Administrative Measures On Mountaineering In Sichuan Province

Original Language Title: 四川省登山管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions

First to strengthen the management of mountain to promote orderly development of mountaineering, in accordance with the People's Republic of China sports law, the national fitness regulations, the domestic management measures of mountain, Sichuan province, this approach is formulated.

Article mountaineering activities in administrative regions of the province and the management, these measures shall apply.

Mountaineering activities mentioned in these measures refers to mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain activities such as outdoor sports, climbers is the mountaineering team and individuals.

Local people's Governments at or above the county level shall promote to article of sports and tourism, cultural integration, mountaineering combined with promoting fitness, sports, and promoting mountaineering sport consumption and Sport industry development in the province.

The fourth provincial Department of sports administration and manpower coordination, supervision of provincial mountaineering administration.

Local people's Governments at or above the county level sport administrative departments in charge of climbing management within their respective administrative areas.

Development and reform, housing and urban-rural development, forestry, tourism, environmental protection, public security, Foreign Affairs and other departments according to their respective duties do the climbing management related work.

Fifth mountain outdoor sports organizations should establish and improve the system of discipline and autonomy, carry out activities according to law.

Sports Administrative Department of the people's Governments at and above the county level may delegate mountain outdoor sports organizations in the climbing management and promoting mountaineering activities the stable and sustainable development.

Sixth provincial associations of mountain outdoor sports should be strengthening industry self-discipline, accept provincial sports Administrative Department's operational guidance, to carry out activities, popularizing mountaineering knowledge, maintaining hiking outdoor sports organizations and the legitimate rights and interests of the participants, industry guidance, coordination of services, and so on.

Chapter II administration of mountaineering

Seventh mountain home city (State), County (city, district) people's Government shall, in accordance with local conditions and the needs of society, combined with the natural resources and ecological protection requirements, mountaineering resources investigation and risk assessment according to law, strengthen mountaineering infrastructure planning and construction, improve public services, orderly and open.

3500 meters above sea level are available for climbing peaks, city (State) Government proposals by the provincial Department of sports administration report released to public after the approval of the national sports Administrative Department.

Eighth mountain home city (State), County (city, district) people's Governments can take measures such as promotion, policy support and coordination services, promoting the rational use of resources and the healthy development of mountaineering mountaineering activities, perfecting mountaineering information, risk, emergency rescue and other related systems, coordinate major mountaineering activities in management issues.

Nineth provinces Department of sports administration and the city of mountain home (State) Government according to the mountaineering activities need to be established to manage public information and advisory platform, free to provide climbers with climbing mountain peaks name, geographical location, altitude, climatic conditions, risk level, climbing facilities, traffic information, guidelines, emergency rescue and other necessary information and advisory services.

Seat of the tenth mountain city (State), counties (cities and districts) Sport administrative departments should strengthen the publicity of mountaineering-related knowledge, guide the climbers to strengthen self-consciousness of risk prevention, safety precautions are taken.

Mountaineering region may endanger the personal and property safety of the climbers, mountain home city (State), counties (cities and districts) sports Administrative Department shall promptly publish mountaineering safety warnings to take safety precautions and emergency measures.

Mountain scenic area, nature reserve Park, forest park, geology and other regulatory agencies (hereinafter referred to as mountain management body) to assist climbers in the mandate management.

11th climber shall be encouraged to participate in mountaineering sports organized by mountaineering knowledge, skills training and physical training activities.

12th organizers according to mountaineering mountaineering corresponding liability insurance risk insurance according to law, climber insurance accident insurance according to law.

Article 13th climb included in the national list of high-risk sports such as mountaineering activities, the operator shall, in accordance with provisions of business licensing procedures, legal liability insurance.

Published 14th climbing to 3500 meters above sea level mountains, shall meet the prescribed licensing conditions, form a mountaineering team, and 10 working days before hiking activities to mountain home city (State) Department of sports administration application.

Climbing Mountain released 7000 meters above sea level, on mountaineering activities before the 90 day national sports Administrative Department requests.

Climbing published more than 3500 meters above sea level mountains, mountaineering activity sponsor shall, before implementation, 3 months the mountain is located (State) Department of sports administration application.

Mountaineering activities are required by law to other departments of the Government involved in the matter, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

City (State) sports Administrative Department shall make a permission to climb mountains conditions and list of applications in the administrative service and published on the Government website.

15th City (State) sports Administrative Department shall, upon receiving the mountaineering team within 10 working days from the date of the application, shall be subject to approval for eligible; please reply and explain the reasons that does not meet the criteria.

16th changing season, routes or peak, mountaineering teams should re-apply, but except in case of emergency.

