Anshan City, Kennel Management

Original Language Title: 鞍山市养犬管理办法

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  First to strengthen the management of dog, regulating dog behavior, and protect the safety and health of citizens, maintenance of city appearance and environmental sanitation and social public order, according to the Liaoning Provincial dog management rules, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article within the administrative area of the city of dog behavior and management activities shall abide by these measures. Thirdly, Kennel management work in city, County (City) area under the leadership of the people's Government, hosted by the public security organs.

Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, public health, industry and commerce administration, administration of comprehensive urban management enforcement and other sectors within the scope of their respective duties, responsible for dog management. Residents ' and villagers ' Committee shall cooperate with the relevant administrative departments good management of dogs, organized according to law dogs, raising the dog publicity and education activities.

Neighbourhood or village Committee, residential property owners can call the home (village), owner of the Conference to the General Assembly, Convention on matters related to law or statute of the kennel, and monitor its implementation.

News media shall strengthen the management of dog laws and regulations, as well as health and epidemic prevention publicity and education, guide dog owners form a good Kennel habits.

Fourth city, County (City) District should develop a system of canine management accountability related, security requirements for the performance of dogs management functions, and ensure the effective implementation of dog management work. Article fifth dog shall not prejudice the legitimate interests of others and the public interest.

Dog's legitimate rights and interests are protected by law. Sixth dog in accordance with dogs focused on admin area and dog classification management general management areas.

Haicheng and haeju within in the city streets, Xinghai Street, xiuyan County, as well as in Taian County, county seat of key management areas of street dogs, and other areas for dogs in general management areas. Kennel focusing on management of rural areas in the district, the County (City) district people's Government decision can be managed according to dog management area.

Dog towns and population centers of the special area of the General management area, County (City) Government decision, can be managed in accordance with the key management area. Seventh dog key management areas, prohibit residents from raising spirits, large dogs, banned dog breeding activities.

Ban Kennel directory by province, relevant departments, city public security organs according to the standards set by the relevant departments of the province to the public.

Eighth in key management areas of Dog Kennel registration certificate within the system, dogs in this city across the system of compulsory vaccination against rabies. Dog owners should bring dogs to the legally established animal clinics or animal epidemic prevention and control organizations to injection of rabies vaccine for veterinary use in dogs, received the certificate of compulsory vaccination against rabies. Animal clinics or animal disease prevention and control agencies should be the dog's immune duration and rabies vaccine again time to inform dog owners, dog owners should be immune vaccination for dogs again before the expiry.

In kennel management area, immunized against rabies in animal husbandry and veterinary department shall organize work, issuance of the certificate of compulsory vaccination against rabies, and establish a rabies vaccination records.

The compulsory vaccination against rabies certificate uniformly printed by the City Department of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.

Nineth personal dog in the Kennel key management areas shall be made to the police station to apply for a residence dog registration, and provides the following material: (I) personal identification, and (ii) of the compulsory immunization against rabies certificate for dogs, (iii) two color photographs of dogs. Tenth police station will be expected to meet the conditions of dogs only grant registration and issuance of certificate of registration of the dog and the dog license; does not meet the requirements, registration and state the reason in writing.

Certificate of registration of the dog and dog licensing from relevant departments under the municipal public security authorities in accordance with the provincial style of uniform.

11th inspection once a year in the Kennel registration certificate, dog owners at the time of inspection shall produce a valid Kennel registration certificate and the certificate of compulsory vaccination against rabies.

12th article units for work need in raised dog focus management district within raised military dog, and police with dog, and research with dog, and guard with dog and performing arts with dog, special dog of, should to units location police police station application handle registration, and provides following material: (a) units head of identity proved; (ii) units of qualification and business nature proved; (three) raised dog security management system; (four) raised dog facilities and places proved; (five) dog only of rabies immune proved;

(Vi) and the number of units of work adapted to the needs of dogs listing (including dog breed names). 13th in key management areas of dog, dog owners should pay the dog on an annual management fee. Kennel management fee including rabies vaccines and vaccination costs and related document production costs. Charge 500 Yuan for each dog year.

