Huainan City Dust Pollution Control Measures

Original Language Title: 淮南市扬尘污染防治办法

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  First to prevent dust pollution, protect and improve the air quality and protect public health, and promoting the construction of ecological civilization, according to the People's Republic of China environmental protection law, the People's Republic of China Law of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and the air pollution control Ordinance and other laws and regulations of Anhui Province, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article working in the administrative area of the city construction project, river regulation, building demolition, cleaning cleaning, concrete, mortar mix, coal-fired power generation of solid waste, construction waste, bulk liquid materials transport and stacking, planting, mining and other activities, as well as the exposed surface dust and other particulate matter pollution prevention and supervision, these measures shall apply.

Article dust pollution control following the Government-led sector regulation, public participation and governance principle.

Fourth city, County and district people's Government is responsible for the administrative area of comprehensive control of dust pollution control work, coordinate major issues in prevention and control of dust pollution, safeguard dust pollution control requirements.

Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices responsible for area dust pollution prevention-related work. Fifth article in Yang dust pollution control of supervision management in the, about sector of main duties following: (a) environmental protection administrative competent sector on Yang dust pollution control work implementation unified supervision management, and on industrial enterprise boiler, and kiln furnace cinder and the coal, material production, and stacked process in the Yang dust pollution control for supervision management; (ii) urban and rural construction administrative competent sector is responsible for housing building project construction, and municipal engineering construction, and garden green and conservation engineering construction, and Concrete mixing station and pre mix mortar production, Yang dust pollution control of supervision management; (three) city sanitation sector (city management administrative law enforcement sector) is responsible for building garbage transport and disposal, and cleaning cleaning, and City Road and public square range within material yard, and gangue yard, Yang dust pollution control of supervision management; (four) traffic transport administrative competent sector is responsible for Highway, and bridge, and port engineering construction, and terminal handling, Yang dust pollution control of supervision management; (five) water administrative competent sector is responsible for water engineering construction, and

River management within the material, sand and gravel mining pile up dust pollution prevention regulatory; (f) collaboration with the relevant departments investigating public security traffic management departments, transport materials and waste vehicles throwing Act; (g) other relevant departments within their respective areas of responsibility are responsible for supervision and administration of prevention and control of dust pollution.

Dust pollution control of management responsibilities have crossed, unclear or there are no regulations, established by the city and county governments, the actual law.

  Article sixth dust pollution control joint conference system, Convenor of the Administrative Department of environmental protection, urban construction, sanitation, transportation, water conservancy, land and resources administrative departments as members, coordinate dust-pollution prevention-related issues, urged the relevant unit implementation of dust pollution prevention responsibilities.

Seventh article encouraged and supported to take dust, dust, and other physical, biological measures and use of advanced and applicable technologies, new equipment to control dust pollution.

The eighth article of any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the atmospheric environment, right to report the dust pollution. On supervision and management departments should set up dust pollution and regulatory reporting system, public acceptance.

After accepting the report, timely investigation and handling according to law, and informed of the survey results in a timely manner of an informer. 

Nineth implementing the construction project environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment document should have construction dust pollution control in content.

Failing to carry out environmental impact assessment of construction projects shall not be under construction.

Tenth in mining coal, piled up construction of coal washing plant, coal and other materials, coal-fired emissions of fly ash, dust, dust of the units concerned shall take appropriate measures, with dedicated staff and institutions for dust pollution prevention, to ensure funding for prevention and control of pollution. Dust emissions of the industrial enterprises should have dust removal facilities under construction.

Coal-fired boilers and industrial furnaces, dedusting facilities, upgrading should be implemented in accordance with the provisions. Banning high-ash, high sulfur coal from entering the market.

  New coal mines should be synchronized coal washing facilities, coal mines that have been built by the mining of the coal belongs to the high ash, high sulfur content, appropriate measures shall be taken within a standard.

11th engineering project construction units shall be submitted to the urban construction departments before construction construction site dust pollution control programmes, and ensure construction dust pollution control of special funds.

Special funds should be included in the construction dust pollution control of safe and civilized construction measure fee as not competitive costs into the project construction cost, and pay before the start to construction unit. 12th article construction project construction should meet following requirements: (a) developed Yang dust pollution control programme, established corresponding of responsibility system and job records Taiwan account, implementation cleaning personnel, timing cleaning construction site; (ii) in construction site out entrance publicity Yang dust pollution control measures, and head, and environmental supervisor, and Yang dust pollution supervision competent sector contact phone, information, gradually implemented video monitoring, and and supervision management sector networking; (three) construction site around set hard quality surrounding block, Main section of not less than 2.5 metres, General section of not less than 1.8 metres. Stacked in the field of materials prone to generate dust pollution in its walls around.

