The Zhuhai Special Economic Zone To Promote China (Guangdong) Free Trade Zone Construction Of Zhuhai's Hengqin New District Approach

Original Language Title: 珠海经济特区促进中国(广东)自由贸易试验区珠海横琴新区片区建设办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article for the promotion and protection of China (Guangdong) free trade zone construction of Zhuhai's hengqin new area, according to the China (Guangdong) free trade zone scheme, China (Guangdong) free trade zone management pilot scheme and the basic principles of the relevant laws, administrative regulations, and these measures are formulated.

Article created by the present measures shall apply to the approval of the State Council of China (Guangdong) free trade zone Zhuhai's hengqin new area (hereinafter referred to as the hengqin area).

Third article cross piano tablets district to system innovation for core, docking international high standards investment and trade rules system, established open type economic new system, effective implementation "area way" national strategy, build and Latin America national trade culture cooperation Exchange platform, foster international, and rule of law of, and market camp business environment, established investment free, and trade convenience, and regulatory in place, and service efficient, and powerful promote Macau economic moderate multiple development of between Guangdong and Hong Kong o depth cooperation model district and 21st century sea Silk Road important node. And the fourth Municipal Government Central, province's bead units shall formulate supporting policies, promote and facilitate the hengqin area reform and innovation.

Boost hengqin area in all areas of business innovation, making use of the existing legal system and policy resources, create an independent reform, positive atmosphere.

Second chapter management system fifth article this city established cross piano tablets district led coordination mechanism, research cross piano tablets district development planning, and financial tax, and Government functions change, and investment trade, and regional regulatory, and policy regulations, field of major problem, and manpower guide reform pilot task, coordination and province, and Hong Kong and Macao and the this city the district, and economic function district (following referred to the district), and the sector affairs. Sixth hengqin new area Administrative Committee to add the word hengqin District Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as MC).

The Management Committee is responsible for co-ordinating the coordination, organizing the implementation of hengqin district development tasks and measures of reform and innovation.

Management Committee of the seventh professional social organization, leading enterprises and organizations in the region express interest, participation in policy evaluation and market supervision, self-discipline and maintaining a fair and just market order, administrative organs and their staff to make suggestions and recommendations to promote transformation of government functions.

CMC to establish innovation system of research institutions and experts involved in major decisions, provide theoretical guidance for hengqin area construction and applied research services.

Eighth based on the hengqin new urban planning, implementation of hengqin area land for construction purposes.

Supporting hengqin area reclamation and hengqin development zone and its supporting infrastructure.

Index for the annual land use plans to prioritize hengqin area. Nineth established free trade zone development requirements and hengqin actual evaluation system, CMC, directly under the relevant sector units, stationed in the Pearl supports assessment of hengqin area construction.

Appraisal system by the municipal assessment departments and participate in the preparation of the Management Committee, after approval for promulgation and implementation.

Except for the first paragraph of the assessment system, removal of hengqin area of other assessment, examinations and competitions.

Of hengqin area management Committee is responsible for the Organization and the local units of assessment.

Tenth hengqin area of focus and innovation into market supervision supervision systems, strengthening execution performance monitoring and accountability.

Hengqin area to establish integration concerning the supervision of the new mechanism.

Article 11th hengqin area function of radiation and the role of industry, promoting the hengqin area and other districts of the city in terms of investment financing, investment promotion, promotion, urban upgrading in industries, such as linkage and cooperation, achieve mutual complementarity, cooperation and win-win.

Chapter III investment opening of 12th hengqin area free trade zone under the State access to special measures to control foreign investment.

13th investors can carry out various forms of foreign investment in the region, apart from the provisions of the State Council to reserve approval of overseas investment projects, implementation of records management of overseas investment projects.

To implement filing system of enterprise investment projects, exploring filing automatic approval system.

14th MC to establish accepted mechanism, the receiving application for approval or for the record of the following information, and sent to the instrument: (a) the approval of foreign-invested projects and record.

(B) the establishment of foreign invested enterprises and change approval or for the record.

(C) the commercial entity establishment and registration.

(D) the Organization code certificate, foreign trade operator registration form, tax registration, social security registration number seal engraving for the record.

(E) other matters can be incorporated into accepted.

15th according to the principle of simplification, uniformity and efficiency, the CMC explore a unified implementation of the administrative licensing system, commissioned by the acceptance of the relevant administrative organs of executive authority and uniform implementation of the administrative license. Article 16th business license and organization code certificate and tax registration certificate and other certificates, use a uniform social credit code business license.

Implementation of electronic license card business bodies, gradually bringing together all administrative and public institutions on the subject issued by the commercial registration, licensing, accreditation, records and other information to achieve Digital Government services the entire electronic entry and enterprise information.

Simplify perfect commercial subject cancellation process, pilot for self-employed, not opening enterprises and simple cancellation of debt-free enterprise program, build easy and orderly market exit mechanism.

Industrial and commercial departments entrusted to qualified banks will provide business registration services, achieving service management, remote management, remote management at any time.

17th limited liability companies investors can use research skills, management skills and other human capital. Human capital investment, investors should labor contracts with the company.