Dog owners required continuous payment each year, starting pay in the second year, 200 Yuan fee for each dog year.

In kennel management area, dog owners bear the costs of vaccines and vaccination against rabies.

Dog key management area, dog owners provide a lawfully established animals dog sterilization certificates of registration issued by the Agency, can claim Kennel management costs by half.

14th city public security organs set up the dogs take place, is responsible for the organization hosting the following dog: (a) the lost dog; (b) stray dogs, (iii) units and individuals voluntarily to the dog; (d) dogs was forcibly hospitalized by law.

The preceding paragraph (a), (b) dogs, and no one can be sent directly to the dogs take place.

15th police dogs take place shall establish and perfect host dog registration, announcements, adoption, disposal and other related system, standardize the management accept dogs. Resettlement places take dogs stray dogs, shall be registered, and since the dogs within three working days from the date on which the host, notification or announcement of dog owners claim.

Dog owners should be notified or announced the release date in the 15th, to claim the dogs take place.

For dogs focus within the area of management of unregistered dogs or not paying Kennel fees on an annual basis and are forced to accept dogs, dog owners can be since the date of the dogs were taken to residence in the 15th station fill Kennel registration and resettlement sites claimed to be take dogs to dogs. 

Expiration of unclaimed stray dogs stray dogs, dogs sent units or individual voluntary and forced institutionalization for reasons other than hurt dogs, by the city and County (City) area quarantine of animal health supervision institutions, can be adopted by qualified units or individuals.

Since dogs were taken within 30th of no adoption, considered ownerless dogs from dog host sites in conjunction with the animal protection organizations and other treatment. 16th supports and encourages the establishment of private dog rescue agency, engaged in receiving stray dogs, no dogs and other canine activities.

Dog rescue agency shall not engage in business activities. 17th dogs were killed or missing, dog owners should be to the issuing authority for cancellation procedures.

Feeding dogs dog owners really need to give up, and shall promptly send a dog to dog host sites or private dog rescue agency, and to the issuing authority for cancellation procedures.

Dog owners dogs transferred to another person, the assignee shall, from the date of transfer to the issuing authorities for registration of changes in the 15th.

Lost dog owners of the Kennel registration certificate shall be from the date of loss to the issuing authority for a replacement in the 15th.

18th article by approved raised dog of, should comply with following provides: (a) ban in corridor, and channel, and apartments, and collective hostel, public places feeding dog only; (ii) except blind carry guide blind dog outside, shall not carrying dog into market, and store, and commercial blocks, and hotel, and Park, and school, and hospital, and Gallery, and theaters, and sports venues, and playground, and waiting room, public; (three) shall not carrying dog ride except small taxi yiwai of public transport, carrying dog ride small taxi Shi, should consent of driver agreed; (Four) carrying dog ride elevator of, should avoid ride elevator of peak time, and for dog only wearing mouth sets or loaded into dog bags, and dog cage; (five) carrying dog out households should beam dog chain, by completely civil capacity people led led, carrying dog people should carry raised dog registration card, and should avoid elderly, and disabled, and pregnant women and children; (six) raised dog General Management District within feeding potent dog, and large dog implemented tied raised or captive, carrying dog out households shall not into raised dog focus management district within, for immune, and

Clinic, reasons need into raised dog focus Guan Li Qu of, should will its loaded into dog cage; (seven) carrying dog out households Shi, on dog only in outdoor excretion of stool, carrying dog people should immediately clear; (eight) raised dog shall not interference others normal life, dog bark effect others rest Shi, raised dog people should take effective measures be stop; (nine) regularly for dog only injection beast with rabies vaccine; (ten) shall not abuse, and abandoned dog only; (11) raised dog focus management district within carrying dog out households time for daily 19 o'clock to next day at 7 o'clock;

(12) the dog shall comply with laws, regulations and other obligations.