17th City (State) sport climbing activities for approval by the Administrative Department shall, within 3 working days notice in writing to mountain home counties (cities, districts) Department of sports administration and mountain management body. 18th at an altitude of 3500 m mountain mountaineering climbers, on the activity prior to the implementation of local administrative authorities or commissioned by the mountaineering sport Association, mountain seat of management or mountain of township (town) people's Government carried out prior to registration.

Registration content including basic information, event schedule, contact information, and other matters.

Registration unit shall provide applicants with the necessary information and consultation help and registration information confidential, except for emergency needs, shall not disclose to others.

Specification for chapter activities

19th mountaineering shall comply with the following provisions:

(A) respect for the customs, religion;

(B) compliance with the relevant safety provisions, temporary restrictions, safety precautions and emergency measures to cope with;

(C) prohibited in the mountaineering region placed logo and other items;

(D) the legal protection of wildlife;

(E) without approval, no collecting animals, plants, minerals, and other natural specimens;

(F) forest fire prevention period without approval, no field fire in forest fire prevention;

(VII) the waste produced in the mountaineering equipment and other items and garbage disposal should conform to the environmental health and protection.

20th climbing national mountaineering team of 3500 meters above sea level mountains, climb to success, can be confirmed by the provincial associations of mountain outdoor sports to top certificate, and reported to the national sports administrative departments; national Mountaineer standard for technical level of individual titles may be made according to the regulations of the State level athletes.

The fourth chapter mountaineering safety

21st climbers should have articles on mountaineering activities of risk and emergency self-help skills, knowledge, skills and equipment, prepare and take the necessary security measures of prevention, protection, and bear the risk of activity may occur.

22nd in mountaineering accidents, mountaineering teams and event organizers should take immediate emergency relief and disposal measures of active members to make proper arrangements necessary to operators, mountain climbing activity management agencies, local governments and related agencies requests in a timely manner, asking for help.

Climbing above 3500 meters above sea level the mountain climbing team in a mountaineering accident shall promptly report to the authorities and report in writing after the event of exceptional circumstances.

23rd mountain management body, mountaineering operators should strictly comply with the related laws and regulations and national and industry security standards, security protection and emergency plans for direct service staff members in the mountaineering expertise about mountaineering accident rescue training and emergency drills.

Mountaineering accidents, mountain, mountaineering operator management institutions should take prompt and effective measures to organize relief and prevent accidents expanded, and to fulfil their reporting obligations under the law.

24th mountain outdoor sports associations should enhance the hiking safety management and emergency handling and rescue of publicity, providing professional training in mountaineering accident rescue and relief services.

25th to encourage social establishment and development of mountaineering accident rescue volunteer organization, actively participating in mountaineering accident rescue service activities.

Seat of the 26th mountain city (State), County (city, district) people's Government mountaineering emergency management should be incorporated into the Government's emergency management system, establishing and perfecting mountaineering accident rescue response mechanism.

Published more than 3500 meters above sea level the mountain home city (State) Government can rely on mountain rescue force as needed to establish mountain rescue team, to perform their function of public aid.

27th mountain climbing activities after the accident, accident City (State), County (city, district) people's Government in accordance with emergency plans, organize and coordinate the relevant departments and related institutions to take measures to mobilize emergency rescue teams and social forces to carry out emergency rescue and mountaineering accidents.

28th mountaineering accident rescue activities should be conducted in ensuring the rescuers for their own security.

The fifth chapter legal liability

29th climber has one of the following conditions, shall bear corresponding responsibility accepted after the rescue of the relevant organizations and bodies, shall pay the costs that should be borne by the individual:

(A) without approval, 3500 meters above sea level the mountain climbing activities carried out;

(B) violations of the relevant laws and regulations and safety provisions in mountaineering;

(C) temporary restrictions, to take safety precautions and emergency measures fails to cooperate.

Article 30th without approval, without authorization, 3500 meters above sea level the mountain climbing activity or alter or mountain climbing season, routes, the Department of sports administration for mountaineering team warning shall be, shall be ordered to stop climbing activities, accomplishments not identified; and fined 1000 Yuan fines for legal persons or other organizations, to fine individuals up to 200 Yuan.

31st sports and other relevant administrative departments and their staff, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism in the climbing management, administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Article 32nd in violation of these regulations, other relevant laws and regulations are provided, from its provisions.

The sixth chapter supplementary articles

33rd foreigner to climb above 3500 meters above sea level mountains, Sichuan province, national and provincial mountaineering regulations on foreigners to China. 34th article of the measures shall be implemented from January 1, 2016.