Hainan Social Assistance Provisions

Original Language Title: 海南省社会救助规定

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  First in order to strengthen social assistance, guaranteeing citizens ' basic life, promote social justice, maintaining social harmony and stability, according to the social assistance of the State Council and the relevant provisions of the interim measures, combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

Social assistance second people's Governments above the county level shall be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan to co-ordinate the administrative construction of social assistance system, establishing and improving the leadership, civil affairs departments, the authorities and social forces involved in the social assistance coordination mechanisms, improve the social guarantee mechanism of relief funds, materials, the Government's social assistance arrangements funding and social aid funds in the budget. Civil affairs departments above the county level should co-ordinate the establishment of household economic status checked and accepted mechanism of social assistance, social assistance coordination management.

Education above the county level, human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural development, health and family planning sectors, according to their respective functions are responsible for the social relief work within their respective administrative areas.

Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices should be clear social assistance agencies, responsible for social assistance application processing, investigation and audit, and so on.

Villagers ' committees and residents ' Committee shall designate a person responsible for work of social assistance, assist social assistance application and approval, and so on.

The third province, district of the municipal people's Government in accordance with local economic and social development levels and living necessary costs, demand, determine the published minimum living guarantee standards, poor people support standards and standards of educational assistance, and according to the level of local economic and social development and adjustment of price changes. Fourth article application minimum life guarantees, according to following program handle: (a) by common life of family members to household location of township government, and subdistrict offices proposed written application; family members application has difficult of, can delegate village Committee, and neighborhood on behalf of proposed application; (ii) Township government, and subdistrict offices should through households survey, and neighborhood access, and letters cable card, and masses comments, and information verification, way, on applicants of family income status, and property status for survey verified,

Trial observations made, in the applicant's home village, a community publication after the city and County, the County Civil Affairs Department approval; (c) cities, counties, autonomous counties Department of Civil Affairs, upon examination, to meet the conditions of approval, and in the applicant's home village, a community publication; do not meet the conditions of a refused to the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall be in accordance with local minimum living standard security classification of varying degrees of difficulty to Shi Bao, for subsistence families of the elderly, minors, severely disabled, seriously ill patients, focusing on an object, according to its level of subsidy a percentage increase amount of minimum life guarantee.

Sixth people's Governments above the county level shall be poor support services personnel salaries and operating funds into the budget, and ensure the normal operation of support services.

Poor staff support services run through purchase of services, referred to the social forces responsible; requirements for the purchase of services into the city, counties, autonomous counties budget arrangements, and periodic inspection and assessment to support the effect.

Article seventh SHC staff support service agencies must have the necessary accommodation, care, and other basic conditions and according to the number of dependent services management services staff.

SHC staff to provide service on the premise of meeting the support needs of the poor, can take advantage of idle resources for community service.

Urban poor people can be close to rooms at the rural support service.

Eighth people's Government above the county level shall be in accordance with relief materials reserve, Hainan Province, planning, establishment of a natural disaster relief material reserves Agency (point), supplemental disaster relief stocks in a timely manner to ensure supply of emergency aid after natural disasters.

Nineth article natural disasters dangerous elimination Hou, affected area Government should and manpower home, and live built, sector, timely verified this administrative within of affected situation and residents housing recovery reconstruction grants object, research developed pour loss homes recovery reconstruction programme and offers policy, organization reconstruction, and repair for disaster damaged of housing or give funds, and material, rescue, and for life difficult of affected personnel provides basic life rescue.

Tenth people's Governments above the county level shall set up and perfect medical aid system, guaranteeing medical assistance have access to basic medical and health services.

Medical rescue take following way: (a) on SHC dependent personnel, and minimum life guarantees family members participate in town residents basic medical insurance or new rural cooperation medical of personal payment part for subsidies; (ii) SHC dependent personnel and the patient chronic diseases needed long-term medication, or patient major disease need long-term outpatient treatment, led to conceit costs high of medical rescue object, can in accordance with this province about provides take classification fixed or by proportion in provides lines within implemented outpatient and Manpower, way give grants;

(C) medical aid hospital, basic medical insurance, sickness insurance and supplementary medical insurance after paying, and meets the policy requirements of individuals and their families find it difficult to afford basic medical care at his own expense, to help.