Human capital assessment by all the contributors consultation.

Contributors to human capital investment shall be set out in the articles of contribution person's name or the name, content, duration, evaluation methods of investment in human capital and price matters, and business registration license and credit information publicity platform publicity.

In bankruptcy or for other business reasons for closing, the dissolution of that human capital shareholders have not fulfilled due to labor contract has not expired investment obligations, shall not perform within the scope of the human capital value amount provided in cash, in kind, such as offset property; unable to fully offset property, other shareholders when companies set up joint and several liability should be the difference.

The fourth chapter on trade facilitation article 18th hengqin area implement management policies decided by the State Council-point, innovation, Hong Kong and Macao port co-location arrangement to promote safe and efficient tube line release, the second line.

Hengqin port mode of innovation, exploration of hengqin a release and supervision cooperation with Macao identification, mutual recognition.

Implemented in hengqin Macau vehicles between Macao and facilitate access to policies, develop hengqin yacht with Macao immigration facilitation measures.

19th International trade single window, through a single window one-time submission of standardized electronic information management requirements, establish sharing mechanisms, processing result feedback through the single-window integration.

Establishment of cross-sectoral trade, transport, processing, storage and integrated business management services platform, to achieve the exchange of information, mutual recognition of regulatory, law enforcement and mutual assistance between.

20th advancing with Hong Kong and Macau online verification of the certificate of inspection and quarantine, exploration of hengqin area storage for Hong Kong and Macao animal product regulation in support of cross-border e-commerce and implementation of initial inspection, inspection and quarantine of imported goods line regulation, third-party testing results credible.

21st offshore trade, bonded exhibition, finance leasing industry, promoting the integration of internal and external trade.

Encourage enterprises to set up their headquarters in the region and a variety of trading platforms, set up integrated operations center of the trade, logistics, settlement and other functions. Butt 22nd Hong Kong and Macao in accordance with the fifth chapter of the Mainland and Hong Kong closer economic partnership arrangement and the Mainland/Macao closer economic partnership arrangement and the supplemental agreement, the implementation of the Hong Kong and Macao investment access negative list.

Focus on health, education, social services and other professional services, financial services, transportation services, business services, it services and other fields, and scrapping or easing restrictions on Hong Kong and Macao investors qualification requirements, the share ratio limit and scope of operation, access restrictions.

23rd supports the development of high-end medical services, Hong Kong and Macau medical agency referral pilot, have Hong Kong and Macau for the construction characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine industry base.

24th drive tourists travel facilitation and business innovation and development, construction services for international business and leisure tourist base.

Support within the hengqin area established the Hong Kong and Macao travel agencies operate in accordance with law of mainland residents going abroad (border) (not including Taiwan) team of tourism business.

25th article exploring the combination of overseas industrial investment and capital market of Hong Kong and Macao, in hengqin area should be encouraged to set up specialized in overseas equity investment by the project company, supports conditional equity investors to set up overseas investment fund.

Strengthen the docking with the Hong Kong and Macao in the project, investment development, information exchange, personnel training, exchanges and cooperation.

26th support Macao to build platform for economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, participation in the construction of 21st century Silk Road on the sea.

Strengthening economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with Latin American countries, build the Mainland enterprises to invest into an important window for China and Latin American countries and the integrated service platform.

27th push with Pearl River Delta trade, tourism, logistics, information adapted to the liberalization of trade in services, such as financial innovation.

Promote the hengqin area cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in the field of cross-border renminbi business and innovation development, promote RMB as the hengqin area and offshore cross-border large trade and investment valuation, settlement of the major currencies, advancing hengqin and Hong Kong and Macao regions cross-border trade and investment facilitation.

Focused on promoting capital account convertibility of foreign exchange management reform, such as pilot, promote the hengqin area and Hong Kong and Macao investment and financing Exchange facilitation.

28th according to the need of cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, hengqin area land appropriate for Hong Kong and Macao regions directed supply.

29th learn from Hong Kong and Macao experience, explore the new mode of construction management, optimization of construction process management, strengthen quality and safety supervision.

Article 30th in accordance with international standards and practices to explore talents evaluation methods, implement a more proactive innovation in talent introduction and incentive policies, building personnel management reform pilot area.

Recognition and incentives of foreign talents and talents at the exit visa, entry, residence, project reporting, innovation, evaluation, incentives, service assurance and other preferential policies.

31st exploration of hengqin area for Hong Kong and Macau professionals professional accreditation list allows access to Hong Kong and Macau professionals who are qualified by region through hengqin approval or with the relevant authorities after filing, directly to the hengqin area businesses and residents to provide professional services.

Support special measures to facilitate the practice of Hong Kong and Macau professionals, for Hong Kong and Macao law, accounting, construction, real estate, finance and securities, credit services, medical, travel and other specialized professional services in the field of facilitating the participation of hengqin area development and construction. Integrated services article 32nd for the sixth chapter of modern industrial development of tax policy and line management.

Adaptation of high-end services to cultivate and develop policies on tourism, Commerce, cultural characteristics, health and financial services sectors to be supported.

