasons for termination of the farmer's market, three months in advance to municipal, County (district), Department of business administration of a written report. After receiving the report, city and County (district) departments of business administration shall, within 10 working days in conjunction with the business, planning, land and construction Administrative Department to demonstrate.

By argument, the regional does needed established farmers market of, by County (district) Government take agreement acquisition or replacement property, way, will farmers market referred to the State-owned assets operating company business management; County (district) Government and farmers market owners, and farmers market business management enterprise cannot reached farmers market acquisition or property replacement agreement of, in new of alternative farmers market input using Qian, ban farmers market owners, and farmers market business management enterprise terminated business, but ban of term shall not over two years.

22nd farmers market management companies should sign contracts with the operators in the field, expressly agreed upon within the operator's business scope, operating norms and market appearance and environmental sanitation, food safety, fire safety, price and other aspects of responsibility.

23rd floor operators shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations and market management system, being honest and trustworthy, fair competition, legitimate business, and consciously safeguard the market order.

24th floor managers on sales of goods or services use price labels in accordance with law; consumers are asked to provide proof of purchase and should be provided. 25th farm operators should be subject to the management, improper disposal of a makeshift, not randomly stacked goods, do not take a road more than booth (store) range management, improper parking, keep stalls and premises clean and unobstructed.

Easy to produce junk food, agricultural products and other booth operators should bring their own refuse collection container, keep their stalls clean and sanitary.

26th in the food business operators shall carry out food safety responsibilities, in accordance with the cable card ticket, provides for the establishment of food raw materials purchase check record system, procurement of food shall examine the supplier's production license, business license, product certificates and other identification, record food name, specification, quantity, batch number, shelf-life, supply information such as the name and contact information, the date of purchase.

Food business operators shall retain the original invoice of purchase of food, vouchers, certificates of product quality and food-related documents, tickets for examination by the Administrative Department.

Edible agricultural products recorded information and documents retained for not less than six months, other food records information and documents retained for not less than two years.

27th consumers and other personnel to enter the market, should adhere to the farmer's market regulations, subject to the farmers ' market managers, vehicles, pets may not be brought into the market commodity trading area. Supervision and administration of the fourth chapter 28th farmers ' markets in accordance with their service management implementation at different levels. Municipal industrial and commercial Administration Management Department is in charge of the city's farmers ' markets work planning, co-ordination, and together with the municipal departments of business administration to develop farmers ' market standard for grading and evaluation, ranking and the farmers market to the public.

Governments at all levels to reward farmers ' market or support should be based on the farmers ' market as basis.

Allocation to or use of Government funds for construction, reconstruction of the farmers ' market, booth rental fee benchmark prices and the floating range of the municipal, County, price administrative departments according to levels of economic and social development of farmers ' markets determines the level and announced to the public.

29th city, County (district) departments concerned according to the following Division of responsibilities for oversight management of farmers ' market: (a) the agricultural Administrative Department is responsible for the quality and safety of food products into the farmers market before exercising supervision and management, franchised or run animal and animal product markets of animal epidemic prevention supervision management.

(B) the food and drug administration food safety supervision and management departments are responsible for the farmers ' markets.

(C) the health Administrative Department is responsible for the farmers ' market conduct supervision and inspection vector prevention and control.

Fifth chapter of legal responsibility of 30th to acts in violation of these rules, laws and regulations on administrative penalties from its provisions.

31st article violates these rules, farmers ' market fails the condition verify acceptance of construction project planning, delivery, use, by the competent administrative authority shall order rectification of planning, fined a maximum of between 50,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.

32nd article violates these rules, farmers ' market management companies not complying with the provisions for foodstuffs which are within the field of business development discipline inspection, allowing animals and animal products to enter without a valid quarantine certificate of sale, by the food and Drug Administration penalty of between 50,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.

Article 33rd farmers ' market management companies are not required to fulfil the responsibility of sanitation, graffiti appeared in the market, chaotic portrayal, posts, suspension, erect, as well as management, beyond the booth (stores) acts such as scope, vehicle parking, the Administration for industry and commerce shall order rectification, fined 500 Yuan and 5,000 yuan.

The 34th article violates these rules, farmers ' market management companies not complying with the requirement of measuring instruments for re-examination, the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall order rectification, fined 500 Yuan and 5,000 yuan.

35th field operators in breach of this regulation, a makeshift, unauthorized occupation of public spaces stacked objects, road or cross (branch) threshold for business, and failed to clear the sites waste, sewage, trash, sewage pollution, pavements, affect environmental health, industrial and commercial administrative authority shall order rectification, fines of between 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

36th article violates these rules, allocation to or use of Government funds for construction, reconstruction of the farmers ' market, farmers market owners, the farmers ' market management companies without authorization, termination of the farmer's market, the Department of business administration ordered corrective action and penalty of between 50,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan; it fails and as agreed by the State-owned assets operating company to take over operations.

37th article violates these rules, consumer and other personnel to enter the market, failure to comply with administrative provisions on farmers ' market farmers ' market managers or disobedience, vehicles, pets into farmers ' markets commodity trading area, the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall order rectification, fines of between 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan.

38th relevant departments units or individual acts in violation of these rules, social credit information collection, copy service, charged to the unit or individual credit files.

39th in market supervision and administration, the relevant departments and their staff abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

The sixth chapter supplementary articles 40th the following terms shall have the meanings herein: (a) farmers ' market in these measures refers to market names, fixed location and facilities, market management and enterprise management, entry of a number of operators, agricultural products, agricultural products and retail-oriented spot market.

(B) operators in the field in these measures refers to commodity management activities in farmers ' markets enterprises, other organizations or individuals. 41st these measures come into force November 1, 2015.