Hospitalization expenses within the minimum living standard security policy, urban and rural residents by the basic medical insurance, catastrophic illness and all kinds of supplementary medical insurance, commercial insurance claims after personal expenses in annual aid ceiling in accordance with the national and the ratio in the province to help; poor basic medical expenses for dependent persons, in accordance with supporting policies and regulations.

11th applying for medical assistance, of which I am living or family members submitted to the Township people's Government, the subdistrict office of the domicile, examined by the Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices put forward preliminary review opinions, and in the applicant's home village, neighborhood publicity after the 7th, city, County, and County Civil Affairs Department for approval.

Minimum living family members, special hardship case dependent persons can directly access to medical assistance, handled by the city and County, the County Civil Affairs Department directly.

12th medical assistance at designated medical institutions for treatment, contracted medical institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the outpatient registration fees, management fees, medical equipment, hospital beds, the granting of preferential credits.

13th people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State disease emergency relief system, establishing disease emergency bailout Fund in need of first aid but the identity is unknown or unable to pay the cost of emergency patients with acute severe injury disease emergency assistance.

Diseases emergency bailout Fund should not be used for payment by confirmed identity, first aid of patients with affordable but refuse to pay medical expenses.

14th people's Government at or above the county level shall compulsory schooling the minimum living family members, poor support staff educational assistance.

In pre-school education, high school education and general higher education school, poor subsistence family members to support personnel, and could not go to school to receive compulsory education for disabled children, according to the actual situation of proper educational assistance. 15th application for educational assistance, each year should be presented to the school after the fall semester by October 15. Common institutions, directly under the affiliated secondary schools, secondary vocational schools, Department of education-related institutions affiliated high school and school attached to research institutions in accordance with national and provincial regulations submitted to the provincial Department of Education Administration approval before implementation.

Applications for part-time educational assistance, be arranged by the school according to the actual situation. Could not go to school to receive compulsory education for disabled children, the guardian shall apply to the local administrative Department of education educational assistance.

City, County, or county educational administrative departments according to the actual situation to provide teaching on-site, distance education or other characteristics suitable for disabled children's services.

School on household living conditions have improved, students who do not meet the educational assistance, timely educational assistance to quit working.

16th housing assistance through rent of public rental housing, the granting of housing difficulties of low-income families, such as rental subsidy and renovate rural manner.

On housing assistance, rent of public rental housing priority housing difficulties of low-income families rent subsidies or, in which distribution of rents of public rental housing, rental should be given relief.

Rural housing assistance, priority should be incorporated into the local rural renovate plan, giving priority to reconstruction.

17th and the people's Governments of counties, autonomous counties, according to the level of economic development and housing price level and other factors, reasonable, timely public housing bailouts of housing standards and assistance standards, urban housing standards should not be less than 13 square metres per capita.

Housing standard and dynamic management of the housing bailout criteria should be imposed on an annual basis. 18th urban households through the Township people's Government, the subdistrict office or housing enforcement agencies apply for housing assistance, by city, County, County Civil Affairs Department meets the minimum livelihood guarantee family or special hardship case dependent qualification, implemented by the Housing Authority to audit for objects of housing conditions and public.

Audit in accordance with the housing conditions, priority protection.

Rural residents (households) may apply to the domicile of township people's Government proposed housing bailout, Township people's Government on the applicant's subsistence or poor support staff qualifications, after investigation and verification, confirmation and publicity the State housing, housing and urban-rural construction in cities, counties, autonomous counties (rural renovate) in conjunction with the Civil Affairs Department.

19th the people's Governments above the county level shall improve the employment assistance system, strengthen the employment assistance system and unemployment insurance system, the minimum life guarantee system and interface between the minimum wage system, help implement employment and self-employment employment assistance object.

20th to encourage employer employment aid object.

An employing unit employment assistance, contract and payment of social insurance premiums, can enjoy social insurance benefits within the prescribed time limit, standard of social security subsidies for employers to hire employment assistance actually paid endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, personal payment of old-age, medical, unemployment insurance part is still borne by the individual.