Stacked real height above surrounding block of, take effective cover measures; (four) construction site out entrance road must hardening and equipped with vehicles flush facilities and the supporting of drainage, and mud precipitation facilities, on drove out construction site of mobile vehicles flush clean Hou, party can appearances; construction site of road, and processing district, shall not has water, and topsoil, and product soil, bare site take cover or green measures; transport bulk material, and building garbage, and muck of, used closed way removal, is strictly prohibited throwing, and Yang sub; (E) complete as soon as possible after excavation backfill in construction site, you cannot backfill the site in a timely manner, take measures such as covering. Wind speed 5 level above weather, stop earthwork job, in job at cover dust network; (six) building garbage, and earthwork, and gravel, and fly ash, material classification stacked, closely cover, need transport, and processing of, by provides requirements removal to specified of places processing; (seven) construction site shall not burning asphalt, and linoleum, and rubber, and plastic, and skin grass, and garbage and the other produced toxic harmful dust and stench gas of material; (eight) in for produced large mud of construction job Shi, equipped with corresponding of mud pool, and mud ditch,

Do mud does not drain, waste pulp by Sinotrans closed; (IX) not at the construction site mixing concrete and mortar; (j) the laws, regulations and other requirements.

13th organized counties, the district people's Government demolition of houses or other buildings and structures, and construction units should be required to take continuous pressure watering or spraying operation, suppress dust pollution, and timely transportation, disposal of construction waste.

14th municipal roads, bridges, water, pipeline construction, except in accordance with the article 12th requirements, shall comply with the following requirements: (a) the pile of dirt or other materials in bulk for more than 48 hours, take preventive measures such as covering; (B) the transport vehicles, ready mixed concrete for construction vehicles, mining machinery, pulled out of the soil before clearing the construction site dust, mud, dust may not be taken out of the site. Transport of sand, gravel, cement and earth-moving, trash and other construction vehicles produce dust pollution, according to the same provisions of the tarpaulin cover, shall not be extra transport and no leakage on the way, and (iii) when using a pneumatic drill or dig the ground to clean the construction site, to the ground water.

Shall not use blast dust collector, promotional dust Duster or blow a submerged filter; (d) the laws, regulations and other requirements. 15th unified site layout planning on production of ready-mixed concrete.

Built of concrete products business and site planning requirements are not met, shall gradually implement relocation and establishment, shall be banned. 16th article production commodity concrete, and mortar of enterprise and the places should meet following requirements: (a) take closed production, set surrounding block, and sprinkler, and flush, dust measures; (ii) powder material warehouse Shang material mouth used closed sex good of interface device, regularly on powder material warehouse received dust device for maintenance maintenance; (three) aggregate yard classification added loaded control Yang dust of closed warehouse, aggregate heap placed warehouse among, access material mouth set spray got dust measures; (four) station within production regional set drains and the precipitation pool system, for collection, and Processing production wastewater and cleaning vehicles of wastewater; (five) access mouth and the field ground for hardening, not hardening of nude soil space set green, and has hand is responsible for cleaning sprinkler, and cleaning, ensure not produced Yang dust; out entrance set wheels flush facilities, guarantee vehicles access not with mud road; door set video monitoring facilities, and and supervision management sector networking; (six) transport vehicles condition good, vehicle appearance clean, tanker tube body appearance, and into material mouth, and out material slot, parts are shall not has concrete caking and scale, tire clean, No bond real, tanker to installation prevent water mud sub leak of received material device, keep body clean, net car road; (seven) transport vehicles in transport way, mixing tube speed control in 2-6 turned/points, in via slope larger or not flat of road Shi, caution driving, concrete pulp shall not fell road; (eight) transport vehicles in site unloading material Hou, with shovel, tool scraping clean out material chute in the residual of concrete, and water flush tanker out material chute, and tire, parts, flush clean rear can left site; (nine) legal, and

Other requirements of the regulations. 17th article storage coal field, and stacked easy produced Yang dust pollution material of places, and open warehouse, should meet following requirements: (a) powder sex material take warehouse type or cover, and surrounding block measures, stacked real height above surrounding block of, take effective cover measures, field within equipped with spray got, inhibition dust facilities; (ii) in closed conditions Xia for handling, and mixing, and crushed, and screening, and material conveying, job activities. Does needed open handling job of, take sucking dust, and spray got, and vehicles cleaning, dust measures; (three) divided material district and road boundaries, road road for hardening processing; (four) on yard road regularly for cleaning and sprinkler, keep clean, large yard equipped with machine sweep car and the sprinkler car, equipment, strictly control ground Yang dust; (five) transport vehicles take closed measures or effective cover, shall not open transport.