Standard tax credit management, implementing classified management of credit to different credit rating taxpayers, good taxpayers of the tax credit incentives, and public information.

33rd to establish a unified system of intellectual property administration and enforcement, building intellectual property integrated service platform for various types of intellectual property rights applications, contributions, complaints, legal status and other one-stop services, promoting the development of hengqin international intellectual property rights trading center.

Sound intellectual property dispute resolution and human rights assistance mechanism, setting up mechanism of patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights quickly, legislative, administrative, judicial and autonomous organizations to play main roles, promoting cohesion among various protection.

Dedicated lanes for 34th construction joint international data for Hong Kong and Macao, with island-wide information infrastructure, create a public information service platform to push government administration services, transport, tourism, Conference and exhibition on information using.

The 35th article covers commercial subjects, personal, digital geographic information, such as integrated and consolidated rules of information collection, Exchange and sharing.

CMC e-license card systems into comprehensive database of commercial subjects, develop statistical analysis of the economic situation, market supervision and early warning analysis credit, market, market illegal disciplinary system.

36th hengqin new consumers in accordance with the regulations of the Association launched a store finds, petty disputes arbitration, consumer dispute paid in advance, hengqin and cross-border consumer rights protection work in Macao, and gradually developed into a hub of social organizations.

37th article establishing a fair, open, efficient, convenient labor security supervision and labor dispute settlement mechanism and law protected workers in employment, remuneration, rest and vacations, work safety, training, social insurance and welfare, right to participate in corporate management.

Article 38th efficient dispute settlement mechanisms, guiding the parties choose mediation, arbitration, administrative decisions, reconsideration, litigation and other means of dispute settlement, timely and effective dispute resolution. 39th Chamber of Commerce, commercial arbitration institutions or professional organizations may, in accordance with established commercial mediation in hengqin area organizations to provide paid commercial dispute resolution services.

Commercial mediation agency regulations, rules should be established.

The reconciliation agreement reached in accordance with law, mediation agreements have the force of a contract, the Parties shall, in accordance with the contract.

Commercial dispute mediation organizations, you can choose according to the disputed amount or time for payment of mediation fees, in case the former shall inform the party.

40th strengthening ecological environmental protection and construction of ocean ecological civilization demonstration plot and low carbon development demonstration zone.

Encourage enterprises to apply for international environmental and energy management system standard certification.

41st introduce third party assessment body, hengqin district reform, innovation, effectiveness and the development of risk assessment, with its observations and recommendations.

42nd Management Committee establish information dissemination mechanisms, through press conferences, communications meeting form, publish hengqin area related information in a timely manner.

Management Committee should be made public in hengqin area portal site in a timely manner national, provincial, about, and hengqin area laws, regulations, rules, policies, procedures and other information.

Seventh chapter regulation 43rd formulating and publishing hengqin area the powers and responsibilities of the CMC list of administrative services, administrative licensing and regulating administrative departments administrative enforcement action.

44th in hengqin area registered businesses operating in other regions in this city, shall accept the supervision on the implementation of administrative punishments by administrative jurisdiction where the offence occurs, except as otherwise provided in laws and administrative regulations.

45th of the Zhuhai Special economic zone and commercial Registration Ordinance and other regulations of the SAR laws, administrative regulations, local regulations make provisions, in hengqin area business bodies operating in the relevant market, application of the Zhuhai Special economic zone and commercial Registration Ordinance and other regulations.

CMC can according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, pop in Hong Kong and Macao business environment, publishing market operators list legal responsibilities.

Article 46th CMC hengqin area marketing illegal business tips business bodies list, guide to operate legally.

47th online examination and approval of enterprise investment projects regulatory platform of enterprise investment projects to achieve acceptance, handling, supervision and services online, and achieving approval, the filing process and the results of the query, can be monitored. 48th to apply for approval, registration and related procedures of enterprises investment projects, give the project construction period code.

Punishment for approving investment projects, departments, regulatory information, and important information in the process of implementation of the project, bringing together to the project code, and with the social credit system.

49th accelerating credit Island, a regional enterprise credit information collection, openness, sharing, and using the system, implemented and faithful encouragement and punishment mechanism.

Improve business credit information publicity system, implementation of corporate annual reports public, management exception list and serious breach of the list of systems.

Promote the hengqin area with mutual recognition of credit information of Hong Kong and Macao.

50th explore social forces to participate in market supervision system, strong professional, technical or social participation in public management and service functions can be referred to professional social organizations.

51st hengqin area perfect financial risk monitoring and assessment, establishment and development of hengqin area financial business risk prevention mechanism. 52nd hengqin relative concentration of law enforcement administration rights of law enforcement, implementation of integrated law enforcement.

Build online case system, timely and open manner according to law-enforcement inspections involving food and drug safety, public health, environmental protection, safety, shall issue the necessary warning, prevention messages.

Involving land and imposing administrative enforcement matters on demolition, by the hengqin comprehensive law enforcement agency in accordance with a judicial decision implementation and subject to judicial oversight. Eighth chapter supplementary articles article 53rd these measures come into force on December 7, 2015.