Employing employment assistance objects meet the stipulated conditions for labour-intensive small and medium enterprises, can apply for a secured loan business and enjoy the loan, loans and interest subsidy standard in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. 21st Government develop public welfare jobs, and should be placed in line with conditions of employment assistance, in accordance with the agreement that provides for signed public welfare jobs and provide social security and public welfare jobs subsidies.

Public welfare jobs wages not lower than the local minimum wage.

22nd to encourage able-bodied and willingness to accept training employment assistance to vocational skills training, entrepreneurship training, pre-job training and other kinds of vocational training. Employment assistance in vocational training, in accordance with the relevant regulations of vocational training subsidies.

On employment assistance through the identification of initial vocational and professional qualification certificate, may apply for one-time subsidies for vocational skill identification in accordance with the relevant provisions.

23rd Township people's Government, the subdistrict office of interim relief should be the applicant's family economic status, population, types of difficulties to investigate, put forward after the review comments and publicity, city, County, and County Civil Affairs Department for approval.

Save the amount of less than 500 Yuan, city, County, neighborhood offices, County Civil Affairs Department may appoint the Township people's Government for approval; an emergency, first aid, later related formalities.

Article 24th of interim relief, according to the degree of difficulty and different circumstances, according to urban and rural minimum living standard with up to 3 times x gives family members to live together once basic living assistance not to exceed 3 months.

Specific issues and criteria for interim relief, determined by the people's Governments above the county level, publication.

25th people's Governments above the county level shall develop and publish a list of social assistance for the purchase of services, establish social assistance program social work assessment, evaluation, exit mechanism encourages charity and community service organization of society in accordance with its Statute, participation in social assistance.

Social forces to participate in social assistance, cohesion and administration of social assistance should be strengthened, determines the amount of bailouts and rescues, active public assistance eligibility criteria, procedures and the use of the funds, subject to public supervision.

Article 26th city, County, autonomous county people's Governments shall, by way of purchase of services at the community service station (Centre) community social workers.

Introduction of volunteer registration system of social assistance, encourage and support social service agencies, social workers and volunteer to play professional advantages and expertise, providing professional services for social assistance.

27th people's Governments above the county level shall establish and improve households ' economic status checking mechanism, improving information check the platform to implement staff and funding to ensure that accurate, efficient, and fair social assistance object found.

28th civil affairs departments above the county level with human resources and social security, housing and urban-rural development, industry and commerce, public security, education, finance, taxation, finance, agriculture, transport, health, marine and fisheries, land and resources departments to establish information sharing mechanism of social assistance, lawfully provide verifiable information within the specified time limits.

29th Township people's Government, the neighborhood offices, villagers ' committees and residents ' Committee shall establish a social assistance public bar for a long time, public social assistance related information such as object names, the amount of aid. Article 30th or had access to social assistance family, shall provide information about the economic situation of individuals and families, and authorization check verification bodies on their family's economic situation and cooperate with the verification work carried out.

Families should have access to social assistance management departments of social assistance to families on a regular basis the population, incomes and property status.

The 31st people's Governments above the county level and social aid management departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of social relief work, establishing comprehensive evaluation system of social assistance, scientific evaluation of the performance of social assistance. Social aid management departments at or above the county level shall set up a petition and complaint of the verification system, public reporting and complaint telephone contact to receive reports and complaints about the social relief work.

Complaint shall from the date of acceptance in the 30th and completed in time.

Article 32nd matters not covered by social assistance, the State has provided, from its provisions.

33rd to intentionally conceal income and assets, obtaining assistance, as well as proof of false, forged economic situation of units and individuals, social assistance management information should be credited to the credit information system in accordance with regulations, and monitored by a higher administrative authority or authorities are directly responsible for the charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions.

34th article take false, and hide, and forged, means, cheat social rescue funds, and material or service of, by about sector decided stop social rescue, ordered returned illegal gets of rescue funds, and material, and at illegal gets of rescue amount or material value 1 time times above 3 times times following of fine; constitute violation security management behavior of, law give security management punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal. 35th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2016.