Set up at the exit of vehicles and cleaning facilities, appearances before the wheels and body clean to prevent spilling, (vi) area around the Green, condition of planting tall trees; (g) the laws, regulations and other requirements. 18th article stacked and transport building garbage should meet following requirements: (a) in site within stacked of take effective cover; (ii) by provides implementation civilization construction measures, perform site front and the around road cleaning obligations, vehicles in except mud flush clean Hou, party can drove out job places; (three) vehicles installation satellite positioning system, take closed measures, mount shall not over car bezel height, shall not super limited overload, and with mud driving, and dispersal leak, and free dumping; (four) by provides of time, and route and requirements,

Transportation to designated place; (e) the laws, regulations and other requirements. 19th article cleaning cleaning job should meet following requirements: (a) cleaning city main road motor vehicle road daily sprinkler, and spray, and dust or flush at least 1 times, snow weather or minimum temperatures in Celsius 4 degrees following of weather except; (ii) temperatures Celsius 4 degrees above, continuous 5 days sunny or wind speed 4 level above of weather, urban main road sprinkler, and spray at least 2 times; (three) city fast road, and main road, and highway, and tunnel, implemented mechanized sprinkler cleaning,

Other roads to encourage mechanized cleaning, completed daily before 7 o'clock the first cleaning and (iv) manually cleaning, in line with the specification for city appearance and environmental sanitation services, wind speed more than 4 weather, stop hand sweeping job; (e) garbage transfer implement closed transportation; (f) the laws, regulations and other requirements.

20th article surface bare easy produced Yang dust of, should take following control pollution measures: (a) stay development of construction with to, units is responsible for on bare ground for cover; over 3 months of, for temporary green or Pu loaded; (ii) Municipal Road and the River along, and public green of bare ground, by urban and rural construction, and water administrative competent sector for green or permeable Pu loaded; (three) other bare ground by right people or management units is responsible for for green or Pu loaded, and take dust measures.

21st open-pit mining and processing of mineral resources, should be taken to spraying, exploiting, road-hardened greening measures to prevent dust pollution.

22nd of municipal and county governments under can actually determine the focus of prevention of dust pollution, organize relevant departments to conduct joint prevention and control of dust pollution checks.

Are checked for units and individuals shall truthfully report the situation shall not conceal, deny or interfere with the supervision and inspection. 23rd establish comprehensive dust pollution prevention assessment system. Counties on a regular basis, the district people's Government and the related dust pollution control units of assessment results to report.

Prevention and control of dust pollution inadequate and ordered rectification.

24th article violates article tenth of these measures, sales of high ash, high sulfur coal, quality supervision, industry and commerce administration departments or market supervision and management departments in accordance with the correction, confiscation of raw materials, products and illegal income, and a value more than 1 time fined not more than 3 times.

25th disobey article 12th construction dust pollution control measures have been taken, by the urban construction departments shall be ordered to correct, punishable by penalty of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; it refuses, ordered to shut down regulation.

26th article violates this way the 13th article, demolition contractor does not take continuous pressure watering or spraying operations, suppression of dust pollution, managed by the city, County and district administrative departments shall be ordered to correct, punishable by penalty of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; it refuses, ordered to shut down regulation.

27th article violates this way to the 16th article, production of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar is not airtight, walls, water, irrigation and other dust control measures, the urban construction departments shall order rectification, fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; it refuses, ordered to shut down regulation.

28th disobey article 17th, by the Administrative Department of environmental protection or rectification within the city administration sector; it refuses to, impose a penalty of more than 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.

29th article violates this way 19th article rectification by the City Administration Department; it refuses, fined a maximum of 1000 more than 5000 Yuan.

30th construction units are not cleaned up construction dust pollution from construction waste generated in the process, rectification by the City Administration Department; it refuses, up to 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.

Disposal of construction waste in the process of building waste for transport along the abandoned, leaving behind the building garbage, rectification by the City Administration Department; it refuses, up to 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan fine.

31st free to dump, throw or stacking of construction waste, rectification by the City Administration Department; it refuses to, more than 5000 Yuan for units below 50,000 yuan fine below 200 Yuan fines against individuals.

The 32nd article violates this article approaches the 21st, open pit mining and processing of mineral resources, without taking any spray, concentrated mining, transport of hardened dust pollution control measures such as green by the environmental protection administration departments or other legally exercising the right of supervision and Administration Department shall be ordered to correct, punishable by penalty of 20,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; it refuses, ordered to shut down regulation.

The 33rd article violates these rules, construction or storage of materials prone to generate dust that did not take effective measures to control dust pollution, be fined, ordered corrective action and refused to correct, law made the decisions of administrative authorities can be ordered to correct the date of the next day, enterprises, institutions and other producers in accordance with the original punishment by consecutive penalties.

34th article in Yang dust pollution control supervision management work in the, has supervision management duties of sector has following behavior one of of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel give demerit, and remember than or downgraded disposition; caused serious consequences of, give dismissed or fired disposition: (a) not meet administrative license conditions granted administrative license of; (ii) on violation this approach of violations for shield of; (three) law should made ordered shutdown regulation of decided and not made of;

(D) violations to violation of these measures are not promptly investigated; (e) upon receipt of the report was not promptly investigated; (vi) work, duty absence failed to respond effectively to dust pollution, and (VII) terms of reference to seek illegitimate benefits; (h) the laws, regulations and other acts. 35th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2016.