19th when dog owners dogs hurting people, it should be immediately sent the injured medical and health institutions for treatment, and pay in advance, shall bear civil liability.

Article 20th dog treatment, aquaculture and other activities, undertakings shall meet the animal epidemic prevention, safety, environmental and other conditions.

Died 21st dogs, canine units and individuals shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of animal epidemic prevention, dog carcasses will be sent to the designated place for sound processing.

The quarantine dogs diagnosed with rabies or suspected rabies, animal health supervision institutions for treatment.

22nd no unit or individual is allowed on the road on both sides of slaughtering dogs, residential areas or other public places.

Purchase, sale and transport of dog and its products shall comply with the relevant provisions of national and provincial. 23rd dogs transactions must be carried out to the specified place.

Dog trading specific places, by the city and County (City) departments concerned under the legally designated, and announced to the public.

24th city, County (City) public security organs should set up complaints, reports, open special telephone, receiving and dealing with complaints against dogs, people and information.

25th in violation of these regulations the following acts shall be punished by public security organs: (a) the dog key management areas, of unregistered dogs or failing to pay Kennel fees on an annual basis, a rectification; fails, forcing host dog, for personal RMB 1000 Yuan fine, the unit of 2000 Yuan fine.

(Ii) transfer has registration dog only not handle corresponding procedures of, ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, forced hosting dog only, at 500 Yuan fine; reselling, and altered, and lent raised dog registration card of, revoked its raised dog registration card, at 1000 Yuan fine; in raised dog focus management district within raised potent dog, and large dog of, forced hosting dog only, at 2000 Yuan fine.

(C) the dogs focus area, dog behavior dog owners seriously obstructed, disrupted the normal life of the residents, give a warning, rectification; fails, forcing host dogs and revocation of the Kennel registration certificate, for the individual or unit of 500 yuan in fines.

(D) abandoned, abused dogs, 2000 Yuan fines and revocation of certificate of registration of the dog, the dog owners shall not apply within five years of the Kennel registration certificate.

(E) the dog only hurt others, dog units or individuals does not immediately sent the injured to medical institutions for treatment and payment of medical expenses in advance, forcing host dog, revocation of the Kennel registration certificate of personal RMB 2000 Yuan fine, the unit of 5000 Yuan fine.

(F) in a corridor, aisle, apartments, dormitories and other public areas and feeding dogs shall be ordered to correct; it refuses, fine at 50 to 200 Yuan.

26th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, the public security organ shall order rectification, it refuses, 200 Yuan fines; punishments for three times, forced resettlement of dogs, of the Kennel registration certificate revoked.

(A) in relation to walk their dogs in public places to walk dogs, or in relation to walking the dog time to walk the dog, (ii) is not required to bring dogs to take public transport, walk the dog without dog licensing, do not bundle the dog chain and not by the person with full civil capacity holding or a company holding the dog.

27th article violation this approach of following behavior, by city management integrated administrative law enforcement sector be punishment: (a) in raised dog focus management district within not timely clear dog only in outdoor excretion of stool of, at 100 Yuan fine; (ii) in road sides or neighborhoods slaughter dog only, or in raised dog focus management district within discarded death dog only of, at 500 Yuan fine; (three) not in specified places for dog class trading of, at 1000 Yuan fine.

28th in dogs general management area, for not complying with the provisions of the dog vaccinated against rabies, the animal health supervision institutions above the county level shall order rectification and give a warning; it refuses, rabies vaccine is obligated by the animal health supervision institutions, the costs borne by the dog, can be fined 200 Yuan.

29th other acts in violation of these regulations, provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and rules have been, dealt with by the relevant administrative departments according to law.

Article 30th relevant administrative departments in charge of dog management and staff abuse, negligence, malpractice, sanctions by their work units or by the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 31st article this way come into force on January 1, 2016.