Urumqi Urban Green Management Regulations Implement Rules

Original Language Title: 乌鲁木齐市城市绿化管理条例实施细则

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  First, urban greening, in order to strengthen the management, protection and improvement of the ecological environment, according to the Urumqi urban green Management Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) provides that the rules are formulated.

Article II the implementing rules applicable to the urban planning of urban greening in the district planning, construction, protection, and management. Third municipal greening Committee led the city's greening efforts.

Area (s) Green Committee led the district's greening efforts.

Municipal, district (County) city administrative departments in charge of the area's urban greening.

Fourth municipal, district (County), the leadership of the people's Governments shall strengthen the greening of the city and organizations nationwide voluntary tree-planting and creating a garden-style units, green qualified units and activities such as community gardens, and to safeguard urban green funds and land for development.

Fifth of municipal, urban and rural planning, urban greening Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with competent administrative department in accordance with the regulations of urban green space system planning, reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to organize its implementation; (s) shall organize the relevant departments under the people's Governments of urban green space system planning of green space system planning in their respective jurisdictions.

Sixth urban landscape management work meeting system.

Urban greening administrative departments according to practical work, timely attention of the municipal, district (County) Government held by the urban greening, urban and rural construction, urban planning, management, development and reform, finance, water supply, land and resources, monitoring and other departments to participate in joint and deal with major issues in urban green management and difficult problems.

Article seventh unit and individual shall fulfill its tree-planting and greening the obligation.

Encourage units and individuals to investment, donation, adoption, three dimensional greening and other urban greening in multiple ways. Compulsory tree-planting in the eighth article of the city card system.

Voluntary tree-planting card printed by the municipal greening Committee Office.

The district (County) city executive authority voluntary tree-planting card issuance, verification and management, street (zone), Township people's Government is responsible for voluntary tree-planting on the registration card in the record area units and individuals involved in voluntary tree-planting. The Nineth no unit or individual shall have the right to stop and report acts of destruction facilities of urban greening and greening.

Complaints formulated by the competent departments for urban greening, urban management administrative law enforcement organs. Tenth of municipal urban greening administrative departments shall, in accordance with the city on climate, waters, soils and other natural conditions, prepared with the features of the city tree plan, determine the principles of plant species and plant arrangement.

Tree species planning before it was announced, it should be open to the public for comments, and engage experts to demonstrate. Preparation of planning should adhere to the appropriate tree species and tree, priority on our economy, and water saving and drought-tolerant native plants, balanced trees, shrubs, plants and flowers, maintain plant community diversity and rationality.

Selection of plant species in the field, should be on their suitability, security, special and clearly demonstrated the appropriate technical measures.

11th idle land within the built-up area, law of the land and building demolition in city center vacated the land, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance should be given priority for urban greening.

12th construction should focus on ecological function of urban greening, topography, elevations and shall conform to the technical standards and specifications such as compactness, hard paving should give priority to urban green space within the air permeability and water permeability of eco-friendly materials.

13th article in the urban green area in the underground structures (structures), construction of underground pipelines, underground facilities should be lower than the outdoor terrace of the roof above 1.5 meters and thickness of the upper soil layer shall be not less than 1.5 metres, and shall comply with the relevant technical specifications. 14th urban residential district green space area, construction should be in accordance with the provisions of the code for urban planning and design standards.

Does not meet the requirements, are not included in the residential area within the green area.

15th subsidiary green project of the construction project should be managed in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, not up to the required standards, and shall not be put into use.

Subsidiary green design should include green layout (accessory Greenbelt plan is marked green space and location) and functions, plants, green water supply project design and existing trees within the project scope management and protection measures, and so on.

16th construction subsidiary greening projects in the course of construction of the project, should be carried out in accordance with the approved design construction.

17th after completion of the construction project, the construction unit shall promptly remove temporary facilities occupy green space, clean up the scene and guaranteed subsidiary green project not later than the main part of the project after the completion of the second planting season is complete. 18th urban greening of government investment construction projects are completed in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance for verification.

On acceptance, the project information is complete and in accordance with the technical standards of urban green maintenance of greenery, after expiry of the maintenance period of construction, shall be received by the Administrative Department for urban greening. The 19th green land of urban general plans and existing green spaces, without authorization, no unit or individual may seize or modified for other purposes.

It requires or temporary occupation of urban green space, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance for approval, and according to the provisions of the corresponding responsibilities. 20th no unit or individual may unlawfully transfers, cutting down trees.

Due to construction or other special reason needed migration, felling of trees, shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance for approval, and according to the provisions of the corresponding responsibilities.

21st construction requires, temporary occupation or migration, felling of trees of urban green space, the construction unit shall, before construction made the sign, the main content of the license file on the construction site eye-catching publicity.

22nd maintenance responsibility unit shall establish and improve the management of urban green space system in strict accordance with the maintenance and management of urban green spaces maintenance standards, keep trees and plants luxuriant, yuanrong tidy, beautiful, good condition. 23rd tree defines the protection domain by the administrative departments for urban greening.

Diameter at breast height of 50 cm above the protection of trees for tree Centre 7 meter area, dbh trees 30 cm above the scope of protection for trees 5 meters away from Center area.

The scope of protection of ancient and famous trees in accordance with the Urumqi city management measures of ancient and famous trees protection provisions.

24th in trees is prohibited within the protection zone to engage in quarrying, removal of Earth and heaps, dumping of toxic and hazardous substances, the use of open flame or flue gas hazards such as trees.

25th competent administrative departments shall regularly carry out greening of urban green resources, monitoring and surveillance, establishment of green resource files, perfect green management information system.

Article 26th city Administrative Department, city management, administrative law enforcement organs should establish an information sharing mechanism, strengthen the supervision and management of urban greening; improve the routine inspection system, to detect and investigate acts of destruction facilities of urban greening and greening.

27th acts in violation of these rules shall be subject to administrative penalties by the relevant administrative department in accordance with the regulations of punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

28th city Administrative Department and other staff of the relevant departments did not perform their respective responsibilities in accordance with the regulations, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 29th these rules come into force on December 31, 2015.